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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1940, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 9, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina tuesday january 9, 1940 Ink k Sto a. Of Iii dams Tex. A policeman j. M. Pc Iii ii handed Motorist Lloyd George a aum Mons for failure to atop at a Boulevard. Noting Hie signature on the ticket George commented a a in Mon my Way to your House to get that last payment on these books you weather Hunt pushed for Slayer lot Al Wrather today noon. Low last night. High yesterday. And 23 33 it takes from 50 in produce a tree for to too years Large enough lumber. # turkeys 1939 Raisin crop sighed nearly 8 4,000.000 tons. Mitchik amp latin Caton Otid pull the trigger on Izy bowels and also pepsin ize stomach when constipation brings on acid indict Ion bloating dizzy spells Gas coated Tongue sour taste and bad breath your it is probably loaded up with certain undigested food and your bowels done to move. So you need both pepsin to help break up fast that Rich undigested food in Bour stomach and laxative Senna to pull he trigger on those Lazy bowels. So be lure your laxative also contains pepsin. Take or. Caldwell a laxative because its syrup pepsin helps you gain that wonderful stomach Comfort while the laxative Sana moves your bowels. Tests prove the it War of pepsin to dissolve t Hose lumps of digested protein food which May linger n your stomach Localise belching gastric Erdity and nausea. This is How pepsin ring your stomach helps relieve it of such stress. At the same time this Medicine rakes up Lazy Ner ves and Muscles in your towels to relieve your constipation. So see of much better you feel by taking the fixative that also puts pepsin to work on tat stomach discomfort too. Even Fin by children love to taste this pleasant Amily laxative. Buy or. Caldwell a lax it Ives Senna with syrup pepsin at your drug gust today i North and South Carolina fair and continued cold tonight. Wednesday partly Cloudy and slightly warmer. Oeor Gla fair and continued cold tonight Light scatter cd Frost wednes Day partly Cloudy -2-and slightly warmer. Virginia fair and lightly colder tonight wednesday increasing cloudiness with slowly rising temperature. Cloudy winds Sandy Hook to Hatteras diminishing northerly winds becoming southerly Over North and Central portions and fair weather tonight and wednesday. Hatteras to Jacksonville moderate North and Northeast winds partly overcast weather tonight and wednesday. A Charlotte. Jan. 9�? apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a in. In the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station High Low Rte j Asheville .34 j Atlanta. 33 Augusta. 42 i Birmingham. 37 Charleston. 40 j Charlotte. 33 Chicago. 27 Columbia. 36 i Denver. 35 i Detroit. 24 j is ans Lyle a 28 Galveston. 46 i Greensboro. 34 i Hatteras. 42 i Jacksonville. M i key West. 77 Little Rock. 33 los Angeles. 63 Memphis. 29 Meridian. 41 Miami. 75 apis St. Paul. 21 i Mobile Mitchell. 17 yet thi theatres today Center two gun or. Smith rides straight into your heart James Stewart Marlene Dietrich a a destry rides again Quot extra the 4 bowl football games a in Conter news events shia Cunt delightful entertainment Irene Dunne Chas. Boyer a in a when tomorrow comps Carolina j new Orleans new York Raleigh san Antonio. 48 san Francisco. 3� j Spartanburg Tampa Washington Wilmington 46 24 33 34 63 29 45 23 23 25 22 34 24 21 29 14 la 8 39 23 32 32 63 13 55 15 21 56 15 27 to 32 18 24 39 56 25 38 20 31 of .00 .00 .00 of .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 of .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .21 .00 of .00 .00 .00 ,05 .00 .03 .00 Salesman s car found anti fingerprints held As Only clue Washington Jan. 9. A up a fingerprints found in a bloodstained automobile gave Federal Bureau of investigation agents a new Lead today in their search for the Slayer of Sidney Mansfield Little 29, tobacco Salesman of Washington n. C. Little was found beaten to death in a Snow covered picnic area at fort Hunt va., sunday. No arrests have been made and officers have said there were no a definite car discovered discovery of Little s automobile in a garage at Triangle va., led police to believe it had been driven from the murder scene by his assailant. D. J. Martin owner of the garage said it had been towed in from a Side Road by state police after an employee Learned the car had been abandoned there. The Small car was splotches with blood both inside and out particularly on the upholstery and in the baggage compartment Back of the seat. Keys to the car Ivere missing Martin said and doors and Glove compartments were unlocked. Numerous fingerprints were found in the blood stains and on the steering wheel. E y Ami n action com Peete medical examination of the body was completed and it was turned Over t Oan undertaker from Little a Home town. Or. C. A. Ransom. Fairfax county va., Coroner said he acted merely As a Quot medical witness in the Case because the slaying was on Federal territory and declined to disclose his findings. Well hang the Wash on the Siegfried line 1 5 More about Bishop Peele .12 00 .00 oooo continued from Page one an Impromptu a March past the colors As British troops swing by gaily coloured Wash on a clothesline a a somewhere in England. On How to get in late at night Serenos regain prestige in Spain big doormen act As town crier with latest news and w Eather report Spain correspond m a or id Dence of the associated press Sereno the fellow who has the key to your apartment building when you come in late at night is recovering the prestige he enjoyed in the Days of the monarchy. Sereno is a glorified night the picture every Mother will want her daughter to see is thrilling As the or it of a Newborn babe sincere a a Mother love As i of Iraneous As the mothers it glorifies great As i it. Itself picture for adults had been measuring up to its re-1 we by Hinan generally a Little Man upon is Bintie. Xxx in a Corduroy suit who carries a a terrible horrors Rush upon the Bunch of keys that fit All the world today. Despair seems to be doors in your neighbourhood. It is everywhere but there is one thing j Well of which we Are certain and that is that w e know that there is one positive answer to the world s despair. Xxx face torn world i a through Christ we face this split and torn world in Confidence i xxx we can never have peace in this world until we have right i j you Ness in the individual heart. There can never be Contentment and Progress and happiness and the life that is Fuller and More i abundant except As our lives Are one with Christ xxx a your Hope is in god. That is the nature of the methodist Advance. That la the Hope of the world. Bishop Leonard said a the spiritual Vaiuta of the methodist Advent will be to let the world know thai the new Church is a spiritual Unity that we Are a part to be of Good terms with him. It is an old Spanish custom to close up the House doors and windows tighter than Drums after to of clock at night. Spanish keys usually Are much too Large to be packing about. They Wear holes in your pocket. So you depend on the Sereno to let you in after to p. In. Sim Nish la Stom the custom is to stand in front of the big Iron Gate that bars the Entrance to your domicile and yell sing song fashion All the time clapping your hands. If he is a Good Sereno and does no to happen to be at the farthest end of his beat to will shout Back meaning a i m coming and you know All is Well. Fumbling through a big Cluster of keys by the Light of a match he often As not indulges Lupe Gyp Ped by gypsies a blood bought fellow ship that i in a Wisecrack or to Warner Raxter Loretta Yoi no a in Quot wife husband and Friend a Wain mov with go a i i Fitzgerald pm a we go Ai of t of ads Giorgi a Jef Friy Lynn Gaii Sagi 3 revealing Days today wednesday a thursday Broa Hurh a Haiti Naomi fulfil a the methodist Church doctrinally is what methodism has been throughout her entire history and that by the Grace of Rod we purpose to recapture the ardor of a Vita Faith xxx minister i naw Are too Many ministers seem Ben unaware that christianity a Universal Bishop Leonard said. A vast numbers of our people Are aware of the Flag but not of the Cross. As christians we can be satisfied with nothing less than a world Bishop Hughes also spoke the morning session. More about Gavagan to move continued from Page one Ile Palace theatre Salem Street Quot enjoyable Thomasville coming tomorrow a Mutiny on the Black Hawk a with Richard Green Lait times today a Twenty five men a year with Randolph Scott and Margaret Lindsay admission in. F except adults Vijh i Lor Mioc nah Rda children. Pc u i a i a of the sweeping special study nations Lineal affairs. Senator Mcnary of Oregon the once the Serene has opened the door he bids you Good night and j you tip him a few pennies. The Sereno sees All hears ill a i knows is. In Madrid there Are j some 2.000 Sereno or about one j i to every 500 persons. During the i civil War most Serenos were be a thieves sympathetic to the nation is i Alist cause. Those who were politically minded with Active re pub j mean sympathies were in a position to Quot put the Finger on rightists who were being hunted by leftists. Lost prestige during the siege of Madrid the Serenos did not have much to do. The capital was blacked out and there was no place to go at night. People who stayed out after curfew did so at their own risk especially of they did not stand in Well with the regime. In the Days before the Republic the Sereno also performed the function of a town crier. His duty was to Call out the time of Day or night loud enough for All the hear. During the Republic the the shapely legs of screen actress Lupe Velez enlivened the los Angeles police Quot show up where Lupe viewed Gypsy women suspected of duping her out of $2500 in a a Money Blessing Quot hoax and stealing several pairs of the actress seamless Hose. Lupe demonstrated Tike this when she ordered the suspects to lift their skirts so she could see if they were wearing stolen stockings g governor gets a son loses a hat at Republican Leader who blocked j custom w As discarded. It s exciting it s amazing startling different from the Man who Cave Jim Quot the Citadel Quot and Quot goodbye or. Chips a roars this drama of a gang Czar who became a powerful lord of England and then gambled his whole world in Challenge to knit land Yard Senath approval of the proposition i yesterday was reported to have come to terms with senator Harrison in miss the author. Mcnary wanted the study to include National defense costs. Would set it body Harrison s proposal would set i up a 24-Man committee to study both the source of Revenue Aud j prospective government spending j to determine whether Uncle Sam can get by this year on less Money. House leaders remained Cool to the idea Price Spalty because it would interfere with their plans i to pass Ait appropriation Bill a week for the next several week. Members in close consultation j with Harrison said that if the House Pigeon holed the proposition. Lie would introduce another revolution calling for a 12-Man i Senate committee study this would permit the House to go ahead and pass its appropriations Bills while the Senate would hold them tip until its investigation was completed now it is being revived in provincial towns and villages. Making his rounds the Sereno Calls out each half hour. He also describes the weather whether it is Clear raining snowing or threatening. More about Stark says continued from Page one re this if j a v n a hmm Burn naval Board. That program would have Cost approximately $ so too too. Storm in ter the latter project was a storm Center during the debate of the Navy s naval air base program i continued from rinse last year and was re looted after same thing for libel to its opponents contended it con i first child born to a West Virginia governor in office Cost his father a Good hat but made mrs. Homer a. Holt above with Bally the proudest Mother in the state. Infant was named Robert Byrne Holt after the governors father. Hat was burned following old West Virginia custom based on theory that father s head swells. More about minister says the War today Daladier due to come in for stiff test in parliaments discussion of his dictatorial War command by Dewitt Mackenzie the convening of the French parliament today to debate Premier Daladier a conduct of the War thus far under virtual dictatorial Powers May provide a test of just How great a Captain of men is the sex schoolmaster. The position is such that his accounting for his stewardship we ill have to be mighty persuasive if he is to avoid having to Battle for his authority. This despite the fact that he is the outstanding figure in French Public life. Daladier has with the voted permission of parliament been writing his own ticket in affairs of state. His we Ord has been Law subject to ultimate Check of course but still a tremendous Power. Une Man show deputies and senators have reluctantly agreed to this one Man show not because they like it but because it has seemed the most expedient for handling the series of crises which finally plunged Europe into hostilities. They have buried Many of the hottest political differences. Like Loyal frenchmen because of the upheaval. The War having failed to develop any real fighting however parliament and Many of the Public have begun to chafe under the near dictatorship. That form of government is entirely alien to the Frenchman a democratic spirit. Dislike of the situation has been accentuated recently the word having been quietly passed by Daladier s critics that he likes his present status. They say that the advisers from whom he took counsel have been thrust aside and that now he goes it alone. One hears the term Quot High handed applied to his methods by his of of Provence. Ponets. Some refer to him As the Quot Little unusual personality Daladier s unusual personality is such As might perhaps land color to charges of this sort. He smashes his Way through to what he wants a born fighter who neither gives nor asks Quarter. The Premier comes of solid peasant Stock. You know he is stubborn and pugnacious by the set of his jaw and the Way his thick neck rises out of his meaty shoulders. He ordinarily disdains oratorical fluff leaving that sort of thing to softer souls. He is Blunt. He charges. He snorts he Rolls interminable cigarettes and stress the ashes Over often untidy clothes. Having seen him in action you know what people mean when they refer to him by his nickname of Quot the Bull of were the War going full blast the present session of parliament presumably would pass peacefully. Maybe it will anyway owing to the Daladier a forcefulness. However we know that the will to kick Over the traces has been growing among members of parliament who profess to fear Daladier and his alleged ambitions. The fact that England Hasni to hesitated. Despite the War to have a sensational housecleaning in the government will afford encouragement to the French dissidents. They May Challenge the Premier. If he escapes it will be another striking Victory of the Bull new York stocks one and for Robert Montgomery / As the Earl of Chicago erin7i cd a with at Iio Lri i Ell. 4 a fit it Adell d Hiu of Joy color cartoon a a ii mad Maestro crime Dotty a a Pav adventure Quot the Pound foolish a tomorrow a thursday More about terrified russians continued from Page one to remain on the few roads available the finnish ski troops swarmed Over the Countryside invisible in the Snow and smash at the Long russian columns. A Lack of ski troops was reported to have prevented the russians from com batting these activities by Cross country scouting. Major general tuo Typo wits in charge of finnish forces in the Suomu Salmi sector while colonel Hjalmar f r i d i o f Silas Vuot of. Swedish descent commanded operations in the Field. The water Beetle Hydro Philus lays its eggs in Little Silken boats which float about on the water. Statute a an unnecessary affront to Japan. The Island is Only a few Hundred Miles trom Tokyo. Regarding other phases of naval operations. Stark told the com a Metier that present studies Quot indicate that the Navy will build 50,000 or 52,000-ton battleships. Larger vessels he said Are not indicated. Stark gave this information to the House naval committee in response to questions As to what lie thought of talk in congressional circles about building super battleships of 70,000 or 80,000 tons. More about agricultural but inned front Page one far As the chemistry division was i concerned a he noted a was the successful fight to secure enactment of a food drug and cosmetic act giving the state a Law i w hich is practically uniform we Ith i the Federal food drug and Cosine-1 tic the commissioner also paid i special attention to the new state j and state programs to combat the 1 More than formality Quot that valiant people can rest assured that our response to that Resolution for Aid to Finland which was passed so recently at a meeting of the league in Geneva will he no Mere formality Quot Chamberlain said bitterly that the leaders of Tho German people would like to treat the British As they Are treating Quot their conquered Quot but we on our Side have no such vindictive designs a he said he labelled As a Quot vicious invention of German propagandists the thought that the British would attempt to annihilate the germans. He described Germany a policy As a threat and a menace a to the moral standards on which Western civilization is Chamberlain declared that Britain s Mastery of tile seas was in j impaired and that England was j ready to repel any invader from i the air. Quot four months have gone by and the to raids have not Tome a outs and other precautions. Home disappointed he Drew laughter a moment later when he said a some people Are disappointed Quot i do not consider that the risk of air raids is Over or diminished Quot he said a a and i am certain that we should make a capital mistake if we became lax in our policy or changed it x x x German shipping is either bottled up or confined to Baltic ports he declared. A if we subtract front our losses by enemy action xxx our gain by capture from the enemy or by new ships or by Transfer from foreign flags we have lost 132,000 tons less than one per cent of our merchant Fleet. A every Day. Every Day now there Are passing 50,000,000 tons of British shipping Over the several oceans of the world. Two w warships lost a in this period we have lost two Large warships the Royal Oak and the courageous and several smaller Chamberlain said a your command of the sea is unimpaired and 1ih defeat of the Graf spec in one of the finest naval actions in All our history followed by her new York Jan. 9�? api�?2 p. M i Stock Adam esp. 8s� air reduce. 36 Alaska Jun. 6�?T Al chem a Dye. 172�, i Alleghany. I i Allis Chai mfg. 39 a i am can. 1144 am car Fly. 29>a am come Alco. 7� am for pow. 2 am pow a it. 4t i am Rad a St s10s� am Rolf Mill. 16s j am smelt a ref. 50s at at t02 j 1 am Toh b88 Anaconda. 2� Arm in. 3. At is St. 234 acl. 22 j i at ref. 21.a tat corp. 6s Baldwin. I�3 j b at o6 Barnsdall. Ll7 i Bendix a lat. 29beth St. 79 Boeing Al rpm. 234 j Borden. 22 Borg Warner. 24 a 1 Briggs mfg. 2lj� Budd mfg. 5�?T� Budd wheel. 3l� Burl thu. 20s Bur add Mach. A 12 More about i finns running continued from 1�?Tage one we have been attacked we must procure arms and munitions on a Large scale from abroad. Our exports Are sufficient to pay Only a part of the the National income Quot sinking i the statement went on. I Quot the time has come when foreign credit is essential to it added that Finland would meet any new i obligations Quot As faithfully As we j have done up to there were scant reports on i warfare along the snowbound j frontiers with Russia to add to i word yesterday that thousands of i russians had been killed and i. J too captured in destruction of a i russian division identified As the 44th. It was the second red division i reported shattered by the finns i within to Days on the Central East Jem front. Neutral military sex i pens estimate the russian division at 15.000 to 17,000 men. A russian communique issued i Early today told Only of scouting activities artillery duels and Apo Rad in Rifle and machine gun fire j after saying Quot on january 8. Noth Jing important took place at the i wheat alias ated the latest reported developments in the matter of Aid tor Finland included allocation of 50,-000 tons of Argentine wheat and the United states note to the league of nations yesterday saying that Washington was consulting Finland directly on her needs. A decree for the Grant of wheat by Argentina was made Public yesterday. Finland must provide for transportation of the Grain. The transaction was in the nature of a loan without interest. The decree said the Argentine government May collect when it gees fit. I self destruction rather than face japanese Beetle White Pine Blist-1 a renewal of the fight has not or foul Brood in bees phony peach i Only cleared the South Atlantic disease Bangs disease and Swine of that1 Raider but it has inflicted diseases he said after mentioning Black irreparable damage upon German naval prestige in the dry land ship wreck Philadelphia Chew Street which has no water in it had a ship wreck. James Zambole 31, Aud a Mats were taking a Rowboat to dry Dock on a two wheel Dolly when an Auto rammed the Craft amidships sending it 50 feet Down the Street and skipper Zambole to a Hospital nearly 110,000 tons of raisins wire eaten in Britain in the last year. Palestine will increase its purchases of United states product. Calumet Ai Hee. 7 can dry. 17 Cen Pac. 5 a Case j i55 Che a o41s Chrysler. 87 coca cola. 1224 Colum o a. 64 come credit. 474 come Colv. 13s com with a Sou. I 4 Consol Edla. 31 a con of. 7b cont can. 43 4 Corn prod a. 64 Curtiss Wright. To Curtiss Wright a29 Doug Aire. 78 Dow chem. 145 Dupont. 182 Eastman Hod. 164 Blee Auto it. 364 Blee pow a it. 7 Firestone. 21 Freeport Sui. 324 Den Blee. 40 Oen foods. 47 Gen Mot. 34 Luette. 64 Glidden. I1 Goodrich. In 4 Goodyear. 23 4 Graham pane. I a it nor by of. 23� mud Mot. 34 Hupp Mot. A Iii cent. 12s int Harvest. 38 int Nick can. 38 int Tel a Tel. 4 john1 Man. 74 Kennicott. 37s Kinney. 2�?T Kroger Groc. 29 Libby o f i. Sillig a Myers b107 Loews. 35s Lorillard. 24s Louis a Nash. 57 Mack truck. 274 Mccrory stores. 16 Mont Ward. 53 Nash Kelv. 7 Nat biscuit. 23 Nat Cash Reg. 16 Nat Dairy prod. 16s Nat dust. 24 Nat Lead. 204 Nat pow a it. 8 n y cent. 17�?~a no am a tat. 24s North am 23 nor Pac. 84 Otis Elev. 17 Pac g a k33s Pac thu. 13�?T Packard. 3�?~ Param Pix. 7 Parn in of. 5 Penny j c94�?T Penn Dix. 3 a Penn r it .23 Phillips pet. 40 Pitt car a b7s pub by n j40, Pullman. 31 pure Oil. 8s radio. 5 a Rad k o. 14 Rem Rand. To rep Btl. 22 4 Reynolds b40s seab Al. Is Seabou. 194 Sears. 84 Shell in. 12 a Socony . 12 Sou Pac. 14 a Sou by. 18a Sperry a. 43s std brands. 6 std Oil Cal. 25 std of hid. 28s. Std Oil n j45 Stewart Warner. 8 Studebaker. 9 Swift. 22 Tex corp. 46 Tex Gulf prod. 4 Tex Gulf Sui. 34s Timken det a. 23 trans Amer. 6 trans a West air. 13 in carb. 861 in Pac. ®4 a unit Aire. 45 unit corp 2 a unit drug. 31 unit fruit. 85 unit Gas Imp. 14s u s id also. 244 u s rub. 38 a u s steel. 64s4 Vanadium. 31 Vick chem. 45s Vacaro chem. 3s Warner pie. 3 4 West Mary. 4a Western Union. 26 4 West Blee a mfg. 114 Wilson. 5�?T Woolworth. 40 yell tac. 18s Youngs sat. 43 t

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