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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 6, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday february 6. 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Bage three Money How to spend and where to get it Assembly s problem diversion lists still even in hard struggle \ anon and sundry hits of legislation plague solemn Lann n is not Enterprise Bureau sit Walter hotel Raleigh feb. activity last week was again it divided Between Capitol Halls Aud committee rooms with Money its collection and distribution holding nearly All the attention. The Issue of diversion of Highway funds the question of duplication of activities in agricultural work and the tendency of the appropriations committee to use a meat axe on the budget commission recon rendition and efforts of the finance groups to locate somewhere somehow a few extra sources of Revenue All go Hack to Money. Election Reform wage and Bour regulation a n d proposed revision of nearly the whole North Carolina ode on descent and distribution of estates came in to Iii Bough and in the Long run May he of As much importance to the average citizen As any of the tax Hills or appropriations. Rut the interest bestowed upon them during the past week was meager. Comax Etc is Day the diversion argument reached its Climax tuesday and wednesday. But t h e Prophet who says that the fight is Over will almost certainly have to eat his words later. Truth of the matter is the real fight has not started. Up to now there have been Maneu vers for advantage of some Little Vanguard skirmishing. It must be admitted by the anti diversion its that they have come off second Best in the preliminaries. The 500 red ribbon wearers Bere tuesday afternoon for the committee hearing made a Fine showing against t h e diversion idea. Two former Highway commission chairmen and at least prospective candidates for governor went to hat for them. At a joint session of the legislature that night governor Hoey presented the other Side in an Appeal that went Over statewide radio. Observers agreed that the i Uto Wasu it t in. A joint Suh it Ommittee spent ail week studying plans to alleviate duplication in agricultural a Tivin of tile state department and the College temperature of Nome of the a witnesses Quot Rose High of times and there were thinly veiled charges of had Faith an i in Tai Lency. The committee closed its weeks work by at g that three technical special. To from each department present in writing to the committee next thursday a full analysis of Points of agreement my difference. This May result in a permanent super joint committee to supervise agricultural work in the slate an Earnest Appeal to both departments and to committee member when made by House chairman a glee who begged ill Intel est i pal is in to jeopardize agricultural i Ogress by Petty spite and jealousy. Or. Eagles pointed to a real danger Here. Committee members individually voiced the opinion hat differences and overlapping pet Ween tile department and the College were grossly exaggerated to begin with but the attendant polarity has raised them to a plan of Nim la greater Impi a ii o t Ila it i he a i Ual sit halon warrants the Point is. That if Tuet people believe the filiation in so bad then it is had because neither the College nor he department can function without popular support. Aiu fight the appropriation committee luring th1 week lopped More Hail half a million dollars off he budget commission proposals. Only one item was restored that Vas 19,000 for the biennium to Natch a like sum from the Agri Mil ural fund for credit Union Mirk. This item a a not included by tile budget commission. The Harden fight was made on he state Abc Hoard which last rear spent $38,000 Aud asked or $64,000 for each of the next to years. Compromise figure is $ 13,210 a year. Rack of this s considerable personal feeling hat Hoard me in he re Are not earn no their Money. Hard put As tile state is for Honey few competent observers Lave any idea that All of the a refugee reflects China building new Interior nation with. Borrowed Twenty five million by Andrle Berding Washington feb. 6�? up a China is building a new nation in the comparatively undeveloped Interior beyond immediate reach of japanese forces utilizing $25,-000.000 credit extended her in december by the american Export import Bank. Well informed persons who disclosed today for the first time what China was doing with the credit opened in new York said that nations Only Chance of defeating the japanese was to w ear them out by creating a virtually new China in what was once the hinterland. Natives carried machinery with them when they evacuated manufacturing centers and Are setting up new factories in cities virtually unknown to the occident. Now they Are buying machinery in the United states with which to equip the factories. Some of the machinery probably will be used in making arms and ammunition. Between 1,000 and 2,000 freshly ordered trucks will be used to connect China with the sea Over the new 2,000-mile Road opened Between the provisional capital of chunking and Rangoon British Burma. American ambassador Nelson t. Johnson reported recently that the Road was completed in eight months solely by native labor directed by chinese engineers some of whom were educated in the United states. To improve communications authorities Are preparing to Purchase a Large amount of Telephone and Telegraph equipment from american finns. They Are placing orders for hundreds of thousands of Yards of cloth mostly Cotton some of which May be used for uniforms. $2,000 fire i a m j it feb. A App fire swept a drug store and insurance office Here late last night causing an estimated $2,000 damage. Fumes from the burning drugs in tile rear of the store hindered the firemen fighting the Blaze cause of which was unknown. O Daniel defends Texas Quot reprieve Quot Austin tex., feb. 6.�? a gov. Vav. Lee of Daniel defending his storm provoking action in delaying the execution of a condemned negro pleaded with his constituents today to help abolish capital punishment. He said he deliberately had sought to arouse Public opinion to the horror of taking a human life by reproving Vii Nell Williams negro convicted of slaying his employer because Quot few forms of punishment could be More harsh than to see certain death staring you in the face Day and night for 30 in a Sabbath broadcast he said Quot i gave the negro boy All the life i could 30 Days to live and not being of political mind i did not care to resort to the usual polished diplomacy but my Frank open and honest disposition prompted me to prepare a statement which would arouse Public opinion xxx v4�?ol therefore dragged the ugly Skeleton out of the closet and said in Plain English what our polite government officials have never dared to say that this reprieve meant 30 Days of cruel punishment the same cruel punishment that the prisoner has suffered every Day since his sentence was pronounced x x a a the statement issued wednesday begot a storm of controversy. Of Daniel said the Quot staring death in the face Quot was not his sentence of the Quot negro. There is a wide open Field for the production of certified seed according to a. D. Stuart of state College Secretary of the Nortu Carolina crop improvement association. Safe from battlers fury but bewildered after her mad flight from Barcelona this aged Spanish woman sits among meager possessions she was Gale to carry with her to Bonne Madame France. How to relieve misery of your Chest if you Are suffering from a miser i m. Able Chest cold 7 this Massage Throat Chest and cd with Vicks vap rub at bed be. Then spread a thick layer on est and cover with warmed cloth. Vap rub goes right to work to a Relief two ways at once. Direct through the skin like a Ilutice 2 direct to the irritated a passages with its medicated kits this poultice vapor action loosens egg clears air passages checks Dency to cough relieves local Gest Ion. Often by morn the worst of cold is Over. Vicks w vap rub capital Short shots by Henry Averill and Lynn Nisbet Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh. Feb. 6.�?friday�?Ts session of the election Law committee of the House produced some of the Hest debate of the current legislative session with member opening up in Earnest and talking straight from the shoulder. For example there a the statement of Wayne Frank Taylor Quot there has been no clamor for repeal of the principle of Absentee voting Quot an Angle which has been generally overlooked in ail discussions. Odu mulls differentiation Between primaries and general elections was a thing of oratorical and argumentative Beauty however unconvincing it May have been to Many. He based his conclusions on the Quot duality of control Over general elections and the Lack of such control in primaries. Quot dual supervision is the mud Sill on which our whole election system is he said. Quot we have it in the Genera election but we cannot possibly have it in the wherefore he argued we ought to keep the Absentee ballot for general elections and abolish it in primaries. To the Raleigh Academy of Medicine at it meeting a Day or so ago. He suggested adding 50 cents to the Price of every automobile tag to create a fund to insure payment of Hospital Bills of people injured in motor accidents. When or. Long Isnit doctoring. He represents Halifa county in the state Senate. With so much clamor for reduced Cost of License tags the Public will not take kindly to the idea of a 50-cent additional for hospitals nor for any extra charge to insure payment for property damage. Some form of compulsory insurance May come in time but this legislature Isnit looking for any new ways to offend people. The mull argument sounded Fine hut Wilson s Larry Moore went a Long Way toward demolishing it with the Brief comment Quot we May kid ourselves Here but we can to kid the people of North Carolina. If we abolish the Absentee in the primary and not in the general elections they Are going to conclude we think its All right to steal from republicans but not from each and Rupert Pickens of Guil Foid pointed out that Quot dual control Quot is More a theory than a fact sine the democratic registrar controls every step of Absentee voting except actual counting of the ballots. $ or. Tom Long of Roanoke rapids May not take his idea to the Senate Bill Hopper but he started folks talking by a suggestion made committee lits will stand. They Point out that every legislature Bias such an Quot Economy Quot flurry about this stage of the session and that later most of the budget recommendation Are restored. The Money raisers did not have As interesting week As the Money spenders. Some wag might remark that they Seldom do. The finance committee passed Over for the most part controversial matters and spent the time approving Section Over which there was Little disagreement. The week ended with a rather general feeling that Little change would he made in the total Revenue by actions of the finance committee to Date and with the Hope rather than the definite belief that some increases might lie found next week. Break in plan taken together action of the finance and appropriations committees indicate a reasonably close balance of the budget if intangibles and anti diversion done to break up the plan. The administration wage hour Bill and the so called Quot estates Bill Quot have been reviewed in this correspondence. Another Bill hitting the Hopper last week which might be far reaching in effect was senator Separk s Repealer of common Law rights to royalties on phonograph records and other Quot canned it is designed to Stop collection of fees for the Public use of such record but May result in taking the records off the Market in this state. Appealing to sentiment were the proposals by Murphy of Rowan for a memorial to the late capt. Samuel Ashe and by Kerr of Warren for marking and maintaining the Graves of Nathaniel Macon and Anne Carter Lee. The distinguished statesman and the daughter of the Confederate chieftain Are buried near each other in Warren county. The Capitol Rotunda looked like a rogues gallery Friday. A local studio had taken pictures of All legislators and had proofs there for the boys to select from. The proofs weren to retouched or finished and looked a great Deal like the prints posted on jail House Walls. Victors Bryant of Durham helped to write the budget commission Revenue and appropriations Bills. He appeared before legislative committees Early in the session and said that unless the general fund could get seven million dollars from the Highway Money the budget might As Well be thrown our. Of the window. Petroleum interests Are charged with financing the lobby against diversion. Or. Bryant asked the finance committee at its last meeting to defer action on the item levying 6 per cent As a franchise tax on utilities until he could consider an amendment including dealers in Petroleum products. These Are simple statements of fact. What they mean depends upon the interpreter. Most interesting House session last week was devoted to consideration of the Senate Quot indecent exposure the 1935 Assembly passed an act intended to make it illegal for a person to indecently expose his private parts in Public. A slip of language left the Law without any such Force. Under it any Man or woman might St 14 i Stark naked and Parade up and Down Street so Long As there was not another person similarly exposed in sight. Senators Prince and Cogburn passed an amendment which they thought cured this but when it came to the House or. Page decided it might fix it so the men in dressing rooms at his Lake would be violating the Law. Attempts to remedy that almost made it so a Man and his wife would violate the Law Iii undressed in the same room. So the whole thing went to a judiciary committee to see just what it does Means and if possible Why. The Bill to prohibit the Federal government from Selling Deer out of Pisgah National Forest almost got an unfavourable report from the conservation committee because representative Clegg feared it would give the state title to ail tile rabbits and Quail in Moore county. Friends of the Bill caught it just in time and had a subcommittee appointed to study it. Introduced Pat Kimzey says he is going to stay with it till passed. A a. Lutheran conference Salisbury feb. The sixth Semi annual meeting of the Northern conference of the North Carolina lutheran Synod will be held at Granite Quarry Friday and saturday. The Rev. C. A Ridenhour of China Grove president will deliver the opening Serin of. Nervous weak. Ankle swollen Nev a Narh not a i to functional kid str which my a also a n Iai ? no us ghats burning passages a we Emu �8ckachc,circles under Eves a Riff i y let a a pains and dlr iness help in purify your blood with can tax. Your in very dose starts helping Jour kidneys clean out excess acids and this i a you feel like new. Under Tbs Money Hack guarantee Oyster must satisfy comp wit Orco t nothing. Get cent miss Tex today it costs Only 3c a dose at drus Sun and the guarantee protects in. Joins or George Rector internationally famous chef restaurateur and authority on Good eating is now a member of the Wilson a co. Staff the Comino of George Rector to the staff of Wilson amp co. Links together two Famois names in the eating world one renowned for preparing Good food the other for producing it. Or. Rector will act As director of Home economics cooperating with Eleanor Lee Wright in acquainting the consumer with the advantages and uses of Wilson meat and Dairy products and As consultant in the creation of new products. The american people regard meat As the most important part of the meal. Naturally american tastes appreciate the very Best in meats. The amazing Success of Wilson s tender made Ham proves that. It is Only fitting therefore that americas Home keepers and Mea planners should receive the Best consumer education obtainable to Aid in the preparation of tender made Ham and other Wilson products. No Man in America is better suited for this educational work than George Rector. It is with sincere pleasure therefore that Wilson amp co. Makes available the exceptional experience know Holge and skill of americas great culinary expert and food spokesman to housewives everywhere. Der Man no the Bird v it Ltd or a w a n Fisco

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