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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1940, Page 17

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 25, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Stories sports games Hilt boys and girls Page crafts jokes puzzles prepare for Windy March Days by building your own Kite Skunk sees red by w. Boyce Morgan synopsis Don a nun and buddy Ladrido Arf n Lor in Greenmount fish school rid substitutes on the basketball team. Hich this veal has its first real Chance win the District championship. A of the team is Johnny Skelton. To is so cocky that the other players a hardly stand him. After playing Brilliant came against Hanovic. Tinny leaves the locker room for a it with Dolores Young. Done a sister. Tim Don reaches Home he finds two her couples to litre with Johnny and Flores including one of Johnny s Hood friends from Hanover. Eddie Cason. Eddie relates a screamingly any Story of How Johnny tangled 1th a Skunk one Dav at a children s dirty and thus got the nickname of which nobody in Green int has Ever heard. Johnny is so Titus that he plans Eddie s face and iks out of the House. As Don Dietly leaves the party and goes up to he murmurs to himself that cocky tinny Skelton will probably hear ire of that nickname. W go on with the Story see instalment ii on could hardly wait to see buddy Aldridge the next Day. When he finally got a Chance to talk to him looked at him with a sly Grin and say buddy done to you think it uld do Johnny Skelton a lot of d to take a heavy razing a Luddy snorted. A sure it would do in the split second before the Ball left his hands Don yelled Quot miss it Skunk a lot of he retorted. A but to and Razz that boy he a so cocky Johnny a place and the game con t it just can to be tinted of. Yes it Don chanted still Johnny had taken his Shower and Ming mysteriously. J gone Home when the rest of the squad Luddy started to argue but stopped reached the locker room. There Don studied done a , you know had to Tell the whole Story of that Athing a he said accusingly. A you a Skunk nickname and the boys howled k like a cat that has jut swallowed j with glee. Canary. Come on give Quot a Well i guess Well have to Lay off Ion gave. He related in Complete if we done to want the coach Down on ail the incident of the preceding Don said. Quot but i think from now St. He pc Caird a vivid picture of on we wont have to worry about any Skelton a wild fury at the men Johnny being so cocky. If he starts i of the nickname and feeling his Oats too much. In a just go buddy listened Bis eyes shone with ing to hold my nose. That ought to by. Give him the brother you really have something Quot the whole matter might have ended murmured softly at the conclusion there had not a sports reporter from one done a recital. A a Good big dose of of the local papers heard the but in Kyd is just what the doctor j the following night this writer s col red for Johnny Skelton. When the urn contained a humorous paragraph about the nickname. That was in Nocent enough in itself but unfortunately vim body in Sharpstown got w ind of the Story. And then there was trouble. When the Greenmount team ran out on the floor at Sharpstown the follow were expecting by Frazier Thomas thaya Cronk Granby Massachusetts. Is the Winner this week of the Book of Profe ional magic and my autographed picture. Despite the fact that her letter is dated several months ago i m just getting around to it. So. G once sees How that nickname gets Goat ride him until he urn for mercy and then maybe la be Able to live with Over the week end Don and buddy Mfd every time they thought of or secret. But Thuv did no to launch in Campaign until monday at prac-1 ing Friday night to Don was already in the locker it that afternoon when Johnny in to put on his uniform. He i re at Greenmount Star and said. Skunk. You certainly left the j Gay in a hurry the other the nov Skelton stopped dead in his i a a its. Then he turned and faced Don face suddenly Pale and his eyes i ering done to Call me that Young a he said i a tingly. On laughed. A a Okay skua i mean any Quot he said. Rhnny managed to keep control of Tom Jer. He turned without a word opened by locker. It by the time he got out on the for practice he was his usual i Gering self. As he dropped shots in n All angles his head had its old i Dent bearing and his face wore habitual cocky exp Timon. He was of Gay chatter boasting of what in mount and Skelton would do Sharp storm in their next league in. On held his fire until coach Wilding Ted practice game Between the tors and the second team. As usual. Was pitted against Johnny who ired the second string guard with an Dent Bow each time he eluded him drop in a Basket. On was accustomed to this by play it never failed to irritate him. To however he had a defensive Wea j which he was sure would be of a live. An easy game for Sharpstown stood eighth in the league standings. Rut before the game was three minutes old. Johnny Skelton had been banished for fighting. And that Skunk nickname was of course the cause. One of the Sharpstown players yelled it at Johnny. He took it the first time and continued to play. But the second time he heard it he slammed the Ball full into the face of his Tormentor and then followed up with some vigorous swings of his fists. With Johnny out of the lineup. Sharpstown was pretty close to a match for Greenmount. Buddy Al Dodge substituting for him played a Good game but even so Greenmount was Lucky to hold a 31-28 Lead when the final whistle blew. As Don and buddy walked off the floor they looked at each other and grinned wryly. Quot this Skunk business Isnit so funny now a Don said ruefully. Quot it looks As though i started something i can to finish Quot to be continued next week class balanced on Edge of card is Bender s prize winning trick How to balance a 6lass if von Haven to heard from your contribution perhaps you Haven to lost alter All. In All probability ill find your letter Down at the Bottom of the effect the performer select an Ace of some sort from an unprepared deck of cards Well say the Ace of hearts. Now he passes the card for examination and Atter receiving it again he passes an Ordinary drinking Glass for dose injection. Glass balances on card after All properties have been scrutinized the magician holds the playing card upright in his right hand and with his left places the Glass Tumbler on the top Edge of the card. Believe it or not it remains balanced there All of the articles Are again Doggy did Mas t and finally he used it. Johnny Skelton got the Ball in the Middle of the floor dribbled cleverly urn Don Ami set himself for pc in h Cru jew u at the hoop. But in the split k rid before the Hall left his hands yelled. A miss it Skunk in fhe Ball did no to even hit the backed. Johnny Skelton swung around a Flash his face working with he leaped at Don and swung All his might Don saw the blow ing and partially blocked it but it caught him on the nose Vith con arable Force and he staggered Back Nas he got his guard up Johnny armed All Over him. The two boys trading punches vigorously with a giving ground when the other a is separated them. Cd Wilding strode up his face in. Quot what a going on Here a he landed. He faced Johnny who was ing at the players who held him and breathing hard with anger. He called me Skunk a Johnny d violently. A a in la Knock his head off a a on wiped a trickle of blood from nose and managed a Grin. A a that a a nyx a nickname Quot he explained. A a he a it Ever since he was a kid but he t seem to like it couple of the other players began mucker. Johnny wrenched himself and faced them his face a mask jury. A in warning you in he shouted. A tile Guy who makes that crack again get it. And in a not fooling a each Wilding caught his Arm and no him around. Quot that a enough of you Johnny a he said sharply. I better take your Shower and Cool go on Quot Johnny stalked off the floor mutter then the coach tinned to Don. I Don t know what this is All about said Quot but i want no More of Okay said Don a Brut cd think a fellow could take a Little ing you a Here were murmurs from the other a ers. But coach Wilding silenced t sent buddy Aldridge in to take passed for examination after the trick is finished. Explanation this trick Doe not depend on any trick apparatus but on a bit of skill. When the card is placed upright in the right hand the forefinger is held upright at the rear of the card the other three fingers and the thumb hold the card in position and when the Glass Tumbler is placed on top of the card it is the forefinger that steadies it by up Hing upward. This action is not seen because it s All shielded by the card. The drawing will make it quite Clear if my explanation has not. O. The Kitchenette by aunt Peggy if you see some other contributors recipe in this column which is practically the same As one you sent in remember that the other entry was published instead of yours because it was received first. We just Don t want you to fret about it and now Here is something to fill that Sweet tooth which does no to even require any cooking. The $1 of prize was sent to Arlyne Stoll 231 North Penn Avenue Fremont Ohio Date and Peanut paste i cup stoned dates i cup Peanut butter i Teaspoon Salt j 4 cup confectioners sugar Wah and dry dates and put through food chopper add Peanut butter and Salt. Mix and Roll into Small balls cover with sugar and Lay on a plate to dry. Send your favorite and Itell tried recipe to aunt fray the Kitchenette in care of this newspaper of it is printed you will receive a Dollar for your very own. You must be under is to compete. A o a. Pond your Riddle loth widdle Mea to rare of this Newar Apar. Hell print the heat on with your Aam pointers on pets by Horace Mitchell pets that fight do you have pets that just wont get along with each other but which have to be together just the same like a dog and a cat for instance. And Are you always troubled by their squabbling and attempts to attack each other Well a lot of have dealt with just that problem. Girls and boys Are worried Over cats that arc constantly pestered by dogs in the same House. Three letters Are about dogs that Are victims of cats that harass them. You can usually Stop All that and easily too. The time to do it is before any of the attacks become too ferocious. Done to wait until the a under dog a be it dog or cat is thoroughly afraid of its Housemate. If you want animals to live together in peace you must use discipline on the aggressors. Use it All the time too until that pet knows the other must positively be endured without any fooling. Their first meeting when you bring a new Kitten into the House do not whip the dog that is already established there merely because of a show of interest. Hell want to sniff the Kitten All Over and investigate it and watch it. While he is doing that you watch him. Of he gets too familiar and tries any nipping or watch them closely while they get acquainted. Barking you must at once show him that this is not what you want. Sometimes it takes just a word or two sometimes a slap of the hand or the whack of a rolled newspaper against your thigh. At others or. Dog must get the slap himself. Don t think that just because they a play together nicely for five minutes it Means they Are Safe to leave alone. Playing can turn into deadly fighting in just the Wink of an Eye. Let the Kitten get angry or too enthusiastic about the play and sick her claws in the dogs nose and trouble is sure to begin. If you Stop trouble before it has More than barely started iou can train Ai sorts of Odd pets to live in Harmony with Cash other. Three Are Raes of White mite and eats being fully contented in the same Cage without a bit of danger to the Mue. It is just a matter of your keeping at it until the result Jou desire is obtained. Beginners can Start by making Plain Kite and simple Box Kite t Money makers of our readers a Kay s Corner in by Katherine Houison wire Bender All Norman Matthews needs in order to get a Little spending Money is a Short length of wire. Possessor of a novel idea Norman uses Skol and care to turn out an article much in demand. Norman who is is fashioned names and Imti als out of Short lengths of Copper wire. After Only a week of Selling he had sold 60 of them to students at the Greenfield High school in Greenfield mass. Normans address is 8 Anderson Street Greenfield. Quot i have made people s names out of wire and sold them a Norman writes a also i have made the school initials g Norman sent us a Sample of the school initials the Back of which forms a pin and clasp so that it can be worn on a coat. A my Price Norman explains a is five cents each but some say i should get ten cents for altogether Norman made $3 the first week he put the pins on the Market. Normans Way of earning spending Money is a novel and Clever idea every Day boys and girls All Over the country Are earning Money for themselves by putting their brains and their j hands to work. This week s prize of $1 goes to Norman for his contribution. What is your Way of earning spending Money write to the Money makers editor telling How your idea works and if your letter is panted you will receive a prize of $1. Olet s go rustic suppose we begin with the candlestick illustrated. Cut a Circle about one half Inch deep from a round log then one one fourth Inch deep from a smaller log. Try to find something with a pronounced Grain and Well grooved bark. Sandpaper both surfaces smooth then glue or Cement the smaller Circle in the Center of the larger one. Bore a Hole in the top one to hold a Candle smoothing All the edges with sandpaper. Hunt up an Odd shaped Branch for the handle and Nail or glue it to the Edge of the base. Give the completed candlestick a coat of Clear shellac or varnish add a Bright coloured Benit Twig handle it dirty neck Mother cat Quot Tommy your neck is not Tommy cat Quot in a sorry. Mother was merely a slip of the a. O.�?. Extra tattooed Man sues Osteopath. Claims latter threw All hts pictures out of focus. A a to a Cook would know that chief Petty officer a eth As thick As peas. What officer of the Day idiot Shell Mem a enemy Are shall we do a Shell Mem you riddles these riddles Arentt very Long but make you think for a while Send in your riddles to the Riddle Man and if they Are accepted for publication your name will appear with them. 1. Why is it dangerous to go out in the Spring 2. When Are two apples alike 3. When does a Man Rob his wife 4. What three things Are Best for helping a Man get up in the world 5. What turns without moving three Little words that three words will do More for you than any other words in the English language the first two Are Quot thank the other is they re mighty Eay to say and work for you like a whole staff of trained employees. H Hen you ask a favor no matter How alight or insignificant use and w Hen that favor is done or when someone has tried to do it and failed say Quot thank done to snap it out hurriedly As if it were an unpleasant duty to say it. Quot please Quot spoken easily and graciously smilingly is Worth hours of entreaty. Quot thank you a spoken sincerely and without seeming forced to Worth hours of appreciation. I be these words with friends and strangers old and Young. Make them your servants. You wont have to Par them any salary and you la reap profits faster than any employer. A the editor. Candle and you be a Holder which anyone would appreciate As a Gilt. Or w hich will look Lovely in your own room. If you Hunt around in the Woods you can find a couple of Knobby roots or two queer shaped knots that you can clean up and then varnish to make Book ends. Stain a piece of Board or Cut a thin slab from a log and stain it glue the knots at either end and you la have a useful rustic Boorack. Better glue a piece of Felt on i he underside of your Board so it won t scratch the table. Keep your eyes open when you re hiking and you la find lots of things you can be to make ail sorts of interesting rustic style articles for your own use or to give As presents to your Friend and family. By e. B. James Here Are two general classes of kites the Plain surface and the Box kites. Each of these two classes includes Many varieties. Also there Are Many combinations of Plain and Box kites tailless kites and kites that require tails. The easiest variety to make is the Plain Flat surface Kite which requires a Tail. If you have never made a Kite before Start with the one shown at the top of the illustration. It is made Over a Frame in the form of a Cross formed with two Sticks of soft Tough Wood. Such a Kite May be made from one foot to 30 inches High. At the crossing Point a fasten the Sticks together with Small brads or tie with a Light string. Perhaps a Good size for the beginner would be eighteen inches by twelve inches. After fastening together make notches or slits in the ends of the Sticks. Now take Strong twine and tie the end to the top Point b. Figure 2. Pass it through the notch on to Point c. On through d. And e and Back to r. The notches will hold the string in place if it is tight and Strong. Covering the Frame St tide figure 3 carefully. Supply yourself with a one Inch strip of Strong paper or thin cloth. Paste this strip entirely around the Frame As in figure 3. Have it straight and smooth and Flat. Now you Are ready to cover the whole Frame with Light Strong paper or cloth. Paste or sew it Over the string edges until it resembles figure 4. Next fasten a Slack string from f to g and another string from Point h to i. These form the Kite bridle. Tie the end of your Kite line where these two lines Cross and your Kite is ready to Fly. Was t that easy and lots of fun if your Kite dives my sways when you Fly it it needs a Tail. Make the Tail of twine with bits of paper or cloth tied on the twine several inches apart As shown in the illustration. Keep trying until you get an easy balance that will cause your Kite to soar steadily Clear to the end of your line. Making a Box Kite for a Box Kite prepare four Light smooth Sticks of Spruce or Pine each 36 inches Long. A Inch wide and 3 16 Inch thick. These will he the Corner Sticks of the framework figure 5. \ of will also need four notched Eross races each 217a in. Long figure 6. These Are to hold the Corner Sticks in place when the covers Are stretched Over them. For the covers obtain two sheets of Stout paper or cloth. 65�?Ta in. Long and to in. Wide of which 1% in. Is allowed for pasting paste or glue together the ends of each cover strip overlapping a i in. See figure 7. Allow to dry thoroughly. Then put two of the Corner Sticks into each end of the two glued strips As in figure 8. Glue them firmly in place to one Edge Only. Leay them to dry. Row to Complete it Mark on both cover bands the exact Center Between the Sticks and glue the remaining Corner Sticks in place in the manner shown in figure 9. Allow the glue to dry then by lifting opposite Sticks you can form a perfect Square As in figure to. Fake two of the notched braces figure 6. Bind strings Over the notched ends and then Spring them into place As in figure to. Tie the braces where they Cross. Turn the Box around and repeat the process on the other aide with the two remaining braces. Tie the Kite string to the Saddle where the two strings Cross As in figure la which shows the completed Kite. The real fun begins with the flying of the Kite on the first Spring Days which you will of Able to do if you follow these instructions faithfully. So sex feet. Easy to do Quot yesterday i fell Over fifty Quot gracious were you Hurt a Quot no i was just walking through a crowded Quot a round trip 77/ take a trip around the Globe a said the goldfish. Some Fawn he kid Wise a Why is this Venison pensive a Cracker a because ifs Deer Wise a i know. Rut its father was Hist a Huck and its Mother was Only a Little answers to riddles i. the pram a hta�1p. The Quot Quot a. Have pistil and the Bulrush a ? the a pared ratr�4>a in nne Hunka or dras 4. The alarm clock the elevator and the Eteo-<4cider amp milk when it ensure. Posers Puzzle Corner we re looking around the Home today for our pus Les and the first thing we Tut across is the Flower pot across smell edible fish Domestic fowl Plant Holder rested beg at e distance belonging to greek letter to work steadily Friend companion direct command old world abbr company abbr not Many male adults Railroad Bridge Down common exclamation promote the growth of upon toward the top aperture of the nose near member of the nobility pig pen a number Blossom of a Plant package year abbr protestant episcopal abbr perform often a number you and i Mountain time abbr Here Are a couple of word Chain using words familiar to every Home. Change dog to cat in three Moses change Bird to Cage in foil moves. The word Flower has Only is letters but from those six letters a to of words can be formed. How Man real words can you list using Only the letters in Flower you can Fin at least Twenty nine. It will help you in guessing thi picture word Puzzle if you think a things around a fireplace. I. 4. 8. 10. 11. 13. 14. 15. 17. 18. 20. 21. 24. 26. 28. 29. 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 9. 11. 12. 16. 17. 19. 20. 22. 23. 25. 27. 28. Uhbert ail Amateur hour we roam from Plant and animal life to questions concerning a sport in our posers today and they should be a Good test of your general knowledge. How Many can you answer 1. How Many Teeth has a Normal adult 2. What is a herbivorous animal 3. What arc Fauna and Flora 4. Of what state Are the Seminole indians natives 5. In what sport la the term a face off used ? 6. How Many regular periods Are there in an ice hockey game 7. What kind of fuel is used in a diesel engine ? 8. What is indigo old lady. Quot you can to be poor my Good Man if you Wear tramp. Quot of Aam these Are suede shoes with the Bottoms worn of answers to posers i. Thirty two. 2 on thai feed on Riant 3. Anim and Plant or respectively. 4. Florida of. Hockey j three. T. Oil i a Blue Dye obtained from the indigo Plant. A 5 a Here is a word Square hated on Tbs word lamp. These definitions shun it throw some Light on the solution the second word is a surface the third a a food and the fourth u caresses. Lamp a calamity Speed fiend a Well i m afraid thai train will beat us to the crossing a a passenger a that s not what i a afraid of. It might be a . Cause for complaint circus manager a Well what wrong now a India rubber Man a every time the Strong Man writes a letter be Usa me to rub out the answers to last weeks puzzles 1. Honesty in the Best policy. 2. H. Baa. Hatch aches he a t. 8. Capital Capitol. 4. Bran enc reek. 6. Crossword Puzzle solution. Copyright 1140, associated editors

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