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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 31, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Death takes no Holiday by the world this week blessed Are the Peaceman Kors a president Roosevelt reminded americans Christmas eve. A Day earlier he had appointed Myron c. Taylor retired steel magnate and refugee Rescue worker As his personal representative to the Vatican a in order a he wrote Pope Pius a that our parallel endeavours for peace and the alleviation suffering May be in similar letters simultaneously . Roosevelt called in . George a. Buttrick president the Federal Council churches and rabbi gyrus Adler president the jewish theological Seminary America to help rally a fall the churches the world which believe in a common god. For the re establishment world peace a surer five Point plan Pope Pius acclaimed the presidents announcement As a a Christmas message which could not have been More Welcome a and in his yuletide address to the cardinals offered a five Point program for a a just and honorable a assure the right to life and Independence All nations Large Small Strong weak a he urged. J free the world from a the slavery perfect International organizations. Fulfil a the needs and just demands nations i Peoples and ethical let statesmen embrace Christian principles. In Bethlehem Birthplace the Christ whose Sermon . Roosevelt borrowed pilgrims observed the holy land s first peaceful Christmas in three years. Else j where that night there was precious Little peace Earth. See via in the West a fighting actions the German army did not occur Christmas Day a Berlin announced. But Paris reported an enemy raid repulsed. U. S. Traffic accidents Over the Holiday weekend killed More than a fourth As Many people�?432�?As had been reported slain the Western front in 16 wrecks Germany so first Soldier a a Adolf people women in War the Berlin Hausfrau must plan ingeniously these Days to serve her Brood a balanced diet. But rationing is less rigid an a reporter finds in Rural areas. And while a soap shortage gives Little Fritz a Fine excuse for not scrubbing behind his ears a air Baths a plus use cleansing fluids brewed from horse chestnuts and potato Peel Washington preview to cartoon hunches what the 40s will bring a Berlin Butcher s clerk clips coupons from a customer s ration card. Spent the Day with i Hill it troops the West Wall and a twas whispered in Berlin walked across the Frontier into France for his first visit since he was gassed there in 1918 As a Corporal in the 16th bavarian Reserve. A stronger than your will to destroy a his Deputy warned the Reich a foes a is Germany a will to French soldiers attended Midnight mass in churches and chapels along the a g i n t line then opened packages from Home and enjoyed a Quarter a bottle Champagne and a Cigar apiece the government. A we will win a Premier Dalater told his Empire Ings Are recommended officially a to reduce body besides her government allowance moreover Many a soldiers wife is collecting her husbands peacetime wages from an employer who can Dodge sur taxes by maintaining his pre War payroll. And the Reich now finding its manpower sufficient to fill the regiments and also keep the Home front operating has stopped recruiting women As factory hands Streetcar conductors postmen and taxi Drivers. But nazi women have another War duty All their own a the ancient saying that Only he can die peacefully who has sons and children a police chief Himmler has decreed a must be translated into fact. It can become an exalted task even outside Wedlock for German women and girls Good blood to become not frivolously but imbued with deepest moral concern1�?mothers children Begotten by soldiers moving to the i Remote control in a political Battle at the turn the Century Kansas City a Pendergast machine licked the Shannon machine for control the City government. Later Tom Pender Gast to keep the democrats top made peace with Joe Shannon e the blood our a but will Britain George i in his Christmas broadcast looked a with Pride and thankfulness the never failing courage the Royal his government two Days later announced a War Trade agreement with Sweden and a Squadron australian aviation recruits reached England As native troops from India joined the British forces in France. And helped Send him to Congress. Shannon a still there but Boss Tom is in jail for evading income taxes. Remnants their machines nevertheless combined this week in the City Council to elect a Kansas City Man City manager Over a Michigan fellow backed by mayor Bryce b. Smith w to then resigned. In the North in blood spattered Finland War took no Holiday. An a reporter from Ohio attended a Christmas eve party at finnish battalion Headquarters the karelian front outside the tent it was to degrees below Zero. Russian artillery had been bombarding the sector heavily since Early in the evening tending Over about 30 shells a minute. In the area around the tent six Inch shells had blasted craters which stood out starkly against the White Snow tinder a Brilliant yellow Moon. A half dozen unlighted candles some which drooped from the heat the stove decorated the two foot tree in the Center the tent. A smiling cardboard Santa Claus dangled from strings along with four Candy kisses. A it would be different tonight if we were fighting a Christian nation a one officer said. Shortly after Midnight. Red warplanes bombed Vii Puri which later was shelled by Long Range guns. In Helsinki next morning howling air raid sirens drowned out Christmas Bells. Subsequent attacks reached temper finnish munitions Center too Miles to the Northwest. Russian land forces Christmas claimed their first victories in several Days. Finns replied that their ski troops had crossed the Border and were driving toward the soviets rail Supply line into the Arctic. Helsinki continued to report russian assaults repulsed almost daily and by midweek estimated the red Retreat in one sector at 50 Miles. Moscow had admitted a most serious Neutral military Mer. Talked the a Blitzkrieg that the Kremlin while opening Trade talks with visiting bulgarians called up More men and sent reinforcements West. Newsman in Thuc making reporters who crowded into the president s Oval study last tuesday Day after Christmas got Little news but met the presidents grandson nine months old Johnny Boettner Clad in yellow rompers. While the lad gleefully Tore a newspaper to bits his foxy grandpa explained that As an applicant for the White House correspondents association the infant was being taught to distinguish Between a background information and a off the record news. Ops the list problems facing Congress when it meets next wednesday will be National defense. This years army and Navy budgets total $1,800,000,000�? about $14 apiece for every american Man woman and child. And $271,000,000 More will be needed by july i the president says to defend u. S. Neutrality against Europe a wars. For next year the 1940-41 fiscal period some have mentioned even fatter figures. But . Roosevelt was rumoured this week to have put a paring knife to the admirals and generals expansion plans. His budget message those who should know said would suggest that Congress hold arms spending near the present Pace. Capitol advocates a bigger Navy however have proposed a building program that would Cost $300,000,000 More by july 1941, than the $1,000,000,000 naval rec commendation forecast in White House circles. Others holding this country Well protected by two i oceans scoff at current talk 65,000 and 80,000-ton battleships. Spa. For behind Washington datelines in i the next few months you la also i read much about 1. Relief the Federal Case Load j has been pruned from 3,184,927 last year to 2,122,960 at mid december this year and spa Boss Harrington says his Agency should be Able to Complete this fiscal year the $1,500,000,000 voted last i Spring. The new appropriation j May be held to $1,000,000,000. 2. Farmers Secretary Wallace 1 proposes a new kind processing j tax to replace the one killed by the i supreme court when it ruled against the original aaa in 1936, the Money would be used to con Tine subsidies wheat Cotton and Rice. Treasury officials Are Cool to the idea and congressmen generally Are wary new taxes in an election year. 3. The Tariff executive authority to conclude reciprocal Trade agreements expires next june. Secretary Hull wants it renewed As an instrument for world peace and Prosperity. The president is backing him. But Many farm state legislators say the treaties let in foreign goods that depress Home markets. 4. Labor the Norb is now under congressional scrutiny. And Cio recently joined Al and employers in urging revision the Wagner act. A a perfecting and a clarifying amendments May be expected. 5. Third term unless . Roosevelt soon counts himself out the 1940 presidential race Garner democrats May help republicans put the Senate record against any Many occupying Tho White House More than eight years in a Row. Some dry a Best friends supported such a Resolution during Calvin Coolidge a second term. Savants in session Barrow for a feature sri vice Over Here a to a brighter pictures Batch Flor in sew York daily sews Over there will history repeat upcoming monday Jan. I new years Day. Tournament roses. Pasadena Calif. A foot bowl games there and elsewhere. Mummers Parade Philadelphia. Tuesday Jan. 2 sup erne court reconvenes. Wednesday Jan. 3 Congress meets. Inter american economic committee reconvenes Washington thursday Jan. 4 judiciary reception White House. Friday. Jan. 5 All America air Maneu vers begin Miami. Motorboat show opens new York. Norb hearings reopen Washington. Conference interstate Trade barriers opens Buffalo n. Senator Taft Speaks Chicago. Saturday Jan. 6 feast the Epiphany. Abroad items from Ireland raiders Cut phone wires leading to a Dublin armory one night last weekend then overpowered sentries and made off with Truc Fuls guns and ammunition. Cops blamed the outlawed Irish Republican army which has been trying to blast Britain out Ireland. Two Days later 60 Ira suspects jailed for the duration the War at Londonderry Northern Ireland locked up their guards smashed furniture set bedding afire and shouted Independence slogans from cell windows. Their shenanigans ended Only when a fire brigade turned hoses 4he rioters. Southern Ireland a Eire a remains the Only Chip the British Empire that Hast joined the motherland in War against Germany. During the Londonderry riot Irish Premier Eamon de Valera in a Christmas broadcast urged the belligerents to hold a a conference equals now a a rather than wait until exhaustion has forced the requisite dispositions for i timely tips . Smiley Blanton new York psychiatrist Quot a Canvas new years resolutions would show that a majority them represent a kind self punishment rather than a technic Manger and in most cases they Are so numerous and so harsh that there is no possibility their Ever being carried . Charles v. Akin u. S. Public health service a there is no proof that Coffee suspends abates the after effects alcohol. Sleep is the most recuperative. Also emptying the at Home business the summing up postal employees this in Short. Spectacular solution if he killed himself a jobless Pitt Burgher reasoned someone might notice his sick wife and provide Medicine. So he wrote a newspaper that he would a Send worthless life in some spectacular Way at Midnight Christmas eve. Answers to his letter included not Only Medicine but a $35-a-week Job. Said he a i never knew there were such Good people in the upcoming pensions the social Security act originally envisaged retirement pension payments by 1942. But last summer the Law was revamped the payoff Date was pushed Forward two years and the plan was broadened to Aid not Only workers but their wives widows and dependents. During the coming year ifs estimated 1,000.000 persons will receive More than $100,000,000. Tile first checks will be mailed next month. Wanted More crops a land is still wearing out faster than we can restore it a Secretary Wallace told reporters this week and announced that the farm Security administration would refuse Loans to Farmers planting Only one Cash crop. By this move he Hopes to get banners to conserve land by turning to crop rotation. Divorced Al Jolson a a Mammy Singer and dancer Ruby Keeler. Elected Joseph Stalin to the Moscow City soviet by a vote 2,972 to 0. Blown to bits five Cohoes. N. Y., Hunters by a dynamite blast set off by a Rifle Bullet. Convicted Abraham l. Shushan lieutenant Louisiana slate Huey Long mail fraud. Resigned John w. Hanes Wall Streeter As undersecretary the Treasury. Killed 246 germans in two Railroad collisions that boosted the Reich a toll from such accidents to 383 dead in la weeks. Fined two russians and a soviet Book company a total $2,-500, for failure to Register in Washington As foreign agents. Increased larceny rape murder burglary and aggravated assault during the first la months 1939, in 316 u. S. Cities. Shifted Joseph e. Davies from u. S. Ambassador to Belgium to assistant Secretary state assigned to War and Trade problems. Lost Christmas Day by the Crew the North Star flagship Byrds Antarctic expedition while crossing the International dateline. Died Anthony Fokker aviation a first millionaire u. S. Rep. John a. Martin Colorado . George e. Brewer surgeon Henry l. Doherty Oil magnate. Far East forecasts the War in China. 30 months old next week already has killed More people and caused More widespread destruction than four years the world War. But China a leaders celebrated Christmas at a Peak optimism. Army Heads predicted recapture Nanning strategic Southern rail Point occupied recently by japanese in their drive to knife chinese Supply lines. Nip ponese however reported chinese Winter offensives crushed three fronts with 16,500 More chinese slain. In Washington whose commercial treaty with Tokyo runs out next month Apps state department reporter Learned the u. S. Would conclude no new one until Japan mends her attitude toward westerners but would agree to maintain Trade relations a Day to Day basis. A i area week after handling the heaviest volume Christmas mail Ever. Into Cash registers u. S. Retailers Santa Claus had dumped the tallest stack dollars rung up during any Holiday shopping season since 1929. And Midwest Farmers were made merry by Snow and rain that brought their parched acres the first general moisture in Many weeks. The nations income this year Commerce Secretary Hopkins estimated would total $68,500,000,-000 a an increase $4,500,000,-000 Over 1938. Although commodity prices advanced he reported aggregate purchasing Power gained retail sales Rose about 8%. Factory production still below 1937, averaged 25% Over 1938. During the week Between Christmas and new years each Winter american Wisemen pow wow to Chart the years i March toward truth and make contacts for jobs. Most distinguished this weeks i sessions convened at Columbus o., i where the american association for the advancement science pondered such subjects As a system a rubber geometry a Handy for describing atoms innards. Bacteriologist met meanwhile at new Haven conn., speech teachers geographers and librarians in Chicago geologists in min i Neapolis. In Philadelphia an insurance expert from the University Illinois told economists that because the number old people in America is increasing a Townsend ism May be As important in the next 50 years As were the doctrines Karl Marx during the last physicists in Berkeley Calif., Learned How a simple chemical added to Oil makes it five times More effective in reducing frictional Wear in machines. And to Madison wis., when the american student Union heard a speech by communist Earl Browder president Roosevelt sent a message urging youth to unite behind a the great principle free cellulose to chameleons a woman . Wanda k. Farr i Yonkers n. Y., noted among i scientists for her Good looks As Well As her research in botany i stole the first Day s show at co i Lumbus by describing How nature j manufactures cellulose. Her discovery is a step toward artificial creation a raw material now taken from plants and used to make hundreds articles ranging from Rayon to explosives. St. Louis University a . B. J. Luyet using a Medicine Dropper and a child s toy pistol then showed How to turn water into a Glassy solid hard As steel by subjecting it suddenly to temperatures far below freezing. He a used the same technique he added to super chill microscopic plants and animals without killing them. A fellow from new York . G. K. Noble the american museum natural history promptly matched that one with a paper the love life Florida chameleons. The females he reported Light to death for the privilege mating with the most handsome male in the neighbourhood and thus by passing his traits to future generations demonstrate Darwin a theory evolution by sexual selection. So it went most the week one proof after another that truth is More amazing than fiction while 5,000 savants packed their Brief cases with fresh facts to sow in classrooms harness for Industry. The new year finds More than half the world at War All rights reserved. A feature service the Earth shakes earthquakes May be caused by volcanic explosions subterranean shifts in the Earth a crust. Some parts the world have 4,000 a year most hardly noticeable. The worst record killed 300.000 at Calcutta India oct. Ii 1737 the worst recently 25,000 in Chile last Jan. 24. In Turkey last september 200 died when More than 1,000 buildings were demolished. And there last wednesday a series violent shocks destroyed whole villages. Water Mains and railway tracks were snapped. Thousands fled in terror to the open Fields. The toll was put unofficially at 9,000 dead and injured As soldiers dug into smoking ruins. Tremors were Felt same Day in Central America and California. Censors Over Here 1. In Chicago the Al musicians Union Boss told theater managers head pull his fiddlers out the pits unless they deleted gags about Cion a John Lewis. They did. 2. At Cambridge mass., where Harvard is the City Council outlawed the words a a Lenin and a a Leningrad in printed matter. But the police chief said a i done to think Well do anything about work for Idle hands u. S. Weathermen normally get reports conditions at sea from ships All nations. But Many foreign vessels now have silenced their radios to Avert detection by the enemy and the neutrality act bars american merchantmen from most european runs. So the government is thinking Manning some its Idle freighters with Idle u. S. Seamen and spotting them out in the Atlantic to watch for storms and do Rescue work. Excuse please for Price note to discourage War hoarding last fall for suspended sugar mar i. A keying quotas. This week the Boom spent he restored them. Papas who snooze while mama walks howling Junior at 2 a m., prof. Edward h. Kemp Brown University psychologist has a line Alibi Many people he says Are deaf to such shrill sounds As the cries Birds and babies. Big decade boiled Down Man with two countries eighteen Days after Hitler s army steamroll ered into Poland Ignace Moscicki aged polish president hurried into rumanian and resigned. Then he asked admission to Switzerland for treatment his heart disease. Swiss authorities hesitated checked their files. There they found Moscicki who had lived in Switzerland As a chemist before the world War still listed As a citizen. So he left Rumania tuesday for his a second Way from our door the 21 american republics have protested jointly to All three Western european belligerents for not keeping their War out the Western hemisphere. And a movement is afoot among congressmen to penalize violators this country a neutrality by denying them w a materials and port privileges. Not just one numeral changes at the top your Calendar this weekend but two. Thus another decade bites the dust the terrific �?T30s. That a when collegians gulped goldfish and totalitarian states swallowed their neighbors when people went hungry because their farms and factories produced too much and foreigners dug Gold for americans to Bury in Kentucky. When a comic cartoon broke All movie Box office records a stenographer turned showman made a million dollars by displaying bathing beauties who could also swim and a wooden doll became this country a brightest radio Star. When a dozen Toronto women ran a baby having race for $250,-000, but five Little girls made much More by being born within half an hour one morning to another Canadian Mother and an English King swapped his throne for love. Ten wars in those to years bloodied thit foreign scene while at Home it was an exciting decade for business Industry walked in the Shadow death dust and depression dogged Farmers and Wall i Street feuded with Washington. But the Era in def an upbeat with America a warring worlds Only major Power whose Economy still functioned under the system free Enterprise. Labor unemployment hit an All time Peak. So did Union membership and strikes. But organized labor split and fought a civil War. New Laws fostered collective bargaining Shorter hours and higher wages old age pensions and unemployment insurance. Government As completely a Joe Louis and the Yankees dominated the sports Span Franklin d. Roosevelt dominated a political period that opened and closed with outs blaming ins for haywire economics. His new Deal tangled party lines and mortgaged tomorrows income to finance the most ambitious program work Relief and Reform in u. S. History. Science chemists made cloth from milk and Wood. Physicists cracked atoms with an electric Sling shot. Biologists demonstrated Virgin birth in mammals. Doctors tried human hibernation cancer and Learned to Shock mental cripples Back to sanity. Fun and culture movies developed their voice and radio sprouted eyes. Depression turned Art and opera democratic. Popular music swung from Street to swing. Hollywood and Broadway Sang songs social significance. Ii in

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