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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Points population u. S. Government census 1923 22,279 High Point Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City North Carolina has a total 12s manufacturing plants weather forecast rain tonight not quite so cold in Central and West portion thursday partly Cloudy vol. 39�?no. 96 full associated press. High Point n. A wednesday evening january 13, 1926 to pages today Price five cent miners entombed by explosion today total 105 men held in mine near Wilburton okla., after wreck main Shaft today into the inquiry this will drive new dirigible unions building greater a Airship in e at work living talk to rescuers some Hope saving few the men but Many Are believed dead Wilburton okla., Jan. 13.�? apr Only eight the 105 men who were entombed by explosion at the Degnan Mcconnell mine near Here today Are known to be alive. They Are at the Bottom the main Shaft buried under too feet debris. Rescue Crews have been Able to reach the Bottom the air Shaft but their Progress into the mind bes been blocked by the prevalence a White Damp a Gas resulting from the explosion. Some the victims Are still alive and conversed with rescuers through the air Shaft. They were advised to remain near the Shaft. J. La. Hynal chief the United states Bureau mines Rescue Crew at Mcalester was in charge the work. Equipped with Gas helmets he and two helpers entered the Shaft. The blast wrecked Tao tipple and destroyed the hoisting equipment. Emergency hoisting apparatus was installed to bring out fhe victims after they Are reached. A frantic group the entombed menus relatives gathered about the mine. Word the explosion spread quickly. The Shaft was roped off to hold Back the crowds and expedite the Rescue work. Workmen from other mines volunteered assistance. Rescue work was being hindered by blocking the main passage Way into the mine. The first Rescue Crew turned Back a second time after they were unable to squeeze their Way through the debris. Previously they had turned Back to Don smaller Gas masks when larger ones were bound to be burdensome. Four doctors and a corps nurses were standing by for possible service. Others were the Way from Hartshorne and Mcalester. Or. T. L. Henry company physician who has served the victims five previous mine disasters was in charge medical service. The local chapter red Cross erected a temporary Hospital and members began serving hot Coffee and doughnuts. A. P. Thomason mining Engineer Hartshorne who was Here doing Survey work for the Degnan Mcconnell company was among those entombed. Victim Poison yet president Gaskell head Bank Whitakers is held Bond $50,000 Rocky mount Jan. 13.�? apr a. B. Gaskell president the defunct Bank Whitakers was boing held Here today in default Bond $50,000 answer charge preferred in connection with the Bank a failure. Gaskell was arrested Early today at Whitakers charges embezzlement misappropriation and making false entries and was brought Here. Early this afternoon he had not furnished the Bond. Preliminary hearing will take place tomorrow morning before Justice the peace Bullock. The Bank Whitakers was closed january 4 by chief Bank examiner Clarence Latham. The amount involved in the charges preferred against Gasket was not disclosed. White House conference was held before Justice department talked Senate asking Why wants to know what happened at the meeting president and others appears certain City to Complete its pledge in full drive starts tomorrow till belief debt to College will be paid off Mellon in the party so was the attorney general and the Senate committee is very curious about the Agenda conference Case comes up the Appeal for increased rates to be heard by the corporation commission Vander Sedberry who tempted suicide has Chance for life at the High Point College Start tomorrow morning at 8 clock when the workers for the drive will meet for breakfast in the friends hut South main Street. The drive is expected to end tomorrow afternoon. There will be a luncheon served at the friends hut at 12 15 and supper trill be served at the methodist protestant Church dining room North main Street at 6 30 clock tomorrow afternoon. The drive is expected to be Over before that time. Something More than $25,000 must be raised in Good pledges before tomorrow night the Sun will go Down with an unhappy condition that a pledge that was not kept still existing in this Community which prides itself upon its accomplishments and ability to do things. This was the opinion one Man expressed today. Another stated that he believed High Point would come through and that the carrying out the pledge made by High Point to the Washington Jan. 13.�? apr a White House conference Between president Coolidge Secretary Mellon and attorney general Sargent january 2, before the department Justice issued its statement concerning the investigation the aluminium company America was made the subject an inquiry today by a Senate commit tee. Assistant attorney general Dono Van who was before the committee said the statement was presented to the attorney general Early in the afternoon and issued late in the Day. He added that he did not know whether the White House conference referred to by senator Walsh Democrat Montana had j taken place. A did not the coincidence ap-1 peal to you a a demanded senator Walsh. I a i done to know when the Confer i drive j ence was held whether before after i Gay the statement to the i Harney general a Donovan replied. The statement the department said that the investigation the company in which . Mellon is a Stock Holder thus far did not support the Oft repeated charge that the consent decree entered to in 1912 by the company had been Vio. Lated. The Senate committee is directing its attention to the question whether the department has used due Diligence in prosecuting its investigation. Asked Why the statement was issued col. Donovan said the men in charge the investigation bad prepared it because they had seen an a advertisement in a newspaper a that an attack was to be made the Justice department in connection with the inquiry. A they told me that if this matter was not faced now and the position the department made Clear even More severe attacks might be expected a a Donovan continued. A i agreed with them and recommended to the attorney Gen succession to Shenandoah is first february Navy petition last fall newspapers Are expected to fight certain raises the company asks Rodgers to grand jury Coroner s jury failed to solve the mystery the willing the Young Man at Raleigh each Side miners government has dispute prepared that written in for a Long siege its Navy measure stiff necked opposition each is blamed by the other some reductions Iii Navy a budget despite air work n this propeller is 17% feet Long and weights Only 140 pounds. It was made by the u. S. Air service at Mccook Field Dayton o., for the new army dirigible rs-1, under construction at Scott Field 111., and weighs less than half As much As it would weigh if made the Wood usually used. It is also Wood the lightest and strongest Wood known. Charles garlands Experiment communal living now is bared Allentown a. Jan. 13.�? a. I . The farm is regarded by the pm with the issuance an order i authorities a a free love Colony. For the Dis interment the body the baby born to Charles Garland and Bettina Hovey this Community looked Forward today to the Baring More details the life at the Colony founded by the wealthy socialist uniter the name april farm. The order was issued by District j attorney Boyle shortly before miss Hovey appeared in the District at. Torney a office and explained the baby a death. A warrant had been issued for miss Hovey a arrest but the District attorney announced after he had heard her Story that the proceedings against her would be dropped. Garland arrested last monday miss Hovey told the District attorney that the baby had been suf. Fering from Colic and was fretful one night. Fearing that its cries would awaken her two Yean old son Mowgli she wrapped it in a Blanket and placed it in a crib just outside the room in which she said j site Garland and Mowgli slept. In the morning the baby was dead. The physician summoned from Quakertown pronounced death due to suffocation. Miss Hovey explained to the District attorney How she happened to name her son after the hero Kipling a jangle stories. A you know a a she said a a Moog lie Means a Little Frog and when he was bom Utt was so comical and charged with adultery is at Liberty i looked so much like a Little Frog $1,000 Bond awaiting hearing. I that i gave him that name. That both the birth and death certify i is the name by which he goes Cates named Garland As the Fath-1 the College has just been neglected but that the will to All it still exists Era that the statement be Given to the Public while the condition Vander Sedberry High Point youth who attempted suicide Early monday morning by swallowing Poison remains critical he is slightly improved and now has a fighting Chance for recover according to a report this morning from the Guilford general Hospital where he is undergoing treatment. Or. I. T. Mann one the attending physicians stated however that should the victim recover he would in All probability be permanently injured due to the effect the Poison will have the kidneys. Sedberry took five grains by Holoride Mercury which doctors claim is enough to kill one Man and perhaps More. To make the Poison More effective and to act More quickly he dissolved the tablets in water before taking them the dichloride Mercury burned Sedberry a Mouth badly but he is Able to talk a Little. He still per it i greatly refuses to divulge any a for i rash act merely muttering a trouble trouble a a from time to time. A a Doris May Liles died Early this morning Doris May infant daughter . And mrs. J. T. Liles died Early this morning at the Home the brents Tryon Street services will be conducted today rom the Home at 3 30 Povlock. Interment will follow in Oakwood cemetery. To the College Means More today As a reality than it did when the pledges were so enthusiastically Given and it was still paper. The workers Are primed to go and to make a neat and Quick Job the drive. A a nothing should have precedence Over this drive a stated one Man today a for it is an unpaid and just debt owed by High Point to the Many citizens Are expected to have their subscriptions ready having already arranged to do their Best thus saving time for workers. It is the Hope the chairman the drive John Peacock and others that sol inflation May not be necessary and that each Man will be ready with a contribution Large Small to be set Down cheerfully and quickly. Anyone not reached by the workers is expected to feel no slight a i know we Are going an honest Job this investigation and i think we Are doing an intelligent As senator Walsh stressed Secretary Mellon a connection with the aluminium company. Colonel Donovan became emphatic. Quot i done to give a Damn whether this is a Mellon company any other concern a he said. A a in Point fact because it is some officer the government interested i would be More meticulous in press the my the investigation. A and i want to say another thing. I have Learned the obligations to my country in other places than around this colonel Donovan served with the 27th new York division in the world War. The assistant attorney general said the a whole imputation in this astronomers Are Small daughter following line shot her Mother total eclipse in Atlanta Home a Chat re int Cater Ponc Raleigh Jan. 13.�?february i has been set by the corporation commission for the hearing in the Western Union Telegraph application for the installation an intrastate zoning system. The petition the company came to Raleigh Early in the fall and Opportunity to hear the issues was afforded persons in the state who might wish to protest the new scale r ites. A the proposal raises one the most interesting issues brought before the corporation commission in a Long time. The company computes its general raise rates at about 12 per cent but some business under the zoning plan the tariffs will go As High As 60 per cent. For instance there is a 30-cent Flat intrastate rate from Goldsboro to Waynesville. Under the schedules which Are understood to be sought this Fiat rate1 would be changed to 48 cents which is considerably More than a 50 per cent increase. The zones however would reduce the Cost considerably the nearer they lie to the Point origin. The inability to get a suitable Date in the old year delayed this cause until february i the newspapers will probably put up a furious fight against this proposal because it is they who will be hardest hit press messages for the zoning feature is understood to apply As rigorously to them As to anybody else. Very Little publicity has been Given to the matter so far As it affects the Public but the commission expects a big delegation Here. Tao delicate Issue raised for the commission will be this the postal is not asking any increase. It has a lower Flat rate in some instances and desires no higher yet if the Western Union should win its request the postal a rates would be officially increased because discrimination cannot exist where the regulation is done by the state. That at least was the Rule in the electrical tariffs made several years ago. New York Jan. 13 map a Washington Jan. 13�?, with negotiations broken Oft ai3 a realignment the a cause neither Side would recede.,an Inch Anthracite miners and j 101 s naval air defences Mcloud operators today strengthened theiring construction a new and lines to maintain their position in larger dirigible to replace the the hard Coal strike. Wrecked Shenandoah is con each Side blames the other Tori ,. Atli necked opposition to any a emulated m the administer. Peace plan that would Bend Back Tot Len Navy program now taking shape in Congress. Work the 150,000 so men and boys who ave been Idle since september first. Arbitration was the big Issue which the conference split the miners refusing to adopt that form settlement if it involved the possibility a decrease in wages. To reorganization would a Accoti partied by economies in other branches the naval service including a reduction Navy enlisted personnel from 86,000 to 82,000 and with totbasxtrthperlsrfx�?zhor1 a Ottawa a number War a a negotiations. The grievance commt-/10 Active duty. Tee the Pennsylvania Coal Eom a the House naval committee also Pany representing More than 10,-> has decided there is no present too men has urged the calling out need maintaining the Lakehurst 10,000 maintenance men. Naval air station whose Only Dirig Union leaders say however that Able the los Angeles now is Laid no maintenance men will be called j up in her hangar. In reporting to out unless there Are violations Day the naval appropriation Bill the committee suggested that by closing Clown the station the Cost its maintenance could be reduced from $1,718,000 to 128,000. Such a step is not favored by the Navy department which has suggested that if the station were closed a separate arrangement would have to be made to take care the to Angeles. The appropriation for naval aviation woul i be increased under the Bill to permit the Navy department to carry out a policy expansion heavier than air facilities already approved by it. No recommendation for a new dirigible is contained in the Supply measure As reported but today the committee heard testimony Secretary Wilbur and other department officials endorsing construction such a Craft at a Cost Black line some 7,000 Miles in length to be drawn Over the Earth thereby but to realize that Many j Case is that a Mellon concern is be. Must be seen in a Short time and ing protected by the Federal Trade that his contribution is expected and looked for just the same. Fourth Battle Oakland Calif Jan 13.�? apis Tod Morgan worlds Junior lightweight Champion and Dewart Mclean St. Paul face each other for the fourth time in a ten round bout at Oakland auditorium tonight. The title will not be placed in jeopardy As the boxers Are scheduled to Wei i in Over the limit. Three tidies the boys have traded punches and two occasions the present title Holder won the de a Ision. The other contest was called a draw. Commission and the department a a in a the one charged with the responsibility in this Case Here a he said. A so far As i am concerned i am willing to submit the Tase to j any body lawyers such As make up this committee. A i Don t expect that i am go ing to convince any Man whose mind is closed who has prejudged the Wall Street new York Jan. 13.�?map a j buying operations were resumed a Broad scale at the opening today Stock Market in response to a series favourable dividend merger and recapitalization devel i pm ends by Large corporations. Initial gains a Point so were scored by Aldwin. Pullman. U. S. Steel Sears Roebuck. National biscuit. California packing. Hudson motors and Ste wart Warner. Against the court Washington Jan. 13.�? apr Gerald p. Nye seated yesterday As a senator from North Dakota said today that although he had not finally made up his mind his present opinion was that the world court idea a is the child the makers new York Jan. 13.�? apr a few minutes before Midnight tonight the Moon will come Between the Sun and the Earth and draw a Black line total eclipse some 7,000 Miles in length from Central Africa across the Indian Ocean and Over the islands Sumatra and Borneo and to the Edge the philippine islands. Astronomers from the United states great Britain Holland Australia and other countries have taken up positions at various Points among the line where totality the eclipse May be observed if weather conditions Are propitious. In All there Are eight astronomy a1 expeditions three them from the United states. Starting in the belgian Congo in Central Africa at Sunrise thursday morning 11 55 a. Rn., Eastern Standard time the eclipse will pass Over Victoria Nyanza and then make ii Way across the Indian Iward in Nard to i Bend i child used Rifle playfully and Kotlier is near death now map Ocean t Eastern h h a i w a s oui ii i in. 35 a Ruben the Van and n be f Ity i then sout killed in Accident. Fredericksburg a Jan. 12.�? apr Leon a. Nixon Maynard mass. Was killed instantly this morning when the car in which he was a passenger overturned the Highway a few mile Quot ill jump in to the Tern part b Tot 1-Rneo and 03f Al t t ii q and min town his companion Driver a the machine also was injured in j and is at a local Hospital 1 5 will tilt Lite in oot a the i Cross to Philippi if the is Dana. Where it will pass out into the Pacific Ocean and leave the Earth at Sunset 3 1s a. Rn., Cavern Standard time. The period totality in Africa will last for More than two minute in Sumatra three minutes Atlanta Jan. 13 a a ii shoot you a childish voice listed the words two round eyes sparkled gleefully and two Little hands brandished a 22 calibre Rifle. Mrs. C. C. Lanier facing the gun in the hands her five year old daughter Katherine saw it he could not cover the intervening space in time to stay a tiny Finger intent pressing the trigger. Afraid making the child Start and involuntarily fire the weapon she staked All j an Appeal based parental control. A put that gun Down katl.?rmv�?T she said emphatically. But childish imagination and love fun was Riding High in the Saddle and a Wisp smoke curled from the barrel the gun As it barked. Early today mrs. Lanier. 34. Lay near death in Nobles sanitarium Here with the Bullet in her left breast just below the heart. I physicians feared her lung was i punctured i there was no one in the Home at the time the shooting except mrs. Lanier Katherine and another Lanier child a laude aged two. Or. A Lanier had left the House yesterday afternoon for a Short while he told police at night returned to a find his wife the floor unconscious. Police Are investigating the ccls6 Wake county grand jury got the Rodgers Case wished off it tuesday when the grand jury which had sat about 20 hours this mysterious killing p. B. Rodgers jr., the morning december 31, found itself with out facts but compelled to make a return. The jury had men it who thought it might be Well to hold the three women mrs. Rodgers the Mother mrs. Lolita Clark evidently the sweetheart and mrs. Bonnie Baste the Friend who were in the House when the boy was killed but there is no Way to in 1 placate them. They did not make i known their presence that morn ing until facts developed which made silence no longer Safe. Yet i there is no evidence that any them had any reason for taking the boys life. They said he committed suicide. But they did not a say they were there when the news his death became first known. The grand jury is an intelligent body with Alfred Williams As the Foreman. Coroner Waring and solicitor Evans did a world work the Case but without real results. The agreement by which such j workers stay the Job. Another report from which the operators say there is no basis that some the Coal companies Are ready to open their mines while this has been informally mentioned by some operators As a last resort none them will admit that there is any present intention such a move. In the event some companies seek to open the mines it is believed Likely that All maintenance Mea will be called out. The Strong Hope that the mine workers and others in the Coal regions is that the Federal government will take some step to end the suspension. Mayor Hart Wilkes Barre has expressed his intention appealing to president Coolidge. Reports from Washington however hold out no Hope that the government isl $6,000,000. The ship would Hava Likely to interfere at least for the about three times the Gas capacity present. News the failure the negotiations has spread gloom Over the 500 Miles Anthracite Region in northeastern Pennsylvania Farmers raise the Ante the Price com to be paid in jacks and Jinnies Josephs mo., . E. Farris Jan. 13.�? St. A county Farmer who raised the Ante the recent offer by the International Harvester company America to pay $1 a Bushel for Corn in Exchange for their farm implements. To put a a a kick in Corn values the Farmer offers $2 a Bushel for Corn payable in Missouri mules. A letter to the St. Joseph Gazette Farris says a i see the International Harvester company offers $1 a Bushel want to go Turnm one better Ami for Corn payable in implements. I offer $2 payable in jacks and Jinnies. You can to raise Corn without tools and mules you can to raise mules without jacks and you can to raise jacks without Jinnies. Tell . International to bid again and make it $2.25 and ii make it $2.50 and maybe tha hardware Man lumber Man furniture Man dry goods Man and other business interests will come in while the water is Fine. Of the Shenandoah. It twas disclosed also that the department has before it plans by the Airship development corporation backed by Henry Ford to build a much smaller All Metal Navy Airship but Dir. Wilbur said ther had been no decision whether the projected Craft should be Tho Shenandoah Metal covered Type. The department expects to ask for an additional $300,000 for expert a Menta with Metal dirigible. J the Secretary told the porn met prom ment tee that the Navy general Board re i Garden lighter than air Craft As still in the experimental stage doubted their military value and opposed any experiments which would curtail needed types War Craft such As scout cruisers Fleet submarines. The Board agreed however that for experimental purposes the Shenandoah should be replaced. Regarding the much discussed question the efficiency the naval air service tile committee in rep rating the Tiwa appropriation Bill Declar situation a service it should has aviation a made to is d Bee iou Chad a Erv grat Nying i round in this lint tee in instruction in Sion should be r number Al Bishop Joseph b. Cheshire s 29 Kin people children grandchildren. The married relatives and All had their photograph made tuesday for the first time. Since the Bishop has acquired so Many Kins people he has not been abbe to get their picture . And mrs s. W. Tucker China came wit is their seven children and Joe Cheshire. Jr., mrs. Cheshire Anil their three Godfrey hire with their four. I mrs. Cheshire with ipod to make a Pic ii be As much enjoyed As any a Lack Art t pita i. Immortality Sev Landis woman Dies result Accident Ira me d pee is in Ltd u Are denotes. The. Committee in t it to the cavy to de Cid. Which warships should be re tired. It poll Ted out that great Britain nov a a Ain gains Active duty Only a pan her Potentia i Fleet. Bot h Secretary \ a and real Admi �?�a1 Hilary p. Jones head the g Nerad Board t i to Loi xxi committee today Diri Gloh s were some Val i a routing in born condition unchanged Canton Jan 13.�? apr general we the Chen and Shin to. Son . Sun Yat sen. First president i the chinese Republic arrived Here and mrs. Chi and James a their two he lure which Wil by All Raleigh in the whole c the Bishop won Era i years ago by making his apartment House the Friend the children while other landlords a were encouraging a race suicide a a the Bishop was putting a Premium life by making rents lower and living easier. Salisbury Jan. 13 map a mrs. W. L. Mclean. 60 years old a Mill operative Landis. Row county died about 7 clock yesterday evening As a result in juries received when struck by it pacing automobile. The cold it e curved in land while the woman was wa1 Kin along Hie Highway. It is belie v-bii0 Vav it amp struck by amp so ii Viti car when she became confused by number passing cars. She Cli a while being taken to a Coneen Hospital children a my i r tax r to Ida husband and several survive. The guru n $16,556,00 tied in the Ber and to it and la second minutes and 40 seconds and in today. The general strike Situa Mindanao almost two minutes. Lion is unchanged. Governor Morrison Las. Continued fag 6 seventeen dead j $31 Tokyo Jan. 13.�? apr ver acre Sacular dispatches from Fukuoka amount a report seventeen dead and Twenty the no three injured in the mine expo a be withdraw Sion in number three pit the be Defermin Takamatsu Colliery in Northern a Kiu Shiu i continued Page if a in Over the last Bill e ships a Jervice would Navy tax Simial

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