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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 12 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper timeless and immortal d. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Page 4-a saturday feb. 12, 1972 from the Winston Salem journal Long Arm in Academe sen. Sam Ervin May have been exaggerating a bit when he described the proposed expansion of a Federal equal employment Law As a the greatest grab for governmental Power in the history of the but he does have a Point. Under one Section of the Bill the Federal government would be empowered to ban suspected Job discrimination wherever it might occur including colleges and universities. Educators in this state where the concept of academic Freedom has Long been under assault by a politically minded legislature should be particularly sensitive to the implications of this provision. Suppose for example the University of North Carolina were to hire a professor of anthropology or. Say a Man versed in one of the More esoteric branches of nuclear physics. From the Shreveport journal if there were some question about whether the hiring of this Man violated Federal Job discrimination guidelines the Federal courts would have Power to order him dismissed. In the Case of private colleges the equal employment opportunities commission would be the Agency responsible for making this determination a and this it would seem is even worse since the men serving on the commission Combine the functions of prosecutors and judges. In this sense at least sen. Ervin is right when he says the Bill represents an unprecedented a Power yet very few objections have been heard from the academic world. Where Are All the people who not so Long ago were clamouring for a repeal of the speaker ban As an invasion of academic Freedom everything in t Frozen things change so fast that its difficult to keep up with what is Frozen or controlled under phase 2 of or. Nixon s new economic policy. This is understandable. It is a Mammoth task to regulate the Economy of a modern nation. But in the lists of things that Are con trolled under phase 2 there seems to be something that is never mentioned that something is Public spending. Wed like a phase 3 which clamps controls on those in Public office who seem to Lack neither initiative nor innovation when it comes to tar Money. From the Burlington times news. And it s Good news newsmen would reject the image that they follow a policy where Only the shocking the tragic and the sad developments of a Day get priority in the analysis of news. Yet it often seems to be that Way. Tile world the nation state and our own Community can be different today because of developments which can strike at the better Hopes of Mankind a fire destroys property and can take lives with it. An outbreak in any part of the world is not isolated but makes its imprint on All people. A hijacking of an air plane keeps reminding us that there can be desperate people. We find the countless stones which Tell us that Man violates the codes <4 honesty and conduct that the elements which surround us still Are threats to existence and that there is much room for improvement of the mind and spirit. But news to gain a headline does no to have to be bad news it often can be the most professionally fudged Best Story of the Day. Good news in times of bad news can be the most interesting and important news. Harrison Scott of it. 3, Kenly will testify to that. Scott is in his second month of recuperation from an illness and his farming from the Asheville citizen prospects for the coming season looked dim then last saturday there were Crews and machinery from a dozen neighbouring farms to move onto his land to plow 160 acres of land which he could not do himself. Scott in turn watched the 12 tractors and 51 Bottom plows move across his land and prepare it for the planting season. His comment on it All a we go along routinely Day to Day and it takes an unusual happening oftentimes for us to discover How concerned warm and Friendly the neighbors in the area really Are. It would be hard for anyone to convince Harrison Scott that people in 1972 Are not Good people in 1972, to him. Are just like the pioneers who came together to help each other in building their Homes planting the land and working together for each other. He has his own experience on which to judge. And his experience is a tonic for Many others undoubtedly who Are reminded that in Days when there is much conflict Between people there also is much constructive responses from people a neighbor helping neighbor Friend helping Friend and the world beyond doubt being built stronger by it. All deserve schooling it is a reflection on All of us when any group has to go to court to Force Moiety to do what it should be doing in the first place. The North Carolina association of retarded children has decided to sue the state to Force it to provide appropriate training and education for All retarded the association has taken encouragement from a Pennsylvania ruling by a Federal District court judge in october. There the Tudge ordered the state to provide education for All its retarded children by next september North Carolina has not l Een totally neglectful in this area in Buncombe county educational programs Are in operation in from the Charlotte observer both the City and county school systems for retarded youngsters though we have a feeling that with More state help they could be Lefter than they Are. But in the state As a whole according to Cary fend Ley executive director of the association. North Carolina officials estimate Only about 40 per cent of the retarded children Are being served this is not nearly Good enough. We should be Able to educate All our children to the fullest extent that they Are capable of being educated. This includes the mentally retarded and the physically handicapped As Well As those who have neither affliction. Water Beds another reason to get on the ground floor these Days is to gain the right to sleep on a waterbed the Federal housing administration has warned managers of Public housing projects and other federally assisted apartment units to ban waterbeds from upper floors. Count it one of the costs of High living. The Kha was influenced no doubt by the experience of one couple who found a leak in their waterbed. They tugged and hauled it to the Balcony to protect their carpet. The Balcony promptly collapsed. From the Durham Herald residents on the higher floors of Public housing projects will just have to grit their Teeth and rough it on innerspring. If they miss the slosh slosh that brings somnolence they can Purchase one of those records that bring a Waterfall or a babbling Brook into the bedroom. Frankly we always thought a fellow employee less than dignified when he explained his lateness to work by saying he had been Home Patching his bed. Matter of taste when the North Carolina delegation went out to North Dakota to look at the new residence for the state governor there it should have stopped in Des Moines Iowa. In Iowa the heirs of Frederick c Hubbell have Given the state a Fine victorian mansion Terrace Hill one of the show places of Des Moines. A commission has been appointed to determine the use to which Terrace Hill is to be put but gov. Robert d. Ray wants it to be used As the governor s mansion and wants to live there himself. Odd that Iowa should be considering a Home for its governors of the same Type North Carolina is considering abandoning. Of Well everybody to his own liking As the old woman said when she kissed the Cut. How s the 6bb? Washington we reported last september that the better business Bureau which Consumers across the country rely upon for Protection against dishonest businessmen often put out misinformation intended More to protect the companies than their customers. The National executive vice president John of Brien told us the abuses we had uncovered were products of the past. A now it s a new Ball game a he said passionately. We waited five months then reviewed the bbb s operations. Here Are our latest findings a the new Ball game did t last nine innings. Reformer o Brien was yanked out demoted and replaced by w i 11 i a in Tankersley a former lbs vice president. A we examined a Batch of reports prepared by the Trade practices department for distribution to the 142 local better business bureaus. Most were so Bland As to be useless. Many did no to even name the companies accused of questionable practices. A sgt me mob reports were actually written by the offending companies themselves. Instead of an Independent assessment the Consumers got exactly what the company wanted them to know. Of course some reports on Trade practices name the bad companies and Call the shots honestly. But these Tough reports unhappily Are often ignored by the local bibs. A a facts withheld for example a National report warned the locals on january 5 that Frederick Chusid and company nationwide career Counselor had been listed with firms that a do not enjoy Good tile report also mentioned lawsuits against Chusid. My associate los Whitten posing As a Middle level administrator asked t h e washing Ion Bah about Chusid he was Given no inkling of the unfavourable Bah report. Instead a rushed clerk said there had been a a very few complaints. At Chusid s Washington office Counselor Willy Welan told Whitten airily a nothing to the complaints. All companies have them. Look at general motors. You done to get where we Are if there s anything wrong a posing As a new Homeowner Whitten also asked bbb s National Council for a report on Welcome Wagon a cordial clerk assured him that a at no time have it activities been the subject of any unfavourable information or criticism to this yet Only two months ago rep. Ogden Reid rny., caused a National furore by with v Soa go round by Jack Anderson producing evidence that Welcome Wagon hostesses sometimes snooped on people they visited. Reid showed us written reports that the hostesses had Sumit cd to business clients giving details about the unsuspecting homeowners economic situation. Footnote rep. Benjamin Rosenthal , has also concluded from an exhaustive study that the better business bureaus put out a inaccurate information and favor member companies. P r 0 a c 0 n s u m he at Torney general the powerful Patent lobby has suffered a Devastino setback from attorney general John Mitchell who ignored his big business past to Side vigorously with the consumer. The lobby is made up of Patent lawyers and the huge corporations they serve. For years have tried to push through amendments to exempt patents from antitrust Laws. Without such Laws. The Consumers would be unprotected against Price fixing but the big corporations would stand to make billions. I ast year the lobby came within one vote of getting its exemption from a Senate subcommittee. But sen. Hiram Pong. A Hawaii turned the tables and crossed party lines to vote against it. The dismayed Patent lawyers blamed Washington merry go round revelations about their lobbying for defeat of the Bill. But privately they began work to reverse the subcommittee vote. In confidential memos they urged Patent lawyer with contacts in High places to undertake the a education of senator a presumably Fong and others opposing the Bill. The lobby gathered support from two sex Patent commissioners the Commerce department and some members of the White House staff. Against this heavyweight opposition the consumer minded senators looked to the Justice department. There. Mitchell had been mulling for weeks Over a memo from his anti Trust staff urging a Strong statement against the lobby s amendments. Finally despite fat cat Gap contributors among the lobbyists Mitchell chomped on his pipe and ordered his antitrust chief Richard Mclaren to lambaste the Bill. Mclaren complied in a private letter a few Days ago to the Senate patents chairman John Mcclellan dark. In it Mclaren said the lobby s Bill would open the Way to a Price fixing a a Boycotts a a want competitive Patent pools and predatory Price secretly Mclaren advised Mcclellan that the Bill would ruin Justice s cases against such Industrial giants As Westinghouse Bristol Myers Mitsubishi Ciba american Hume products and Colgate palmolive. Opposing no fault editor s note in the continuing debate Over no Felt insurance Here is a guest column written by or. Marvin i. Lewis president of the american trial lawyers association and distributed by North american newspaper Alliance new York a along Madison Avenue there a a saying with some Good advice for creating successful advertising. It goes like this a sell the sizzle and not the Steak certain segments of the insurance Industry have followed this adage to attract the Public to a number of schemes for automobile insurance Reform which would undermine the True and Best interests of the consumer. Promoting their plans behind the appealing but misleading Label of a no fault a the insurance Industry has deceived the Public into believing that the plans will provide something for everybody and a simple solution to the Complex problem of automobile insurance. No fault appears to be an idea whose time has come. Well the Label May be but the products behind it Are definitely not. No fault is a Complex subject. There Are More than a Hundred different plans which have been proposed throughout the country. They can be characterized More by their differences than their similarity. Yet the majority of the plans have a number of common denominators which the consumer should know about. In All the jargon about lowering insurance costs speeding up claim payments and making them More fair the advocates or no fault fail to Tell you what their programs would take away. No fault will increase accidents and with them claims because it will encourage the reckless Driver to drive recklessly by rewarding him rather than penalizing him for causing an Accident. Under the present system the reckless and irresponsible Driver knows that if he causes an Accident his automobile insurance rates will go up or his policy May be cancelled. Under no fault this deterrent will be removed with the inevitable result of accelerating accidents. Ask yourself a How can the True Cost of automobile insurance go Down under no fault automobile insurance when the inherent factors in the plans Are working to increase expenses contrary to popular reports the Massachusetts experience does not prove that no fault was a smashing Success in that state. Although bodily injury rates were reduced by 15 per cent during 1971 As compared to 1970collision rates were increased by 26 per cent and physical damage liability rates were increased by 38 per cent during 1971. The extent to which benefits would be taken away from motorists varies with each plan analysis of statistics supplied from a Survey by the department of transportation underscores this fact. The Survey made among claimants under the present system showed that one no fault proposal would deprive 78 9 per cent of persons injured in automobile accidents of 78 per cent of their current benefits More than 99 5 per cent of the injured would receive less compensation under the no fault plan than under the present system a which has Long safeguarded individual rights. F proponents of no fault automobile insurance claim that no fault will take a Large number of cases out of co a it in those courts where there Are backlogs Only 18 per cent of the cases Deal with automobile accidents with the vast majority of them involving criminal offences. 90 per cent of All automobile accidents Are settled without a lawsuit Ani of those that do reach court Only 7 per cent reach final verdict or judgment it is ludicrous to close Down the courts to Accident victims under the Guise of alleviating congestion. It la claimed by advocates of no fault that premiums will a spread More equitably Ani fairly under their system. This claim is false. Today under the fault system motorists Are rated for automobile insurance according to their driving abilities. Good Drivers arc rewarded Tor their record of safety bad Drivers Are penalized for poor driving records. By removing liability there will be no need for the insurance com pen to compensate innocent third party Accident victims and an entirely new set of criteria will be used to establish individual automobile insurance rates. The hot rodder the drunk and the irresponsible Driver will pay lower rates because the insurance companies will not have to pay for the accidents they cause. On the other hand the responsible Driver with a Good driving record who earns a Good living and has a family will pay higher rates because his losses Are potentially greater. There Are those who would make you believe that the american people want no fault that there is a mandate for it. Quite the contrary state farm insurance completed an opinion Survey of 3 million policyholders the largest sampling of Motorist Ever polled on their views of the fault system. 94 per cent of those surveyed said that they believe the Driver who causes the Accident or his insurance company should pay for losses of the other people in the Accident Market facts. Inc., of Chicago ii one of the nation s largest consumer research firms conducted a nationwide Survey of Public attitudes and automobile insurance Reform with the following results a More than 9 out of �?T0 motorists believe that automobile accidents Are the fault of the Driver rejecting the theory of inevitability o accidents the majority of Consumers Felt that the Driver at fault in an Accident should pay for damages a six out of to surveyed oppose elimination of compensation for pain and suffering from insurance claims. While it is apparent that the Public wants to retain the present liability a Stem. It is also evident that improvements should be made within the framework of the current system without destroying it. Atla favors proposals which remove through arbitration Small claims from the court and which expedite the payment of benefits. We favor the elimination of outmoded and harsh rules which result in denial of full and fair compensation to automobile Accident victims. Atla favors realistic insurance limits and coverages including higher limits and uninsured and under insured motorists coverage. Alta also recognizes that the most effective methods of decreasing the True Cost of insurance is to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents. For Many years we have been vigorous exponents of programs which would Lead to safer drive. Ors better designed roads and More durable and crash resistant automobiles. It should be noted that two thirds of the Premium Dollar covers property damage a distinguished from personal injury Protection. Most no fault plans fail to include property damage. We think that the consumer should be entitled to decide for himself whether he needs and wants benefits to pay medical and economic losses without the necessity of proving fault. Above All we do not believe that the consumer should lose his Legal rights As an innocent automobile Accident victim to be compensated by the guilty for All his losses. Recently one major insurance company proposed offering no fault benefits on an optional basis to those Drivers residing in states that do not have a no fault Law. The american trial lawyers association heartily endorses this approach to the problems of the insurance Industry. It provides no a Ault a Enells to those who want them and still leaves the courtroom doors open to All. No fault is an attractive Label but it is a misleading one. We urge you to look behind the no fault Label to discover the truth. No fault will take away the lawyer who is the Only Buffer Between you and the insurance company

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