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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1940, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 9, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Tienter of Industry High Point nor i h Garolin a tuesday january 9. 1910 High Point Enterprise published Stern sons and m sunday mornings P. Rawley. Publisher 1915�?1937 ii ii. Terry president d. A. Rawley. Sec a and Troas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Capes m. Waynick. Editor sio.40 $ 5.20 $ 2.00 .90 .20 subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve month. Six months. Three month. One month. One week a a. Carriers in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More Man one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks. Ii a subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct to Oft ice. The associated press is Elu sively entitled to the use for republication of All new die patches credited to it or not it i in a credited in paper and the local news published therein member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second Bias matter at the Pitt dolls in High print not c. Under the act of Congress of March a National adv. Representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City tuesday. January 9. 1940. Cd Jiwu mkt and now i exhort you to in of Good cheer for there shall in no loss of Liny Many a life among you hut of flu vets Laii. A who stabs my name would Stab my person too. Did not the Hangman s axe the arts �?~27 23. President talks Good politics at least the presidents speech before before i he Jackson Day diners last night had been heralded As non partizan. Actually beyond calling attention to the presence in his government of Many others than democrats and by implication suggesting that the new Deal is broader than the party line. We see no reason for describing it As non partizan. Or. Roosevelt defended his program sturdily and declared that the gains in a a Security for the individual should not be a chipped he called for a democratic stand squarely Back of the new Deal As the election approaches. May we not agree with the president that the Best Chance for another democratic Victory lies a Fidelity to the new Deal indeed we Micco that a vigorous of the major enterprises and achievements of the administration Weald be the Best party strategy. The submergence of doubts among the right wingers seems to us to be essential to Victory. The democratic party is in Power because the masses of the people were aroused to believe that it promised to exercise Federal Power courageously for the alleviation of distress incidental to the Mal distribution of the benefits of labor. Certainly it has been faithful to the pledge to exercise that Power. Opinions differ As to what has been accomplished or. Dewey running for the presidency charges that the seven years of democratic control has failed to solve or alleviate the two great National problems a unemployment and an unbalanced budget. Or. Roosevelt contends that a the nation has made great gains in our economic Prosperity and in the Security of individual he contends too that the basis has been established for further gains which must be essayed. We assent to the political Wisdom of his position. The a it eople Are not convinced that government adventure in the new Deal has failed of its objective. Many of them believe that there should be further adventure and Are unwilling to fall Back into the conditions of the old order. It is to that sentiment the democrats must Appeal if they Are to win again. The republicans stand ready to take Over and return to the old stand. The Vali e of the in a this paper publishes at various times articles dealing with juvenile crime and delinquency. Too often these items appear to take precedence Over news w hich might carry an optimistic note. The National youth administration is doing some Fine work in its Job of helping and some times rehabilitating youth. Tho Tya makes no pretence of giving a permanent Job to every boy and girl who might apply. But it is intensely interested in helping worthy Young people in getting sound experience and then guiding them into non Federal jobs. The local office under the direction of C. Kimrey has helped 30 Young people make satisfactory connections. The nya has afforded experience in typing filing dictation and general clerical work which experience the boys and girls might not have been fortunate enough to obtain otherwise. Thus the nya is emphasizing the need and importance of being self supporting and in that Way helping to build a sound dependable generation. The Lynch Bill embroiled again in discussion of the a anti Lynching Bill the House of representatives goes at the Issue Hammer and tongs today. Under the inspiration of congressmen from Northern districts where the negro vote is Strong the southerners Are embattled. They have some help in other regions but they do not have a solid front among themselves. The vote which called up the Bill for debate indicates that a decisive majority can be counted on to favor the Bill. In our judgment those who Are striving to put this measure on the Law books Are blundering fundamentally. We would utter no word in defense of mob crimes or mob criminals. The outbreak of the Lynching spirit is not to be condoned but when Congress begins to level this kind of Law at portions of the country under pressure it is yielding to the temptation to invade the responsibility of the individual state for the preservation of order and the exercise of police Power. Furthermore we contend it is yielding unnecessarily to that temptation. A subsidence of Lynching has been apparent with the passing of the years. Til is is due to development of local control of various kinds and not to Federal help in the matter. In the past the offence has been frequent enough to justify extreme measures of prevention. Now while we do not regard fhe Bill As a matter of first importance we do regard it As both unnecessary and undesirable. It probably would never save a life. In the news most any Day now one can hear a Friend speak of a proposed trip to Florida wishes for such a trip or that old Winter May temper his winds a to tace shorn but one May also hear of Winter sports and read prose poems on the blessings of Winter. The Christian science Monitor tells of a blessings underfoot in the following paragraph a kindly Winter drapes the shivering limbs of naked Trees blankets the struggling wheat and exposed Glass roots tucks White puffs about shrubs and perennials. Heavy snowfalls Promise renewed water Supply where autumn drought reduced and dried up reservoirs. Their elders usually frown at Snow which youngsters Greet with shouts of Joy. Without Snow Summers streams and Springs would run dry roots would freeze. Hasni to someone written that blessings love disguise a senator Taft has presented a five Point formula for the next president. Point no. I a a the president must wish and be determined to balance the the american Public will probably be interested in the other Points when some chief executive has actually balanced the budget. Kansas City within ten years has reduced the average traffic fatalities from too lives a year to Only 32 1939. Persistent safety publicity has had Good effect the courts have been Stern with offenders. The Montgomery Ala advertiser prints this Christmas Echo a just because Montgomer ians mail Christmas cards eat of a Knog and sing a holy night a Richmand had to go and do the same thing. Why does no to Richmond do something original every now and then Why not for instance equip its ancient trolley cars with rubber wheels a the Lynchburg Ness contends that eggnog is a drink declaring a if anybody says its a food to be eaten with a spoon we Are not even going to argue with sure eggnog a a drink when its thin enough to be drunk. But who a to blame those prosperous Montgo Merians for making their eggnog so thick they have to eat it with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people in August of 1939. I visited Harbin a manchurian town not far from the Borders of Russia. I saw there a Monument erected to two japanese spies who were shot in Harbin a third of a Century ago during the Russo japanese War. These spies disguised As mongolian nomads drifted up to Harbin and tried to blow up the trains on the siberian railway Bridge across the Ungari River. They were caught and condemned to be shot. They met death in a Beautiful kindly courageous Way. Just before they faced the firing squad they said to their captors Quot Here is some Money we want to give to the widows and orphans of the russian soldiers who have been killed in this War. They Are not to blame for what has happened. We do this with the Hope that someone Back in Japan will take can of our what did these spics achieve by that final gesture of unselfishness these things first by thinking of the troubles of others they got their minds off the fact that they were to be shot in a few minutes and by doing that they conquered fear. Second by their unselfish acts they got a feeling of exaltation that enabled them to face the firing squad with heroism. Third they did something so Beautiful that the Story will be told to generations yet unborn. If you want to conquer fear done to think about yourself. Try to help others and your fears will vanish. Recently i visited with the executive of one of our leading new York newspapers. As might be expected our conversation swung around to the interesting things that Are happening in the journalistic world. I asked about a Mutual acquaintance who once held a Superior position to that of my Host on the same paper. I was told that this old Friend now holds a subordinate position on a rival paper. that was astounding in the old Days we both had thought him headed for great things. Further inquiry revealed that he had risen for a time and had become managing editor of another paper. But something happened and. A few Days later he had come to my Host and asked for his old Job Back. Quot i was All for taking him my Host said a a by there were others to be considered a the men with whom he would have to work. So i Felt them out. To a Man they put their foot Down. Too hard to get along with they said. And so i had to pass him what tragedy lies in those words. How much Heartbreak such a characteristic can bring about. Here was a Man who had made a Brilliant Start but he moved Down instead of up. A i wish i might authenticate this Story with names a for obvious reasons i done to editors note Dale Star Negie will appear in High Point at the senior High school auditorium february 1st. Sponsored by the a. B. Club Charity fund. He said it taking advantage of a new Flat rate for hospitalization an Eastern woman was recently delivered of triplets at a total Cost of $10. Int that just like human nature a abusing a privilege. A Broadway Bandit stole five nights Box office proceeds from a tobacco what does he expect the players to do run around in rags a the munitions business at least is booming again. Apparently marriage is just a big Yoke to Greta Garbo. In this warlike season steamship companies Are offering bargain sails to South american tourists. All i was afraid was not to do what he wanted me to do because i did no to want him to take his spirit out of me. A mrs. Verinda Brown referring to father divine. We know that the darkness that has fallen on Tho world May become almost unbearable but at the same time we cling to anything that gives Rise to some Dirk Jan de goer of the Netherlands. If the allies win this War however economically exhausted they May he. Civilization is saved. Or. Knight Dunlap psychologist. University of California at los Angeles. Hear that Mournful sound chem farm prices Are higher Walter Winchell on Broadway cd a or la my a daily Mirror Lac Man Abott town the John Roosevelt fiby is expected in june g. Jessel has proposed marriage to Arline judge now being unwound from d. Topping. Is that Rich attractive and Young widow reported backing Jolson a new show interested in the show or him. Hazel forties mrs. Harry Richman is Home from the Hosp but very ill. What Star fired a shot at his sex wife recently hut it was hushed. Alice White of the screen and Chester Stratton the radio actor. Are a merger threat and very soon. George Bluitt the producer and Marcy Westcott of a too Many girls a will play the a i do Quot scene in the Spring. Mrs. Oscar Serlin he a the Quot life with father Quot Parent certain that reconciliation Click i has gone to Hollywood to Jack and then will see a re notary. Bonny Baker of Quot Dubarry Quot is pulling a funny one. I hat he does t go with Brenda Frazier any More a because she won t give him any Money. Ann Greenway the Thrush and win. Be shit the tailor will be sealed shortly. Warning to Barney Gallant in he Gal representing herself As novelist Gertrude Atherton is phoney. The real Gertrude Hasni to been Here for a year. A it been secretly decided to shave the wages of phone worker starting april 1st?at one of those veddy Swanky Paddy at the River House apartment of the Geo. Raymonds the second wife of a famed Hook publisher got annoyed with another married woman and kicked her in the License plate Section. One of the announcers is putting Mascara on his Mustache so tto la show up for television. Seen in a phone Booth at the Ritz Carlton where she Tepee a a Brenda likes or. Amo is squirting Carmen Miranda. Who brings along an interpreter to keep it respectable. It Jarrell Eleanor Holmes former Groom is Yoo a voting Jean Scot a dancer in "3 after 3,�?� in which he also appears the situation Between the de Marcos is reaching the explosive stage. Walter Durkin associated Presser will soon wed a nurse named Mary Durkin. When Quot swinging the dream Quot closed suddenly a. Hirschfeld who did the show s murals Hadnot been paid. So he had everything attached. He wound up with two Kettle Drums. The Yankees. Via one of the Ruppert will put Gehrig bark on the front i it Ages shortly. U. S. Senator we. Smathers of a j., and his wife will be imaged in May. Theirs was a Senate gallery Romance. Its a girl for the judge Clarence oppers of the u. A Board of tax appeals. When he was Over at the Treasury he was credited with keeping the Dollar on an even keel. The Ozzie Nelsons Harriet Hilliard expect another blessed event late in april. Done to be surprised if Miriam Hopkins re marries Anatole Litvak by summer. Of urn when the Jock Whitney get that Long talked about abrogation i next Bride May be Olivia de Havlland. Donald budget current heart Juggler is Betty Lee a pretty person. The Dionne quilts Are signed for the fair a their Callender Home will in done in replica on the site of the russian Pavilion. All proceeds to go to the c acadian red Cross Ellinor Troy Tommy Manville girl no 45.563$, rented a safety Deposit Aillet in Miami last week. You Shoulla seen the Quot bundle of cabbage she put in it. John Hamilton the re pub Biggie has indicated to intimates that he prefers a Hewey Hoover ticket. Herbert to run for vice president. In april the Rockefeller ice Pond is Iii become a roller skating rink. Is that True about the s. N. Rebr mans Elsa Heifetz splitting. Stanley Walker editor and John Mclaughlin managing editor of the Philly evening Ledger have resigned and the new bos. I de Pollack former sports cd. An East Side spot which Cost 250 is to sponsor is readying to dive. The h. A. Alkern sirs. Hellene Tourtois of the social Register will in three in the summer. Ely Culbertson the Bridge Wiz is smitten with Lucinda Hazen a Rochester Deb. Phyllis Russell a god child of mrs. Vincent Astor and James Lewis of Harvard Are hotter than Benny Goodman last program. Add new Stork club romances t a. Oakley Rhinelander 2nd, and Deb Sylvia Follette Mary Steele and John Henry and Ned Burke and Mary pin Chot. At Moss Harts party the other night everyone my Dah. Was theah f. Tone spent most of the eve g sitting at Joan s tootsies. A major Broadway spot is in 77b again Gus Edwards Niece Joan Edwards is supposed to have secretly married a Miami musician last week in Havana. We re too sunburned to Check. New newspaper Guild contracts now Lune a maternity clause for Femme employees. If they quit to have a child they can come Hac k to work a and no argument. The new Reeler have agreed under Union prot Nisi re to Stop exchanging coverage. They must Send four cameras to Rover the same Story henceforth. I. Don Levine who aided Gen. Kri it ski to do those sate Post pieces says the finns will he Able to hold out until March and that the russians Russ outs should crack up by then a because the country at that time become flooded and hard to navigate on foot ,. Josephine Dillon Gable a wife a not used on the Quot we the people Quot program a because Gable under contract to the same Agency squawked the talk has Tim and Irene radio its domestically apart. On january 21st Paul Robeson will in Given an honorary degree by Hamilton College a thanks to America a and Alexander Wool est. Hostility to chamberlains govt from the governments own ranks is being openly predicted in London a in the next few months. The German Library of information huh of 17 Battery place has mailed to friends a Beautiful 32-Page Booklet of Lovely Christmas carols medieval etchings of Angels and the Saviour a despite the fact that All these things arc prohibited by command of the Reich. What a happened to the alien rents of the networks separate Tepee. Desi Arnaz he cuban hero of la Conga and Quot too Many girls is paying court too ardently to a dancer whose estranged Groom hits too hard. The Louise Lattimer we Atkinson wedding plans Are ready. Billy Mishkin the real estate lad. Married Evelyn Gordon a British actress last week. Of All things the Florida racetracks bar Mickey Rooney because he Isnit 21�?but some of the jockeys and apprentice worker there Arena sixteen Oast reports link Bette Davis with role it Foulk. It must in a publicity thing Aud if so a second rate stunt. He a merely happily wed to Allice Frost a very pretty and Fine radio actress. Pearson and Allen award medals to opposition newspapermen. Hut they rat a pulitzer prize for their expose articles Loui it Inna corruption which sent Many officials to prison no american translation of Hie special inscription Oil he nazi badge Given by Hitler to that paging a tiler rime ten years ago local news registrars have been appointed for the school Bond election. A James b. Day and company of Chicago. Iu., manufacturers of Wood finishing materials will open a Branch warehouse Here a Central District funeral directors closed a meeting Here last night with a banquet at the Sheraton hotel. About people a mrs. H l. Shuey of Morganton is visiting relatives Here. A mrs. A. T. White is said to be recovering from the illness which occasioned his going to the High Point Hospital a few Days ago a Litton pow cry has gone to los Angeles to spend several months. New Brief a Edwin a Bok. Who came to America from Holland in his youth and eventually won Fame and Fortune died at his Winter Home in Lake Wales fla., today. A or. Hubert m. Poteat of Wake Forest today at Newbern was elected potentate of the Mystic shrine. Twenty years ago local news William Merkel prominent lumber dealer of Irvington. N. J., has inquired of the local chamber of Commerce As to what advantages High Point has to offer for a Large Wood working Plant. A editors of the slate in session at Greensboro yesterday pledged themselves for Law and order that they would help Cut out Moonshine and spread Sunshine. A a. E. Tate has been made a member of the National Highway Council. About people a a. E. Futrelle has returned from a business trip to new York Max Wall has accepted a position with the Southern Rome bed company Here. Or. And mrs. Charles Kephart have returned from their honeymoon in Detroit Mich. New Brief Ignace Paderewski is no longer Premier of Poland however it is said he left the Post with the love and admiration of All his people. A or. G. Campbell Morgan. British preacher says that a revolution is Likely to follow the adoption of prohibition in America. Its dangerous to listen to Roosevelt because he could recite an example in algebra and make it sound interesting. A senator William Boral rep., Idaho a a Quot a it is unthinkable that our Industrial growth should longer be delayed by the self interest of any one group. Gov. Herbert in Lehman of new York a Hobby May keep a Man broke but it will also keep him mentally alive. A Dean Samuel n. Stevens of University College. Northwestern University screwy English girl a been right yet. It is Quot nun Erst Recht. It Means in English Quot even if hell freezes Over Quot without those three dots half the meaning w Ould be lost lord Redes Dale her father xxx ill move Lier to the Island he bought ast year. It is called Argyllshire off the British East coast. Lila Lee touring with Quot tonight we dance Quot gets orchids nightly from a Chicago hanker Best laugh in town the movie writer in Hollywood who actually quit his Job during the yuletide by walking into his producer s office i a hit of Mistletoe dangling from the Hack of his coat. Calton Bruce Catton in Washington Hrh Ker Boom built on Relief for Man who still has a Job Washington Jan. 9. A the really significant part of the Relief stand taken by governor Bicker a1 Ohio has been pretty much Over looked. That part had to do with Relief. Governor Bricker declares that Ohio is meeting its Relief problem honestly and adequately. Then he adds Quot i have also an interest in the Relief of Over burdened t a a payers. In the Farmer who works from sunup until Sun Down and who often receives too Small a part of the nations income. I have an interest in the Homeowner who is now burdened with heavy taxes. I have an interest in the Relief of the Man who has a Job but who for every four Days work done gives one to the government in that according to people Here who should know will be the keynote on which the governor is to be presented to republicans As a presidential Prospect during the next six months. While governor Bricker is officially not a candidate for anything except another term As governor of Ohio his presidential candidacy is actually be ing developed very actively by his friends. Just incidentally the situation has the intimates of senator Robert Taft the avowed Ohio Candi Date pretty Mueh worried. A sergeant gets hunk w Ith of fun ers eleven u. S. Army officers and their families in Quot officers Row at Billing Field spent a cold and wretched night during the recent wintry spell Here. An army sergeant had the detail of tending to their furnaces for which chore he got $2 per Furnace per month. During the cold snap he had to visit each Furnace three or four times rightly and the detail irked him. So assembling his $22 stipend on pay Day he strayed off the reservation and got drunk. The fires All went out. The officer and their people shivered and the sergeant landed in the Brig. But new Happy a another Man has the Furnace Job now. A 0 in c Hildrene set Reau facts change the Federal Security Agency i Likely to grow some More when As and if another presidential reorganization order comes through. Likeliest addition is the children a Bureau now in the department of labor. Presi Dent Roosevelt is also giving some thought to giving it the consumer agencies from the department of agriculture. A states await taste of Hatch Bill one Man who a sincerely sorry to see Frank Murphy leave the department of Justice is senator Carl a. Hatch of new Mexico author of the famous clean politics Bill. That Bill expressed Murphy s ideas perfectly and while he was in the Cabinet Hatch had a potent Friend in court so to speak. Right now Hatch is preparing to push his companion piece a a Bdl which would prohibit political activity by state employees in All agencies to which the Federal government contributes Money either by Loans or Grants. This is a cruel blow of political machines. Since every state Highway department gets Money from Uncle Sam and the state Highway department ii usually Hie Backbone of the dominant state political machine. For that very reason the Bill has a Good Chance of passage senator Hatch chuckles As he reflects that senators and congressmen whose own political preserves were reduced by the first Hatch Bill Are glad enough to see to it that the same grief is handed along to the boys Back Home. P. A that applies especially to statesmen who Are on the outs with tilt state machine Back Home. One Solon estimates that the Bill will get 25 votes in the Senate on that score alone me j Izzy Keem Sissy football hit seems Lack the Best news done to always git in the front Page headlines. This comes Frum Quot strange As it seems by John v a it Hick and tells i j a bout a 120 Pound a Quot girl Lois Roberts of los Angeles who kicked a football 50 Yards barefooted. Any football player will agree that was a creditable punt but what in a thinking is that they Mought improve the game a lot of they All played barefooted. Bul i reckon if anybody suggested that now it would be called Sissy stuff. Any Way you figure it though it ainu to no fun to have a 220 Pounder stand on your Ace with spikes and without spikes he d be a lot less Apt to want to stand there especially if the Feller on the ground had Buck Teeth

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