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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Technology aids police in the fight against crime by j. Edgar Hoover director of Fri written Tor the associated press Washington a i frequently hear the question asked a Why has not crime subsided with the improvements to Law enforcement in recent years a the question is a Good one and demands a straightforward answer. The answer it seems to me is Clear improved Law enforcement cannot by itself control crime. The current crime problem developed Over a Long period of time. It is the outgrowth of multiple causes that essentially reveal that for Many years our society has been out of Kilter with a number of fundamental principles necessary for its healthy orderly and secure Progress under a Rule of Law. Reversing this trend will be neither Quick nor easy. To halt the growth of crime will require changes and improvements throughout our society but particularly in the ration of Justice system. Prisoner rehabilitation court reorganization adequate ant crime legislation penal reforms and expanded data on crime and criminals Are but a few of the areas where efforts Are being mobilized to police to use unmarked snowmobiles Sault Ste. Marie. Mich. Apr local motorists have a new driving wrinkle to worry about this weekend unmarked police snowmobiles. In Honor of the interstates National snowmobile classic Here this weekend the City fathers for the third year will open City streets to snowmobiles from 6 p in Friday to 6 p m. Sunday and City police Are leasing several snowmobiles to use in patrol work. Police said the snowmobiles will be unmarked but officers will be in uniform. One officer said there Haven to been any serious accidents in the past years but the snowmobiles make some Drivers nervous. Hoover Correct deficiencies which have unintentionally aided the proliferation of criminality. Outside the criminal Justice Complex the disproportionate involvement of youth i n serious crime demands priority attention with special emphasis in our educational system on the responsibilities of the individual to the Rule of Law in a free society. The importance of such a n educational Effort cannot in my opinion be overestimated. As for Law enforcement it has entered an Era in which its ability to respond to crime has been drastically improved by technology. The methods of Lawr enforcement have not significantly changed but the manner in which they Are applied has. Primary among the advanced technology that is changing police capability Are sophisticated communications and record storage systems. By use of the computer communications and records have been impressively joined to give Law enforcement an extraordinary tool in the discovery of crime and its perpetrators. More important this computer technology holds incredible Promise in the future of Law enforcement. Consider the problem posed to police by a common Street crime which reaches virulent intensity at this time of year shoplifting True to the parlance of yesteryear the shoplifter to be successfully prosecuted most often must be caught with a the goods on the unsuccessful shoplifter who is detected inside the store or nearby poses no particular problem for the police. The property i s recovered and his connection with the crime is irrefutably established. These circumstances Lead to the offenders conviction which of course is the greatest of All crime deterrents. But what of the shoplifter who anonymously and successfully flees the crime scene or those a quite probably the majority who leave the victimized establishment without their crime having been detected a few years ago the police would have had to rely on rare and Chance events to uncover these offenders especially in situations which could produce evidence to insure their convictions. This is no longer the Case. Discovering the hidden perpetrators of High volume Street crime offences May never become the Rule of police work. But increasingly it is becoming less and less the exception. Versatile police communications s y s t Ems and nearly instantaneous exchanges of vital i a w enforcement data on crimes and criminals As exemplified by the of big a National crime information Center indic. Are exposing thieves of All types hourly. Two Way radio equipped foot patrolmen can now translate Mere suspicion into prompt and effective police action often leading to a felons identification and Aries. Many items of serially identifiable property reported missing or stolen in computerized police records frequently Are swiftly heated sometimes with the probable thief at a Pawn shop some distance from t h e victimized establishment. A patrol car officers radio inquiry concerning the registered owner of a stalled vehicle containing a dozen new women s dresses can Alert the officer to the possibility of a crime by the Lac that the car s owner has a Long arrest record f o r shoplifting. Police performance i s further improved by this new technology since a defendant s guilty is More often established from the sureness of physical evidence rather than the uncertainty that frequently accompanies eyewitness testimony. The Necic located at Fri Headquarters in Washington dc., now encompasses High Speed Law enforcement communication and data Exchange networks of 50 states the District o f Columbia and Canada. With More than three million records the Necic computer has handled with cooperating Law enforcement agencies As Many As 90.000 transactions a Day and is furnishing positive responses identifying crimes c r in i n a i s. And stolen property to As Many As 900 inquiries daily. As this system women s lib causes Transfer Madison wis. A a fourth Grade girl has been transferred to another class following her parents complaint that her teacher had been stressing women s liberation. Vikki Howe was removed from the fourth Grade class taught by Pat Jimmerson at Schenk elementary school because her Mother mrs. Howard Howe said she and her husband were concerned about the women a lib Issue. The class had allegedly discussed the possibility of writing to newspapers and suggesting that the a women s Section be called the a family Section cosmetic specials Prince Matchabelli Spray Mist Cologne. Specially priced. Wind song Golden autumn prophecy beloved. Your favorite Cologne in an elegant Spray Mist flacon. 1.8 of. 2.25jcpenney the values Are Here every Day. Of course you can charge it at Penney s in Westchester mall 1-9 expands. So f will the proficiency of Law enforcement. Advancing technology now promises to some Day soon convert the of big a massive fingerprint files to computer storage i h the ability to electronically read classify and retrieve a previously entered record. With this capability it is conceivable that in the future a defiant criminal s identity or that of an evasive suspect might be instantly determined by simply placing his hand on an electronic scanning unit at police Headquarters or one mounted even in a patrol car. New Law enforcement technology is building a formidable assault on crime. This Progress. I am confident will spearhead a Broad and successful attack on lawlessness from society As a operators try Experiment in reclamation Johns Creek. By. A a group of strip mine operators in Kentucky has begun a three year Experiment in developing greenhouse farming on Hillside benches the Flat surfaces created by surface mining. The Kentucky surface mining and reclamation association has appropriated $4,000 for the projects first year. 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