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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Imlay february 26. 1039 the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Page three Sec. A Elve persons injured when fast Kissenger train Keels Over Bank Junior red Cross members take tour of Enterprise a Amie. Wyo., Fob. 25.�? up injured when five cars of the on Pacific so Pony express Jenger train a keeled Over a oot embankment in Southern dining 12 persons were under tent today at a Hospital and five others were in a Lins wyo., Hospital free persons were Able to the Laramie Hospital after iving first Aid. W. Jaeger one of several Ranee executives bound for Golden Gate exposition at Francisco said ills fellow eagers a kept their Heads to Weir when the cars jump he track and overturned near lev wyo., at to p. In. Last it. Leger said he and his wife b sound asleep in their berth awoke when they Felt a the Ping of the wheels Over the a t re Ere was a smash it crash i sensed the car sailing ugh the air a Jaeger said in the car keeled Over on Ide and came to Bere was Little screaming and r confusion among the pacers Jaeger related after he his wife were brought to the vital Here. Ambulance Drivers were impeded by a blinding fog while driving to the scene of the wreck. Who re the injured were swaddled in blankets against the Zero cold. No one with the possible exception of a negro Porter was believed dangerously injured. Those taken to the memorial Hospital at Rawlins. Too Miles West of the wreck scene were Maynard Lawrence 37, Brown Palace hotel Denver Cut forehead. John Galloway 39. Calgary alta., cuts and bruises. H. M. Herbel 41, san Francisco movie company Warner Bros employee. Mrs. Isabel Hague Coeur do Alene Idaho. W. E. Callaway 50, los Angeles. Movie company Warner Bros employee. The More seriously injured among the 12 patients at Ivin son memorial Hospital Here were mrs. H. C. Portwood Davenport Iowa Arm lacerations. Oscar Gray negro Porter from Oakland calif., possible Back fracture. A. G. Hague Coeur do Alene Idaho broken shoulder cuts. Mrs. Joe Ryan jr., Des Moines Iowa. Broken Collar Bone. Mrs. W. A. Fraser Lincoln neb., broken Collar Bone. Wage hour Law promises brisk Battle in Assembly Iii yet it it a cab by George b Craven members of the Junior Heil Cross in High Point Are shown above a they were conducted on a Enterprise and were told How the newspaper is put together. Mrs. J. 8. Muffin is in charge of the Junior lied Cross work Here. A staff photo orge Washington pm told by Day and time that sometimes i get a month ahead. Few Days ago i was working my head off to get a Story ready about the National Monarch convention w hich will be held in High Point june la i and 13 for the National Monarch Magazine with a deadline set for the 25th. Some plates had to be made and others borrowed showing scenes around High Point but it was All garnered batched and dispatched by special delivery mail to the Headquarters of the National club in Wilmington Delaware. And then i sighed a sigh of Relief brushed the dust off my bands and said that a that. Aud next morning comes a Telegram from the National president saying it was the april Issue that is to be made a convention number. Any in a Newspaperman enough to know that when a deadline is to be faced it s much better to be a month ahead than a month late. Of the Story about the phantom ship being blown up by a phantom mine May or May not have been fiction but it sort of gives you the jitters to read about ships being blown up in mid Ocean sort of takes you Back More than 20 years and the Lusitania bobs up in your mind. The sus which came from the a a sinking ship was signed a a Peck a and maritime officials disclaim knowledge of Auy such Call letters. Something shinny about this Story and the explanation that a world War mine might base Laid dormant for More than two decades and then go Ott just As a ship happens to pass Over it just won t go. Wonder if anybody has inquired of the whereabouts of Orson Welles about the time the Story came out. A us what the governor of North Carolina said to the governor of South Carolina or vice versa has been a controverted question Tor Many years. When Cameron Morrison was governor it was related that he visited the then governor of our sister state and was being shown Over the grounds of the mansion when the South carolinian remarked Quot lets walk up to the House and take a and the tar Heel chief executive said a hell let s then there is the older Story that the famous remark was a it s a Long time Between whatever it May have been what the governor of North Carolina said to the governor of South Carolina was nothing to compare with what David ovens Charlotte merchant said about governor Hoey in connection with the sales tax. A North Carolina a the Charlotte Man is quoted As having said a is not going to have any More governors who Are in favor of the sales i Haven t heard any amens but then my radio May not be working Good. �?0�? Quot revolutionary a according to my 120 dictionary is a very Seri 1�?~steemed up introduced Only Bill a it a legislator and that Quot to keep hogs from running in the streets of Winchester which As a matter of rec was an important Bill Cornin it a if Nikii diced in most any present legislature but most of our matures have been Stream like automobiles and rail trains and Bills flow like or out of a Mil run George Nore publicity by cutting Down Erry tree than through his Hies As a legislator and the tent of the Cherry tree Bas told Many different ways. Most plausible being that Ike Lown the tree. Ike was a necking on the place. Series lid Man Wash did no to like the Lect of having his fruit Trees i curated. Although George had Given a bran new Hatchet when he found one of his pct being prone the sturdy sired up George. Quot who Cut Down Cherry tree a fairly bristled of a a father a said he his bet still dripping the blood of Cherry tree a i cannot Tell a Ike did father washing i understood. Thinking he i Horhut to thin Day it in not Lindy known who Cut Down Cherry tree. But. Back to cos legislative Days our legislator might get a lesson the father of our country. A of in funniest thing in be seen in time is the Hill in the Gen Assembly of North Carolina i id of Orange to tax a fall Iii liquor seized by at $1 a you i Dot going to comm in on it. A no a recent automobile trip of 6u0 Miles without mishap of i kind i w As convinced that Mobile accidents do not Hap they Are caused. There were j in the party Aud we were Roll a along at a probably More Miles per than the safety division d endorsed when suddenly lid Man appeared in the Road i i Sault right up Iii our its brakes screeched. The old i w As at no time in danger but is due to the Driver. His dim eyes Aud fading brain did not pass the closeness and Speed in car. This convinced me of ice thing a very sad thing die changing conditions and i peed at which we live no Ide rat Ion has been Given to lid people and there is hardly ice for them in the present fabric of Commerce and Indus and society. They Are just not into account in the fabricate styles Aud modes. And it s y. A of Lings Are done so fast in this upturns noted in real estate Field the past week has shown the sharpest upturn and the most Active realty Market since the Early part of 1937, according to the office of one realtor. G. Curtis Smithdeal stated that the real estate Market has been steadily improving each week during this year and that during the past week his finn handled a volume of business amounting to $52,450. A finding and letting the people know through advertising that we have what they Are interested in accounts for to a great extent thie steady improvement in our business a said or. Smithdeal. He further states that it has become necessary for him to add to his personnel another Man with experience in general real estate business. Allen Mitchell has joined the firm of g. Curtis Smithdeal. Realtor and brings with him a thorough experience of handling real estate transactions. Or. Mitchell was associated with maj. Bruce Craven of Trinity for several years in connection with handling real estate transactions and negotiating farm Loans covering Randolph. Guilford Davidson and Forsyth counties. Or. Mitchell experience also includes construction activities. Prior to this or. Mitchell was connected with the automobile business in High Point where he is Well known. Capital Short shots Ous word. Taken literally but in the most common usage generally Means something proposed by another to which you do not agree. It is a badly abused word and can be made to mean most anything desired. When applied to Bills proposed in the legislature Many people use it without stopping to think what it Means but ifs a Good Alibi when you do not favor a progressive movement to say that it is Quot revolutionary Quot by using it in that manner you can quite often make people think you know More than you really do. And they won t understand what you mean anyway. Incidentally the North Carolina general Assembly needs badly some revolutionary ideas. Those of them who think a thing cannot lie done because it Bas never been done before could use a Good bit of revolutionary Quot i fit and get away with it. A first class revolution in politics in North Carolina would probably be one of the Best things that could happen. But to get Down to Braes tacks most any change in Ordinary procedure May be called revolutionary and the fact that folks done to know what you mean makes Little difference because you done to either. By la in by a Vuu la and Lynn Nisbet Raleigh feb. 25.�?at a recent session of the finance committee Joseph Houska of Richmond va., was representing the Rawi Elgh products company in efforts to have some changes made in the peddle tax sections of the Revenue Bill. It seems that the company Sells All kinds of things such As extracts toilet preparations soaps Etc., direct to Consumers. Several committeemen queried him on one Point and another. Finally Mecklenburg a Jim Volger grocer by Trade and legislator by avocation began asking Houska about the alcoholic Content of various preparations handled by the Kaw Leigh people. After an Exchange or two or. Vogler asked Quot do you sell Angostura bitters a a no a replied or. Houska ending the incident As far As the committee knew but a somewhat impertinent news Man asked vog Ler in an off stage whisper a do you Quot to which the Charlotte Man answered Quot of speaker Libby Ward appeared to be in a very in accommodating mood Friday. One legislator. Whose identity escaped this correspondent asked that the Quot Little Bill be was introducing be referred to counties cities and towns. Quot judiciary 2,�?� said Libby. A minute later Roby Greer of Watauga sent up a measure. A judiciary a he suggested holding up two fingers. Quot counties cities and towns a snapped the speaker. Or. Greer laughed maybe he was t so dumb after All. Immediately after the House again in the Chance to earn a few extra acceded to a Kerr motion that the Bill go Over. Race segregation is a Long established principle in North Carolina but today they Are engaging in sex segregation in Wilmington. About a dozen of the senators have taken their wives t othe Cape fear City for the big blow out Down that Way but immediately upon arrival the wives were separated from the hubbies and a separate schedule of entertainment begun for each group. Both Early afternoon Oyster roast and evening banquet Are to be Stag affairs with the ladles slated to have their own exclusive cocktail parties Etc. Those Little seeds Are still causing a lot of legislative trouble. The much controverted Measler got through House Aud Senate after so Long a time but was so amended in the upper body that it is now Hack on second Reading in the House after a Viva Voce concurrence in the amendment As its first. Maybe More will be known about the merits and demerits of the much talked of a fair or unfair whichever it is called Trade Bill after a Public hearing is held on it next tuesday morning by judiciary i. Representative Bob Mcnaire a hair is White a possibly turned that Way from worrying Over a measure designed to Amend the charter of Hamlet. At All events the Ric Monder has been taking run out powders on the Bill of senator j. G. Jewell who comes from that rail Center. Thursday the measure was reached on the Calendar. Or. Mcnair Wasny to to be seen. Representative John Kerr jr., called attention to that tact and asked that the Bill go Over. It did. Friday the same performance was repeated but it soon became obvious that Mcnair Wasny to out of Raleigh or even out of hearing of what was going on. He was spied sneaking out of the gallery on tip toe Aud almost i a a flattened against the Wall almost a i or. Will of Alamance waxed eloquent about the Industrial development of his county particularly of Burlington. He claims Tam it established More new industries last year than any other City of any size in North Carolina. Charlotte was second. Quot i have Ald the doctor representative a a woman cooking dinner in the Kitchen for other members of Ber family who were working in the big Mill and at tile same time she was looking after two Small knitting machines in the or. Long is somewhat concerned about what effect the proposed wage hour legislation will have on such a set up As that. He fears it will take away from such worn and much needed dimes. Two Hills now before state legislature and indications Point to one of brisket fights Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henry Averill Raleigh feb. 25.�?proposals to enact a North Carolina wage hour Law seem to be generating As much heat As any others before the general Assembly and it Isnit going a hit too far to say that one of this sessions brisket Battles is going to be fought around them. There Are two Bills before the legislature one of which has the nominal endorsement of the North Carolina federation of labor. The other concede Day the utmost that the state department of labor thinks has even a Remote Chance for Pasage. The former follows almost to the period and paragraph the Federal statute. The other in general goes along those lines except in its treatment of Quot service and mercantile industries for which a maximum 48-hour week and a minimum two bit per hour wage Arp proposed recent tour of the. Employer groups hostile to the principles involved in the measures have already opened fire before Jim Vogler a House committee on labor manufacturing and Commerce and not less than a dozen such groups have been heard or Are to be heard before the committee votes on How it shall report the measure. So time to arg it now or. Vosgier has Anontine Over at Charlotte to other Day. So goos the Story the committee on arrangements was considering the question of whether or not to Quot Spike the Puteh served at the formal reception. Quot Well Quot of severed one of the members Quot it s like this if we Don t Spike it Well be bothered All afternoon by women wanting a drink if we do Spike it Well be criticised by some who Don t want a drink. So i reckon we d better sort of split the difference and tap it Mars Hill in t the Only a fall round town in North Carolina As this Bureau was i formed last week. There s Ai least Oue other. The town of Henderson count at of Vance county is also Bounce by corporate limits in the form of a perfect Circle. The charter Calls for a Circle with radius of Hoo Yards from a Central Point. Within this Circle is now a population of nearly 7,000 a several times that of Mars Hill. And there is a Story that when the town was first bartered a typographic error made the i Bounds read 120u Miles instead i of �?o1200 Ards Quot when Franklin j Roosevelt As candidate for president in 1932, stopped at Henderson he remarked that he was glad j to be Quot Hack Home Quot As he understood the limits of Henderson j once included his Home town of j Hyde Park n. Y. Cd though there was absolutely no element of Surprise in the announcement that no less than a dozen and a half labor groups have asked for time to argue for enactment of a wage hour Bill. This list includes n. C. Federation of labor. N. C. Building trades Council. N. C. Federation of truck Drivers n. C. Branch of the Southern Cotton textile Fede Rator the Central labor unions of Asheville. Charlotte. Salisbury Spencer Winston Salem Greensboro High Point Durham Raleigh and Wilmington the Eastern n. C. Trades and labor Council and the four Railroad brotherhoods. That a quite an imposing list and still it Isnit by any Means inclusive of the labor organization which will Likely ask to be heard. It goes Only so far As the organizations controlled by or Allied with the a. F. Of l. Requests trom the 18 organizations were All presented through c. A. Fink. Of Salisbury president of the North Carolina federation. The c. I. O. And its affiliates Haven to yet been heard from by the chairman but it is hardly possible that they too will want to be heard. An impartial Survey of legislative sentiment if indeed there is such a thing As an impartial Survey reveals that there is real sentiment for enactment of some wage hour Hill but it also reveals that there is a tremendous volume of honest opposition in addition to the Normal amount that invariably is in evidence to every Forward step in labor legislation. books closed Purtha tet remainder of february will appear in your March Btu and not by due until april lath. The United states army engineers Are experimenting with an Antenna less plane. They plan to use the air plane s Metal Structure As the radio Antenna. This will increase the Speed of the ship and decrease the danger of losing the Antenna from ice under bad flying conditions. Opportunity Sale of manufacturer s closeouts and Small lots of women s childrens infants Wear fresh new merchandise specially purchased Tor this event just unpacked and shown now for the first time Many wonderful gift items. 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