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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 30, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather mild and wet More data on Page 3a 19th year a no. 363 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning december 30.1973 84 pages Cail us circulation.8821719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c beginning of National program health plan measure signed by president masked men Tell Story Emmr a wire photo four masked men claiming to be the authors of the assassination of Spanish Premier Luis Carrero Blanco held a secret news conference Friday night in a Villa in Bayonne in southwestern France. Above two of the group show How the attempt was organized. The Man at the right is the alleged Leader of the group. For Over three hours space walking astronauts take photos of Kohoutek Navarro Premier of Spain selected by Fenton Wheeler associated press writer Madrid. Spain a Gen. Francisco Franco named the first civilian Premier of his 34-year-old regime saturday to succeed the assassinated adm. Luis Carrero Blanco. Francois Choice was Interior minister Carlos Arias Navarro a former Madrid mayor and High police authority with Only six months in the Cabinet. With Arias Navarro a reputation As a Tough policeman the appointment was considered a signal the Franco regime was preparing a new crackdown on antigovernment elements in the Wake of the dec. 20 explosion that killed Carrero Blanco on a Madrid Street. Arias Navarro 65, was expected to be sworn in before Franco on monday and then to Start work immediately picking an 18-member Cabinet. There were Strong indications he would balance his appointment by naming a military Man As vice Premier. A close Friend of the Franco family Arias Navarro was in his Interior ministry office when official word came in a 56word decree signed by Franco the chief of state and Strong Man. The decree said Franco picked Arias Navarro from a list of three names submitted Friday by his top advisers the Council of the realm. Arias Navarro led the list government sources said. Franco was expected to set the tone for Arias Navarro a government sunday in his annual television report to the nation. The 81-year-old chief of state finished taping the speech saturday night. Despite his Short time in the Cabinet Arias Navarro has served More than 16 years in top government jobs personally named by Franco. He was director general of Security equivalent to being the nations police chief from 1956 to 1965, one of the quietest periods in Franco government history. By Paul Recer a aerospace writer space Center Houston apr two space walking skylab 3 astronauts photographed the Sun scorched Comet Kohoutek on saturday and said it looked a just like a flame As it burned across the heavens. Astronauts Gerald p. Carr and Edward g. Gibson spent about 3�?~ hours outside their space station taking pictures and Rubbe necking like tourists at the heavens and the Panorama of Earth 272 Miles below. They saw the Comet almost immediately after stepping outside. A they i see the Comet a exclaimed Gibson. A there s the Tail. Holy cow a a ooh yeah a said an excited Carr. the third skylab crewman William r. Pogue remained inside to relay instructions and to Man Euver the 118-foot-Long space station while Carr and Gibson took Comet Beeper quit beeping Nogales aril. It a the . Border patrol last year set up electronic devices along the mexican Border to scan for illegal entries. The equipment is designed to Emit a peeping sound when persons Cross certain areas. But the Nogales unit was quiet wednesday night. Not a Peep. Investigation disclosed it was stolen. Muffled in White spacesuits and Bubble helmets Carr and Gibson moved outside their space Cabin at 12 29 . Est and were Back inside by about 4 . A there s the Silver Moon a said Carr at one Point. A a in la get a picture of you looking at the Moon and Gibson responded with a Wolf howl imitation. They also looked Down at the Earth and described the View. A a we re looking Down on Miami a said Gibson during the third hour outside. A we can see the Florida keys and the whole Florida there were some problems. The astronauts discovered a particle collection Experiment. Which had been left on the spacecrafts outside Hull was missing. Carr said it apparently was brushed off acc Dently during an earlier spacewalk. The astronauts experienced some difficulty aiming cameras at the Comet and Pogue had to jockey the spacecraft around using a control system inside. The Maneu vers used some 3,800 pounds of their dwindling Gas Supply. That was More than twice the amount of propellant predicted for the spacewalk. About 18,792 pounds remain of which 6,000 pounds must be saved to insure that the Crew can safely unlock from the space station for a return to Earth. Experts Are also battling to preserve As much Gas As possible to maintain skylab a ability to Man Euver throughout the six weeks left in the Mission. Three gyroscopes compose the primary stabilizing system of the spacecraft. One of the spinning wheels has become Frozen and a second has faltered occasionally resulting in increased Gas consumption. The spacewalk ended Gibson said a i Tell you you kind of hate to go inside. You kind of get to like your work out Carr and Gibson concentrated most of their time outside on the Silver Streak of the Comet Kohoutek. The space walking astronauts were awed by the burning Light coming from the speeding Comet. A it appears yellow and Orange just like a flame a said Carr. A mostly yellow a said Gibson. San Clemente Calif. Apr president Nixon signed into Law saturday a $375-million measure designed to encourage the formation of health maintenance organizations or group health plans. A the signing of this act a a Nixon said in a statement a Marks another Milestone in this administration s National health strategy. The major task of providing financial Access to health services should be addressed in the next session of this Congress with the enactment of an appropriate and responsive National health insurance Nixon said the new Law aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of the health maintenance organization concept Over the next five years a is somewhat broader than the administrations proposal but it nevertheless contains the essential concepts and principles that i in Washington Caspar Weinberger Secretary of health. Education and welfare said that the prepaid health maintenance organizations would provide continuing and preventive health care at considerably less expense than present plans. Weinberger said that he expected some $30 million would be spent under the program in the remaining six months of this fiscal year and that the Money would be obligated by the administration As Congress envisioned. This was Weinberg Era a answer when he was asked at a news conference if the White House would impound or freeze the funds As it had done last year with Many health appropriations on grounds that spending was inflationary. Weinberger said there already Are about 115 health maintenance organizations in the nation that serve about 2.5 million people. The Secretary said he expected that this program could Lead to establishing about 300 More. Funds authorized in the Bill would pay Over the next five years for feasibility studies finance initial development and provide capital subsidies to Start the plans. Enrollees in such plans pay a monthly charge for health care. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy i mass chief sponsor of the Bill contended the health plans should be used More widely because they often provide less expensive health care than the traditional fee for service system. The Bill requires employers of 25 or More persons to offer a health maintenance organization option in addition to private insurance in negotiating on health benefits with employees. It also would Knock out Laws now on the books in 22 states which in some Way hamper development of such plans. The Bill authorizes a total of $375 million for 1974 through 1978. In the following categories hmm assistance $25 million in 1974. $55 million in 1975. $85 million in 1976 and $85 million in 1977. Loan fund capitalization $25 million in 1974. $50 million in 1975. Health Quality study $10 million in 1974 health Quality research and evaluation $4 million in 1974. A million in 1975. $9 million in 1976. $9 million in 1977 and $10 million in 1978. Great search for gasoline Holiday traveler plague by Louise Cook associated press writer the great gasoline Hunt intensified on saturday As Drivers with new years travel plans looked for open service stations and authorities kept a wary Eye out for possible Price gouging. An associated press Survey showed at least 75 per cent of the service stations in most areas planned to close sunday and tuesday. Many other stations closed saturday because they ran out of Gas and motorists lined up at the few open pumps. One Man in line at a Portland. Ore., service station said Drivers have become used to the crowds. A people seem to be lining up along the sides of the Street so they can get into the pumps and out again without blocking traffic a he said. A it was really a mess the last few Days but much More orderly this a spokesman for the water Bury chapter of the Connecticut gasoline retailers association said his customers weren t so polite. A we have a lot of customers pressuring and arguing with us for Gas a he said. A they Cut into line and there is a big argument and a fight and they Tell us you be got to give us Gas authorities in Connecticut said about half the stations in baby Freeman lost at three Days old inside Reading unique work week. Page id top ten stories. Cates after Christmas. Page 2a classified. Editorial. Women a news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries. Winston Salem . Apr baby freemen is Only three Days old and already lost in the world. About 15 hours after his birth at the Baptist Hospital thursday his Mother deserted him. His Mother told the Hospital she was 14 years old and single. Even his name is not known. His Mother registered at the Hospital under the name a Freeman a a fictitious name Hospital nurses for the want of a better name Call him he is healthy and has done All the Normal things babies do soon after birth a lose a Little weight develop a slight rash consume a Normal amount of formula but he has no identity no known relatives and at the present no future baby a predicament began about 5 10 a in thursday. His Mother about 5-6 with Reddish Brown hair came into the Hospital accompanied by an older couple who identified themselves As the parents or. And mrs. William l. Freeman of 4517 Reidsville Road there is no 4517 Reidsville Road police say. About 5.30 a m. Baby was born and taken to the Hospital Nursery while the Mother remained in her room. That was the last Contact he had with his Mother. Hospital employees saw the woman w talking Down the hallway about eight . With two people who said they were her parents. Later her room was found empty and All her belongings gone. Hospital officials searched the building but baby smother was not found. Shortly after la . Juvenile officers of the Winston Salem police department were called they Are still trying to find baby smother. The state were open saturday although Many were closing during the Day As they ran out of gasoline. Since it was near the end of the month most dealers said they did not expect new supplies before wednesday. Robert r. Sills counsel for the Connecticut department of consumer Protection said he found 50 or 60 stations guilty of discrimination against available in this state by the associated press gasoline will be easier to find in North Carolina this new years Holiday weekend because dealers have been cutting Back hours and limiting purchases to stretch their supplies. Avery Upchurch executive director of the North Carolina service station association says most dealers will treat monday new years eve like a Normal Day. Some stations will be open on new years Day but How Many will depend on How much Gas the dealers have left after new years eve he says. Upchurch also says that gasoline pumps which can t count beyond 49.9 cents per gallon May pose a problem for some of the state s filling stations when the Price of gasoline goes above 50 cents a gallon. Deer has emergency Greenwood . A it was one of those typically Busy nights in the emergency room at self memorial Hospital in Greenwood when nurse Lillian Penn saw an eight Point Buck Deer come dashing through an open door. She looked at the Deer and he looked at her and then leaped Over a patient sitting in a wheel chair and dashed Down a Hall full Speed. The animal hit a door Headon spun around ran in and out of several treatment rooms jumped into and then out of a bed and found his Way Back to the lobby. Then the Deer knocked Down a Christmas tree flipped Over some furniture and smashed some licht fixture. Nurse Penn by then had called police. Then officers along with emergency room personnel cornered the Deer put a rope around his neck and with a nurse talking quietly to Calm Down the excited Stag led him outside and to a Patch of Woods nearby. Golda Meir faces election monday in Golda Meir campaigns a wire photo by David Lancashire associated press writer Tel Aviv apr Premier Golda Meir a political organization mobilized 80,000 supporters and campaigned saturday with pictures of president Nixon for a crucial new years eve vote. Security against the arabs and peace in the Middle East were almost the Only Campaign issues. The old line leadership tried to convince voters that Only mrs. Meir a labovites can produce the goods partly with military help from the United states. Campaign advertising photographs showed mrs. Meir chatting with Nixon at the White House with the slogan a Friendship that stood the beneath was a picture of a . Air Force Galaxy transport. Delivering arms during the october War. But in an open admission that they were caught off balance by the october War the most frequent Campaign and for the four parties making up the labor alignment has been an apology. A even a responsible government can err a it reads. The opposition liked a rally a bloc charges the government did More than err. One slogan blames the Meir administration for making a a fatal mistake and warns that by offering concessions to the arabs at the Geneva peace conference Israel would Blunder into another War. Public opinion polls showed mrs. Meir a labovites who have dominated politics since the jewish state was born in 1948, were running Only a fraction ahead of the right Wing i Kud opposition one poll showed the labor alignment of mrs. Meir and defense minister Moshe Dayan losing five vital seats in the 120-seat parliament and said 45 per cent of the voters a do not care whether mrs. Meir remains in charge. The fading Appeal of the 75-year-old Premier and the drop in popularity of Dayan the War hero reflected israeli resentment at military setbacks and the death tolls at the Start of the october War. Pollsters and other observers also have noted a sense of anxious unease Over the future and prospects for peace with the Arab world. In a near final appearance by Dayan a Young woman shouted at him a you should a you Are not the first to say it Quot responded Dayan. A i have thought myself about for her last big Campaign appearance saturday night mrs. Meir chose an audience of new israeli immigrants from the soviet Union guaranteeing a last boost of emotional support. Despite the polls political commentators forecast that Many israelis would Bury their disillusion at the last moment follow their instincts and rally behind the jewish states traditional leadership As the balloting approached the 21 competing blocs parties and fringe groups rounded up fleets of cars and trucks to take voters to 4,000 polling stations some of them set up for troops inside occupied Egypt and Syria. The Meir alignment mustered its 80,000 Campaign workers to Hustle voters to the boxes fearing that thousands of traditional supporters might stay Home because of War bred disaffection trends Are expected to indicate the outcome by tuesday morning. But key votes from thousands of soldiers a enough to decide to seats and determine who Heads a government a Are not expected to be tabulated before thursday. No israeli party has even won an outright majority and the governments formed after All seven previous elections have been coalitions. Most forecasters predict mrs. Meir will emerge again As Winner but with changes in the coalition and new faces in the Cabinet

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