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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 27, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy mild More data on pane a 90th year no. 58 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Cd a wednesday afternoon february 27,1974 78 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c other rates also to Rise postage Stamps increase by 2 cents saturday Washington a the Cost of mailing a letter goes up two cents beginning saturday. The increase is part of a new postal rate schedule that will also gradually drive up the fees paid by Book and record club members As Well As the charges to people who buy from mail order houses. Subscription prices for magazines and newspapers by mail Are expected to Rise. The new Stamps Are Avail Able now and must be used on letters postmarked after Friday Midnight. The Jefferson memorial replaces former president Dwight d. Eisenhower on the nation s Basic stamp. First class mail goes from 8 cents to to cents. Airmail goes from la cents to 13. Post cards now 6 cents will Cost 8 cents the increases for books records and publications will be gradual. The Cost of a one Pound bundle of books and records will Rise by 14 cents Over five years to 30 cents. The postal service estimates the mailing Cost of Reader s digest will go from the current 4 cents an Issue to 8 cents an Issue in three years. The Magazine publishers association and other bulk mailers Are fighting the increases before the postal rate commission which must approve All rate hikes. Rut the lengthy hearing processes Are not Likely to delay the increases set for saturday. A to the extent magazines can pass along the increases they will a said a spokesman for the publishers association. He noted however that some publishers May have to eat up the increases to maintain circulation. The publishers estimate their postal costs will have gone up by 220 per cent from 1971 to 1977. The publishers have contended that the increases could Force some magazines out of business. Noting publishing profits Are rising. Ralph Nicholson of the postal service said a we Are unconvinced by the pleas of poverty we hear out of the publishing the rate increase for first class letters is the fourth since a four cent stamp moved the mail in 1963. It s the second two cent jump since the mail service was established. Nicholson assistant Post master general for finance resists speculating on whether the new 10-cent stamp will last Long whether the current rates last depends on future wage contracts and the Economy said Nicholson. A and that s very hypothetical. I can to Tell what s going to the postal service has increased its level of annual capital expenditures by five times in recent years. Two new postage Stamps Kissinger leaves Syria for talks in Tel Aviv Jerusalem a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger flew from Syria to Israel today on his fourth Mideast peace Mission and said his talks with the syrian government a made Good Progress on some of Israel s most crucial concerns. A but Kissinger did not announce whether he was carrying a list of israeli prisoners in Syria which could Clear the Way for separating hostile forces on the tense Golan Heights front. The israeli government of Premier Gold Meir has refused to negotiate until Syria discloses the names of the approximately 80 prisoners and permits red Cross officials to visit them Kissinger told newsmen at Ben Gurion Airport that he would Start talks with mrs. Meir this afternoon. Kissinger s aim is to Start the bargaining process for a disengagement pact Between Syria and Israel separating for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Low income housing q. Our rent is $100 a month and we want to buy a House but they either want too much Down or too much a month. Now my question is this would there be a realty company in town that has a House for Sale five or six rooms that would let not Only me but other people that have this same problem move in under an agreement that you can buy and the Money you Are paying a month can be for your Down payment. There were so Many houses in sundays paper its a shame to have All these Bouses and no one can buy them. . A. The High Point housing development corporation at 142 Church ave. Might be Able to help you it was established by Model cities for the purpose of helping people with Low to moderate incomes find Homes to buy with Little or no Down payment and monthly payments within their Means. The director of hic is George Harbison and the phone number is 8850044. Hell be Happy to answer any questions. The rival armies on the Golan Heights where shooting flares almost daily across the cease fire line. Syria meanwhile has been insisting on an israeli commitment to withdraw eventually from All territory captured from Syria. The israelis Are willing to relinquish the territory they captured in the october War. But they have said repeatedly they will not return the Golan Heights territory they took in 1967. Kissinger also was discussing with the syrians the establishment of a Buffer zone manned by United nations troops Between the israeli and syrian armies a u n. Force now stands Between israeli and egyptian forces in the Sinai desert. While Premier Golda Meir and the israeli Cabinet Ponder their response to the syrians Kissinger will be in Cairo thursday to see egyptian president Anwar Sadat about extending the life of the u n. Force in the Sinai. It is due to expire april 24 Kissinger then will return to Jerusalem where he Hopes to collect israeli disengagement proposals and take them to Damascus on Friday. He is counting on israeli concessions to get negotiations rolling probably in Geneva. Over the weekend the Secretary of state will visit Jordan and saudi Arabia and then Stop at the Brussels Headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty organization on his Way Back to Washington. Indictments delayed allocation of crude Oil is changed Washington a the Federal Energy office today acknowledged serious deficiencies in its crude Oil allocation program and announced several major changes intended to increase Oil imports into the United states. Deputy Feo administrator John Sawhill told members of three Senate committees the present program has produced lower incentives for importers and refiners which led in part to a massive 280.000-gallon shortage of gasoline on the United states East coast. William n. Walker the Feor a general counsel outlined these major revisions of the crude allocation program. A a an immediate stimulus to crude Oil imports by amending the current program to allow additional quantities of crude Over and above the amounts estimated to be available this Quarter to be imported without being allocated away to another a preferential allocation to Small refiners with these allocation on 2a French Premier resigns critical of Shah thursday even Day under the Odd even License plate plan tomorrow is an a a even Day. Most gasoline sales will be limited to cars with License numbers ending in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0. Paris api the government of French Premier Pierre Messmer resigned today after months of increasing economic problems and complaints that he was not responding to the nation s needs. A new Premier was to be named quickly perhaps today according to information minister Jean Philippe Lecat. Finance minister Valery Giscard Deestaing was regarded As a possible replacement messiness Cabinet had been in office since july 1972, when he took Over from Premier Jacques Chaban Delmas who had been fired by president Georges Pompidou Giscard d Estwing. 48. Is the Leader of the Independent Republican party a partner of the gaullist in the National Assembly majority. The state radio also mentioned foreign minister Michel Jobert and equipment minister Olivier Guichard both Loyal gaullist. As possible replacements. Pompidou accepted the Messmer governments resignation at a Cabinet meeting. Messmer has come under wide attack for lacklustre leadership and failure to inspire Confidence among Ordinary frenchmen under the fifth Republic Constitution worked out under former president Charles de Gaulle. Pompidou holds most real Power in running France and can hire and fire premiers at will As Long As he has a parliamentary majority behind him in the Buff q. Is there any Law against anon. Girl. A. The states general statute 14-190 9 makes it a Misdemeanour for a person to wilfully expose his or her private parts in any Public place and in the presence of persons of the opposite sex. Section 15-20 of the City code prohibits the indecent exposure of oneself in Public. You can swim in the nude on private property and under the state Law one can swim in Public topless since the breast is not considered to be a private part the City code uses broader language but would probably be construed in the same manner As the state Law says police Legal advisor James Tennant with what we construe As temerity. One would think Skinny dipping in 50-degree Waters on a moonless night in North Atlantic Waters should bring the goosey bumped dip be a citation for courage not to court. Incidentally several offers were made to furnish you with a private Pool. Full Story known Jaworski Stop on Way q. I just moved to Clifton Street and was wondering Why there Wasny to a Stop sign at Eugene and Clifton because it is very dangerous. The school bus goes by there and there will be a wreck very soon if something Isnit done. Thank you. Anon. Man. A. The City traffic Engineer says a work order has been issued for a yield sign on Eugene and also for installation of a Street name sign at the same intersection. Re action somebody wanted to know if anybody was taking newspapers for a drive of they will Call Southside Baptist Church we Are collecting papers. Please Call 886-1492 and we will be glad to take care of this. Thank you. Anon. Somebody had some newspapers they would like to dispose of. Troop 33 of Hilliard memorial Church would like them if they will deliver them. Thank you. . Sound off in answer to questions of some who have called we would like to make it known that proceeds of the arts Council Ball on Friday will be Given to the High Point arts Council a nonprofit organization. Therefore those attending the Ball May deduct 50 per cent of the Cost of their tickets As a donation on their 1974 income tax. Mrs. . Gruenberg phone 883-7752. New York a special prosecutor Leon Jaworski says he thinks his office now knows the full Story of the watergate affair. The new York times said today. Jaworski told the times in a Washington interview that major indictments of persons involved in the cover up of the watergate break in would come As Early As thursday or Friday. The times quoted Jaworski As saying that the indictments Are being delayed until a jury is sequestered in the new York trial of former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice h. Stans they Are being tried on charges of conspiracy perjury and obstructing Justice. Jaworski said in the interview that the full watergate Story would be revealed As indictments were handed Down and trials begun. But the prosecutor added the Case has not a peaked and further disclosures Are expected the tunes said that Jaworski chose not to describe the motives of the participants in the watergate affair but quoted the British historian lord Acton a Power tends to corrupt and absolute Power corrupts Simon s Blunder May Hurt career Washington a Federal Energy chief William e. Simon May have Hurt his chances of being named next Secretary of the Treasury when he criticized statements by the Shah of Iran Well placed sources say. Simon who also is Deputy Secretary of the Treasury has been considered one of two leading candidates to succeed Treasury Secretary George p. Shultz whose resignation could come anytime. But Treasury sources who have been Friendly to the idea of Simon becoming the next Secretary say he made a major mistake on monday when he denounced As a irresponsible and reckless statements by the Shah of Iran. The remark by the Shah that aroused Simon s ire was that the United states is importing As much Oil now As before the Arab Oil Boycott. The criticism of the Shah had potential for considerable embarrassment for the United states because the Shah has William e. Simon been a close Friend and Iran has continued As a major supplier of . Oil during the Oil embargo by the Arab countries. Nixon Felt obliged to contradict Simon at his news conference monday night. Saying i would not say that the Shah was irresponsible and he said the iranian Leader probably was using different figures than Simon a office. However the prime minister of Iran said tuesday the Shah s information came mainly from . Sources including Simon himself. Simon a must be talking through his hat a said prime minister Amir Abass Hoveida in an interview. A top Simon aide. Gerald Parsky said Simon stands by his statement regarding the Shah a remarks. He said there was the suggestion in what the Shah had said that Petroleum was being smuggled into the United states that idea Parsky said is what Simon referred to As being reckless and irresponsible. A it was not meant to be a personal affront to the Shah a he said. Nevertheless. Treasury sources said the Simon statement a showed a Lack of tact and diplomacy. A we done to have that Many friends in the world that we can afford to insult a Good Friend like the Shah a one source said. Balloonist sex aide turned Leon Jaworski sighting Uncertain Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary islands apr several thousand people in the resort town of puerto de la Cruz reported seeing a balloon today. The Spanish news Agency Cifra said it was the balloon of missing american adventurer Thomas catch or. Another Spanish news Agency. Europa press said it could not confirm this it first reported that it was Gatch s balloon then said Only that a Blue balloon was sighted about 10,000 feet above the Valley of Rotava. Police in the area said they had seen no Trace of the balloon. Coastal Spanish radio stations and air traffic authorities in Santa Cruz de Tenerife reported they knew nothing of Gatchis whereabouts. The 48-year-old Bachelor from Alexandria va., left Harrisburg pa., to Days ago in a pressurized Gondola in his bid to become the first Man to Cross the Atlantic in a balloon. He has been missing for five Days. Down guilty plea Washington a former presidential aide John d. Ehrlichman refused recently government suggestion he avoid More serious charges by pleading guilty on a charge of violating the civil rights of Daniel Ellsberg s physics artist Ehrlichman s lawyer said today. Frank stricter said the offer was made within the past two weeks by special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Stricter said he expects his client to be indicted in More than one watergate what s inside amusements 17a Bridge 13c classified ads 14-17c comics. Be crossword i so editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries .5c sports. 1-4c television .16a women a news .7-11a weather. .5a Case. Jaworski announced in january that plea bargaining discussions had been under Way with More than one potential defendant. The prosecutor also has predicted that indictments in w watergate cases would be returned this week. Stricter said that part of the offer would have been a Promise that Ehrlichman Tell All he knew about watergate. Asked if that included pos sible presidential involvement Strickler replied a it s Only fair to say that we know of nothing that would have satisfied a prosecutor along these lines a Strickler said Ehrlichman is under indictment on state charges in California stemming from the break in at the office of or. Lewis Fielding who was Ellsberg a psychiatrist. The California indictment charged Ehrlichman with burglary conspiracy and perjury. His California attorneys Are seeking to have see sex aide on 2a six states . Included have dire Gas problems by the associated press piling wife kids and family dog into the station Wagon and taking off for a Cross country ski trip or visit to grandma is no longer possible in Many parts of the country. A Driver who tries it will run into states where he can to buy Gas some Days because his License plates end in the wrong number. If he can buy he May have to wait in line for hours. Twenty two of the 48 contiguous states have relatively few problems. Six have dire problems and the other 20 have some troubles. A list follows few problems Alabama Arkansas Colorado Georgia Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada new Mexico North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma South Dakota Texas Utah and Wyoming. Dire problems Maryland lengthy lines Are reported around Baltimore and in the Maryland suburbs of Washington d c. The state has a mandatory rationing program and gov. Marvin Mandel says it can last until end of the month with recent special allocation of 8 8 million Gallons. Massachusetts lines of More than an hour Are reported in areas throughout the state which has a voluntary Oregon Type rationing system. Some tourist areas have no shortages. Cape cod is among the trouble spots along with wore Ester fall River and Springfield. New York lines Long in most cities and suburbs but not in Rural areas. Waiting in line in new York City has run As Long As three hours. The state went to a mandatory Odd even rationing system tuesday Only motorists with half a tank or less can buy. North Carolina lines reported throughout state with Waits averaging i a hours in Urban areas Only a few minutes in Rural areas. Little Gas is available in Mountain resort areas or cities. A voluntary Odd even rationing system with Drivers rather than service station operators responsible is largely ignored. Virginia lines Are lengthy in All areas. In some Rural areas Only one Gas station is open in each town and Waits up to two hours were reported. State has a mandatory Odd even rationing system such tourist areas As Virginia Beach and colonial Williamsburg have Long lines. Also hard hit Are Southwest and Northern Virginia Richmond and Norfolk. Washington Waits Range up to two hours in cities suburbs and most areas West of Cascade mountains. Spokane and environs Are exceptions. Hardest hit Are Seattle Walla Walla Southeastern area and interstate 5 from Olympia to Everett. An Oregon Type Odd even plan has fallen apart in the past week but state Gas station association trying to renew cooperation. Some problems Arizona authorities report Waits of about 15 minutes in Phoenix and Tucson areas but say lines Are not As bad As earlier this month. No statewide rationing is planned but the governor suggested communities with problems adopt local systems. Only Lake Hatasu City and Casa Grande have done so. Lines be six on Isa

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