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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Day february 26. 1939 the High fount pm erpk15e�?piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Kine Sec. A civil Case ends i in slow verdict 3dtbim to hut a dih a inned from Page i Hee. A if or. Benchley had the hate for swing he admitted Lyle of years ago a what Cumming with Artie s cats on his present Job. Men about town gave out one of those yearning things Quot in the by would have you believe it s St fill town which can t be rued in t in papers. Moe the red sox Catcher was fast with answers on or. Tan s scholarship hour. Such learning for a Ball player the matinee serial. Quot Doc. A s daughters Quot is a fax Orth Femme dealers. That Raymond Paige Hildegarde "9ft men and a girls is too cent Okay. Senator is of new Hampshire Ca 11 monday Spiel one of Story tellers those to is of the klan practising cowardice which Ken Fea Are a Little sick taking. Urns could do something useful showing up the d hoodlums As racketeers log the ignorant. Louis Field the pulitzer novelist. A Quarter of a Century i. Rejoices at being Able to n his native Ohio. Quot it is a Worth fighting for a he in Good housekeeping someone who has lived cd the misery of la rope How much it is Worth no for Good Collier s rap at the Jitter Las stirred a couple of them s Back charging that boned them to get Unco troll a theatre aisles during his. Don t Tell us a Rossakes lot even lunacy is on the. Incidentally. Karl no crowns another orches ador the Quot debutantes de in an american essay a me being Meyer Davis. Merican s attractive cover in Bennett of Quot set to my. The sate Post s Quot the by we c. White is a r. The woman reports n american scientist finds takes a year off your Norman of life. St go ahead lasing and live Long a if la that living front Page the Broth e Riding snarling typewritten. No soother had Sidney in. World Telly accused his critics of pampering Che Hail John Anderson Jun confronted Sid with a Mash a had himself addressed to us sky playwright and i exciting Book. Quot betrayal itral Europe Quot the times i r. Geyde accuses the h correspondent Jos. Ii of carrying chamber a umbrella. Then come shooting fire from his s. To describe the fascist i lists As Riff Raff mediocre i rho took Over the jobs of f. M. Wright gds Ward in Superior court Ai Soboro special to the Enterprise Asheboro. Feb. 25. A a verdict of $3,000 was awarded f m. Wright As is due from c. K. Williams administrator of w. M. Wright deceased. Friday ii the conclusion of a civil trial that began tuesday in the Randolph county Superior Coutt before Hon. N. A. Sinclair judge presiding. This Means that the mortgage on Wright property will be foreclosed. And f. M. Wright will receive what the land brings. The it ase began trial tuesday and continued through Friday afternoon at 5 o clock making it one of the longest civil cases to occupy t h e local Superior court since july term 1936. When the Curtis Hodgin trial lasted one whole week. And part of another. The Case of w. J. Anderson and company vet sos e. V. Hobbs it a1, was settled with a judgment being allowed the Anderson company for $649.53 with interest from december 31. 1937. Against e. V. Hobbs. Action against Grace and Lindsay Hobbs Vas dismissed. The first Case set for trial monday in the second week of civil court Here will he w. M. Jarrell versus j. R. Richardson. It a1. Other cases set for trial monday Are Betty Barker Latham administer matrix of Kelly i Atham versus Quality Oil company. Ida m. Pat fish versus Zell Brown administrator. D. M. To Ogdon is. Homer Trogdon. A a a a a a a a Greensboro Cigar co. Ordered to desist in use of certain words Washington. Feb. 25�? Pic the Federal Trade commission announced today it had issued an order prohibiting the Al Moro Cigar company Greensboro n. A from Quot misleading representations Quot in the Sale of cigars. Quot the order directs the respondent company to Stop employing the word Havana or other words or indicative of cuban origin to designate cigars not made from tobacco grown Iti the commission said. Men too proud to run errands for Duce. Dorothy Thompson is our nominee for pulitzer Hon ors. She performed a disinterested service by being heaved out of Madison Square Garden monday night during the a Atzis demonstration of How to bite the hand that feeds you. Miss Thompson laughed at the idiocies. Anne o Hare Mccormick rates plaudits for Colum Ning from Berlin that the present gov t policy there Quot spreads and legalizes complexes and obsessions that heretofore have been imm ured within psychopath in . By name for their opposition to j the presidents foreign policy and j cheered these chamberlains it it of i America who would sell out their continued flout Page i. Sec. A own country to appease Hitler and wants better Deal for firemen the Rome Berlin Tokio Axis. This attack against american democracy and the program of president Roosevelt was cloaked behind the loathsome slogan anti semitism. For everywhere whether in nazi Germany or in the United states anti semitism in the weapon of the darkest forces of reaction and War. Democracy cannot survive if anti semitism is permitted to flourish. E. Blackmon. Not actually engaged in fighting fire and of course is permitted to sleep at night but the very inactivity of sitting around waiting for an alarm to come in is much More wearing and tiring than actual lire fighting. The men Are never Able to sleep at night with any peace of mind because they must always be Alert even though asleep and ready to hop up and go to what Ever alarm May come in. Naturally the amount of real rest he gets is very Little. Upon inquiry i found that this f tile probes deplorable condition can very easily he remedied by our City Council and at a relatively Small Cost to the City by introducing the so called two platoon system. This Means that the department would operate on two shifts instead of being on 96 hours and off 24, each Man would be on twelve hours and off twelve and would not have any full Day off although he would still get his wants probe feb. 25, 19 39. Editor the Enterprise i read with interest the newspaper accounts of the recent Madison Square Garden meeting of the nazi bund. Hitlers uniformed adherents were loud in their hours and Boos it seems. It is interesting to note that the names of Martin Dies and Herbert Hoover received the greatest applause. The Honor Roll of those booed in annual vacation just As at pres-1 elude the president of the United ent. States and various other new i for one. Am going to make dealer it my business to see that the Martin Dies is supposed to be City Council knows about this i heading a committee investigate condition and does something to in in american activities yet he remedy it. You As a citizen have a peered by a group that he a right to do the same thing. I mans ,0. Investigating. This would like to see every thinking t0 Bear Otto the re Are a Man and woman in High Point in Congress that or. Ralph Mcdonald to leave Sanatorium today Black Mountain feb. 25. A up a or. Ralph a. Mcdonald unsuccessful candidate for Tho democratic gubernatorial nomination Iii 1936, will be discharged from the Sanatorium tomorrow after receiving treatment for tuberculosis physicians said he would lie unable to return to Normal activities until next fall however. Alumni m Ket no Raleigh. Feb. 25�? Fri North Carolina alumni of William and Mary College will hold a dinner meeting Here March 4. Or. John Stewart Bryan president of the College will he among the speakers. After preaching his regular sunday Sermon lie removed his frock and stood before his congregation. Dressed in an officers uniform of the Continental army and said. Quot there is a time to preach and there is a time to fight a due to tile spiritual As Well Ais the material depression the necessity for preaching the gospel was never so urgent As it is today. The time to fight is also the present not because we Are being invaded by an outside Nemy rather because our Church our Home and our form of orderly Christian living is being defied ridiculed and attacked by their deadly enemies. A daily Smith. Go to his nearest fire station and find out for himself or herself just what the conditions Are and the Dies committee instead of exposing real enemies of american democracy confined themselves to ,. A smear Campaign against the t Hen each of these persons get in j i a Anuj adj progressive organizations. No wonder president touch with his or her favorite councilman and let him know what you think about it. After All it is your fire department and you want it to he the Hest possible. R. T. Setzer. An opinion of Napa York meeting editor the Enterprise the nazi bund meeting in Madison Square Garden is a Challenge to democratic America. Only about j 3,000. Or one fifth of those pres a ent at this gathering which sick lined All Detent new yorkers were j members of the bund itself. The j rest were for the most part followers of the fascist father a Oughlin and of the tory Herbert Hoover. All were United by a common Bond admiration for Hoover i a Oughlin and Hitler and fanatical j hatred for president Roosevelt i the new Deal and everything progressive and human in America. The speakers at this revolting spectacle shouted fealty to every jangle of the program of Hoover s republicanism. They ballyhooed i Hoover s Domestic program with their wild attacks on a a. They j shouted themselves hoarse in an Effort to whip up a hysterical ovation for hoovers foreign polity j of neutrality. They healed Hoover senator n be and senator Johnson vsimobii.e5 Roosevelt referred to the Dies committee Asun american. I think the need right now is a congressional committee to investigate the Dies committee yours truly. Connelly s. Speaks. Peace enthusiasts Are challenged editor the Enterprise the pacifists communistic peace at any Price daily utterances of the so called Quot Liberal Quot members of the clergy is a matter that concerns deeply protestant americans who Ace truly nurtured in the fundamental truths of both the holy scriptures. As expounded to us by men like Calvin Hus and Luther and in constitutional government. As created by Washington Hamilton and Jefferson. The very recent Brazen Quot manifestos of these peace enthusiasts have hanged their complexion from a Quot mild Pink Quot to a Quot Moscow matters would he worse of these Quot utopian minded gentlemen were really speaking for the Large protestant constituency As claimed. Investigation has proven they done to without voice or vote they have the audacity to make it appear As though they were speaking for some thirty million protestant Church members. While this is a fad the danger exists nevertheless because these self appointed Quot mouthpieces Are located in the larger cities and Are supported or give their support to i Adisai alien groups. Their rantings also enjoy wide publicity through our metropolitan newspapers and through the believes in Hopkins on his new jobs but editor the Enterprise wish him Well but Secretary of Commerce Harry i l. Hopkins is considering a nation wide drive to put several i millions of unemployed men and i women Back to work in private Industry. If anyone can make substantial Progress on these lines it is i Harry l. Hopkins but while revery one washes him Well and while he doubtless can accomplish something he will have to run j against the harrier of a fixed i principle of much of big business to reduce working forces rather than reduce prices. Details of the Way this works j have been Given scores of times Aud Only a pair of examples need be cited Here United states steel had an average working Force in 1929, of 225,000 men. In round j numbers. In 19 32, the same company was candid enough to admit that it had Lens than 20,000 men working Oil full time hut the drop i of prices of steel was very Ama ii j the International Harvester company Laid off More than so per i cent of its workers lit the depression and lowered its prices of farm machinery six per cent. Tireless and resourceful As Hopkins is he will he pushed to the limit to solve the problem. It could not be placed in better hands. A. S. Helms. 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Parke a adman was president of the Council from 19 24 to 19 28. His record seems to Indi ate connection Aith Many Radical and aus revive organizations. Bishop Frances j. Mcconnell. President from 1 9 29 to i it 5 has a Long record for Radi a Al Sui and connections with Filbert tie movements. Other Aldose alleged records would seem to verify the Assumption that they Are connected directly or indirectly with practically All of these red organizations Are Rev. Peter Ainslie Wade Craw Ford Barclay methodist episcopal Minuter Rev. Norman b. Barr Rev. Frank orman Beck. Methodist episcopal minister Rev. Milton i. Bayly methodist episcopal minister Rev. Bernard Ridings Bell Heywood Broun who is regular contributor to Church publications Rev Roy k Hurt methodist Knis it Opal minister Rev. Albert Buckner Coe. Congregational minister Harry Emerson Fosdick. Baptist Minster. Here i would mention zone Gale whose articles appear in Many Church publications Rev. John a. Herring congregational minister Rev. John Haynes Holm s. Rev. Frederick j. Libby congregational minister Kirby Page formerly a minister Rev. Worth m. Tippy Rev. Harry f. Ward and others to numerous to mention All connected directly or indirectly with the Federal Council of churches. That the Federal Council is the Quot respectable front Quot for red Radical organizations is Well proved by the fact that practically All the Church organization sponsored by the Federal Council has among their membership and official staff men and women connected with the Federal Council. Such organizations include the methodist federation for social service National religion and labor foundation Christian so it Ial Adion movement. Fellowship of faiths Fellowship of socialist christians. American league against War and fascism and others. And All this. Is what the methodist churches wish to unite and connect up with. 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