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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Ttipr1av, february 13, 1910the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page five democratic Victory will Lead to dictatorship Taft asserts Republican candidate address Republican Lincoln Day dinner in Greensboro edit in Stanley elected to head Young cop croup of stale or kens Roro feb. Ital senator Robert a. Taft Republican presidential candidate told the North Carolina Lincoln Day rally Here last night that a democratic Victory this year would result in a a modern streamlined totalitarian Jdie tutorship i a we face a fundamental de a. Acis inn whether this country shall cranial n the kind of country which our fathers Marie and Lin Yoho heave How no Volga Boatman s song Here believe Farley tips on income tax for in Accord Lenin i a 1 Liny the inalienable rights the Freedom and Liberty of its Audi Vida citizens or a totalitarian executive with unlimited and undivided Power Over the lives and or Hie of Midi v id u a n and local governments alike a Taft said i u Ihm slow t i a the new Deal has slowed up Tod a because the people in tit a s a a letter a Congress which xxx a disapproves of More government i a lid spending x x x of president Roosevelt should be re elected in 19 40 however the or tile North Carolina Young re Mif Ilii an. Meeting yesterday att a Moon re elected Edwin m. Slang of Greensboro president by i ii.-1 to i mrs Carl m. Huffman of Bur Lington w Asim i d first Vilt a pres ident. I s Mal Caret Dent of leaks vile it n Nanney jr., of 1 Liuti Mills i. Ii it in w thigion and Clyd Roberts of in a in Quot m Lents elected Leslie m Murphy Lof Greensboro was named treas Liei and Kulis Reynolds la fee ushold secret a in it m l i i i m i in Odell Sapp of Winston Salem was re elected National committeeman and mrs. Otis j. Reynolds of Elkin National come Mittee Wom a n. Stanley election followed a floor flight by supporters of mrs. Reynolds and the incumbent. The secret ballot showed Stanley had won by a vote of 26 to 14 and mrs. Reynolds made a motion to make the vote unanimous. The convention adopted resolutions praising die work of preside it Stanley and others in the formation of clubs in educational institutions reaffirming allegiance of tile senior party condemning the National democratic administration for what it termed the violation of rights of american citizens condemning the state democratic administration for the increased Cost of state government commending Republican members of the legislature for their work condemning then Tate democratic administration for a to make fair election Laws a a and endorsing till ret Ord of state chairman Jake v. Newell of Charlotte and the state Republican organisation. Newell announced that Dewey Short of Missouri would deliver the keynote speech at the state Republican convention in Charlotte. The convention dates will he decided later. Latest farm Market report fruits vegetables North Carolina shipping Point information and monday s in the principal wholesale markets As reported by the i s Kari cultural marketing service my North Carolina department if agriculture prices ate confined to the Range to which the ilk of the l. C. L. Stock of Good b Don sold Wutti cot \ rut s shipment. Feb. To Del. 2 la n. J. 4 North Ca roil a 2 s. 2 Tenn. 2 total is feb. La la. 2. Total 2. Baltimore Market Dull. By. Has teis. North Carolina lotto re ins v s no i Talo a rent ungraded 4 to .>0 cent ungraded Bolden to to is cent a Thole. My. Porto Picans Nancy Illus. And while yams i. S a o t. 75 to a cent. Cleveland Market Dull. It leans. I s no i North Lins. By. . 14 0 by baskets and go Puu Heady sort ii it ask i Porto Ca Roto i so. S. By. Crates. Ates 1,75. About. S no i. Carolina by 35. S. C. By. Crates. By. North it to Picans. 50. Nor b la by c Burgh Market Porto rican. I and South a i 25 to i a rates 1.40 to i co. .60. Chic ago Market steady Carolina by crates p s. No. I 1.40 to i Detroit Market steady a aniline by. Porto re a. A no. I 1.4 5 to 1.50 Van. Hamper Jersey Type i 8 no i i 5it Washington Market steady. Not la Carolina Lei in skies lotto Atis 90 cents to i of. Philadelphia mat wet steady. Kos Tern Thore \ a my and Del while Yam and Golden medium Large sizes by. . 65 to cents Porto i an �5 to a rent new York no new York quota-11� Quot a aha go Rochester n. Y. Demand slow. Umi feet Dull carloads Aud truck Olid saturday f. O. B. Usual term into f o b shipping Points i based it a delivered Sale i All ii ans trial Ion a barges a Spanish Typl Sai ked per ton. Mosev 26 00 to 3 4 one Philadelphia Market about a Tea do s c i 4 in. Hempen Mill site Domestic round Type. Mfg to i to Savoy Type mostly la of. N. Y. So Pound sacks poor in fair Quality. Danish Type so to to cents is i r v w Berru x Plant City. Fla. Demand slow Market weaker. Yard sales truck loads it a ii o glower Saint lax Bijj is Siona Rya per pint without Felt a is Washington Market steady. Fla to Iii it i to 22 4. Mostly 20 cents. Radish is Philadelphia Market firm Fla. L6 quart Climax baskets hunched to i 15. Tom i m s Philadelphia Market firm Fla Bug boxes Green Ripe and turn ing. Wrapped 6x6 and h 50 to 5 of 6x7 2 50 poorer All m Lowel inn a he Washington Market about steady on Best Stock. Fla. By. Hampers string less Black Valentines few sales 5.50 to 6.oo showing Nome freezing injury 4 50 to 5 i"1 Alli i Quot Washington Market steady a pleasant Way to Wake Lazy insides if you re constipated id it has you head at by. Bilious up it it Ossou ought to know about this liquid companion to the fam ions powder it s called syrup of Black draught has a Fine flavor fillets gently by simile directions. Its chief ingredient helps tone Lazy Bowel Muscles. Children Welcome lit no it i 1 it. I i i \ a it i x c i 11� �?T�11 11 in syrup of Black draught 50c of a or. Or More no i u in pits. Lao around 2 of 4. Minn. A. W. Vs., a and md., by. Basket Anil Eastern crates in. S. No. I. 2 4 in min stay mans 1.00 to 1.15 Grimes a to 90 cents Jonathan. A it rents to 1 of York 85 to 90 cents delicious 1.10 to 1.25 Golden delicious Loo to 1.10. Potatoes Presque Isle Aroostook county Points. Maine demand very slow. Market Dull Carload and truckload saturday f. O. B. Shipping Points t based on delivered sales in All transportation charges Presque isl rates iou Pound sacks Green mountains u. S no. I size a. 1.35 i. S. No. I 2 in min. I 3 to i 4 4 15 Pound sacks various varieties. Is. No. I 2 in. Min 22�?T to 23 4 cents. Pompano Flat Ake Okeechobee Section demand fair Market about steady. Carloads f o. H cab track and truckloads rash at parking House saturday. By crates Bliss triumphs i. S. No i i 40 i. C. Commercial 1.15 to i 25 i Quot s no. I size b. 1.30. Chicago Market steady for Idaho russet Bur hails and Nebraska Bliss triumphs about steady for Colo. Red Mcclure Arni Northern Stock of All varieties Dull for new Stock. 3 76 tars on track 191 arrived total i. S. Shipments saturday ssi freight. 14 boat sunday 74 freight. Carlot track Sale sacked per rat. Idaho russe Bur Hanks c. A no. I i 80 to 2.oo. Mostly around 1.85. Colo red Mcclure. I. S. No. I. 2 4 in min. Few sales. I 70 Nehr. 85 per cent Quality Bliss trite 2.0 5. Mostly unwashed i car. 1.57 4 Minn and n Dak red River Valley Section 80 to 90 per cent no. I Quality cobblers few sales 1.20 to 1.30 7ti to 75 per cent no. I Quality Bliss triumphs very few sales 1.15 no Early wis. Sales reported. L. C. L. Track sales. Fla by. Crates washed by Triumph. P. S. No. I few 2.5 per crate. A Odds against labor Board probe expected to full Iii rec omm emulation for new roil Washington. Feb. 13. Cd the betting Odds Are better than even that Congress will wipe out the present National labor Board and establish a new one with five members. Other minor changes May be made but most of those who have been clamouring about the boards operations Are becoming convinced that their chief complaint is against the Way the Agency has enforced the Wagner act in Accad of against the Law itself. With that in mind influential members of Congress Are trying to f i or tire out a Way to Pluck the present Agency out of the governmental set up and create a new one to make a fresh Start on the problem. Even some Ultra new dealers have expressed such a View. Only Power such a recommendation is what Many members expect front the Smith investigating committee. That is the extent of die commit Lees Powers however to recommend legislation it cannot prepare a Bill and bring it to the Hon be floor. Its proposals have to go to the House labor in Nin Mil Lee. W hich w ill w Ork out the Bill. That stipulation was a part of the Deal by which the House agreed that representative Smith a a and his special committee might go digging into the labor Field. Prominent democrats have become conv hired that the committee has demonstrated the need for a change and that for tactical purposes it should by made before the presidential Campaign gets gum. Ski i Hod finns produce the pulling Power for this boat like Supply Sledge sailing across the snows to Camps on the Northern front. Exclusive picture showing unique method of transport was liken of Erie Chalcraft. Nea staff photographer travelling with the finnish armies. The War today massing of troops in near East merely defensive right now but has possibility of becoming offensive against reds nazis by Dewitt a rim a Ais in a of Anglo French Mediterranean in the near East Titre at this juncture but Hie off either Herman or . Or both. For one thing we know of i course that the Balkan May Belt Rune the Hack Yard Battlefield of the european War. But a possibility which i even More startling i just now Derei of Niue of the allies in addition to their near East front also establish new War theatre in Finland in the process of aiding the Little Republic against Russia they will have created a mighty pair of Pinchers about the soviet european Side. Soviet in Hanger circumstances make it quite legitimate to ape late a to whether those Pinchers might yet lie completed and Start to dose against the bolshevism. The red program a indicted by the invasion of Finland bids fair to get decidedly More attention than the deprecating rough Whf it h the Al he gave behind their hand when the muscovite hopped on pots and. However it difficult to visualize ail these thing without a map of you Wilt get your map of Europe and the near East zone which i Likely to play such an important part in the outcome of the War i ii show you an in telex Fang game of Soldier a live one. Fir to off. Plase note thai i Turkey lying on the Black sea opposite Russia Aud controlling i the Dardanelle one of the most it important strategic Point in the world a is the cond ally of eng-1 and and France not Only is j r Turkey geographically powerful but it a one of the finest toughest armies in existence. W tit a to not Rehs it i you re about to remind me i suppose that turkeys pad with the allies excludes War with Russia. Agreed hut that not so much a matter of affection As expediency. I i the soviet make a Pas in that dire lion and see what the Turk do they la fight with Britain on a show Down Greece also is pro ally in sym a t Hie. Now if you will run Down the coast from Turkey toward the Friez canal you will find those massed Allied troop in Syria Palestine and the canal zone some 57n.ooo of them then we come of England a egyptian ally. Also of vast strategic importance. So much for the Soldier who must total close to a million already under arms. Including 350,Odd turks and the egyptians the French plan to throw 70t�,-000 More into Syria and the British ate increasing f heir forces. Thus with a million More which the turks could put into the Field the potential defensive Forte of the near East is about 3.000,000 and we should t Overlook the Many Allied warships which Are churning up the Blue water of the Mediterranean Vita ii Sim at fro n die purely defensive standpoint the spots which the allies want most to protect arr1 the Suez a anal and Iran and Iraq with their vast stores of Oil that France and England want and can t afford to let the enemy get. But the Anglo French brotherhood also has pledged itself to protect Rumania from invasion your map will Tell you that i i probably would involve transporting troops to Rumania via the Black sea. Obviously an Alliance with Turkey and absolute control of the Dardanelle Are essential for accomplishment of these great tasks. Annual boys state slated for August in Chapel Hill Charlotte. Feb. La Lim Dick Young chairman of the North Carolina american legions boys state commission announced today the 1940 boys state would be held at Chapel Hill aug 25-sept. I. The boy state at which practical instruction in the various phases of american government will be Given will be attended by outstanding boys and leaders in their school communities. Their selection will lie on the Hasta of their qualities of leadership. Mackenzie troops about largely Liaise to Are Ureal the ticket Selling started for Amateur show Here actual ticket Selling for the Amateur show which will Climax the prize contest being sponsored Here by die Loyal order of Moose for tile Benefit of its work at the Brentwood Day Nursery was getting underway today. Entries for to a ticket Selling contest with prizes headed by an automobile and for the Amateur and Novelty act a i prizes which i at the armory or arranged by formation of Delegate slate buoys con re in joint in Winder feb. 13�?lp Roosevelt Karin Wisconsin Jitterbug fiddler contest with Ca xviii lie Presente March 16, May Washington formation of a Ley Delegate slate strengthened the belief of Many politicians today that the chief executive and the postmaster general Are in Accord on the democratic presidential Campaign. One senator in close touch with Farley told reporters that the Cabinet member and National democratic chairman was a resolved to do one of two tilings nominate himself or or is in forts president tile Wisconsin democratic state convention meeting last night Al Wisconsin rapids declared that the president should lie drafted for a third term another Resolution expressed the Hope that Farley a May continue in Public life in the interest of the people of the Nat Ion the convention adopted a slogan of a officially endorsed Hoose velt Farley delegates Quot for ifs late Iii the Anil 2 primary. National committeeman Charr e. Broughton said however that the mention of Farley did not mean he was endorsed As an alternate presidential Choice or As a Vic presidential candidate. A si�?T4>itt Camporee Kinston. Feb. I. Ain the annual Eastern North Carolina boy scout Camporee will be held Here april 19-21. Hospital Distio Concord. Feb Al Pic a 72-bed addition to the Cabarrus county Hospital will be opener april 2 4. Filling out the nomination Coupon in the Enterprise and turning it in to Headquarters 21b c Arcade building. No. Llu Dell a Cir ions eos processional expense a professional Man May deduct All necessary expenses incurred in the Pursuit of his profession. These include the Cost of supplies used in his practice office rent Cost of Light water fuel and Telephone in Iii office the hire of office assistants and expenses paid in die operation and repair of an automobile based upon the proportion of time it is used for professional purposes. Many physicians use their residences Bot h As t heir offices and their Homes. In Sinh instance the physician May deduct As a business expense the rental value of the rooms occupied for office oratorio rehearsal to be held Here tonight members of the High Point College and Community chorus will meet at High Point College tonight to rehearse for the oratorio a Elijah a which will he presented in March. The hour for die rehearsal is 7 30. Mrs. Janet Russell Owens of die College music department who directed the chorus recent presentation of handels a Mes Isiah a and who is directing today expressed the Hope that All local singers who Sang in the Handel oratorio will come out for rehearsals each tuesday and thursday night. Consider is in Cit he Hickory. Feb. 13. Up construction of a Community Center building is being considered Here. In France compasses Pointer North by East in 158b, True North in 1 665. North Northeast in 1812. Swung Back to True North later and now Point to North Northeast again due to the constant change of the magnetic pol purposes ii he actually pays i and a Iso the Cost of Light a heat furnished these rooms als lie no deduct a portion of to wages paid Domestic so Vai whose time is partly occupied caring for these rooms. Hembd ship dues in professional soc ties Are deductible. Physician and dentists who keep in do waiting rooms current a Gazib and newspaper for the hone of Dion patients May iodine t d item As a business expense Cost of professions i Jeu t a is Foj die taxpayer own use is also deductible item. The Cost of technical books not a deductible item being Vijh donate amount for each years predation of the Hooks May deducted. Depreciation May Al Ite taken on of fic e Fin tin Iii Ai equipment. Insurance pre in lug Oil Olli it e or other profession 11 a 111 May be deducted. A Premium i for automobile liability insure ill should a apportioned and Iii part of the Premium attrib Utal a business expense. For Flap off Villi amp a a ii no skin 15 your skin is chapped you Oil of delighted with the effect of Mentho Latum applied to the stinging red Peris. Mentho Latum quickly Coots and soothes the irritation and scouts suture to More quickly heal the injury. Mentho Latum is a pleasant effective application for minor skin irritations. Jars or tubes Only 30c. Mentho Latum aves Comfort daily Tow Tim lauras tem a Al. V in j copyright 1940, the Lone Ranger Lac. How Merita captured freshness you wonder How Merita bread can taste so fresh and still not be warm. You picture the loaves coming out of the oven. You catch a mental whiff of the heavenly appetizing odor that rises from a spotless Kitchen where bread is being baked. Merita bread tastes just As Good As bread a baking smells. We capture that freshness and hold it for you. Choice of ingredients mixing baking wrapping delivery every step of Meritai a March a from what Fields rippling in the Breeze to your own breakfast Nook or dining room is toward that goal of Ever freshness. Women Tell us that Merita is so Good and so fresh. It seems almost a pity to Toast it. But they admit too it makes the Best Toast that Ever flattered a Pat of butter. Merita is the Lone rangers favorite bread. Feast your family on its freshness. I tune in Quot the Lone Ranger station we or to Btl-7dhi i. It a every Mont Lily or it Lii a Ilu a mini Silver escapes the five outlaws got on their horses and followed in the direction the other horseman had taken. They did not travel so fast however for it would take a lot of Riding to get to the Border a and it was no use to Wear themselves out use Lei sly. A How Long will it take us to get to the Border grumble a a about two. Maybe three Days. Replied he. The figure that had swept past them was nowhere in sight. They would have been More uneasy than they were had they known he was no other than the one who had dropped their Leader Back in the bar room. And furthermore that this Swift rider was not unaware of their presence on the Prairie that night but was Riding like the wind hoping to circumvent their escape Over the Border by laying a trap for them to walk into instead of their getting their expected Freedom. And the Lone Ranger Rode swiftly on into the night. Miles separated the outlaws and the Lone Ranger from each other. Still the Lone horse and rider pressed Forward. As the Ranger thoughtfully reviewed the bar room scene he spoke to his horse. A come on Nellie old girl in be a Hunch we re going to have a Surprise party somewhere and i done to want it just Here. So hurry. King of t1if Prairie hours later Nellie a Gallop became a Trot then a walk. She was too tired to travel further. The Ranger quickly realized the willing horse was worn out and patting her neck pulled rein. A fall right old girl you be done a Good Days work. Well rest Here. Getting off his horse he removed the Saddle and with a final Pat to his horse Lay Down to sleep. Far out Over the Cactus covered Prairie Silver a eyes wandered. A speck of dust was approaching from the South of this he made a mental note. Shaking his proud head with an angry snort he trotted off to a narrow Gorge in which tinkled a tiny Stream. Following the Stream he came to a larger and deeper Section of it. Thirs tily he dropped his Mouth into the Cool refreshing water and drank in great draughts. Satisfied at last he lifted his head and after looking about him galloped toward a nearby Cliff. Reaching it he in his Wisdom picked a spot protected from the scorching Sun by an overhanging ledge. Beneath this ledge he rested and thought of the most hated of his enemies Man. Years ago before Silver a time Man had come into this big shaggy country which had so Oft Felt the pounding hoofs of thundering herds of his ancestors. Little by Little the Superior being Man had come and had captured his friends his own father and Mother King and Queen of the Herd were likewise taken from him. And because of that he hated Man with All his horse heart. Some Day he would revenge himself upon the ones who had killed his parents by breaking their proud spirits with whips and plows and All that goes with the curse of being a captured horse. Rising to his feet breathing deeply anger in his eyes he gazed at a Lone horseman drawing near Riding one of his friends. Like a Flash he struck off in the opposite direction leaving his enemy far behind. Away Silver the rider jerked his horse to a Stop. Amazement showed on his face. A Silver the most longed for horse in the West. Look at him go Why there a not another horse alive that can travel like that out of sight already and i had Only a glimpse of him Quot spoke the rider to his horse. Faster the Long legs of Silver carried him faster his great lungs choked for breath and he slowed Down to a standstill. He looked Back to see if he had been followed by the Man who had so often chased him and had so vainly tried to catch him. Though Silver realized it not he had travelled Miles without stopping. The Sun had sunk into the dark Blue sky floating past the White Cloud Birds into the unknown world of glory. Twilight deepened into night. Tired Dusty. Silver Lay Down on the soft grass much like a dog would do and closed his weary eyes dozing into a deep sleep. Low in the cast Golden threads wound through the Clouds. Birds awaking Twitt ered. Silver a eyelids blinked As he looked at the Beautiful sight unfolding before him. Truly no human being could Ever appreciate More the gorgeous Sunrise than did Silver. He watched until the big Ball was pulled up by mysterious cords High into the morning sky. Rising he slowly ascended a nearby Hill. Continued in this Rafter next tuesday. Cut out each and for your in Lin tier scrapbook c 1956, Tbs Lone Knifer Lac. Ail i Felt revert d

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