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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 28, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Mercy killing not condoned dear Ann i read with great sadness the letter from the gentleman whose aged father was dying and How the doctors were doing everything under the Sun to keep the old Man alive even though he wanted to go. Another example of Many a inhumanity to Man. My beloved father in Law was 98 years old. There were no tubes or machines to keep him breathing but for one solid week we watched him As he tried to escape this Vale of tears. It was heartbreaking. We had a dog we All loved dearly. He suffered a heart attack and was in so much pain he even lie Down. We took him to the veterinarian and i held his Paw while the doctor gave him a shot of sodium pent Athol which he never even Felt. In a Short time he was out of his agony. Why can to we be As benevolent to Mankind a . Dear . I have been an outspoken and vociferous critic of using Quot extraordinary measures to keep a person alive when two or three doctors have concluded that the patient is hopelessly ill with a terminal disease. To deny a person the right to die with dignity is wrong. Your suggestion however that a suffering patient be Quot put out of his misery Quot As your dog was is quite another matter. I do not believe in a mercy killing and cannot condone a Ann Landers says decisive act to end a human life. Dear Ann is it a Little Peculiar to put it delicately for a 24-year-old girl to sleep with from seven to ten dolls in her bed every night her collection is enormous and she is still buying them. I am Only the Stepmother so of course i have nothing to say. I raised five children of my own and none of them Ever acted like this. We Are moving soon and i would like to give All these dolls to the Goodwill. In my opinion its time the Little girl grew up. Maybe i m wrong but i find it embarrassing when people see All the dolls in her room and ask Quot How old is the child Quot in a looking to you for support. Ann. Please be on my Side. Thank you. A very confused dear v. A giving the dolls to the Goodwill would not a help the Little girl grow it would Only make her bitter and resentful. If she gets Comfort and pleasure out of her doll collection no one has the right to deprive her of it no matter How old she is. Dear Ann i have Complete Faith in both my Clergyman and my psychologist but they have Given me conflicting advice pertaining to a matter that concerns my spiritual As Well As my psychological Well being. I feel As if i am being Tom in mid air unable to make a decision. The nature of the matter is too personal to describe in a letter and in a sure you print it anyway. Do you have a suggestion As to How i might resolve the conflict i Trust your judgment completely and would do As Vou say. 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