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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 5, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. A the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina sunday february 5, 1939 weather Italy not to withdraw until Franco triumphs continued from Page i Britain begins getting u. S. Planes i for the address delivered by the North and 9� h fuehrer on the sixth anniversary fair sunday a lightly warmer in the a a. / Interior monday Cloudy slightly 01 los accession to Power in warmer possibly scattered Shower. Which he reaffirmed the political i ideological and military Solidarity Washington feb. 4. Map a weather Bureau record of temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending 8 p. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing area and elsewhere station Alpena. 22 Asheville. Atlanta. 52 Atlantic City. Born in Liam. 52 Boston. Buffalo. 24 Burlington. Charlotte a Chicago. Cincinnati. 30 Dallas. 50 Denver. Detroit. Duluth. Ioel paso. Galveston. Havre Jacksonville. Kansas City. Key West. Little Rock. Los Angeles. Louisville. Memphis. Meridian. So Miami Minn St Paul. 46 Mobil. New orb ans. New York. 34 Norfolk. 44 Pittsburgh. Ortland. Tech Mcd. 48 Louis. An Antonio. San Francisco. 56 Savannah. A amp. Vicksburg. 50 Washington. 36 Vav it n service for mrs. Hayes Flo at Franklinville i funeral services for mrs. A Hayes of Franklinville win lapsed away at the Home of Hei on. Clarence f. Hayes t Green Street Early thurs May morning were conducted rom Franklinville Baptist Church saturday morning at la of clock y Rev. Victor l. Andrews Pas or Rev Cecil Haworth pastor f cent Raj Friend. Church and pc n. Royal pastor of Green Street Baptist Church. Prior to i having the Home a grief service was conducted by v. Or. Haworth and Rev. Or Loyal. Songs used during the Ervi fes were a what a Friend have in Jesus a tis so Weet to Trust in Jesus a a in to Sweet Bye and Bye a on ordanes Stormy Bank ill and As a special number Wade a counts a an g a Sunrise Tomor of Quot pallbearers were i. M Moran h a Wagoner a Martin l. Vuncannon w. W Sec Al r and of. C. Kearns. Interment followed in the by Reb cemetery a Franklinville. Permanent n. C. Tax system developed continued from Page of Sec. H l. Fail 22 to .00 46 23 .00 52 32 .00 40 34 la 52 32 .00 34 32 .10 24 is .05 26 26 .02 52 36 .00 28 12 of 30 16 of 50 32 of 26 18 of 26 to too to a 6 .03 60 24 .00 50 42 .00 4 2 .01 60 56 .01 48 26 of 82 72 .00 42 26 .00 56 44 .22 32 16 .02 44 28 .00 50 32 .00 82 72 .00 46 -2 .00 56 36 .00 56 44 .00 34 32 .07 44 38 .01 24 is .00 46 40 .00 48 36 .00 38 22 of 60 32 of 56 44 .00 64 46 .30 74 66 .26 50 34 of 36 32 .01 58 46 .40 which unites the two fascist and National socialist nazi revolutions to the future of the two the Council also issued this statement Quot the grand Council of fascism meeting on the Day in which with the occupation of Gerona All of Catalonia is now liberated from barbarous bolshevism oppression sends its ardent greetings to the heroic Spanish warriors and italian legionnaires the solid factors in the Victory and makes known to All that the Volunteer forces of fascism will not abandon the struggle before it has ended As it must end with Franco s a. Doubt Success for overture terms Broad continued from Page i View of his Mili make few changes in it states to Structure. Those Ling include exemption from the general irn per cent Sale a tax of l id Medicine Extension of the ties tax to certain heretofore kempt building materials excision of the use to to Levy in liar to the sales taxi to items blight out Side of North Carona for use within this state i increase in bees tax to a rut Aud a half a bottle an in cae in the liquor to to to or cent of the retail Price. Also pending Are measures to Lute a tax on All electricity interned and to place a Crown by on soft drinks. The latter a Opsaal will be discussed tues by afternoon at a hearing by a the joint finance committee also slated to lie considered it we a is a Hill to abolish Pital punishment in North Folina. A hearing on the assure will he held wednesday f the House judiciary commit a within to Days a hearing Bably will be held on several a hour lulls which would repute intrastate businesses now a nip to of provisions of the adoral wage hour act. Other developments this week eluded j introduction of a Hill to raise e compulsory school attendance the from i i to 16, and to make train other changes in the Bool Laws. A series of bearings hut no lion on charges that the state spar moot of agriculture and e no state College Eutensa service have overlapping dues. Appointment of a sub commit a of the Houe committee on onions and election Laws to aft Emo Osite election Reform los. Tex Man Pav costs w. G. Malone manager and v. Holmes Steward of the torsion hotel yesterday pleaded Illy to violations of state Gam is and were Tan with the its by judge d. C. Macrae. Fifty three Quail found in cold Orage at the hotel during the a nature Market were ordered by e court turned Over to the cd u i i re county Sanatorium. Buts spots have been discover ranging in size from 300 ii to 60, Miles in do Eter particularly in to t v successes. Francois troops a conquerors of the important City of Cerona this morning smashed steadily northward toward the French Frontier. They were quickly Cut i Ting away the Little catalonian territory left in government control. The governments temporary capital of Figueras was Only 20 Miles from the fighting lines tonight. Negrin and his minister had left for a somewhere in Catalonia while minor officials crossed into France with the governments records. One report had the gov a eminent leaders planning to Fly i to Valencia to set up a new Cap ital. Hout i government army officer ar-2103 riving Here frankly admitted the insurgent Advance had turned into a rout for their troops j they said that Only before Seo de Furgel near the andorran Frontier was there any a real re i at Paris British ambassador sir Erie Phipps conferred this evening with French foreign minister Bonnet. It was his third visit in 24 hours and apparently was connected with the Spanish governments action. British foreign office officials who normally Are widely scared Lover the week end were not available for any immediate comment in London insurgent warplane flew at will Over Northern Catalonia bombing and machine gunning the few remaining government controlled towns. Road leading into France were jammed with Strag 1 cling women children and i men hungry and seeking Haven. It was believed that French 1 a Nator Leon Berard who was a it to the insurgent capital at 1 Bugos by his government thursday on an unofficial Quot Mission Arnht take part in presenting the Spanish governments Case to in a urgent aug Hortie. French officials wore worried j by the steady Retreat of Tho s to Nis h governments army of i approximately 200,000 men to word the French Frontier. The Paris government had suggested an armistice to the insurgents hut it was Learned that i Franco had turned it Down. Broach it was then that the Negrin government approached the British with peace negotiations High sources said. I independently of British Nego j battens it was Learned that Berat. Had been charged with at tempting to arrange the mass surrender of the government s catalonian army. French officials fearing a mass crossing of their Frontier by retreating government troops perhaps under gunfire want Franco publicly to proclaim a Mas Pardon for government soldiers. The French hoped that the gov eminent fighters if sure of escaping reprisals would surrender to insurgent instead of Etoi Ming the French Border. To Cap a Day full of developments it w a a disclosed in Paris that Berard in return for favourable insurgent action had been instructed to propose a permanent French Mission to Burgos working to Cut Down italian and German influence with Franco such a French Mission would be in addition to t he French embassy with the Spanish government to placate leftist parties and political animosity the French government agreed to keep an embassy with Negrin a was Long As the War lasts a a go to Valencia air planes were reported awaiting Premier Juan Negrin and his ministers at catalonian airports near the French Border. It was believed the top ranking officials would go to Valencia by air when they decide residence is no longer possible in Catalonia Spanish government officials intimated attempts were being made to Transfer officers and non commissioned officers from Catalonia to Central and South it astern Spain where the government still holds about one fourth of the country. Whether this military movement had been started was no Learned i i us its fast Advance via Jijak Jam Lidd address your questions about your problems to Marjorie Mansfield in care of the Enterprise. Your letters will be answered in these columns. % a Quot a Quot a it s is a i ii i a Quot As various groups in Congress undertook criticism of the presidents policy of armaments sales to foreign democratic Dowers the first of 250 american planes purchased by the British government were placed on a Barge in Brooklyn to be transferred to a Steamer for shipment. The plane hanging is a Lockheed bomber the other a Lockheed commercial Job which can be used for flight observation. Along the Highway Between Gerona anti Figueroa promised few Days of Grace for Hie government before the last bit of Catalonia comes under Francois red and Gold banners. Figueras where 150 persons were believed killed and 200 wounded in an insurgent air raid yesterday was bombarded again late today by a Squadron of seven planes. First estimates were that s score were killed and Manx wounded in the latest attack. Three other insurgent planes which bombed the Spanish towns of Gauuan and darn us near the Frontier swooped Over the French Village of Las la Las but turned Back when French antiaircraft guns opened fire. Two hours later three insurgent bombers flew Over French Crri tory near Cerebe but swung Hack Over port Bon on the Mediterranean just across the Frontier in Spain when they were caught in a crisscross of French army Searchlight and a warning burst of anti aircraft. This Trio bombed the outskirts of port Bou and the ref Ugee filled coast Road at san Miguel de Curbera. Reports were lacking on the number of was old unities ref Tilting from their raid asks version of eur meeting be told continued from Page i Hee. R however Stephen Early. White House press Secretary said today no record Aas kept. He added that it was contrary to Whit. House practice to keep stenographic record of any conference of the kind. In Republican member of the Senate committee who also naked anonymity also took the View Tim what the president said tuesday night lie considered to i Quot a Frank discussion in a aet ret meeting of method ii proposed to ase in in pie men his later announced program. To said he a i reference Par a vulgarly to the fourth Point of the president announced program the peaceful maintenance of political economic and so Ial Independence of All of tile nations of the world some sentiment appeared to but developing among committeemen and other in the sonata that discussion of the tuesday conference had Hest lie dropped senator Johnson said he thought there was a Little us wasting a irrespective of what the president said at the tuesday meeting and mind you i Ani not saying what he said his foreign policy is that which to set Forth yes deny reports that the committee had investigated this Point. Senator Clark do a to said he was opposed to ratification of the treaty. A you can to confine military operations to a 10-mile zone and defend the anal a Clark said. A if an enemy should land to attack on the coast outside the zone you can t wait to obtain permission to Cross territory to get to the announcement that the British air ministry planned to Purchase 250 planes Here in and Iii Ion to the 400 already on order in this country was greeted with general approval by committee members. Clark said he thought it was a perfectly All right Quot for England to buy these planes As he understood that they were of a Type tilt had been made available to the army More than a year ago. The military committees con Ference with the president was arranged after Clark demanded in forma Ion on the extent to which the administration had assisted a French air Mission in its efforts to Purchase the late types Traer ican Mado planes. Gurney said he had no objection to the Sale of planes to the British or French if it would not interfere with the production of aircraft needed by this country. He added that he thought it was not unreasonable to suppose that the British would he Given the Benefit of a Omi of the later developments in planes. The question of making Public the record of the committees in of the proposed Sale f of the planes to the French will come Beton the military committee at n meeting next week on a motion by Clark i Gurney said Republican mein hers intended to press again their demand that plane manufacturers he called to give expert testimony Ion the possibility of mass product Hon under the armaments pro Gram they will be asked also he Tina id foreign orders can he filled without slowing production for the United states. Ter Day. Congress must accept that indenture covering outstanding Nuder it a Johnson goitre not a disease i Waukee has been brought to Light by Ien Tiftic research that goitre is not a disease and is not to be treated a such. Or a. A. Roctz prominent goitre specialist for Over 30 years a felted a different method of treatment which a proven highly acc earful. He opposed need aae Era Tione. Or. A. A. Rock products have publish a copyrighted Book at their own expense which Ila about goitre and this treatment and will and this Book free to anyone interested. Write it Day to or. A. A. Rock products. Dept it x 757 mil.uke., wig a it t and proceed declared. 4 i ear Ano Emph Tir senator Mccarran it , not h committee member issued a statement meanwhile in which lie called the president pronouncement a a Clear and Typha tic and unequivocal statement of our foreign a some of us who urged that such a statement be made did so to allay a spirit of unrest and unhappiness thai was apparently growing Iii the mind of the american people due to a misunderstanding a it of the president attitude a Mccarran said. A Tho four statements of policy made by the president Are each couched in such language that a school boy of the sixth Grade could most definitely understand Ami repeat them. These statements Are grounded in the i amp cities of Jeriean traditions that had their foundation in the first presidency and have been emphasised Ever ii a disclosed meanwhile that the military committee is looking into the effect a proposed treaty with Panama would have on United slate defense of the Panama canal some committee members said they gained the impression from testimony Given by general Malin Craig chief of staff that army expert feared Tho treaty might hamper army movement if the can were attacked. They contended that under terms of the treaty the army would be forced to obtain a a consent of the Republic of Panama to operate outside the 10-mile zone. In move Cader present agreements they Aid the army May move into Republic of Panama territory Coln ident with notification to the Panama government that it is Dong so. Although dec boing to affirm or Bonds would have provided from 5 to to Points Premium above Par if called. Under the. Agreement preferred stockholders also will be paid Par for their holdings. Commonwealth Aud Southern corporation owns about $7,000,-000 in Bonds and about $750,000 in preferred Stock which it in vested in Tennessee electric Power and will receive Back the full Hook value of its investment. As soon As technical details of the present arrangement have been worked out including Tvan a allocation of purchased properties to municipalities in its area Winkle Aud to a negotiators will try to work out a similar agreement c o v e r i n g Commonwealth and Southern a electric properties in Northern Alabama and Mississippi. Promise wanted Utility executives consider this impending negotiation of even greater general importance since it is understood that Winkle will press for a definite Promise which will Demark the extent of Tvan a future operations. Winkle said he believes this to be the first step in a new understanding which he Hopes will end further expansion of government Competition with private business. Willkie predicted that privately owned utilities in the United states would spend not less than $1,000,,Gog a year in new capital outlay each year for the next three or four years if the administration went a few Steps further and 1. Made a definite pledge not to a compote with private business in the Utility Fields in any new areas. 2. Took Steps to prevent further pea Loans to states or municipalities for non Federal a a competitions of this nature. 3. A a clarified polities under the Public utilities holding company Ait of 1035. 4. Ceased a continued attacks Quot against the utilities. Dear miss Mansfield i am a girl in my Early teens. I Haven to a Boyfriend at the present. Time but three boys have asked me for dates. The question i want to ask you is which boy should i accept attention from Henry is a very Nice boy and hot seems to like me but he has queer ways he takes things too hard and he is girl crazy. Jack is a Nice boy too really nicer than most of the boy i have associated with. My parents like him very much. Will is very pleasant too has finished Hish so Bool and has been very kind. Please Tell me what to do. It is hard for me to make a decision although i like Jack Best of All. A Nancy. Why not be friends with All the boys you Are to Young to be thinking seriously of love or marriage. There is no reason Why you should not be popular and enjoy the attention of All the boys. When you Are older and know them better you May want to limit your Friendship to the Mao who really matters but now have a pleasant time and have As Many friends both boys Sud girls As you wish. It is an old fashioned and narrow attitude for Young people to take these Days to go Quot steady with one boy before they have enjoyed the companionship of several friends. We All have our own individual personalities and unless a girl has the Opportunity or knowing several Young men she can hardly judge which ii the most congenial. However i intend to keep on seeing him. What do you think about the matter a worried Grey i think your fathers attitude is very unreasonable my Friend. If he knows a just and real reason Why you should not marry the Man in question he should Tell you what it is. If his reasons Are selfish As they May be you should use your own judgment. Sometimes parents want he financial help of their children and for that reason try to prevent their assuming obligations of their own. This is a rare situation fortunately. Most parents hate to Loose their children and sometimes try to keep them at Home when they should be making Homes of their own. Tell your father that you will not consider changing your plans without real and definite reasons. Of you Are old enough to earn your own living you Are old enough to use your own judgment and should be considered sufficiently reasonable at least to discuss the matter. Marriage is a serious obligation As Well As a source of great happiness and should not be entered into blindly. Bomb port Madrid feb. 5.�? sunday a Spanish insurgent warplanes bombed the port of Nahdia shortly before Midnight last night causing extensive damage. The number of casualties was not known. There Are More than 8000 Standard alloys. Of this number approximately 2300 contain Nick i. In the past Days when girls wer considered either hot House plants or free Kitchen help they were considered a fast Quot if More than one horse and buggy a a chord to the Gate Post. But now we realize that there is a vast difference Between popularity and a girl can use Good judgment Good taste and he careful in selecting her friends and have As Many As she wants and be considered an attractive popular and Lucky Young lady. Insist that your father Tell you his reason for disapproval. If he merely does not want to Loose his i m some baby $50,000 Worth Frost fooling Quinter Bash Ore utilizes infrared Ray from 260-Watt therapeutic lamps such As Are used by doctors to bring his Covina cal., Orchard past cold wave. Daughter quite yet you must con 1 Vinca him that your lifelong happiness is involved and that you must make your own life. Parents have to come to the realization i sooner or later that they cannot i live their children a lives for them. Dear i Mansfield i really need advice so am writing to ask von to kelp me i have been planning to be married this Spring but for some reason my lather wants me to break my engagement he refuses to Tell me Why. The Young Matt works every Day and Doe not drink and i do n it know of any reason Why my father should not like him. I am in my late teens and Ain working hut if my father insists i will Iuit him. Until that time. Hom Luci i big values come in Small packages. Baby Margaret Mckirdy above lost a Mother in childbirth gained a Fortune. Mrs. Jessie Mckirdy of san Francisco calif., had previously made out a $50,000 will to a the child i am now bearing Ca use. Pai by the int Lia effect of food Nutting Throat the to mar it. On expound no Rry. At Okun Rmead our face frequently rat Burma Tea Ruar or doll aching pain. Mike this 25 no risk uhf fits to boomed Prat. L in a try it for Relief of Aires and stomach pain. I abjuration. A a Pate a. For heartburn Bromine in it Felt at Ion bloat and of her condition Rai Marl by Cir acid gel Axser Park a a of Lix a tables today absolutely to by. Tho Bast help you or Yaar Money rat a dad. To Mann urn Storrs be Herd and All Good drug Storrs i a our newest Alt a a suedes s5 others to $7.50 color inspired by the original murals painted for the world fair usher in these Lovely lightweight antelopes with their Stream lined swim brims and rising crowns keyed to the spirit it of Spring and worlds fairest women. Millinery i i it. Second floor a a a a a a a a Vav try by err re t in 4 4 h 4 4 4 utilities to wind up chapter of fight c continued from Page i other upsets applicable to the common which have a Book value or $17,000,000. Heretofore new Deal Utility administrators have refused to recognize common Stock or equity values in similar transactions. Par value Tva it was understood Here j pay Par value for the bonded investment of Hie company Bonds will lie redeemed at Par under a liquidation escape�?T1 clause. Til you can Tell by the t Tot �$si0n to two piece Shetland suits t it ii ill a Tiv err me Way Yyvon a a its Bagarus for you As react old in Vogue ill t Ilic 150 Many new Black Blue whether if s trick of embed ashment new treatment of the open toe a flattering roundness or an amusing Square toed effect you Oan Tell if a naturalized there s s Flash of clean style in every detail. And the smoothest of fit in every naturalized we show. See the new designs completely smart in materials and colors. Hey Lcy arriving daily in be try Taille est i ii 4 j j 3 i 111 3 e n i a Kaaa a a a a a a a aaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaa aaa aaa aaa Ai. Ali Jinx you can Stilt Quot a be thrilled on your birthday. If your skin has a Flower Petal appearance in Charles or m Ritz i Reju senescence Cream aids in retaining that fresh dewy look used und a make up in the Day Tim Whon Wear and tear in Yow a Kin ii Gratt. Used again at night Whan you Ara relaxed it i constantly Active in keeping your skin dear Radiant and Young looking. I Allee this week Only regular 500 too Jar for z larger sizes too and 1500 a a a a i a a a a a a i a a a a a a a a i a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a t a a a a a a a a heavenly shades. A Fuchia cyclamen Rose beige Aqua wheat stalk. A two piece suit you la Wear now under your coat a later As a Complete 12 to $12.95 for Only costume. Sii is 20. Regular value $10.95 Laruee s ready to Wear second t let or 3 cd ii ii Kai it Ai Jack at ail a a-1% Wjk. Aaa a a a a a a a Kaaa a for you who appreciate a coat styled with infallible taste. For you who want something out of the Ordinary. Bhagani Coats Are made for you. With their exciting tightly twisted Warp their heaven born colors making inroads on your affections but never your budget for they re Only $29.75 had Lee s rid Law Star second floor

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