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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 16, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Friday february 16, 19t0the High Point Piedmont Center High Point. North Carolina Page seven azi ties seen russian government paper predict Metter relation from new treaty Moscow Fob. 16.�? to the eminent newspaper Izvestia Lay predicted a further lengthening of political and Woolie ties Between Russia and Many in consequence of the Ning monday of their new de agreement. A this soviet German agree int a said the paper a proves it the fundamental improve it in political relations be Een the la. 8. S. R. Aud Ger any it Hilt h took e a1 Tiiu it end last year and the Friendly rela is then established Between a Are growing stronger and Rosess a solid basis for further r Oracle us i i i Al ukr \ i ions in a Long article on the Garee it Izvestia belittled the pm tan let of Trade relations with eat Britain and Fiance. In the present circumstances a said Quot tile soviet i ii Ion. Xxx no no longer dependent on eign countries due to the it with of its economic Power confidently develop its aconite life even without extensive de relations with England Aud Nee raising continuously us de turnover with Germany Ose government like the soviet eminent is inspired with a ire to organize a stable Colic cooperation Between the under the new agreement Hus experts Lerman Kussian Trade the first year to exceed the Ltd Yea since the world War. Cross word Buzz 6map Puzzle horizontal i map of Large Atlantic Island 5 its chief crop. To the Royal a tree grows in this land. 14 indigo Shrub. 15 apart. 16 malarial fever 17 drives. 19 finish. 20 resided. 21 stricter. 23 to defraud. 25 destructive fungus. 26 giant King. 27 Spain. 29 Apical events. 31 Honey gathering insect. 32 to lick up. 34 Noble woman. 36 foe. 38 moist. 39 to apportion Medicine. 40 Avenue. 42 Constellation answer to previous Puzzle Lo-eizjeibiejlllw0rsjh i up rain Ink Ifelo wait no Ito idol or Lurf Piriz to r e i a Gebbo a m eid e Nuttall a Martno mrle room halic a to vhf fun wrap skies 44 Market. 47 egyptian deity 48 one who journeys. 51 whirlwind. 53 wine vessel. 55 rental contract. 56 electrified particle. 57 capital of this Island. 58 vast number of visit it annually. Vertical 1 vehicles. 2 one. 3 tolerates 4 tree. 5 South America. 6 one that uses. 7 Cotton picker. 8 sums up. 9 musical note. 10 pledge for Security. 11 grew old. 12 to Calm. 13 to measure. 18 full of life. 20 to comprehend. 22 tree yielding Oil. 24 sorrows. 27 Sleigh. 28 Complete View. 30 to stitch. 31 to Wager 33 this land s monetary unit. 35 withdrawal. 37 Ham. 41 doctor. 42 Farewell 43 too. 44 form of 45 measure of area. 46 to honk. 47 Hurrah 49 Wing. 50 romanian Coin. 52 being. 54 Avenue. 56 subsists. Ogram solves Eblem of Ood a Terr Woodland manage Lent result of or onion it control it Complete Roslon Eon Frol j Gram which Farmer Ara trying out in the Dep River j a near High Point is helping Meta solve their Wood prob a a Wall a their feed prob according to county agent i. Wagoner and r. C. Mullen a a it of Teeter of she soil con vation service demonstration Jet. That a the Infra aged or of re growing Hay crops and in Vemont of pastures to control Aion a simplified the feed Bern better Woodland Man ment la helping Farn Era to i the Moat effective return m their Woodland Nathad of the old prs fica of j r cutting a portion of their Joda each year to get fuel cd farm lumber and posts Mckenney on Bridge aztecs believed card playing was favorite sport of White gods by we. K. My Kun Ney americans card authority the ill fated Monte. Hima and most of i chieftain Mara Ara protecting their and a hot last rec Empire of improving their Timber stand pro Chi Ved that card Plav a Tom it by selective j of a tinge. A remora i Elf diseased slow Wing. And misshapen Trees for i and farm lumber promotes More rapid growth of ight healthy Trees for a fates Timber crop or Mullen sex lined. Protection from damage fire and grazing maintains a fictive ground cover and in is the establishment of a full id of tec. Lany Farmer Are planting ii areas of Black Locust on or farm to provide a Supply durable Fence Post for future to will eventually Elaml the necessity for frequent placement of Fence posts and they arrived St this conviction quite naturally because the first j j cards they Ever saw were in the hands of the Spanish conqueror. Cortez and his Soldier and they believed Corte to he a tribal Di-1 tingly named quetzal Roath re turned with Bis friends from the land of the rising Sun is an ancient prophecy said he would come White in color and bearded. A j 10 3 v 7 5 a a k 108 k j 7 4 three Days is your danger signal while normally 2 4 tricks Are required for an opening bid. With a Strong five card Spade suit you Are entitled to Shade your bidding done to Shade the Quick trick requirements when bidding a minor Only when bidding a major and especially Spades. West has a hand from which a 9 75 v aq86 a q743 a 8 6 a a k q14 a j to a a 6 2 a 10 3 duplicate neither Vul. South West North fait 1 a pass 2 a pass 2 a pass 3 a pass 4 a Pas Pas pass opening a 8. A 16 and a club therefore a must try to Ruff out a heart East wins the i first heart cashes the Ace of Chiba and gives his partner a Ruff. To done the too Quick to blame the goddess of Luck for bad results sometimes it la just poor playing it is difficult to select an opening i it j Lead. Condou Heedly he selected the Loup is i our a opening the double ton dub War v i East can read Thia for a double ton and should refuse to win the first trick with the Ace but should play the nine. J monday a heave to on the of South picks tip the Trumps King of clubs saved one Ahtu emulsion. Chronic bronchitis can he will have to lose three heat Gefrom disaster in a storm at sea clop if your cheat cold is not a a a Ted and you cannot afford to North Carolina wont have Crump Man wins special a is do fair exhibit this summer yen if other medicines have fail you May get Relief now with the com and Aid nature to soothe heal raw. Tender inflamed Ochial mucous membranes a emulsion blends Beechwood Osoth by special process with other in tested medicines for coughs contains no narcotics. 4o matter How Many medicines j have tried Tell your druggist to i you a bottle of or emulsion with a understanding that you Are to e the Way it quickly allays the High permitting rest and sleep or j Are to have your Money Back. I that the name or emulsion is on bottle and you will get the Genu product and the Relief you want. A emulsion coughs Chest colds bronchitis Raleigh. Be16 it it 1 North Carolina Prei Mahly will i have no exhibit at the worlds fair this summer. Governor Hoey i said he would not recommend an appropriation of state fund for j the exhibit. The state exhibit Mast year Cost $84,000, raised in j part by subscription. Will thus conserve both time and Timber on the farm. All erosion control practice tend to provide a better farm program by reducing the outlay of Cash for farm need that can adequately he met at Home or. Mullen and or. Wagner pointed out. Election for Tennessee seat Memphis Tenn feb. 16.� a1 City commissioner Clifford i to via ranking lieutenant in the powerful Edward n. Crump political organization a elected representative of Tennessee ninth congressional District t Shelby county in a special election yesterday. Returns from 124 of 126 precincts gave Davis 30.278 votes nearly 16 times the total polled by three opponents. Ile will Complete the term w alter Chandler who resigned i last month to become mayor of Memphis. Young friends schedule third mid year meeting Guilford College feb. 16. Map a the third annual midyear conference of North Caro Lina Young friends will be held Here tomorrow. The Rev. Murray c. Johnson of Greensboro executive Secretary of the North Cardol year meeting of friends will speak at a banquet tomorrow night. Raise Al nuts for a Ridders Kernersville feb. 16. A approximately $150 has been raised in a drive for funds with which to Purchase Twenty five uniforms for the newly organized football team of the Kernersville High school it is Learned. The drive will be continued until a sufficient amount $62 5. Is secured. Women have kits meet Greensboro feb. 16-�?the second meeting of woman a division of the North Carolina Bankers association will he held Here sunday morning. Miss Harriett Elliott Dean of women and professor of political science at woman College will speak. I to v-.-. Fest Iii 90 in a double heart Charm bracelet"4 1940 Sterling sweetheart birthstone locket open exactly like this Tross Nike a to a y Hea it t Etc. Sparkling i i Odds or one Hematite or Cameo Limas or double head Cameo or single Bead intaglio Hematite it toss. Lifetime Nim a ii tee against tarnish loss of brilliance. By mail ado in c ends. High Point sensation too guarantee yes. Must satisfy of Money Back Start the year right with be 1940 14k Gold pm. Good Luck birthstone Beau o o Oti Ful gifts bring Only 49c and this and for our regular $5 k 14k Gold pm. Birthstone Yolk x Oill birthstone him. 1940 Ooi i i c a a a a a that never runs v Price in last la ays after Sale Friday a sat. To ii Imo Horoscope fic be Xvi Annas of Quot of y of ill Prilow Cut rate drug score High Point. N. C 10$ s. Main St. By a / la Botex 3 sizes a regular a Junior a super Botex belts. 0c quest deodorant. 32c Kurb tablets. 32c a . So do to ti11 it d in to 59c in ave of. Pfp50def1t Fanti septic goes 3 tints As far knives dangerous remove corns this safer easier Way. The be tenable by to remove Cheiu it the it fms a tar with gifts it. Don t Ruk infection by curing or Crin Corn Youncie. Feery bottle of gits it come with fell pad to eat a the pain of aching Corm. Buy a Large economical. Bottle of gets it today and let cd it help you Remote corns this in a or of to i gets it sat Iiorio rom Ai move a of d x Tux on to inv Rill to clip this Coupon clip this Coupon shoelaces Blackos Brown 17 inches Manns Jde uhf Tow most to pot cleaner keeps pots looking new / v i Kam Correct re0.ioe iodine hmm of All / apr a p p Cho Coinda Coop and Weri is delicious and healthful 5 we i 7-. % i he it campers e a Loo spec map Low Svaicr of Sun Pine a cod lived Mineral of if mar is i ii Plant i., 0 magnesia of 1 Oil rub. In. A alcohol a Vicki a 0 l 4c $2.00 value. N a Wrin Tah it if. ,0� Wash cloth Vish cloth hot rot Holder Tova a Mol who Lei Nom drop Rcv Wlee kit hire St in House a tour uppers a my c. Or j let so i comb i with cab j of a Varilla 41 fun vow we trip Quot a set i mis 10c vane a ass we 7c Roo Slicer peo Isi a feta Date hot water via mph v Hill in amp t of Fountain syringe vl003 a a ism a. Carte i�1 7 quart sue sea i j % i i its Bob pins in j him baby Castile soap Kab Ivya r i urn Ohe ii i Chest Bath Brush with detachable handle menus sox Aaan led color and k4bo h r j i Inch 6ai/ze a a banda0f i Inch Gauze in i Bandage a us i w 7 p4i� a i u Iii la 6lvc tri of suppositories of adhesive Piaster size 4klyd ii sir ii to. Size it. You Ltd s it Quot of. I menus ties Dewar it tor in handkerchief it a Eil men of loved 39t

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