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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 8, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday l i Druary 8, 1989the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three Bruce Canon will write daily on Washington for Enterprise Bruce Catton Ace reporter end Brilliant news commentator has been named Washington correspondent for Nea service and the Enterprise. His dispatches will appear daily. Catton brings an original and of costing viewpoint to every subject he approaches. As an bit onal writer and commentator he has been interpret eng the National scene for newspaper readers for almost a dead. During that time he wrote for More than too daily newspapers and his articles were followed by millions of readers throughout the world. He became the most widely quoted editor Al writer in the country. Now that he will concentrate All his attention on Washington leaders can look Forward to getting Many new slants and exclusive stories from the nation s Spital. Started writing Early Catton was born in Petoskey. Mich., in is99. His father was a Coni a Csc Ilion alive mini a a a or am the principal of a preparatory school. Records done to show when the Young boy first tapped a Type writer key but it was Early in life. Maybe it was his remarkable ability to see the news before it happens that allowed Catton at the age of 14 to state definitely that his would be the life of a Newspaperman. He made that prophecy come True. At Oberlin College in Ohio he As editor of the school paper. His first real Job in the newspaper Field came As a reporter the Cleveland news he liked reporting. Interview no people. Analysing news developments. And he con inked in that Field when he joined the staff of the Reston american a Little More than a ear later. By that time he had become known in the newspaper world for his almost exhaust less stir ply of general knowledge and the Cleveland Plain dealer brought him Back to Cleveland to pass on news stories before they went into the paper. Joins Nea seb k e Catton was glad to return to Cleveland for As he explains it a a my girl was living in Cleveland and it was either come Hack or get a new they were married in 1924. In 1926, Catton joined Nea service world s largest newspaper feature service. Almont immediately editors and readers throughout the world began to Lodic for the by line a a by Bruce Over editorials and feature stories. For a time he became editor of every week Magazine. To the constant amazement of fellow writers he wrote Magazine pages on almost every subject without consulting a Book or reference. The pages were never questioned for accuracy a the just leans Back in his according to a colleague a cig Aret maybe passes a Little conversation but All the time he a marshalling facts for his Story. It might be on archaeology or the effects of a new aaa ruling. A by the time the cig Aret is finished. Catton is ready to go. He turns to his typewriter and begins to write. When he is through there is rarely a word that needs to be by i Loh Model boats Catton writes easily because he works hard at his Job. When not writing he is an incessant Reader and he has the Knack of drawing some new information from almost every conversation. For recreation he turns to Model boat building with his Young son As first mate. His strongest interests Are political science and history especially civil War history. He knows world War history first hand for he was a gunners mate third class then. Latest farm Market report fruits and vegetables North Carolina shipping Points information and sales on the priv Rupal wholesale markets As reported by the i. S. And North Carolina departments of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges it which the bulk of he Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold. Lettuce f. O. B. Brawley Calif late demand very slow but Market slightly stronger. Carloads f. O. H. Cash track. Western crates Ltd Perg Type 4 to 5, heavy to 6 Pozen size. 1.50 to 1.60, mostly .50. Straight 4 dozen sizes very pm i 40 6 dozen sire Mot by round i 25. Occasional car higher top ice Exira Al Ham Rekhi is f. B Plant City. Fla demand moderate and Market about steady. Yard aah Tutu k a Ialey rash to growers. Missionary within crates. 6 to 7, mostly 6 4 ends per pint. 4 Ita to is f. O. B. Presque Isle. Roo took county maim offerings hauling and wire inquiry Light demand fair and Market Dull. Carloads f. H b. Shipping Pointe k based on delivered sales less All transportation charges i Presque Isle rate 100-Pound sacks Green mountains c. S. No. I size a a a is to 1.05, mostly 1.03. 2-Inch pin. Sizes. 1.07 to 1.1.0. Few lower cobblers it. S. No. I size 97 s cents i car. F. O. B. Lower East coast of Fis demand Good and Market a Teav. Carloads Fob usual Kerms Bushel crate Bliss triumphs i. S. No. I 1.25, u. 8. No. I size a by 1.16. Cabbage f. O. B. Rochester new York demand alow and Market weak. Carloads and truckloads f. O b. Usual terms and shipping Points it based on delivered sales less All transportation charges danish Type cached per ton 6.50 to 7.50, few 8.00. Washington Market steady Florida i Bushel hampers Domestic round Type 85 cents to . Locally packed 75 cents. New York 50 Pound sacks danish Type 30 to 40 cents. Apples Washington Market steady. Bushel Basket prices unchanged from monday. No get potatoes Cleveland Market Dull. Porto Picans North Carolina Bushel baskets 1.30 to 1.35. Louisiana Bushel crates 1.40 to i 50. Washington Market steady. North Carolina Bushel baskets Porto Picans Best 1.16. Fair banality 90 cents to 1.00. Nancy flails j. 8. No. I Loo to Pittsburgh Market Leady. North and South Ina Tennessee and Louisiana rices unchanged from monday. Jew Jersey Bushel hampers Jer by Type processed 2 3 5 to 2.40 of in in 1.40. Philadelphia Market steady. Bushel baskets unmarked As to Trade. South Carolina Porto i rans. Fair Quality 1.00. Virginia. A bite yams fair Quality few i of. New York Market firm on Lams slightly stronger on other Dock. South Carolina Porto i fans u. S. No. I Bushel baskets 1.10. About Caro be sure to weekly food memo i 25 to 1.35. Bushel crates 1.40 to 1.50. Snap Beans Philadelphia Market Dull. Florida Ordinary to fair Quality and condition Green Flat Type 1.00 to 1.50 Wax 1.50 to 1.75. String less Black Valentines 1.75 to 2.00. In milers Washington Market steady. Indiana hot House Stock 1.00 to 1.50. Strah Derries Philadelphia Florida. 36-pint crate mostly Ordinary to fair Quality and condition i to 9 cents per pint. Peppers Washington Market steady. Florida. I Bushel crates Green. 1.50 to 2.26. A Reen peas Philadelphia Market about steady. Bushel hampers. California. 2.85 to 3.25 Mexico 3.00. Lima Beans Washington Market Dull. Florida. Bushel hampers 1.90 to 2.50. Tomatoes Philadelphia Market Dull. Florida lug boxes Green ripes and turning wrapped. 6x6, Ordinary Quality. 1.40. 6x7, fair Quality 1.50 to 1.75. Another pest out of North country by Lynn Nisbet Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel j. Raleigh feb. the a Tate of North Carolina immediately spends As much As 130,000 to match Federal allocation in preventing spread of the japanese Beetle it will be throttled by Federal quarantine this Spring according to presentation of the need made by Clarence Brannon before the joint agricultural committee yesterday. Already parts of new England most of new York and Penn sly Vania extensive areas in new Jersey. Delaware and Virginia Are under quarantine and the infestation is spreading southward. Beetles have been found All the Way from Winston Salem to Wilmington. Or. Brannon who is entomologist in the state department of agriculture was speaking for the fifty Odd peach growers who had come up fro the san Hills to urge the appropriation. But he emphasized the fact that the Beetle is just As much a menace i to Corn soybeans and other Field crops As it is to ornamental shrubbery and fruit Trees. Need for immediate action was stressed at the same time notice was Given that an appropriation of $50.ooo a year will be asked As a permanent preventive measure. The 30,000 now requested to match available funds will be spent within the next six weeks and will stave off quarantine regulations for at least a year. The sectional Issue was raised when it was pointed out that the Northern areas now under quarantine Are anxious to have North Carolina placed in the same category so that the dealers in plants and seeds May ship their infested products into this state. Prevention Wor includes forcing arsenate of Lead solution into the soil by High pressure. The Federal government co operates to the extent of furnishing the High pressure equipment and making the surveys. The state must buy j the arsenate and Supply the labor. A end ass i ens Greensboro feb. 8.�? up a the Assoc iced credit bureaus of North Carolina concluded their five Day session yesterday after deciding to hold the next Semi annual season with the Virginia Anocia Tion in a september. Talking to Dick in a Low tone. Distinctly she heard the words Quot kiss Here and Dick s angry exclamation. Bewildered she saw Dick tear the pledge pin from his Vest. The older boy backed away refusing the pin laughing saying a a Okay you done to need to get none of it made sense to Susie. Sitting comfortably in the roadster beside a strangely preoccupied escort Susie pondered Over the incident in the Hall. Obviously the upper Classman had not wanted Dick to kiss her. Her blood pounded furiously at the thought. And Dick had been angry at the interference. Trembling by Susie waited. At last she glanced at him from gave itself into Dick s under her heavy brows. A Why did no the want you to kiss me a she asked rather ingeniously for one unversed in subtleties. Dick looked at her quickly startled. He muttered. A those Guys had better mind their own what Susie had answered still a serial Story women want Beauty by Louise Holmes . >.�. Nea service. Inc a ast of characters at two descending the stairs Sisie Lambert she seized again enfolded in the Spring coat Waif firs Ami dreamed of being she saw one of the older boys Beautiful. Dick Tremaine he liked Susie a waffles but he see Susie. Jeff Bowman a his chief concern was to make Susie As Beautiful As he wanted to be. A a yesterday Dirk had once dated Susie As a jest. Now she recalls the Day sorrowfully wishes she might have been Beautiful just for him. Chapter in Susie w ent to bed but not to sleep. Her thoughts still pursued the Well worn path of memory. She had bought an evening dress for Dicks party Bright Blue moire taffeta on the outside definitely sateen underneath. It was Long and extremely backless and sported two red velvet topples on the bosom. She bought High heeled red sandals. Actually they made her feet appear pretty and Small but they Hurt terribly. On the Day of the party she had her hair done marvelled into a frizz the Bangs swirling from left to right. The frizz made her hair Shorter than Ever it left a straight fringe of her Shubby neck. She had her nails manicured. Very Pink very shiny. She bought Bath powder and a Brilliant Shade of lipstick. By saturday night Susie was in a dither. It took her two hours to dress. She dropped everything upset everything. The Thiu silk Hose were a bit Short when she carefully pulled them Over her Well rounded Knees. The tight backless brassiere snapped off its one Hook when she leaned Over and she had to undress. The dress was More snug than she had thought it in the shop but the Long skirt was beautifully slender izing. Susies Mirror said unflattering things concerning Bright Blue with her Sallow skin. She airily denied the accusation and put on More Rouge. Her Mouth Cherry red to the far Cornera was enormous. This too she refused to admit. It was no night for fault finding. Over the festive gown she wore her Spring coat the swagger style. Noticing its dimensions one of the waitresses had said �?�8us-is s coat must have been made by Omar the Susie was sorry she had no Everling wrap but a budget could Only be stretched so far. Never would Susie forget the moment when Dick arrived. Nothing that happened afterwards could quite blur the rapture of that moment. Waiting in the lower Hall tense with anticipation she had opened the door for him. Had he looked horrified for a split second surely not. Smiling. He removed his hot. Of the cleanness of him the breathtaking smoothness of his hair the splendor of his evening clothes the whole perfection of him. Susie always remembered what he said. A lady the Carriage so had giggled hysterically. The Carriage was a roadster Long and Low and Swanky. Susie tripped on her Long dress and literally fell into the seat. The top was Down and the night air blew some of the frizz out of her hair. Leaving dismally unmanageable strands. On the drive to the fraternity House she laughed too much was jumpy As a top balloon. All at once Susie was stricken with fear. What went on at a fraternity dance she had t an idea. Exhilaration dissolved and with it went Confidence. A a in be never been to a Nice she said to Dick. A maybe i should t have a a you la get along Alt he assured her. A Titi see that you he sounded a bit grim. He took her to the dressing room and. Is rhe entered the chatter ceased. Girls everywhere in slim satins soft chiffons their Heads coined smoothly their eyebrows daintily arched. Some of the girls turned their Hacks As Susie uncertainly took off the Spring coat. She heard a suppressed snicker. Several of the More kindly inclined said. A hello Susie a and she stammered an answer. To Len the girls left Susie alone she heard the Ripple of their laughter Oil the stairs. Nervously powdering her nose she stopped aghast at what she saw in the Long Mirror squat bulk overhanging eyebrows the bulging fatness of her Back. Frantically she fussed with her hair while panic seized her. She could t go Down she could no to. Then came Dick voice from somewhere beyond the door a a bout ready Susie a a a a after that the party was a series of vague impressions Young men whom she had served with waffles being ostentatiously polite. Girls who ignored her Dregs too tight shoes too tight Dick always there. From 9 30 until Oue Susie danced with Dick Stum bling losing the step coming up with a Jolt against his smoothly moving at twelve she had said a take me Home. he looked at his wrist watch. A just a Little longer. Susie a there was a White line of fatigue around Dicks youth Mouth. He smiled gallantly at one they were served with tiny sandwiches and huge Black olives Sherbert and Coffee. The girls were presented with favors Little Silver compacts with the Delta Phi Emblem embossed on one Side. Susie was delighted with the trinket. Lay like a scorching Coal in her heart after four years. She had said a a Well if you want to and a and if i done to a kissed. Hungry for love flaming with it. Dick stopped the car at Susie a shabby Rooming House. A look a he said a i Don t like Fellows who kiss every girl they take out. I think its common and not very complimentary to the a a in be never been kissed a she said wistfully. It Wasny to like Susie to be Forward. Something outside herself or perhaps within herself wanted to be kissed. The still Crisp night the Star bitten sky Dicks clean honest Mouth the urge of youth she leaned heavily against him. Dick still hesitated. A would it make you feel better about tonight if i kissed you a he asked. She gazed at him not understanding. A if you knew id never take you out again would you want me to kiss you a Susie raised her lips and he kissed her. It was a Quick reluctant kiss but in that instant Susie a lonely thwarted heart keeping without thought of consequences without question. Little wings of ecstacy beat in her heart the Cool night whispered life had suddenly become mysterious and Sweet. Love had come to stay with Susie. A thank you a she said softly. A ooh please done to to be oui Nik i More arrests made in narcotic Case Charlotte n. A. Feb. up a Federal narcotic agents said today they expected other arrests to follow those made in Fayetteville in which a Man and woman w Ere charged with conspiracy to peddle narcotics in North Carolina b. M. Martin supervisor of agents in this District said that the couple named by him As Lester Burke and Nora Belle Burke were linked with or. G. D. Gardner of Asheville who recently was arrested on a charge of violating the narcotic Laws. Martin said Burke made a trip to new York for or. Gardner and returned with a Quantity of narcotics. The burkes the supervisor asserted also purchased narcotics from drug stores in North Carolina and peddled them at a profit. The defendants were arrested yesterday in Fayetteville. To meet Friday and saturday Salisbury feb. 8.�? up a the North Carolina lutheran synods Northern conference Wilt hold its sixth semiannual meet ing at Granite Quarry Friday and saturday. notions this event brings to our town the greatest newest and most useful collection of notions Ever presented in High Point hundreds of items Many specials huge assortment. Odora Cameo wardrobe new drop door construction. Fully equipped with Spring steel lock lacquered Wood frames and patented odor retainer which emits a penetrating $2.95 store hours 9 to 5 30 saturdays 9 to 7 o clock a a do compact Cabinet for shoes Hose lingerie ii t Isrl More medication j for cold discomfort Enetro has from two to three times As much medication As any other nationally sold Salve for cold Dia Comfort. That a one reason it is used by so Many mothers in America and 37 foreign countries. Always demand stainless Snow White Pene Tro. At druggists. A a a by a a a my a hmm Mem of i Enetro Wood Tram and Wood lags Wood Knob 22x12x12 in washable Wall coverings will Harmon la with any color schema Usa it As a night tabla or tuck it away in a closet 6 convenient drawers for shoes Hose gloves hankies lingerie jewelry Etc. Use snowball yarns for knitted Spring fashions step into fashion with your own knitting Needles and have the fun of creating a smart wardrobe and accessories with your own nimble fingers. Above All enjoy the smooth nullity of snowball yarns and their sex Lii site array of colors. Snowball Bauk. To hand knitting Worste afghans dresses Huit accessories glowing col Talon Talon fasteners for smart smooth fitting clothes use a Talon Fastener. Placket closings novel trimmings full length closings. E z do Rol a mat a new full opening Catline that stores and contains your heaviest clothes. Operates with a touch lacquered Wood and Nickel $1.98 Parade of notions Down stairs More than 75000 items in the events a the old favourites with hundreds of new items never before sold at plenty of novelties and gadgets made to sell for up to 25c. 3,000 pieces Quot run of the Kiln Quot pottery. New glassware. All tables Down stairs will lie used for this great event. Extra salespeople to serve you. No c o n. To in Niwao a to Ndu Arlo Fortuna girdles three sizes three lengths built and sized to adjust to any figure. Two Way stretch. Packed in sanitary cellophane. Price $1.00. Star Lees

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