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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 12, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight Sec. Tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point. North Carolina sunday february 12, ,19 freight rate fight Given boost by for nomination of j. A Den alld retype of Labania to i. C. A seen As f Avor Fly Bex ill \ it Washington. Feb. a Capitol Hill sources said the nomination of j. Haden All dredge to be a member of the interstate Commerce commission represented the fulfilment of a Promise which president Roosevelt made five years ago. A Southern senator declining to be quoted by name said the president told him he would name two South easterners to the rate making Agency As one Means of giving a fair break to the South a traditional plea for lower rail freight charges. In August. 1935, or. Roosevelt. Appointed Marion n. Casio of Alabama to the inc. At the beginning of this year Caskie became commission chairman. Past thursday the Senate received the name of Alldredge another alabamian already known to congressmen As a Champion of inter territorial Equality in Railroad freight rates. Southern callers at the White House As far Hack a 1933 represented or. Roosevelt As being Friendly to the demand for adjusted rates. They said the president part time resident of Georgia. Know the situation from personal experience thus it was considered even the More significant that to chose two South easterners known to subscribe to the equal freight rate philosophy Caskie s record As a cominis Aloner bears testimony to his belief in rate Equality not Only in decisions favouring the South and West but those advantageous to the Northeast As Well. Alldredge denounced rate differentials in a 6 6-Page report which he prepared in 1937 for the Tennessee Valley authority. President Roosevelt transmitted it to Congress and it was printed As a House document. Southern congressmen hailed the nomination As a boost not Only for the rate Case now before the inc but also for legislation which would equalize freight rates by statue a stay South Young Man a bids the Council of Young southerners which held an organisation Hanquet Here wednesday and numbered among its guests a list of notables including mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt. The pamphlet which urged Southern youth to stay at Home explained committees would he named in each of the South a ii states to stimulate thought boil to Helms of the area on the first Page appeared these words a is the Council reactionary reactionaries think not. Quot la the Council Radical radicals think salvation army division staff band to give concert it Al ukr ii. Simpson Washington feb. 11.�? apr a world aflame with Challenge to that Golden Rule of democracy a a a government of the people by the people and for the people a confronts the nation As it pauses a moment tomorrow to Honor the memory of the gaunt War weary american who littered the phrase More than three quarters of a Century ago. Abraham Lincoln while t he guns still thundered in the nation s bitterest hour pledged its Faith anew at Gettysburg that the principle of americanism he re proclaimed Quot shall not perish from the that covenant will be renewed tomorrow in reverent Observance of the 130th anniversary of his birth. There is a message for listening ears in Europe and around the world in that Observance. Remix Kac y works a free Public concert will in Given at the salvation array a some of the lending artist with the instrument they play it Tju Teu them that there is retard at 7io of clock tuesday night february la major Llola Ert it ire As follow it attain Satterfield trombone Captain swyers n0 disunity in America on the will. A a a 1. A a to keep the Faith that Lincoln nation will Honor memory of civil War president. Ii Cornet Captain Ruthstrom tuba major email a drum. In >1. Iowan head of the salvation arum it a in t in t it announce a Ruit rental solos duets trios Ami quartets will lie placed in add yesterday. Featuring the concert will in the api Warance of the Caro Linas division staff hand shown above composed of 2a expert i players tinder the direction of major .1. Milkmaid of Asheville j evening of the i till the members of the hand Are All staff officers in the Carolinas division of the salvation army and their Leader has had Many i years of experience with hands from Boston to Texas. Lion to ensemble selections. The band will in in rehearsal at the Citadel during the afternoon Ami will be guests of the local Post at a dinner in the in addition to the general Public major Owan is extending a sgt Erial invitation to the members of the High Point College Rand and the High school hand. Ancient May be woodworkers driven into of catskills strange land by Pat Mcgrady Chichester. N. A a a feb. La a a the 200 residents of this i tiny town buried in rip Van j Winkles part of the catskills wondered today As they cashed their unemployment insurance i checks whether they would Bel driven out into a world they have i never seen to work at trades they Tiona have never known. The town is for Sale. Complete j with a 97-acre wooded tract a word working factory in which j the better half of a million dollars has been sunk and from which millions have been taken j a Church social and recreation Halls administration building general store and Quot All modern improvements Quot including running water and a sew age disposal Plant i thrown into the bargain is a i c. In. Tok Kia is speaker news of coloured people pledged. The lesser uproar of dispute is but democracy at work hammering out its own economic and lethal weapons of defense on its chosen Anvil of Public opinion. Never in the 74 years since Lincoln spoke them at Gettysburg has the solemn repetition of his words had so vital a meaning to his countrymen and to the world. The two great political parties now vie with each other to claim him As Prophet of their philosophies. He is placed among the Patron saints of every lesser party. Year by year since his death his stature has grown. Hia i known thereafter As the House of dorians and dramatists rival each Judah. There Are no jew s in the j other to portray him afresh As a House of David hut we find that great hearted american whose Tol a on tinned from Page 4, Sec. A questions racial Stock of Jesus Rev. Ii. In Smith to Pii k Aill at Iro k Rev. H. D. Smith pastor of Washington Terrace co Grega Christian Church will preach at Oak Grove i on Mega tonal Christian Church this evening at \ of clock. Rev. W. R. Mim a at St. Mirk today Rev. Vav. \ Cook and congregation of Mars Hill holiness Church will Render a program in the interest of the conference claimant Effort. Pine gospel singers in \ ppe a la at it. Vernon the Tine gospel singers of Winston Salem will appear in a song recital at it. Vernon Bap Rcv. W. T. Lomax formerly till Church tuesday evening at stationed Here will speak at both the morning Aud evening services of St. Mark m. E. Church in the absence of its pastor. Rev. R. W. Winchester who is ill at his Home in Greensboro. Almost 3 billion Given to needy Washington feb. A the social Security Board said today that governmental Aid to the needy amounted to $2,995,-705.000 in 1938. The calculation included direct Federal state and local expenditures and earnings of persons in the civilian conservation corps or employed on works Progress administration projects administrative expenditures writ not included. The Boa re said the to Nguie compared with 12,352,7 09,009 in 1937. It estimated that "6.51 0,000 households probably comprising about 20.900.000 persons received Public Aid in december amounting to $270,. This was a decrease of one per cent from november. The following breakdown was Given of total expenditures in 1938 pull Quot assistance to needy aged needy Blind and dependent lot Ildren $509,369,000 earnings from spa $1,622,417 from National South Kim initiation $55.-252,000 from other Federal agencies. $78,103,000 from acc $230,166,000 subsistence Grants by farm Security administration $22,609,000 general Relief by states and localities $477,789,000. Guilford Council is nost to daughters of America at meeting Guilford Council no. 23. Or. O. La a. Was Hest to the Washington Council daughters of America Friday at 7 30 p. In. Ai the Hall. Sio1 North main Street. The meeting was in the form of a social hour with games Heing played under the direction of h. 0. Hayworth. A a. Necor conducted a Tensor quiz contest the first going to mrs. Elizabeth Ward for the most nearly Correct answers. Chinese checkers was enjoyed with prizes Heing awarded the winners ice Cream and cake were served is refreshments. A Large crowd was present from both councils and pm ails were formulated for joint meetings of the two councils in the future. Race of woodworkers who have never committed crime never created labor disturbances and never objected to their wages once As Low As a Dollar a Day they have lived for generations grandfathers fathers and sons j turning out some of the finest of fire furniture in the world. Hut no one has worked and not Lone stick of furniture has been produced since last november. Tile knifed states District court in new York has declined to accept a hid of $30,500 for the entire property in reorganization i proceedings. The owners. Schwarz Waelder amp company think it is Worth Many times that figure. The courts special master Peter b. Jr., thinks if is Worth than a profit of $5,500 Over its $1 2,500 tax lit tis and an j equal amount in mortgages. The residents of Chichester have worked in Wood beyond the memory and records of the oldest inhabitant. They have stripped hark for Canning concerns and a clock. A cordial invitation is extended to All to be present. It. Vernon j i Sherko re meets the Junior usher Board of it. Vernon Baptist Church met in the parsonage of the Church wednesday evening with the president Decosey Williams presiding. The special feature of the meeting was the Reading of essays on truthfulness. Those participate a near presenting a. E. Yokel As gang were Viola Heath Josephine its speaker he spoke very enter j Franklin. Willie Alexander Willie Takin Gly on the a correlation of Campbell Samuel Heath and hostile negro s contribution along Hill. With the regular teaching of hd-1 fir it i \ texan de at Leonard St. School the Observance of negro history week was fittingly brought to a close at Leonard Street school with the history depart j the jew har appropriated the pm i Helms of the House of David to i Day just As they have taken the j name of Israel and Hae aspired j to Israel s blessings and greatness. Jiey Are not entitled by j descent or place or race to any j of these things. Because the Christian world does not know scripture they have failed to j Challenge such false aspirations and to that extent Are responsible j in supporting a claim that has j caused much suffering for the j jews. After fhe babylonian Captivity four distinct groups returned to a Palestine and became collectively j known As the seventy week nation of the jews the remnant from the House of David were the progenitors of Jesus Christ the Grant philosophy and grim determination personify american democracy Day feb. 12, 1919. The War that was to have made the world a Safe for democracy Quot was Over less Ihan 90 Days. National Unity for War was quickly giving place to the political storms and stresses i by which democracy moves slowly with deference to minority views on its appointed Way. The War Over that Congress like its successor of today 20 years later was moved most of All As it wrestled with Post War reconstruction by thoughts of a coming presidential election. Weary of War the a a peace conference sat in France that Lincoln a birthday remapping a a world weary of War. Many of the political issues of today Are leftovers of 20 years ago. America s role in a Post War world was being argued heatedly in Congress just As her role in a War threatened world is being debated today. A huge peace time armament program designed by president Wilson As a fulcrum Over which to exert american leverage for world wide arms limitations was on its Way through the legislative Mill. Party lines were badly split Over it and political mane vering was visible in parliamentary moves. A similar arms expansion program aimed at the same end of inducing ultimate world limitation pacts is before this Congress and again politics on both sides has something to do with it All. There were violent Senate outbreaks that feb. 12 Over attempts to attach a social and economic Reform riders to a six billion Dollar War Revenue Hill. A Republican made Effort to erect a department of Public works committed to stimulating Low Cost housing to relieve unemployment was launched in the Senate that Day. Unemployment is wan ads Classi fic advertising rates 2c a word this size Type 8 Point 13 words�?25c 4c a word this size to j to Point 13 words Doc consecutive insertions for the Price of 5 minimum charge for warn and 25c card of thanks�?60c All ads Are Cash in Advance the Enterprise will not be reap sible for More than one Lecorre insertion of any and. Errors Shou be reported at once. All keyed ads Are strictly con dental and can be reached sealed letter Only. Ads must be in by 12 00 of Csc week Days and 8 00 of clock Satu Lay night for sunday s paper. Phone 4566 i f rooms for rent for rent to ladies or Cou nicely furnished bedroom Glt location. Phone 4s471. 2-1 turn hark Twenty years to an i the unchallenged no. I problem of other significant lincolns it Irth the nation two decades later. Nicely furnished heated by room All modern convenient garage. 329 Woodrow phone 4377. 2-1 mesdames Hinkle Bridge hostesses for mrs. Hackney Lexington Bride special to the Enterprise Lexington. Feb. La. A mrs. Charles Hackney was Honor guest at a delightful affair recently when mrs. R. Cliff Hinkle and mrs. Paul Hinkle entertained at Bridge at the Home of the former in Hillcrest. In i Olney a More tory he gave Many illustrative examples of typical correlations. I a pageant. Quot two races a was presented by members of the history department of the grammar i grades. Very interesting programs is Ere a also presented during the is a soluble period monday and wednesday by the primary anti intermediate departments respectively. The . A. Will hold its regular monthly meeting in the school i auditorium tuesday evening at 8 o clock. Prof. O. E. Davis ii the speaker for the evening. Won by Willie prize by Willie Campbell and honorable mention was received by Viola Heath at Trie dose of the meeting mrs e. I. Kirby direct res of the the living rooms were Lovely families of the tribe of Benjamin with a profusion of roses snapdragons and potted plants. The place cards were suggestive of the Valentine season and the honoree s place was marked by a miniature Corsage. The High score prize Tea napkins. Was awarded mrs. Roy m. Sheffield. The Consolation prize. Guest Towel fell to mrs. Henry group cd r person a friends of i will regret to in in cents. Carrie r. A to that Ahi de lit at the Alder Horn Street if her Kotlier Llu. More than too year to of Deooe r1kkilv it a a Ltd Vrh Rhood j a aaa null lilt proper i Lek a Soukam lapsed to Lemuel Chichester 75 years ago and in 1892 to the the brotherhood of i Herr Soh Warow cider dynasty which Street presbyterian Church will misty built it to its present established a protectorate Over the people. Old William o. Soil War Waelder. Beetle bowed taskmaster that he was. Made it pay. During his Ain-1 hit ions regime the concern ship it Ped Fine offic e furniture to Europe and South America Ami Haji Ion its Domestic Hooks the names i of Morgan and Vanderbilt and the leading insurance companies and Hanks of the East. His sons. William. Who is president Carl the Secretary and s. B., the treasurer i who is in charge during Reorg ant a Zavion have not fared so Well. The i depression did them in. Representatives address teachers ize and i hive a program at the Church till evening Ai 7 10 of clock la. Lyle Mon will he the speaker of the evening. Mrs. Pro prize Appeal dim unti in wik Winston Salem feb la a aha a Appeal from a ruling of the state utilities commission was docketed in Forsyth Superior court today on behalf of residents of to communities who Are protesting the discontinuance of passenger train service Between Sanford and mount airy the Appeal was filed for citizens of Siler City. Sanford. Walnut Cove. Battleground Summerfield Oak Ridge. Stokesdale. Below s Creek Germanton and mount atry women memorial hitch Rev. T. M Jones pastor will j speak at both the morning and evening services of women a memorial a. M. E. Church today. Sunday school will he held this morning at to o clock with mrs. Sarault Reese As superintendent. St. Mirk brotherhood to e is Apex j the brotherhood of St. Mark 1 m. E. Church will give a supper at tile East end cafe monday eve Ning from 8 30 to to o clock ladies my no. I to meet tuesday ladles Ald Circle no. I of St. Mark. E. Church will meet tues a Day evening at the Home of mis Maud Hinton on Underhill Avenue. At 8 o clock. Hostesses will he mrs. Ola Peebles and mrs. Gaston Johnson. Greensboro. Feb. Llu i a representatives Rupert t. Pickens. John w. Caffey and Joseph t. Carruthers. Or. Honoured at a dinner tonight at Greensboro College by the Greensboro association of classroom teachers faced a barrage of questions on state teacher retirement and the. Teacher situation in general. Or. John h. Cook head of the department of education at woman s College and chairman of the governor s commission on education and b. L. Smith superintendent of Greensboro City schools and president of the North Carolina association led the open forum discussion. Each of the representatives addressed the body and reasserted his interest in the program of the North Carolina education Assoc Tion. Representative Caffey indicated a there is a Strong possibility of bringing up a recommendation of the problem x x x it might be found possible to secure funds for the superintendent. Smith declared that Quot Public schools in North Carolina Are at the Crossroads and unless definite measures Are taken to care for Hie teachers and schools there can he nothing else j tuesday evening. At the but funeral Sertich kor j. tills afternoon funeral services for James Siler 3 4. Who passed away at a local Hospital Frid Awill he he i of Harshaw Grove Baptist Church at Randleman this afternoon at 2 o clock or. Siler is survived by his wife. Mrs. Flora Siler one daughter Rob it int Lafr Calvin Siler of Randleman and nine Brothers. Re i on Light it Hor i. Cli r la sing rills p. I. The Beacon Light choral club will appear in a song recital at Gethsemane Baptist Church this afternoon at 3 of clock. O. E. Simmons is director of the group. Charlotte x Ray Medico is killed accidentally mks. Kkt i Ai i. Pm Kui uns i Ahks my. I. I mrs. Beat rhe Kendall was hostess to St. Mark ladies Aid Circle. No. 4. At the Home of mrs Emma Fondue on Hobson Street close of the interesting business session the hostess served a delirious salad course to the members. Charlotte feb. 11.�?i>p> or Clyde c. Phillips Charlotte j a Lff a Ray specialist was killed accidentally today when the Shotgun he a cleaning discharged. Deputy Coroner Frank i Giovis Brooks memorial Chi Rill news the woman s Home Aud for missionary society of Brooks memorial m. K. Church will sponsor the annual Fellowship Tea at the Church monday evening at 8 of clock a program will be Given card with in is i wish to take this Means of expressing to my Host of friends my sincere appreciation of their kindness during my recent illness. Signed Gordon Lee Starks. Swing Cli la notes miss Susie Countee was hostess to the swing club thursday evening at the Home of miss Annie Saunders 815 Hilltop Street. During the business session the club Laid plans for giving a Post Val entitle party at the Home of miss Saunders next thursday evening. At the conclusion of the business part of the meeting miss Saunders spoke to the club on club activities. After her talk the hostess served a Dainty repast. Claims thousands of chinese guerrillas slain in mopping up Shanghai. Feb. Llu to a japanese army spokesman tonight declared Quot several thousand Quot chinese guerrilla fighters had been killed during the past week in mopping up operation. On a wide front in Central China. Battles with chinese irregulars resisting japanese attempts to consolidate their hold on conquered areas included clashes in the environs of banking. Japanese held former capital of it Hina and Midway Between Shanghai and banking. Efforts to establish Contact with 65 foreigners including 12 americans stranded at killing Mountain report in tile line of a projected japanese attack still were fruitless. Japanese Natal officers have been assigned to Fly to Kukian. Yangtze River port near Kitling. To plan the removal of tile foreigners textile chemists and colonists hold meet Greenville. S v., feb la a up a about 150 persons from the Carolinas attended the win j Ter meeting of the Piedmont Section of the american association of textile chemists and colonists Here today. Several papers on Technics subjects relating to printing and dyeing were read at the technical session this afternoon. Or j m. A. Rahlen. Of the e. I do s dont de Nemours company j spoke on Quot recent organic chemical developments Quot at the Hanquet session tonight. Became the galileans who later accepted christianity and were i not jews racially. For the jews re i ejected both christianity and fhe Christ. A few Levites the priest in group Ami a remnant from the Tonse of Judah also returned i to the land of their forefathers j it was this last group who intermarried with fhe people of the j land which intermarriage were so condemned by both Ezra and j Nehemiah and w hich were re i j Spon sible for the racial characteristic so evident among the jews i today. This last element were in Vio i Lent opposition to Jesus Christ. I who was of the House of David j and therefore not a jew racially j though religiously As a worship town guests sri expected for the affair. For rent Large nicely wished bedroom steam h Cool in summer time close apply 406 Lindsay St. 2-1 gentleman Nice furnished room modern conveniences East Farriss Avenue. It phone 47151. 2-1 what have yol to sell Enterprise want and will f you a buyer quickly and a Low Cost. The club of twelve held the monthly meeting at the Home of mrs. E. K. Carter on wednesday afternoon with the president. Mrs. J. C. Leonard in charge of the business session. Mrs. J. R Mccrary made an interesting talk about a valuable collection of gems owned by Rev. J for rent two rooms w r. Bruce Owens a Charlotte min sink in Kitchen. 331 West r ister. Miss Gertrude Damner sell Street. 2-1 read an interesting paper on Home a demonstration. I for rent a two unfurl is used furniture will quickly of advertised in a Ifo Sale Quot columns of the Terp Rtse. The meeting was then turned Over to mrs. S. W Finch program Leader who led a dissuasion link. The hostesses presented Jon historic inns and Public downstairs connecting too lights and water Furnis 300 fourth. 2-1 mrs. Hackney silk lingerie in conclusion tile hostesses j served a delirious salad course i and accessories. Mrs. Chester Young and mrs j Herman swing were hostesses at j a miscellaneous Shower on tuesday Eving at the Home of tile j former on Greensboro Street in compliment to mrs. Coy Young a recent Bride in conclusion the hostels invited the guests into the dining room where a delicious three course dinner was served. Or in the synagogue he could he j the bridal color note of Green called a jew As were also the a i and White was effectively used in lilians. Now Daniels prophesied the decoration of the Home. The that the Messiah was to he Quot Cut brides place was marked by a off Quot. The jews were responsible miniature Bride and Groom be for his death. Daniel declares As Neath a Small Arch of allies of a result Quot and the jews they shall the Valley. No More by his people Quot at the count of the scores miss history has demonstrated the Christine Young was awarded can accuracy of this prophecy but the die holders. Mis Faith Heck of or i along. He Kiev Boson margin ave i hebrew Leas King to a me transit with the Church of i cd the jews were i so they relegated t the True translation other rendering to in conformity with their see Dan. 9 26. Margin. When the Christian world recognizes the whole truth and the j jew that his place is not to usurp j the authority Power and blessings of either the House of David or the House of Israel the jewish j problem will he on the Way to a i f it permanent solution. Until thena1 jewry faces increasing troubles regardless of their plans for Success can never he attained for any cause whose Basic doctrines Are fundamentally wrong daily Smith. Salisbury mrs. To to bind kerchiefs a Beek a Iii be tryst i honoree mrs. You or Cox Day lit mrs. Ray vase. The a was presented a Crystal tray in her chosen pattern As gift of the hostesses and a Shower of Lovely and useful gifts from the guest. In conclusion the hostesses were assisted by misses Christine Young. Caroline Young and Helen Tussey in serving a salad course with accessories. Klun i Odne approves code High Point n. C. February to 1939. Editor the Enterprise we Are enclosing you herewith Resolution passed by our Lodge. We would greatly appreciate space in the Enterprise for this Resolution with any comments you care to add. Since Cly and fraternally yours High Point Lodge no. 1155, b . Elks w. C. Burns. Secretary. Enclosure High Point. N. C february 1ft, 1939. Quot a Resolution to High Point Hodge no. 11 55. e mrs. Frank Smith entertained members of her Bridge club a dessert Bridge on wednesday at her Home on West Center Street following a delicious dessert course Bridge was enjoyed in the living room amid a setting of Yel a Low Jasmine and potted plants. The High score prize sheer Hose was won by mrs. Clyde Hunt. While mrs. Frank daughter and j mrs. John Myers were presented fruit juice containers and Tea towels respect rely. The missionary society of the first Luthern Church met on monday afternoon at the Home of i mrs. R. Grady Shoat mrs. W. M. Petrea led a Short devotional period and mrs. H s. Brown presided Over the business. Mrs. Ltd in was then presented a Silver Pitcher and Corsage of Gardenias As a Token of appreciation of her work and loyalty to die society. She w ill leave March first for Lincolnton where or. Brown will take tip the pastorate of Grace lutheran Church. Miss Joh Lisle Warner gracious Stakley named head of Young republicans Greensboro feb. 11�?t/p a Edwin m. Stanley of Greensboro was elected president of the Young Republican clubs of North Carolina Here today and in an address of acceptance said plans would he i launched at once to establish a Central full time state office. The annual meeting of the state Republican executive committee i was held during the Day along i w 11 to the Young Republican Inlet a log. And tonight the republicans held their annual Lincoln Day Din Lier at w hich rep. Dewey Short Irmo spoke. The Republican executive committee took no action on proposals to establish a permanent Republican state Headquarters probably at Charlotte and to found a state Republican daily newspaper. However. Jake f. Newell of Charlotte chairman of the executive committee urged the committeemen to look into the possibility of obtaining funds for these two projects. Representative Short told the Young republicans that a the irresponsible spending of the present administration at Washington has brought the nation to the Brink of he said the president in the last six years has spent More than All the presidents and congresses combined from the time of George Washington to Woodrow he urged that a halt he called to Quot excessive governmental control Quot and Quot excessive taxation in order that the Quot wheels of private Industry May turn again Quot and a capital driven info hiding May again be placed in use a one room furnished or unfinished to gentleman or Cou 216 Willowbrook. Phone 6 unfurnished bedroom in pm conveniences Alose phone 47338. 2-1 for rent furnished Bedro with meals connecting by heat. 209 Lindsay. Phone 2< 2-1 for rent two unfurl is rooms no children. 427 will Brook St. 2-1 for rent three unfurl is upstairs rooms. $10.00 mor 117 Briggs Avenue phone 64 2-1 it is hereby resolved that High 11 entertained the members of her Point Lodge no. 1155, b . Elks is in full Accord with the provisions of the uniform vehicle code developed by the National conference on Street and Highway safety and revised in 1938. it further resolved that a copy of this Resolution he sent to each representative and senator from Guilford county urging them to support any and All Hills pertaining to sound legislation based on fhe uniform vehicle code. It Heing a fact that 38 state supporting this c Bridge Elal recently with three rabies in play the High score prize a Box of Candy was awarded miss Bessie Leo Efird the Consolation prize fell to miss Vivian Sowers. In conclusion the hostess served a tempting course of refreshments on Friday afternoon mrs. Paul Hinkle and mrs. R. C. Hinkle were hostesses at Bridge at the Home of the latter in Hillcrest. The High score prize Tea napkins. Was awarded mrs Charles state deaths pkg it Huckaby funeral services for 18-months-old Peggy Hockady who died Friday after a with pneumonia were held at 2 30 yesterday afternoon at the Home of the child aunt mrs. A. C. Howard 12u5 Adams Street. Rev. O. L. Ruth conducted the rites. Pallbearers were Kenneth Poindexter. Bobby Gulledge Elmer e Kennedy and George Harbison. Interment was made in Floral Garden cemetery. For rent one a furnish front downstairs bedroom Al in. Conveniences. 427 e Washington. I three unfurnished room Light housekeeping Ideal in ton. 60 2 West Farriss aver for rent a two unfurl is rooms no children. 216 la say Street. 2-1 three Nice unfurnished Roo upstairs no children. 402 k St. Phone 4 1 406 2-1 upstairs furnished Kitchen and bedroom. 5oft West arc St. 2-1 three unfurnished rooms it floor All conveniences Centennial ave. Phone 25 2-1 for Kent rooms. Furnis or unfurnished. Meals if sired. 412 North main str 2-1 for Kent close in 20 7398. Furnished Roc Lindsay. Phi 2-1 to permanent Roomer furnish lied room heat private entrap garage close in. Phone 412 2-1 for rent three unfurl is rooms. 311 fourth St. 2-1 2 houses apts. For re a for rent my Home compter furnished. 50<� East Lexing Glenn Hendrix. Phone 2031 2-1 Enterprise want ads Chav daily read them again Tom Row for rent seven room to Hardwood floors 1105 cent Nial. Phone 3166. 2-1 said. Or. Phillips Colic As a Hobby. Led fire arms in i uni sect Kin Vav Marl with the Tea with Carter As speaker. The average tax on a gallon of gasoline in great Britain is 15.6 cents a gallon and 5.5 tents in the United states. The English Imperial gallon however is larger than the american stamp the Staten with the lowest casualty rate for 1938. it further resolved that a copy of this Resolution be mailed i the High oin Enterprise and a 1 ropy he spread on our minutes. Were Hoover and mrs j. Boaze was Tuc evening at 8 o clock Aid. Presented Tea napkins As Low score prize. When aids were Laid aside the hostesses served a salad and dessert. Course. The cotillion club has completed plans for a dance to be Yourn Mon o limited j a r j held Here february 17 with Jim Are hereby warned to renew that Mie Cannon and his orchestra of Christmas time a Pat with the i Danville. A to furnish the my girl Friend before february 14, Alc. Quite a number of out of German arrested Paris feb. 11.�?<jp a three German newspaper correspondents were arrested and expulsion orders were issued against 26 German residents of Paris today for reasons police refused to disclose. The police said Only that the newspaper correspondents were arrested for Quot activities in no was related to their professional fur rent first floor. T loom furnished apartment of in Kitchen. 138 West Russ 2-1 five rooms downstairs rec Tion Hall Bath garage. Woodrow ave. Phone 4 84 2-1 two room furnished Aparton one Block from West e phone 47226. 2-1 read want a

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