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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 37 Auto insurance classes asked Raleigh a the North Carolina automobile hate administrative office has proposed the it 37 classifications be established for Auto liability insurance in lieu of nine Classi polluted Waters make Homes on canals less desirable by Rich Oppel associated press writer environmental experts com sees Sale and development of drugs big problem for police Lexington no. A High Point Enterprise wednesday feb. 9, 1972 5a school merger is delayed Richmond. A. Apr Winter said the majority Mer Higes 325-Page order die 4th . Circuit court of gave no reason for its action Calls for creation of a metro a appeals has agreed to hear an an j heard no Oral arguments Politan school system of 104.000 piled a report for the state aft state lands funded the study by up jcj4 Galifianakis d Appeal of an order directing in the Jurist did pupils 78.000 of whom would Beer inspecting 40 canals. They the Honda conservation Boun pc it said tuesday night the Richmond o merge in largely 1 by soft accomplish what he Tallahassee Fla. I a Jer inspecting 40 canals. They the Florida conservation foun a the dream of owning a a found that freshly dug water Dation inc. Of Winter Park ter front Home has turned into a was were at first used by Resi a in fort Lauderdale fund i policemen talked hitch Quot a a Khrol with Quot Quot be tourer the accelerated hear bused to accomplish what he think narcotics a is one of the dominantly White schools in two a Date. Termed meaningful in although the Septell it or r r Utu. It i to a a Rector Joel Kuo Erbec reported Biec est if not the single big suburban counties. Ait noun me Napier heat ens under the present Nightmare along parts of Hon dents or both problem Titley face in actions tuesday the a it Dward Man s shorelines where con and other recreation but soon amp v j a the plan o aum Viiva a Ivy v Cli hit Iii i i Chi Vonsh mme of the proposal was presented Serva zionists warn sewage lad became repositories for human tuesday a and Industrial wastes Pesti-tro1 on Weslay. Codes and fertilizers. In Many canals boat docks pollution con tuesday to insurance commis in canal Waters Are unfit for Anc sinner Edwin Lanier. Bodily Contact. The 1971 general Assembly directed that the commissioner establish a �?o260 plan or a modification of a 260 rate classification plan. At present Auto liability insurance customers Are slotted into nine classifications to determine what kind of risks they Are and How High their premiums will be. Under the 260 plan policyholders would be divided into 260 prisoner release explained Washington a ident Nixon disclosed Are unused and in disrepair canals proposals before the pollution they observed and fish Are Dis Board would set minimum re a. Re toe appeals court order could Galifianakis said he recently pc hate court set an accelerated 9a> o mean a Day in Tlle mer8er for direct and coordinate planning another year. Hut this would Lei in. A consolidation. I Quot he maritime in Case Mer appear to lunge on the outcome which was to become effective i is upheld. Tats of the Appeal and whether the a a a Quot a will Grant a he urged rigid spent a night Riding and talking hearing Date april to and or controls on the development of with the Durham police in an dered a stay in the Impleman Effort to find out a what the Taljan Man on the firing line he made his comments in a of the sept. I. The Early hearing Date includes establishing a console supreme court. Dated school Board and naming stay if the App appearing from the stagnant standards for construction and prepared speech to a National �8 the court May make a a superintendent i a it afire design of fouls. Crime Pinr Anfinn w of on. Of i loft in Julic. Algae choked water. A also a number front Homes have crime prevention week a appellate court holds Merhige a order. Up of water Tho report found that a Gross Zience in Lexington eventually focal pollution in some canal Galifianakis said that unless to District court judge it r. Merhige or. Ordered tin merger in a decision Jan. To Lar erected High walled fences to Bottoms in cause gangrene the nation reverses its rising Block the Waters from View and tetanus and blood poisoning if crime rate a fall americans will an l Ater rejected a request for to protect children and pets washed Over untreated cuts. In groups so that insurance costs could be More personally tailor Tae in a Ork message de to each Driver. I that China a release of two from straying into the said William bar Ida and we tremendous in some areas. A pres Ham of. Partington or authors cording to the report in the his j of the report. The internal improvement Jto-12-feet thick fund an Agency which Over next to outfalls. Lose their unique Birthright a sewage buildups have been their he said crime will either make people too sought by fearful to move about or it will education Miami area sewage sludge 10-has piled up a delay. The vote to allow the stay the state Board of and Henrico and compel them to demand a cares Chesterfield counties was 4 to i Sive counter measures by a with judge Harrison l. Winter Bori ties. Classifications is a modification of the 260 plan. Berrigan trial jury sworn in the rate office proposal of 37 american prisoners last dec. 13 was a result of . Efforts to open communications with the Mainland. During presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger a two trips to Sec top chinese leaders. Nixon said Kissinger transmitted Nixon a concern Over the imprisoned americans. A it was both a Concrete result of our efforts to establish a dialogue and a hopeful sign for future Progress in our relations,1 Harrisburg. A. Apr that led to the release and com with a jury of nine women and muted sentence a Nixon said. Three men sworn in. The search j Richard Fecteau 43. A civil begins today for six alternate Jan employee of the army who jurors in the trial of Antiwar was captured by the chinese priest Philip Berrigan and six during he korean War and others they Are Actu Spring in 1970 to Kidnap presi Mary Ann Harbert 26. Who had of con disappeared on a yacht trip to Hong Kong in 1968, were re dental aide Henry a. Kissin leased last dec. 13. Ger to blow up heating tunnels on the same Day the chinese under buildings in Washington announced commutation of the d c., and to raid draft boards be sentence of Richard t. In an Effort to Force the . Downey 41, to five years from. That Date. Downey was captured at the forces out of Southeast Asia. The 12 jurors including one Black and one roman Catholic same time As Fecteau. Were selected in 86 minutes of secret mane vering tuesday after v2 weeks in which prospects underwent interrogations that focused on Vietnam and political activism by priests and nuns. Three jurors have had relatives in Vietnam including the Black woman typist whose son was a medic there. There Are three women in their 20s, one a Bride of five Washington Al the months who said a Well always department of agriculture has have wars. And another who supported and the National said Vietnam might be a Nee Farmers organization no Essary the eldest woman has opposed a Bill to change no opposes allotment changes on tobacco allot juror about 60. Had four sons regulations who were conscientious object ments. Tors the measure would authorize the Only Catholic a single the Sale lease and Transfer of woman called Vietnam a a farm acreage allotments and waste of marketing quotas Between there Are two College Grade farms for All kinds of tobacco ates and the rest have com the transactions would be per plated High school. One woman fitted across county lines in a non practising pharmacist the same state lost her first husband in world Only Virginia fire cured and War ii. Sun cured tobacco allotments the jury was picked from a can be transferred across Cou panel of 46, with the defense to lines under current Law. Striking 28 and the government Joseph j. Todd acting direct six. For the alternates a panel Tor of the departments tobacco of 16 will be seated and the de division told a House Agricula subcommittee tuesday the proposed changes would provide More flexibility Twenty four prospective a1 in the tobacco marketing quota Ternate jurors were excused programs. He also said it would tuesday most for holding Prev let Farmers who have the Nec sense will have seven of the to Ture peremptory challenges for w hich that no reason is needed. Diced opinions. Essary land labor and equip after the jurors were picked ment increase their operations. U s. District court judge it. However Charles Frazier i Dixon Herman ordered them Rector of the Washington office sequestered. They will not be of the no said his group is allowed to return Home for the opposed to the Sale or per remainder of the trial which manent Transfer of tobacco Al May last three months. Lot ments. From passing Auto Young girl shot along Road Edge Shelby n. C. A an Alert was out today for an old Model Green automobile As sheriffs officers continued their search in the mysterious shoot Tammy doubled Over crying a ooh my she managed to get Back to the House where she collapsed in the Carport. Her Mother mrs. Shirley ing of an 11-year-old girl in Brady said she was in the front of her Home in Rural House when she heard her Cleveland county. Tammy Spangler a fifth Gra Der at Elizabeth school was re got her to a ported in fair condition at mrs. Brady. Cleveland memorial Hospital after removal of a .22 Caliper Bollow Point Bullet. She was shot tuesday appear daughter scream. A i did no to know she had been shot until i Hospital a said i went running out and she said she had been hit by something a the Mother said. A she said she heard two a pops when was hit. A Hospital spokesman said doctors worked for three and a half hours to remove the Bullet. Entry from a passing car As a car drove by just before she she and a girl Friend Joy Well Mon also la were waiting to Cross the Highway to a service station grocery. Officers and the children had the child had been shot in the been playing at Tammy a Home left Side of her Back the on Highway 180 North. The spokesman said Wellmon girl was carrying a spokesman at the sheriffs. Tammy a year old sister As office said officers had nothing they waited for several cars to More to go on than the Chil pass officers said. Drens report that a an old Joy said As the last car went Green car was the last one to by something went a a Boom and pass. 141 Greensboro re. At 5 Points High Point phone 845-6041 to a Orvo 1h# fight to urn f Fogt it Ort a a a. Copyright 19zz. Us fun drugs. Prices Good through sat., Fer. 12 open 7 Days a week si.19 value Gillette Foamy shave Cream 11 of. Can regular menthol or Lime 57 limit 1 j 79c value Borden s Glacier club ice Cream half gallon Choice of flavors. 2198 0 Marcal fluff out tissues Reg. 29� 200 Tiu Utt in limit i household savings cake holds 9-Inch or 10-Inch fluted. Tube Cane pan. Loaf pans Choice of three cake meat loaf end bread pans. Nasco Fine China 20-oz. 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