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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 28, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pace eight Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of wintry High Point North Carolina thursday december 28, capital Short shots Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel i in he nov vvkk1ll Raleigh dec. 28.�?secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgen thu a Day or so ago called at Tenton to the fact that of ail Federal taxes something like 68 per cent Are upon the consumer. In his list he named a Good Many tax i items which Are not paid directly by the consumer to the government hut which May properly be classed As a consumer taxes just the same. Looking Over North Carolina s j tax collections for the last fiscal year which ended june 30, it Sticks out very plainly that in j this state More than half the entire Revenue is derived from two single tax items Laid squarely and without Remote camouflage upon the consumer twit sales tax s and gasoline tax gallon age and inspection the entire state Revenue from All quires amounted to $68,-1 946 2.57. Of which $36,596. J 443.8b came from sales tax collections $10,997,883.87gallon age tax on gasoline $24,4 40.-996.29 and gasoline inspection fees $1,157,563.70 making the percentage on these direct Consumers taxes 53 plus. That a not taking into consideration other tax items which Are eventually passed along to or. And mrs. T. Heel user. A Ira test prominent figures in Young democratic circles to Grad-1 uate into a state Job seems to lie j miss jewel Browning who serv Jed As Secretary for the Ydes under the regime of president Gordon Gray. Her name is noted among the appointees to the labor department staff when additions were made possible by i agreement to cooperate with the i Fede tul folks in wage hour in i for Cement. A some time ago there were general predictions that Guilford county would have no a major candidate for Congress except John Caffey of Greensboro but from word reaching this Bureau it now appears that another entry from the Quaker Bailiwick is quite Likely a candidate who probably would be classed As a major Quot in two respects. The reported aspirant is no newcomer to politics not even to sixth District Congress races. He is none other than Edney Ridge. Big radio plan of wbk who ran two years ago on a straight out a new deals platform and who got a rather respectable vote total. Head be a a major a a both As to his military title and the character of his candidacy. This bureaus operatives have it that he has been visited with delegations and deluged with requests to run and. Dither that he has practically decided to do so. A democratic state chairman Gregg Cherry must have his Gaston precincts in Good working or Der at least the county is one of three reported by Jackson Day Campaign Headquarters to have gone tar beyond their quotas. The other two in the category Are Gates and Polk. Director John d. Larkins also has gathered the Coin in his Home county of Jones which is one of four listed As having met quotas. Others Are Rutherford first in Tho stale to do so Yancey and Yadkin. It is Worth nothing perhaps that All these except Gates and Jones Are More or Les plagued with republicans from time to Lime. Maybe that a Why they Are a bit More Likely to kick in with funds upon proper urging. Tru v t special to the Enterprise an , dec. 28. A truck belonging to Hadley a Coal Yard was almost completely torn up late tuesday afternoon t to Miles East of Ashe Boro on the Franklinville Road. A passing car ran the truck from the Road causing it to crash into the Ste p Hank wit i the resulting damage i he drive. Janus Mcintyre Louise Mcintyre and Lvi a Othy Joss. All negroes w Ore bruised Aud Cut. God of love horizontal i the roman god of love. 5 strife. 8 he was the son of 13 stepped upon 14 station. 16 knife. 17 Beer. 18 foe 19 surplus. 20 gratified. Answer to previous Puzzle 14 action. In i Ili i Iris Iolus a 15 Symbol. It Heel a Isar Oom Breid t0 u ip1 at a j via unit o in in Dinle or Ranee Coats die Mem Muisin h i a 22 to conciliate. A sties 24 Book cover. 25 unique person 48 one plus one. 26 ascetic. 50 to ascend. 29 ready 30 the Shank. 31 out of bed 32 tasting of Ham. 34 thus. 36 narrative poem. 38 greek letter. 39 steel clothing 42 War vessels. 47 to Shine. 51 having wings. 52 serrated tool. 53 to Wash lightly. 54 to rely. 55 he is pictured As a naked boy. Vertical 1 court. 2 russian 20 he fell in love with 21 iniquity 23 Impert Eilt peeping. 25 ocular 27 English Coin 28 tooth tissue. 89 aids. 33 Petty officers 35 Arrow Poison. 37 pair 38 musical note 39 Genus of auks 40 to obtain. 41 husband or wife 42 he carried. And Arrow. In mountains. 3 extremity of the Earth. 4 opposed to realism. 5 to proceed on 6 Monkey 7 he is the hero 43 Ireland. Of Many 44 chinese tales. Dynasty 9 tree. 45 actual being 10 new Star. 46 Ovule. 11 rubber Trees. 47to Rove. 12 painful. 49 manner a european parts and service j base has been established by the Lockheed aircraft corporation in i Amsterdam Holland at a Cost of j $100,000. Information and wednesdays sales on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the u. S Juhe new epidemic i now upon us but there no need to become Panicky. People usually escape illness if they fortify themselves with the a Circle of Protection a a that is take the following precautions a Lam a id. T. Get at least eight hours sleep Evert night. 2. Open windows wide before ret or ins so As to it plenty of fresh air. Hilt avoid drafts. 3. Refrain from overeating especially sweets. Keep the bowels open. I. Exercise at least fifteen minutes in the open every Day. 5. Wash hands frequently so As to keep them free from germs As far at possible. 6. Avoid overheating in Home or office. Sweet potatoes shipment december 26 la. 3 a j. 7 North Carolina 2 a. 3 total 15. New York Market Dull. Porto Ricana. It s no. I Carolina by. Basket. 1.25. S. C by. Crate 1.30 to 1.35 Del. By important never breathe through the Mouth. Only the nose can warm up cold air before it strikes the tender membranes. Only the nose can filter out irritating dust and other impurities which break Down resistance to disease. If your nostrils Are clogged up due to a cold or nasal Catarrh insert menthol turn in them night and morning. Menthol atom will soothe the irritated membranes and help relieve the local congestion in the nostrils thus enabling you to breathe More freely through the nose instead of the Mouth. N. B if any my Bor of your family a Throat fever Over 99 degrees Chais headache extreme weakness and aching of Back and limbs put him to bed and Call your physician at once. A j j j. 8. A. By. Erat sex. 1.2. To 1.4 5. I i la. By. Crates. 165 to 175. A. I by crates. 135 to 1.40. J Washington Market steady. By. Baskets. A. Porto Picans 75 to 9<> cents. My. Golden 75 to i i 85 cents. Pittsburgh Market about i steady. 1�?~orto Picans i. S. No. L North and South Carolina by. Baskets 1.20 to 1.25, a. By. Crates 1.25, la by. Crates 1,50 to 1.60, i a. By. Hampers 1.00. Philadelphia Market about steady. By. Baskets medium to Large sizes. A dark color a Porto Picans 60 to 60 cents. Del. And my Golden 75 to 85 cents. Porto Picans fair Quality 60 to 65 cents. In All transportation charges danish Type. Sacked per ton. Mostly 17.00 to 18.ou, few 19.00 and few 16.00. New York Market Dull and slightly weaker for Southern Stock. I 4 by. Hampers. S. Domestic round Type 1.25 pointed Type 1.00. Fla. Domestic round Type 1.25 to 1.371. N. Y. 50 Pound sacks danish Type 60 to 65, mostly 55 to 60 cents red Type Loo to i 25. Philadelphia Market about steady 14 by. Hampers. S. Pointed Type 1.00 to 1.10 Domestic round Type i 05 to 1.25. Fia. Domestic round Type 1.40 to 1.50. Washington Market steady. S. A. I a a by. Hampers locally packed Domestic round Type 1.00. Danish see Why Over 00,000satisfied owners say Iff America s most Thrifty car7 latest farm Market report fruits vegetables North Carolina shipping Point slightly weaker for Southern Stock. Flu. Eastern lettuce crates. Rig Boston Type. 60 to 75 cents Romaine Type 60 to so cents. Agricultural marketing service by it he Oli and North Carolina departments new York Market Dull and of agricultural. Prices Are con weak. Eastern Shore a. By. Bas fined to the ranges at which the sets 1.50 to 2.00. S. By. Bulk of the Stock of Good Mer crates 1.00 to 1.25. Arizona Pony tide Quality and condition i crates 2.50 to 2.75. A dish Eft new York Market Dull. Texas half Western crates bunched 1.50. Cabbage North Rochester n. Y demand fair Market steady. Carloads and truckloads tuesday f. O. B. Usual terms and f. O. B. Shipping Chev by an i Market slightly a ant it bad on dehver1 stronger. Porte Picans u. S. No. New 1940 Studebaker Champion most successful new car in to years Home go for a revealing a 10-mile trial drive in this Beautiful comfortable Money saving team mate of study bakery a famed commander and president. You save 10% to 25% on gasoline every mile you travel in this Studebaker Champion. And with All its prestige and luxury its w health of advanced features you pay no More for this Champion than for any of the other leading lowest Price cars. Low Down payment easy . Terms. Studebaker phone Bop Shell tire a Ballet station in harpy ply of Lett be new York Market Dull and y. 50 Pound sacks Type 70 to 75 cents. Snap beaks Philadelphia Fla. By. Hampers string less Black Valen tines 1.75 to 2.25. Best mostly 2.00 to 2.25. Tender greens Ordinary to fair Quality 1.25 to 1.50 plentiful Ordinary to fair Quality few 1.25 to 1.75. Wax Type 2 25 to 2.50. Apples new York Market Dull. By. Baskets and Eastern crates. It. 8. No. I. A. York imperials 2 4 in. Min. 1.05 to 1.10 a. York imperials 2 4 in. Min. 1.00 to 1.10 2 4 in. Min. Delicious. 75 cents. Imitators Presque Isle. Aroostook county Points Maine demand fair Market about steady. Carloads tuesday f. O. B. Shipping Points based j on delivered sales less All transportation charges. Presque Isle rates too Pound sacks various varieties u. S. No. I size a 1.32 to i is. In s. No. I 2 in. Min. 1.38 to 1.43. Green mountains u. S. No. I. 1.18. 15 Pound sacks various varieties v. S. No. I size a mostly 20 4 cents. Pompano Eta demand Light Market slightly weaker. Carloads f. O. B. Cash track and truckloads Cash at packing houses tuesday. By. Crates Bliss triumphs. U. S. No. I 1.60 u. S. No. I size a 1.35. New York Market steady on old Stock Dull on Rcw Stock too Pound sacks u. S. No. I. Maine Green mountains mostly 1.80 to 1.90, some fair Quality 1.90 to 2.00. Long Island Green mountains 1.75, Fla. By baskets. Bliss triumphs la. S. No. I mostly around 2.00. Calif. By. Rates. White Hose u. S. No. 1, 1.75. Chicago Market firm. 250 i Chis on track including broken 67 arrived total u. S. Shipments j tuesday 293 cars. Carlot track sales sacked per cwt. Idaho russet Burbanks u. S. No. I 1.75 to 2.00. Colorado red Mcclure. Few sales 1.75 to 1.90. Nebraska Bliss triumphs u. S. No. I i car 2.10 90 per cent no. I Quality i car 1.95 Burlap sacks. Washed mostly fair Quality 1.80 to 2.00 85 per cent no i qualify unwashed i car 1.60. North Dakota red River Valley Section Ca la flu Dot cent no. I Quality news of coloured people Bethel holiness i Roh there will be a service at Bethel holiness Church Friday evening at 8 30 of clock. The pastor. Bishop k. Mingo will be the speaker. His subject will be a let us build the sunday Bishop k. Mingo his elders missionaries and deacons will leave the City at 8 of clock a. In. For Salisbury to conduct the District Union of the Church of god foundation of truth. They will return to the local Church for the 7 30 p. In. Service. Bishop Mingo will preach sunday evening at 8 30 of clock. At la of clock sunday evening a watch night services Quot will be observed with the delivering of a j group of Sermonetti a by the ministers of the Church. The services i will close at i a. Rn., monday morning january i. The Church Council will meet i at the Church monday evening at i 7 30 of clock. Personals mrs j. F. Barringer and mrs. I h. Singleton had As their Holiday guests their two Sisters. Mrs. Essie Banner of Concord and mrs. Georgia Host of Kannapolis and j also or. And mrs. J. Cunningham of Concord. Mrs. Cunningham is mrs. Barringer a Niece. Miss Elizabeth Bonner of con j Cord. Miss Fannie Hargraves miss Lucille Hargraves Aud mrs. U. Hargraves All of Charlotte spent j tuesday visiting miss annal j Barringer of Davis Avenue. I hues Lucille Hargraves and Elizabeth Banner and mrs. J. Hargraves i Are Public school teachers. Both i miss Fauille Hargraves and miss Anna Barringer Are students at Bennett College for women. Miss Lucille Keno and mrs. I Daisy Keno Massey both of new York City Are visiting their Par j ends Here or. And mrs. H. R Keno of Underhill Avenue. Miss lout Ila. Wilson of new York City is visiting relatives and friends Here. Miss Grace Gray a student at i Virginia Seminary and College Lynchburg va., is the Holida it guest of miss Wilhelmina Dukes of 1321 East Washington Street. Mrs. Mary Dillard of new York City is visiting her Mother mrs. Julia Phifer a of 1210 Kivett drive. Miss Mary Causer of this City has gone to Newyl Ork City to visit her father g. W. Robinson of Hickory Grove s. C., is visiting his sons and daughters Here. Cranium crackers Correct the spelling one word in each of the follow ing sentences is misspelled. You find the we Ord and rewrite it correctly. Take care that you Don t select some word that is correctly spelled and mutilate it. 1. The steady recurrence of do Therla epidemics led scientists to seek new remedies. 2. Whenever the Assassin aimed his gun his intended Victorn suddenly disappeared. 3. The steady barrage of Cannon fire was enervating to the people s spirit. 4. The catastrophe left him in a Paril Itic condition liable to move the left Side of his body. 5. He proceeded cautiously under the press Melon that the abyss was covered with Snow. Tens of thousands of men and women competed in the Farmers chess tournament in Russia this i year. Uno Board okays Carmichael appointment of new yorker As controller officially approved Raleigh. Dec. 28. Up it the trustees of the University of North Carolina unanimously leered William d. Carmichael. Jr., of new York and Durham today As controller of the school. Carmichael is a native of Durham and an alumnus of the University he is now a Mem by r of a Wall Street brokerage firm. He will succeed the late Charles t. Woollen. The Board debated an hour Over a proposal to admit girls to the freshman and soph oui is at Chapel Hill and North Carolina state College units of he University but deferred acc Oil until the june meeting. It was voted to hold the june session at North Carolina state College. The Board refused to recommend to the legit nature that Chicago produce Chicago dec. 28.�?op a but Ter 4 88 319, firmer Creamery 9 3 score 30-30 92, 29 4 88, 27 other prices unchanged. Eggs 9,414, firm fresh graded. Extra firsts 204 other prices unchanged. Members of the executive committee and special committees of tile Board be reimbursed for expenses incurred in carrying out University business. Award of a number of honorary degrees in. Tine by the three University units was approved but the recipients will not he announced until the awards Are made. The government of Brazil is j studying new plans for the manufacture of plastics from Coffee Beans. Cobblers 1,20 to 1.30 80 per cent no. I Quality Bliss triumphs 1.15. Unclassified i car 1.90. Early Ohio so per cent no. I Quality i 20. Wisconsin unclassified round Whites i car 1.05. Texas by. Crates u. S. No. I washed Bliss triumphs 1.95 per crate. Be careful a we specialize j in Correct prescriptions Betts drug co. 3 you get All these at no extra Cost seals Nam headlamps a St snog wheel gear shift a planar Independent us pension a finest Hydraulic Shock absorbers a non slam rotary door Latch a front compartment Hood lock a shoeless variable ratio Stoering a foot regulated Hydraulic brains Studebaker t automatic Hill Holder automatic overdrive and parc a a maltier for Winter Comfort Are available in All Champ on Model at added cod. In North main is. Give your family the Best use la a refrigeration Ste our Beautiful Lee refrigerators prices and terms will Surprise you Central he delivery company 112 West Broad Street i Houe 4507 Sprinkle gasoline ervice from exports saves serves. Satisfies 17c tax paid per a Leon Sprinkle service station i Bah v main by. I 7 314 to 322 across from u. S. Post office Ampie parking space it super markets Delmonte Doles or Libby pineapple juice no. 2 can 10c red sour pitted cherries 2 219c Libby a stuffed olives 3 17c Honey nut Oleo 10c 0 and c potato Sticks 2 15c sugar 5 26c Southern Manor Corn 3mn 25c fancy bulk Rice 2 la. So Waldorf tissue 4 Stolb Loc for your new years Good Luck dinner \ Vij Smithfield dried Blackeye \ a jowls peas of Pound .10c 3 lbs.19c no kit i in y oranges 2 Doz. 15c la in jul Mhz lettuce 2 for 15c tomatoes Quot Quot 10c Untra Mik tangerines 2 Doz. Cut i Vink , no. I potatoes 1 git. 25c Grapefruit 3 for 10c kid in ska i apples"5 k�1811 mesh bag r turkeys dry picked la. 2 5 Morrelles Tenderizer hams half or whole end Cut pork loin roast or chops genuine Spring la. 15c Lamb l e g sub 23c shoulders. Ib.l2 2c lean meat veal chops lh.14k fancy v2 la. Layers sliced Bacon lh.17k fresh pork hams la 17 k Large v Irginia oysters it. 164c pan Trout 3 pounds. 25c Mackerel Steak fish Pound .15c fresh Delicatessen spiced Ham Vilh. A a 15c Chip beef Valb. A a 12c Chicken salad la. A a 49c cottage cheese la. A 10c foundation Sweet or unsweetened Grapefruit juice r 17r Golden halves California peaches habitant pea soup 2 25c 2 a a a a a a 19 aunt Betsy Black Eye peas it r j a a Triangle Sweet mixed or Sweet pickles quart Jar 17c Phillip s delicious Black Eye peas 3-"�?o-16c be pack Standard tomatoes 4-19c packed m Cartons strictly fresh 001 27c eggs Standard Quality string Beans Ono 1 7c a an Al i junket Quick

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