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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High Point enter up Isey Piedmont Center of a High Point. North Carolina tuesday february 6, 1910 Saladier s party avers finn stand Radical socialists pass Resolution a Kimiji French help Paris Rob. >6. Map a Linier 1>.dallier s own Radical in i a a a a it. A i isolation calling upon the French a a eminent a to take All Neces airy measures to permit Finland it continue to fight and win Quot her a against Russia. The Radical socialist pearlta icentary group meeting in the flambe of deputies linked the income of the War in Finland pith that in Western Europe j the Resolution said the party builders a the definite defeat of in soviet aggression against Fin my will Hurt our enemies in Leir military Power As Well a in re previously the French press rinsed today a desire to Aid Inland quickly on Fie heels of in fifth British French supreme or Council session at which the finnish russian War was report-1 to have been discussed. Some newspapers carried an in Irvlen by the havas French Birt Agency with Ralsto Ryal fun Lish Premier. In which he Declar la. Quot Tho quickest Ald is the most they gave no Light however sad mistake Greensboro feb. a ii docs not pay to raid a Farmers Hen House carry off ids prise hens and then lie Down for a Nap within Loo Yards of the place. To least it does not pay a possums. Sunday night two Trig a its. Sums made such a raid on tile Hen House of r. L. Ramsey near Here. Ramsey tracked tile marauders through the Snow to their sleeping place. There will in a a miss Iii Barbecue out at Ramsey a soon. On any possible Allied decisions concerning quicker shipments of air planes and munitions to the embattled finns. The paper la Ordre said a if Aid is going to be Given to Finland in the spirit of saving her it will he necessary to act with very great theatre today Center the grandest of rave stories told to the tunes of the grandest love songs a the great Victor Herbert a with Mary Martin Allan Jones Walter Connolly Broadhurst hot Day \ v Carolina ifs Gay and delightful Ann Sheridan pm k pow Ell a in a a naughty but Nice Canadian boat is torpedoed Britain anti France concentrate on movement of food supplies London. Feb. 6.�?ffp a loss of a big Canadian freighter by Torp doing was reported today As Creal Britain and France shaped their National structures for an unremitting Battle of bread and meat this Spring. The admiralty informed officials of the Canadian Pacific steamship company that its 9.874-ton Beaver urn. Of London registry had been sunk but gave no details. The authoritative British press association said the ship built in 1928 and used in fast freight service Between Canada and the United kingdom was understood to have been torpedoed off the Southern coast of Ireland. Another merchant ship was reported to have reamed 76 of the Crew of 77, indications were the sinking occurred yesterday. The owners said that subject to official confirmation this indicated Only one Man missing and that he merely might not he accounted for. The sinking pointed up the opinion of military experts that food must be the wars main sinews and that exhaustion is the weapon which eventually will determine the Victor. Military Power of the belligerents la approaching the deadlock of Equality these experts said obviating Germany a chances for a successful Blitzkrieg and giving Broad modern significance to tile epigram attributed to Napoleon that an army travels on its stomach. The allies who held a supreme War Council meeting in Pari Yea i Tel Day issued a communique that j a the que oat Ion of food stocks was notably and mentioned no other specific matters. Naval observers saw in Germany a Aerial attacks on shipping a renewed Effort to blockade Britain a imports of food and materials. And looked for greater i submarine activity. The British food ministry announced a statement would be made this week on the Date for beginning fresh meat rations. J Miami area corrupt Fri chief charges of Quot a George 0 Brien Arizona legion a Brach City employs police with liminal record Washington Fob 6 act a a. Edgar Hoover director of the Federal Bureau of investigation has announced that his staff found a evidence indicating local graft corruption and inefficiency in the Miami fla., area. This charge and another that police authorities of the resort i failed to cooperate with the jus Palace theatre Salem Street a in Jim Yabu k Thomasville Comino tomorrow a mystery plane1�?T with John Hui at a Alto serial and i Mordy last to mks today a in old Monterey with Gene Autry add Ibitson Adi its 4 i id re 15c 2 for 25c exc kit thurs. And sat Rda is Ioc it la 1 a i a to a t a t a a Uke Quot magnificent obsession a. It tills your heart with happiness. And your eyes with an occasion a it ii a Al tear built to Fly 3v2miles a minute in sub stratosphere % in lilith it. Vol a i1 iv.v.1 v Quot is. A a vim Al. A a biggest twin to or Airliner Ever built in this country is the 36-passenger Curtiss Wright sub stratosphere transport plane shown outside St. Louis Plant ready for engine tests. After thorough ground tests by civil aeronautics authority inspectors ship will be put through flight paces before being placed in operation. Its Speed is calculated at 3 a Miles per minute. Cd i finns Como floor portable first Aid stations even red Crow Field dressing stations must be camouflaged against air attack under rules of present Day warfare. This exclusive picture from the Salla front was taken by Erie Cal Craft Nea Stanfil cameraman accompanying the finnish forces in the North. Rooney goes overboard with Navy chief s wife m2 a a. A a v a. A amp a i w at. 1 or 4 a i a sly amp a. J44 v a a Washington diplomatic circles went into a whirl when Mickey Rooney current pm Missry of Good woo from the film capital planted a promiscuous Peck on the Chook of mrs. Charles Edison. Secretary of the Navy Edison left took the matter lightly and called out no heavy cruisers to pursue bold or. Rooney. Tilp a i a Gas cloaks protect mommies from death sprays go built to shed More than rain the cloaks under which these British soldiers huddle during training Maneu vers were developed As Protection against Gas sprayed on them in air attacks. The thrilling tour Triangle of a Man who nearly wrecked the live of two people he loved beyond life it my Leslie Howard Ingrid Bergman a Iii a intermezzo a love Story a it la John Holliday Marie Flynn Little bits Mish i Omi by co ii comedy 2 romantic Days wed. And thurs. Hee depart mom s investigation were made before a House appropriations subcommittee in testimony made Public today. Hoover declared the Fhi had tried to work with local authorities but received a Little or no actual cooperation. A police officers Iii that area have been instructed Quot he charged a not to come near the representatives of the Fri. They have been told that if they were seen going in or coming out of our offices they would be he termed the Miami and Miami Beach area a one of the greatest problems we have had to contend with in the entire country because of the influx of criminals from various sections of the count Hoover said his staff found that in the Miami Beach police department there were six officers with Polit e records and that some of them had nerved Lime. Although this was made known to the department he said these officers continued on the Force. A we have Good reason to by Lieve a Hoover added a that the operations of Confidence men in the Miami area Are carried on a least with the knowledge of some Law enforcement Backbone of nazi defense forces seats one Man has 4 machine guns with Range of 300 Yards Speed 400 in. P. H radius 450 Miles engine 1350 h. P. All Metal plane has one piece fuselage wingspan 34 feet length 28 feet prize unit of Germany s air defense forces is this Swift fighting plane the Mercer Schultt me-109. With their twin motored sister ships that carry two airmen and Long Range 23 my. Cannon sky fighters of this Type hive battled but ii bomber Over Helgoland about Pelley gives continued from Page Otic who reported that despite assistance from the Federal Bureau of investigation and other Law enforcement agencies it had been impossible to locate him. Pelley declined to Tell reporters where he had been since the Dies committee began looking for him. But he said he had been in Washington for the last 48 hours. He emphatically declared that he went before the committee a entirely by when he appeared before the rules subcommittee acting chairman Starnes a Ala of the Dies committee a the chairman has been ill in Texas a announced to the subcommittee that or. Pelley had voluntarily submitted himself and a we immediately placed him under Starnes said that Pelley had been questioned by the Dies group Only As to the authenticity of the letters. Hook entered the rules subcommittee hearing about the same time As Pelley and remarked audibly to friends a ifs funny they can find Pelley now. Isnit it a when Pelley was questioned about Hooks placing the letters in the congressional record he grinned and observed a i think he was just played for a sucker done to you a he denied that he had Ever corresponded with Mayne about the Dies committee. Asked by rep. Fish whether he had Ever met or communicated with Dies. Pelley firmly replied a no sir a he said he had written Rhea Whitley former counsel of the die committee to a apologize for misunderstanding Why they wanted he added that he sent a notation about his letter to a comm Teemant rep. Voorhus . Saying that he wished to appear before the committee. Shell act but not As Juliet More about artillery continued from Page one North of the Lake. One of the few Highway in the area connects Al Tela on the Northern Lake Shore with Kasna Selka a score of Miles away and near the Russia Border. Romans. Just North of this Highway and Midway Between Kite la and Kasna Selka. Would be a logical spot from which to sever the Road. The Copenhagen report said the 18th division was one of five operating North of let Ake Ladoga a dispatch from Helsinki by Reuters. British news Agency also told of a a annihilation of the 18th division near Kite la. A russian communique said a clashes of infantry units continued in the area North of Lake Ladoga Quot yesterday the finnish communique of last night said three russian attacks Northeast of Lake Ladoga had been repulsed and. A your troops captured another enemy stronghold. Killing the majority of the defenders. The enemy dead numbered Over 500.&Quot another russian attack at Summa. On the karelian isthmus Between Lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland was interrupted by some observers As an attempt to divert the finns so As to relieve the divisions reported stranded North of the Lake. The finns said it too failed. Heavy snowfall caused the russian air raids yesterday to be confined to scattered districts mainly along the southwestern coast. Authorities reported one woman was killed and seven women and children were Hurt when bombers destroyed seven houses in Kaa Kinen a fishing Village on the Gulf of bothnia. Two persons were reported killed in a Joanl in Central Finland. An official bulletin said Otis i Alan raids on i localities had killed 145 civilians and injured 179 in the past week. Fifty to 400 russian planes flew Over finnish soil every Day of the week it said. Weather local father noon today. Low last night. High yesterday. 48 39 48 North Carolina rain this site Root and tonight slightly warmer in Northeast. Colder ii Southwest and extreme West Portor tonight wednesday Clearing and slightly colder winds Sandy Hook t Hatteras tres wind m o a 11 Southeast so Latini to Southwest ant West late tonight Cloudy with rail rain tonight and on extreme South portion wednesday. Hatteras to Jacksonville fresh t moderately Strong southerly wind shifting to Westerly and wednesday overcast weather with rail tonight and off the coast wednesday a a a Charlotte. Feb. 6- api Offida. Weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hour ending at 7 30 a rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station wish i no. Eileen Herrick Lowther heroine of famed a Romeo Juliet courtship by new York youth about own George Lowther. Will go on the stage but not in shakes cares tragedy of thwarted love. He Lowthers Are reported to have signed contract to appear in operettas in Miami a Orange bowl. She is pictured at Palm Beach where he and Lowther Are honeymooning. Asheville. 55 43 Atlanta. 50 43 .5 Augusta. So 44 i Birmingham. So 47 2 3 Charleston. Is 46 Charlotte. 53 42 Chicago. 34 30 Columbia. 51 46 i Denver. 41 26 Detroit. 32 Evansville. 3 34 .51 Galveston. St 46 2i Greensboro. 47 36 0 Hatteras. 54 45 o i Jacksonville. 72 56 i key West. 71 67 Little Rock. 44 34 41 los Angeles. 71 55 Memphis. 42 35 j i Meridian. A 51 3 to Miami. 72 be j . Paul. 2 24 j Mobile. 63 54 a i. Mitchell. 41 31 la new Orleana. 71 so i 64 j new York 31 a Raleigh. 55 43 san Antonia. 71 44 san Francisco. Is 54 Spartanburg. Is 43 Tampa. 65 55 Washington 36 cd Wilmington 62 46 More about More about entente policy continued from Page due foreign policy bitterly attacked the entente s territorial stand at Belgrade the entente agreed to a a watch Over the territorial right of one another the Belgrade conference. Pester Lloyd said a recalls dangerously the spirit of the Little entente Quot a Czecho Slovakia Poland and Rumania a ended by Germany a conquests. The newspaper demanded to Knox whether rumanian so tation Al territory Quot included Transylvania with a Quot hungarian minority of nearly 2,000,000.&Quot if the entente guaranteed rumanian a Transylvania Border. Pester Lloyd declared Quot it is useless to waste one word Over starting discussions Quot with that Power Over Hungary a claims. Hungarian governmental sources confirmed that resentment was Felt at the a ambiguously phrased Quot territorial policy adopted by the entente. They said the individual countries had been asked for an exact definition of that question Hungary a disappointment was echoed by Bulgaria. Sofia newspapers were permitted by government censorship to declare that the conference failed �?obe-1 cause the question of revision was i postponed although it must be Dis j cussed in order to bring boil i Tine peace in Southeastern Grange meeting in . Winston Salem. Feb. Cup a Between 75 and too masters lecturer secretaries and members of the state Grange in Forsyth Davie and Yadkin counties attended a conference Here today. Harry b. Caldwell of Greensboro state master was the principal speaker. More about four prisoners continued from rage one broaden a kit Al for state a Gigli Vagt Pat Mil reinforcement. More i loin an hour after the e senile a reported another police broadcast a ked that tatar Pitt of the Conte Pri on department hurry to lie scene with bloodhound. A a. More about three departments continued from Page of proposed by the budget Bureau in the appropriation for Patent office salaries As compared with what was Given this year. The committee said it would have been disposed to increase the anti Trust appropriation further had it not been for the present state of the budget. The Patent office it said was making a profit on its activities and the contemplated reduction would put its work in arrears. A total of $9,910,000 was allowed the Federal Bureau of investigation. Representing a Cut of $22,000. Of the total approved $2,4 88,000 was for counter espionage. Counter sabotage and enforcement of the neutrality act. With this latter aum and $1.-4 75.000 provided in the emergency defense the Bureau plans to employ an additional 514 persons including 260 new agents. The amount disallowed affects the bureaus automobile Purchase program Only and will result among other things in acquisition of one less armoured car. To open prison feb. Is Durham feb. 6 a Ltd it a the state Highway and Public works commission will open its new $51,731.50 Durham county prison Camp around Fob. 15. Hospital opening delayed Dunn. Feb. 6. A up a the Harnett county commissioners denounced today the new $125,-000 Hospital Here would be opened soon. Opening of the institution has been delayed because of a disagreement Between the county authorities and the pea. A a Bones Are to be collected from households in Britain and converted into glue gelatine and possibly fertilizers. Democratic leaders a continued from Page one at a time of his own choosing. This did not Stop third ten talk in the capital How Erdt spite the fact that the president invited the National commit is to Allna group a t u White House this morning. Charles Sawyer committeeman from Olio. Told reported thai the Len Dent i All Odds is the most popular candidate in Ohio he added however that he Dit not believe or. Roosevelt Shouh. Oui Iii i a himself now a if he Doh not want other third term Advocatt contended that Chicago use let Hon As the convention City play cd right into their hands slut they Haid that the a Center of the draft Roosevelt Campaign a represented there by mayor it Ward j Kelly and National committeeman Pat Nash. These to it men have filed petitions prep aral a Orv to placing or Roosevelt name in the Illinois primal april 9. As if in reply to Chicago a St Lection. Garner announced Tomt Diatel after the committee set Aion. Which he attended As a Volt chairman and Texas commute Man. An acknowledgement of thanks to supporters for filing slate of 24 Delegate Candida pledged to him in Wisconsin. A Large company of Lambeth walkers is entertaining soldiers in France. More a outlay de Irish continued from a age one risk of extinguishing All hop enduring peace Between Brite and the Irish feeling ran High among son sections of the Irish Republic. In blaming today s blasts it the i. R .a., police said that f Miliar a balloon Type bombs i been i Ted in the fusion Blan the bombs were in mail bags co signed to Birmingham. The station was Crow ded. In were Many soldiers on leave. Of of those injured was detained an Eye Hospital for injury about the eyes while the oth wore treated for abrasions a Shock. Flames followed the firm ii Ham Post office explosion. I were extinguished quickly. I blast was heard in the Street a Drew a urge crowd. Freed Joseph Hewitt 29 acquitted murder in the Coventry blast w freed today on charges of it piracy to cause explosions to easing explosives and causing explosion. The prosecution Offe no evidence against him. State deaths a. F. Connor Shelby feb. Funer. A1 services were held today for a f. Connor 92. A Veteran of the War Between the state who died yesterday. Shape with Asbestos top i 9 sensational Sale 3 Days ohly made to measure to fit any shape table phone or write postal Telegraph Ami a representative will Tail at your Home for measurements. No charge for this service. Titj�inlvophc7l,

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