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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 18, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Hatch Point North Carolina saturday february 18, 1939 High Point Enterprise r. B. d. A. Rawley. So cd a and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings a mom j p Rawley. Publisher is -1915-1637 _ Carus m. subscription rates daily Aud sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve months. J10.40 31.x months. J it a a three months. One Mouth a one week. A carriers in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks if a subscription for a longer period la desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it w Dot Wise credited in this paper and also me local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second class matter at the Post office in High Point n. Cd under the act of Congress of March 8, in ii National adv. Re resell to tile his. John Hudd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City _ saturday. February 18, 1939. Jhn Myhl and whatsoever shall seem Good to thee and to thy Brethren to do with the rest of the Silver and the Gold that do after the will of your Ezra 7 18. A by doing Good with his Money a Man As it Scro. Stamps the image of god upon it and makes it pass current for the merchandise of heaven. A a. Rutledge. The City a Opportunity for coming Spring the City a special act to permit discounting of Street assessments is one of several extraordinary municipal efforts that have been made in the past eight or ten years to break the local assessment Jam. We Trust the twelve percent Cut will have the effect the City Hall holies it will have. At Best however the assessments totalling Between three and four millions will be slow Clearing up. These assessments cannot lie forgiven or scaled Down heavily. Not Only is the element of discrimination against the assessed who have paid a consideration but the City a debt Structure is erected in part upon these assessments As municipal assets. The City will need to make the most of the new statutory inducement for the assessed to pay and of every other persuasion or pressure. The Clearing up of the assessments or the placing of them on a steady pay basis is essential to satisfactory municipal finance. But the most important part of the City a program in this matter should be that part which is calculated to help the taxpayer help himself. We refer to the occasional opportunities which present themselves for the distribution of the assessment in instances where Large blocks of undeveloped property Are involved. At the present time owners of several of such tracts of land Are working with the City for the subdivision of the land. That is the kind of thing which should be encouraged not Only because of the effect it would have on the assessment Jam but for the effect it would have in inducing the building of Homes inside the City boundaries. Street assessments have had something to do with the fact that hundreds of Small Homes of people who make their living in High Point have been built in recent years outside. Many of these Are even outside the county limits a Many Vav h i c h would have been built in the City had these blocks of undeveloped realty been on the Market on favourable terms. A new building urge is Felt today. We believe there will be More Home building the coming Spring than before in years. There Are advantages for the Small Home owner inside the City which he can have with difficulty if at All outside. The Opportunity for the City to improve its own financial affairs markedly in 1939 is obvious. While trying to collect More of the Street assessments through the twelve percent bait the City Hall should not neglect this More constructive attack on the problem. Will be talked out there a some talk at Raleigh of consolidating the parole and the probation machinery. Probably nothing will come of it except talk. Rarely except in periods of such Stringency As to make necessary reorganization of government is machinery simplified. Raleigh is not feeling the Force of such pressure now As it was Felt there in 1933. As a matter of fact there is Good reason for considering consolidation of the two agencies. The work is very largely the same kind of work. Two years ago when the probation system was established the parole commissioner wanted it to be separate from his Agency. He contended that probation occurs before prison experience while parole takes place afterwards. This circumstance was advanced As a reason for the Contention that the approaches to the subject must differ. Nothing in the news indicates whether the parole commissioner has changed his mind about the matter or not. We assume that the existence of two agencies of responsibilities so nearly alike impressed some legislator As representing an undue a a overhead and so the agitation for consolidation. We repeat that we expect nothing to come of the talk. A safety speech Hitler now sets up As a Speed cop and we predict that he will be successful in his new role. He declares 50 Miles an hour As the top Speed for a Good nazi. Fancy anyone taking a Chance on being pulled not for violation of a traffic Law but for exceeding the Speed limit of a Patriot we have tried to identify Safe driving with Good citizenship but in a democracy it is difficult to make the Effort More than a rhetorical one. In Germany it is different. If the Driver Over there ignores the hint of the Leader off with his head. No doubt those in charge of tile safety program on North Carolina highways Are slightly envious As they grasp the difference Between a traffic Law Here and there. Hitler made a Brief speech on the subject of Highway safety at Berlin yesterday which we would estimate As being the most effective address on the subject since the automobile was invented. That a judgment in Advance of the proof. Would simplify the multiplying Trade and professional boards of the state moves the news and observer to suggest that the regulatory work of these agencies might he concentrated. Why not have one Board for Many that paper asks that suit the tradesmen and the professionals who want the regulating groups of course hut Here is the Raleigh papers viewpoint a rows Over the regulation of certain trades and professions by their own so called self governing boards suggests that a disinterested Board might do the Job in some cases quite As Well if not better. Furthermore since there Are now a Good number of these boards All of w hich collect fees in return for their regulatory activities it seems possible that the state might set up one Agency to regulate All these people who want their business regulated and put the fees collected into the general fund. A in More than one business it has been charged that what the practitioners seeking regulation wanted was not the Protection of the Public from poor practitioners but the Protection of themselves from More practitioners. A Little consolidation of regulating boards might prevent it Etty activities in the direction of monopoly and provide at least a Little Revenue at a time when every Little bit is less said about foreign alliances and entanglements the better. Let things Cool off a Bruce Catton says that while some people leave Washington for the South to escape cold weather the president it seems leaves to escape the a a heat a that is the heat of political pressure and criticism. Possibly that a Good psychology. An american gets no fun in shooting at a target when its out of Range. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people in the news Gastonia Gazette a with the president out of Washington for two Vve eks on a trip of inspection and fishing it May be that there will be no explosions to upset the status quo of the european situation for that space of time. The another of those changes mothers do your children play with matches do you want to train them out of the practise Here is the latest scientific Way Given me by or. Edwina a. Cowan director of the Wichita child research Laboratory an amazing institution which has its Headquarters in friends University Wichita Kansas. Students professors and psychologists from All Over the United states go there to learn the latest methods of handling childhood problems. This is the Way the Laboratory tackled the match problem. A Mother brought her boy Sammy to or. Cowan because he had a deep set obsession for playing with matches she lived in fear he would bum the House Down. He was incorrigible and when he was punished he would Start a fire for revenge. The fire department had to be called to put one fire he started. The Mother tried to make him understand How serious it was. She hid the matches but he took pieces of paper and set them afire from the stove. Nothing she said or did made the slightest difference. He was a a a firebug in the making. Or. Cowan applied the principles of psychology. She explained to Sammy that there were Only two reasons Why he play with matches first he might set fire to the House second. He might set his clothing on fire. She took him to the bathroom and explained that tile would not catch fire easily. Then she told him that if he caught fire he should dash water Over himself and put it out. She Drew water in the Wash Basin and in the Bathtub. Then she brought a chair and a Box of matches and told him to Light matches and have lots of fun. Sammy stared in astonishment. What All the matches he wanted he did no to even wait to sit Down. Eagerly he struck a match held it until it warmed his fingers and tossed it into the Bathtub then another. And another he had a wonderful morning. In and out of the bathroom and striking matches. After luncheon he was taken Back to his match heaven. He was brought Back the next Day. He could hardly wait. But the second afternoon he did t Light so Many. He wanted to play with other children. But he was ushered Back to match Headquarters. Gradually matches became uninteresting then a nuisance. Finally he began to hate the sight of them. Meantime his Mother was instructed not to keep matches from him. She was to leave them in sight and not caution him against using them. Match burning Sammy was cured. Cured by modern psychology. Instead of taking the thing away from him. He was Given his fill of it. The mystery was dissipated and the once forbidden pleasure became a dreadful bore. That is exactly the principle you can apply to your child who has contracted a harmful habit. Satiate him with it. Give him so much that he will form a dislike for it. You can also apply this psychology to situations in adult life. He said it democracy is not a hard and fast set of rules but it is a Way of living. Or. Oswaldo Aranha brazilian Diplomat on a Mission to Washington. Be Active and done to count the years mrs. Mary Adelman who recently died in Chicago after attaining an age of in. Dancing is the Only Art that can to wait to be appreciated. You can hang up a picture and wait for posterity a verdict but a dance must be immediately understood or it has failed. A Foster fit Simons Detroit dancer. There Are no National boundaries in the things of the . William Mather Lewis president of Lafayette College advocating that education attaches lie sent to legation As Well As military and naval. It is our generations destiny to make democracy live. A William o. Douglas chairman of the securities and Exchange commission. An Atlanta ga., widow wants bachelors in the state penalized with a $100 annual tax. That a still cheaper than a wife. Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton Waller wine in 11 Oft it Bho it adj Oak Trade Mil ref pot wit copyright Ilia Kajut Mirror. Inc. Paging father time local responsibility key to better Job by Uta by bocce Catton Washington feb. 18. What Given Community gets oui of Wpm depends largely on what that Community puts into it. In effect spa authorities say to a local Community a you have such and a u c h a number of jobless men. We Are j going to put them to work paying alb their wages and All administrative exp Pense. Its up to you to Tell us what jobs Bruce Catto to put them on. Well have them <41 anything you say provided it s social in useful and does no to duplicate won a sour Civ i 11 Plo Oswo or be doing ii spa today is doing a better m than it was doing two years ago a its administrators firmly believe is largely because local authority Al throughout the land have realized the extent to which this system a thrown responsibility on their shout Dors. Most of them did no to realize till when tile program started late in 193 in Many cases they co operated onh to the pm a ? of looking hastily about for Quot made then they be Golf to see the possibilities. Plan yes and pay too the town fathers might for stance say Quot hey. We need a new ii House. Suppose these spa could build it let 1 by it and a a so it a would build the fire completed the fire House would be obvious vie a set. Of i he town la x would hunk it o t mrs the Community needed but of Fem and suggest them. If they though i of my. In. In i Ivy v a t genuine Beni lits out of their i j tog am w 1. Vas the Tow n id Mill Down the line. Which Hadnot bother to work out a program or review i list get by a of a ded improvements w Only the hastily thought up poo soldered jobs its authorities ii a certain Glass has been somewhat of a pane to or. Roosevelt. Color in clothes is a mental stimulus. Raymond g. Twyeffort on being elected head of the merchant tailors i the new Youk scene the first nights Lew Leslie who has often snagged some pow Ful talents out of Harlem must have roamed Lenox Avenue on a dark night when recruiting for his new except for some greased lightning hoofers and a Radiant sepia songstress called Lena Horne the show the inspectors thought was almost As so so As the run of White folks revues the weeks other arrival was a the Little foxes written by the Lillian Heilman we All rooted for when she did a the children s la Bankhead was assigned to the heavier Throat Catchings in the new show a piece about one of Dixie a nastier families. The court found for the plaintiff and awarded Hooray to the show. The a Trihus or. Watts tagged it la Bankhead s top performance. The suns Drar appraiser Richard Lockridge claims that he is beginning to hear producers rattling in their trunks for american flags. He fears a general cashing in along Broadway on americanism in the theatre. He is praying that it will not go overboard and expresses it nicely by saying a it is Fine to raise the american Flag Over Broadway. So Long As we do not raise it Over the Box the magic lanterns the filmed version of the spa Clicker third of a nation elicited whoop Las from the press. Made on this Side of the continent it had some Able stage troopers in support of Sylvia Sidney and Lief Ericson a very helpful too. The luxurious item of the week was a made for each other a a competent Job from the Selznick Yards. Miss Lombard heroines it prettily and makes herself worthy of James Ritz Bros and their literary Brothers feeling charitably inclined toward Alexandre Dumas hopped up his Quot the three musketeers with Melody and Low comedy which of course makes no difference to Alex by this that Clare Boothe has come Dean that her Southern heroine Cindy Lou of a kiss the boys goodbye a is a Symbol of fascism who wants to make a report on Scarlett of Hara. The soviets must be running out of yarns showing the cruelties of the czars cossacks. Now they re showing the cossacks being picked on in a cossacks in exile. A a idiot a Delight is a smash so now maybe even Hollywood will catch on that it does a picture no harm to give it something to say. The wireless Lincoln a birthday fetched out the usual quota of political mediocrities making use of a Good Man but lots of the tributes were genuine and moving. Or. Woollcott a Fri stance and Best of All Lincoln a own word age a beautifully rendered by Dias. Laughton a and sent to us from London monday night saw a tenors convention on the kilo cycles Morton Downey Richard Crooks Jan Peerce and Jimmy Shields. This latter hitherto a stranger to these ears has a very deft Way with a song. The bad Inage Between Carole Lombard and Ronald Colman gets so frat Fuller weighty you practically get on tiptoe waiting for the which alas never comes.,.the songs that most consistently beguile this Iune Hunter Are three that weren t so red hot when they were born these Are Cole porters a begin the beguine from a a Jub Leearthur Schwartz a Quot Jonah from a Virginia Quot and Noel cowards a a in la follow my secret heart a from a conversation piece. Growers these songs. If. As they threaten the movie sulkers yank their stars from the air shows the radio May be driven to hiring Art ors for the dramas instead of a names Quot. Richard Haydn s wonderful fish cries inaudible on the Yallee hour make the Quot set to music comic a Good Ether bet. The Story tellers president Roosevelt s denial that he called France our Frontier apparently caught the new yorker in the midst of a harsh editorial about it. So they went ahead with the rap just in ease the matter Ever comes up again. Your life prints a piece describing marriage As a constant Wrangle for Power and another about How the colleges Blunder continued on Page to this minute by howar0 Merrill the word you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take i to second to read. While you Are Reading these facts the event they describe Are actually taking place. What happen in one minute on Cai the a world i in motion. Destiny unfold itself it Art Reading 68, xxx pounds of fish Are caught in the world every minute. Every sixty seconds the world produces 700,000 pounds of sugarcane on an average each minute of Day and night canadians buy 100,000 newspapers. More freight is carried by air in Canada than in any other country on Earth. Fifty five pounds of it a minute there Are Over 350,000 Oil Wells in America. And they yield a combined total of 2,000 barrels of Oil a minute Britain a colonies Are in headlines again. The Bahrain islands Are an Asiatic British Possession chief Industry Pearl fishing. Value ten dollars a minute in pearls in new York state alone 3, xxx pounds of meat Are eaten every minute of every hour through the year. That san annual total sufficient to fill a line of refrigerator ears More than four Hundred Miles Long Stop Reading. Ten years ago i Mal new a there is an old saying that a dog will never forget his master. Be that As it May a Bird dog prize very highly by his owner m. J Wrenn returned yesterday after an absence of three years. The dog was in Good physical shape and showed every desire to be get in or. Wrennis car and be off on another Hunt. The choral club and orchestra of High Point College will give their initial Public audition at the College tonight. About people or. Vav. J. Mcanally is in or Ernst it Oro today attending the meeting of the Tri City medical society. Or. And mrs. In a. Millis and or. And mrs. Frank Hunsucker have returned from new Orleans where they attended the Mardi gras mrs. Vav. L Warford of Lexington is visiting relatives in this City. News briefs mrs. Evangeline Lindbergh Mother of Lindy will arrive today from constantinople where she has been teaching. She will have an Opportunity to talk with her son in new York concerning his approaching marriage to Anne Morrow. Herbert Hoover has returned to Washington from Florida. Heavy floods Are replacing the Rigours of Winter in Europe. Twenty years ago local news the directors of the Piedmont building and loan association met last night. Secretary treasurer w. C. Idol gave an interesting report of the first series which recently matured. He said that $57,400 had been loaned to fifty individuals. Ibkc1 Thor tided locality think however construction to its own pocket the guiding to work Asma the Money pi11vt do Roro to hts it must also. In Molt a lbs did Down a bit into Rule in spa is to a gel by Mon As possible wit great tid Ltd if wry much of to i it Ltd it on Materia. Land it to a sex. Law. Chi Odin is or let Quot a in than Sal it a costs must not Excel $7 per Man suppose new City Haing May Rui the Cost put up to r month. In. That a City want the Cost of such a bus or 0 i or rent Lala or and i.11 in Uch Caro i devote a Small sum atonal if the City win a Plu in Many a it. Pat on by k Kok Loyal sponsors an indication that More communities ale willing to funds is found in the table Dit res by local sponsors Pendi Tures have risen steal pie of years ago they ran i id met be n of expel these Al Lily. A co about $2 in proud too $25,000,000 a month. The Avera now is $50,000., my a month. J major b. M. Harte a pay a Chi Engineer is authority for the St Lyl men that win a nowadays is get til a better and better Type of from local sponsors. One of the most favored types projects both with the rom Miti and with the spa authorities a met turn lot Cee third there Are a great Many second roads and Back streets that need improvement for another the amount material and equipment needed comparatively Low. In addition i Way work is flexible and can Bel of Rolls Rise and fall. As for a pay a greatest mistakes of two most spectacular a a flops were to Florida ship canal and the in Assam there will be a full meeting of the Quaddy dam. Incompletion of the w o Pirn a Nev r cannot prop in be charged to spa but to the fat a of plot Ion. A i of dam in Wyandotte county near Kai in september. 1937p a pay a largest disaster. lations were blamed for the collapse which damaged Bey Ond repair an 80 i o >1 it in in la. C to of Hie i i i membership of the local chamber of Commerce for the first time thursday night february 20. Discussions will be about the proposed Hospital to Cost in the neighbourhood of $100,-000, which would be erected As a memorial to the boys of this Section who served in the world War. About people a married sunday miss Vadie Hill of Carraway to b. E. Evans of Tabernacle township by w. Foot Earth filled Dan h. Lawrence j. A. At Carraway even in Washington a pay a Bitte mrs. Vav. H. Plummer entertained the est critics have no facts or figure woman s missionary society of the Walt in r first presbyterian Church at Elwood congressional Relief hearings failed hotel . F. Stephenson bring Forth any such evidence a of Greensboro was a business visitor even tile Republican re Earch do Pax in this City today. Rent cannot authenticate one sped a a Case. As samples of spa jobs they particularly proud of the spa at to cities list these stadium and Field House for Louil latin state University at Baton Roug la built into the stadium Are dorm tory Arni labor Dory fatalities this Tot lure has drawn the attention of vat ohs other University Heads to of news briefs a report says that a portion of the 30th division will Parade in Raleigh after the arrival of the boys at Newport news from France. Lawlessness is now raging in Russia. The bolshevik its Are said to Imp bringing about a critical situation in Austria. American boys in Germany take a Delight in writing Home a we Are marching Down tile Structure. It was built with $119,of of Federal Money and $437,091 furn i. Of by of sponsor a second unit co Hjalmar Schacht deposed head of ing about an equal sum is now undo the German Reich Bank is a going on construction. The first unit provi if a Long hell probably have jobs for 265 men. A Fine time but will he wish Hitler More was there copyright 1931, by Esquire features inc Providence to bar soviet film says headline. Of Well the soviets barred Providence did no to they two Nebraska women killed 59 Rel to snakes in a Cornfield. Yet til probably Sci earn at the sight of mouse

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