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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 18, 1940, High Point, North Carolina \ \ Iundy. Fri Irizar 18, 191 1the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Mushy High Point North Carolina Page seven Sec. A Olanta preacher local Church of laude h. Pickard nits l ii get Ipoh Terian Church today or. Claude h. Pritchard of Iota a. Will by the guest Iker at both services at the St. Presbyterian Church today. Ran announced last night by pastor or o. C. William pm Fol a ii i a11 pc a a a a in i a teary for the Home Mission knit tee of the Southern a ably. In addition to the de it pent of the work in the of the Way places of the the this committee has chaise the denomination s extensive a among the coloured people the South the indians in Bahoma and Texas the Chile work Iii Nev Orleans the Lian Mission in Kansas City Calveston. And the mexican n in Texas 6r. Pritchard is a native of Fosburg va., w Here his father a professor in Virginia technic Institute. In his Lent Days at v. P. I and at Ion theological Seminary at Jumond. For i it hard de an outstanding record a student and As an athlete. Fore accepting Ilia present Posl he held two pastorate one Charleston w. A and the or in Atlanta , a Young of pleasing personality and it gifts As a speaker he is Inch demand for i Ibsh Gath is of his Church especially conferences and institutes. In addition to the regular Frice today or Pritchard will lain Over for a Sproal and inn in the men a evening at 6dio it Fook at it hic f he club w observe idies night Quot a lid i Large crowd expert de to hear the address to see the moving pictures speaker will present show the work of the Deomina along the lines of Home Lions and sunday achoo sex lion. Ill of these services Are open the Public. More about Lea men urge continued from Page in Sec. A plan so that foreign buyers would be represented on tobacco markets this year. In hrs with do he last year after British buyers were withdrawn from the markets the Federal commodity corporation purchased 170,000,-000 pounds of tobacco on which the British firms have options. Hope was expressed that a similar arrangement could be made for 1 94 0. J. Pc Hutson assistant aaa administrator said the resumption of tobacco buying by the British was Quot largely a matter of a and when they have reduced their stocks they May resume he added. A the turkish Purchase is Only a Small replacement of american he referred to a recently concluded British turkish treaty under which England will use 20,-000.ooo pounds of turkish tobacco annually. Pm w let is it asked much of the session was devoted to discussion of enforcing the control plan this year. Hutson pointed out that allotments this year were on an acreage rather than a poundage Hasta and said this change would necessitate changes in enforcement. The aaa he said was anxious to administer the program As economically As possible and was considering the removal of enforcement men from tobacco warehouses. New club contemplated As result Wisehaupt lectures As an outgrowth of the else Haupt clinic following a series of lectures delivered in High Point by Howard j. Wisehaupt a new club will be organized tuesday night february 20. At the coca cola bottling company on Washington Street. Tile initial meeting will get underway at 8 of clock at which time officers will lie elected Aud Laws and Constitution of the club will be formulated. The club is being formed because of the expressed desire of Many of the approximate too High in Point citizens who attended the clinic. However it was stated that the club will have no connection with the clinic. Previously an organizational meeting had been planned for monday night hut the Date was changed in order that a meeting place might he available. Alt Mark was unarmed. Scenes of the wildest enthusiasm greeted the rescued prisoners at Leith. Approximately forty of the men were taken to a Hospital but authorities said that none wag in serious danger. The men 56 of them British indians were taken from seven ships sunk by the Admiral Graf Spee prior to its Battle with German warships on Deceron Lier 13 off the uruguayan coast and its subsequent self destruction in the Harbor of Montevideo. Captains of the sunken British freighters were kept aboard the Graf Spee. But the seamen themselves were transferred to the several of the warehousemen j quickly turned thumbs Down on j air Mark Graf Spee auxiliary that proposal however declaring since the Montevideo Battle. They did not want the response British warships Hale foamed up and Down the seas in a dogged unending search of the Uttmark. Yesterday they caught her. Vilify of enforcement. W. Al Fenner of Rocky mount president of the Eastern Belt warehouse association said the aaa should Check up on sales to Altmar incident first prevent a a bootlegging of tobacco raised in excess of quotas. Hutson said he believed prices would be stabilized of control were placed on a three year basis. Since world War m. Worthington claimed by death m. Worthington. 73, died his Home. Sophia route i at Belock tonight following an is of hut a few hours dins he wan born in Randolph qty november 19, ism. A of Samuel and Amanda Gaon Worthington. A was married to Ellen Benin Issi. Surviving in Addi to the widow who resides the Home. Sophia route i. Two daughters. Mrs c. A. Inner High Point and mrs. Hinshaw. Richmond. A. A a tart or. Hetty Lassiter mra. W. A. Fitzgerald Hoth Thomasville mrs j. D. Ulhand mrs Ben Ridge both Point three grandchild one great grandchild. In was a member of the liboro friends Church and the i. I. A. M., Randleman. The y will he returned to the residence sunday afternoon funeral services will be rented monday afternoon at 2 30 k by Rev r. B. Bulla and d m. Spence. Burial will w in Floral Garden come Mig or Ore Abo a Xiii Don bar Avn. From Page 1 her-1 in a Lead in the ughes ,6 and state manage Fen Genii Leonard Wood in his Caman for the Republican presi trial nomination in 1920. I was a trustee of the uni laity of North Carolina from until after his retirement. of Jbf r 54 it f mis i graduated from fatty and the University of a Higan Law school. He had in a member of the Lexington for nearly 54 years. Survivors include the widow former miss Estelle adder of Lexington three sons a. Walser and Zeb v a jr., Hoth of Lexington and a hard Walser of Greenville daughters mra. H. B. Tur wife of a major in the to. By now at san franc Unco Enite to Honolulu. And miss m<1s Walser of Lexington brother z. I. Walser High int attorney also survive. Funeral service will a held re at 4 . Sunday. Ore about British take continued from in age in Sec. A Avia generally at a time when question of military Aid for land has become a grave Issue scandinavian efforts to Safe it re neutrality. Five of the altmark Crew re dead and five were suffer from serious wounds As a re to of the fight when British in the Cossack boarded her in i darkness. British warships meanwhile re reported patrolling the a i outside glean no fjord on the Nee she might try to steam shut Marine authorities la dered it unlikely that the Mark could reach navigable ters under her own Power. Officers of the Alt Mark were communication with Berlin ring the Day creating bitter Lings in the populace of the Biu nity against the Norwen authorities for permitting in to be ashore but the gov ment tonight said the whole in of about too men was Back Arri. To mint Fps 70>&\ Tai 1a&u& a Alvic. Ulm wow More about Wheeler wont continued from Page in Bec. A senator Donahey with Charles Sawyer National committeeman As set end Choice. Hima Hhd in Balia get the committees action will place the names of Donahey and Sawyer on the May 13 primary ballot. James w. Huffman. Donahey s son in Law. Cast the Only vote against the committee s action in urging support for president Roosevelt. This immediately caused speculation whether Donahey would accept the a favorite Sony role under such circumstances. A question the Ohio senator said he would not answer before monday at the earliest. More about cheering britons con. From Page i dec a said Shota were fired by both sides and asserted the boarders found two guns and four machine guns on the altmark. Of also described the Rescue of one German altmark crewman from the ice filled water and told How the destroyer Ivanhoe rescued the Crew of tile Baldur. This message the admiralty said was flashed direct from Winston Churchill first lord of the admiralty to the commander of the Cossack Quot the Force under your orders is to be congratulated on having in a single Day achieved a double Rescue a britons from Captivity and germans from drowning a the erstwhile prisoners who reached Shore late today at Leith. Scotland to Tell tales of a hearties a treatment in a a a filthy ship during their Long Captivity said the Captain of the altmark planned to blow her up if trapped that a time bomb was hidden on Board. A Ltd Ark to be interned tonight however official to ports from Oslo said the German legation there had ordered that the ship be not destroyed and a German Crew of about too men staved aboard the stranded Alt Mark. Her Fate possibly internment was unsettled and British destroyers still were Hoving out St sea in constant watch. Official Germany was furious. Using adjectives like dastardly and authorized sources in Berlin declared the British invasion of norwegian coastal Waters was a Gross violation of International Law comparable to the bombardment of Copenhagen 133 years ago by a British Fleet. The German minister in Norway made a Sharp and immediate demand for full restitution of the ship and indemnities for the dead Ami injured. He threatened a the most serious consequences for Norway unless the German demands were met. An official spokesman in Berlin likened the affair to a German a boat entering new York Harbor. Boarding the Queen Mary and shooting Down her Crew. Norm in Middle Norway herself caught tight in the War s pincers sent energetic protests to London hut the admiralty. Loud in its Praise of its own men notably Captain p. L. Vian of the Cossack and commander r. C. Gordon of the destroyer intrepid paid scant heed to the norwegian protestations. Authorised spokesmen said Britain had More grounds for a protest than Norway that Norway prejudiced her neutrality on these two co tints i she permitted the altmark to traverse norwegian Waters in an attempt to get to Germany under a masquerade. While concealing prisoners and guns t2 that the prisoners on the altmark were treated a inhumanely Quot and that Rescue was imperative the admiralty made Plain that the destroyers action was taken on direct orders from London and on the full responsibility of the British government. Cts Many however it Stew the few women and children mauling in bomb scarred Vii Puri and the railing to the colors of the class of 1898, the third called up in four Days. The Khmo Battle lasted several Days the finns said and among the dead was a russian colonel. They also reported the smashing of russian sled attacks across the ice of i Ake Ladoga and another along the Lake s Northern fringe. These successes however did not relieve the Gravity of the situation on the karelian isthmus. But a foreign observer Well qualified to cerament saw in the situation there reason for continued finnish Hopes. He said that while the russian attack along the karelian isthmus had Hen heavy armies frequently abandoned positions under terrific pressure and later regained them. It was pointed out that a Lull in the soviet attack must ensue to enable the russians to consolidate their positions and that in that event the finns could counter attack. New position8 in Genter How extensive arid How serious were the russian inroads into the isthmus defense could not be established the a new positions further Back Quot to which the finns withdrew Are Between the Gulf of Finland and the Zuoski River which would include the Summa Section where the hottest fighting of the karelian Campaign has been waged. A soviet communique announced that the finnish towns of Lei Pasuo and Kamara. Along the strategic isthmus railway had been taken. The towns Are about is Miles from Vii Puri notices posted calling the class of 1898 to the colors were for men weather North Carolina occasional rain. Slightly warmer sunday monday Clear ing colder in West portion. Washington feb 17.�? a Wea ther Bureau records of temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending 8 p. Rn., in the principal Cotton grow ing area and elsewhere station Hatch Low r Fol Asheville 42 37 of Atlanta. 44 39 85 Atlantic City. 24 .00 Birmingham. 40 ,86 Boston. 43 21 of Buffalo. 5 .00 Burlington. 12 .00 Charlotte. 38 of Chicago. 31 of Cincinnati. 21 of Cleveland. La of Dallas. 45 45 .12 denier. 36 9 Joel paso. 25 of Galveston. So 40 i 28 Jacksonville. A 83 to Louisville. 39 28 of Memphis. 41 .134 Miami. 87 .00 new Orleans. Ai 49 2.33 new York. 42 23 .00 Norfolk. 39 34 .00 Pittsburgh. 40 13 ,00 Richmond. 4 27 of Savannah. A 48 .04 Tampa. 71 80 .37 Washington. 45 29 .00 noon papers and the German Public first read of the incident in the Early morning editions of Adolf Hitler s vol Kischer Beo Zachter. The paper devoted its entire front Page to the clash which is described As a a mad authorized sources made it Plain that the German protest characterized As a the sharpest issued since the beginning of the present War was directed not so much against Norway which is being held accountable a but a against the act the Village of Grankull not far from Helsinki the red army airmen were said to have dropped eight or nine bombs and machine gunned the train without material damage. More about nazis waging continued from Page in Sec. A of 41 and 42 years of age. This Jap or an agreement on any differ Cail follows others in the past in Les three Days for reserves aged 42 to not is of vhf it attack k on the Alt-44. During this interim the finns Mark withheld from lip Auri Lave admitted the russians hold. At least partly the Village of surn a. Coh Ink dispersed on the ice of Lake Ladoga the London. Feb. 17 a cup a la at night s fight aboard the altmark with a boarding party swarming onto the nazi ship wielding pistols and cutlasses was the first such boarding of an enemy ship since the world War epic of the destroyer broke. In april 1917, the broke commander now Admiral sir Edward r. G. R. Evans a a Evans of the broken scrambled onto a. German destroyer at the head of bombing a hoarding party and cleaned up in Short order. The broke and film s. Swift Defeated six German destroyers in the Battle. Evans was made a Captain for his services in action. Last night s fight on the Alt a Mark was described by crewmen from the destroyer Cossack As a a real scrap in the old style.�?�. Finns said they had dispersed a several columns consisting of about Iso sleds bearing the red Cross in in Nia they were attempting to teach finnish Mainland positions for an assault the High command said. Three air raid alarms sounded in Helsinki during the Day As More than too russian planes were sighted flying Over Southern Finland. But the Only attempt reported Early tonight was that on a train near give your family the Best use la a refrigeration see our Beautiful ire refrigerator a Price and term will Surprise Tou Central ice a delivery com 12 West Broad Street phone 4501 Xing More about Field marshal Marin con. From Page in Sec a by students the first of the Yea Aud other volunteers. Eighteen Hundred russians were said to have been slain in a combat in the Khmo sector Halfway up Finland a Long Eastern Frontier where the Helsinki communique reported a Force of three battalions and reconnaissance units destroyed and the remnants hurled Back across the Frontier. But in the Verdun like conflict along the main Manuc Rheim lie defend aes below Vii Puri the finns said they had withdrawn a in some places to positions further Herk it in Eshem Pii \ size if the seriousness of the situation was emphasized by the finnish army a order for removal of All Oft Ever m Asi a Etta tvs co1 go the it writ Roy the bes Testi in a Trode hmm for l0w-c0st hot water service the new Ruud automatic hot water Heater gives you All the hot water you can use a any time of the Day or night. It bums Gas the Modem economical fuel. And it has a solid mood tank which guarantees you Dean Crystal Clear hot water free from ail Trace of rust iness. Guarantee for 20 years Royal Tore than Ever cold office equipment company z1s e. 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