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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 27, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise. Sunday december 27, 1025 Page 7 a Uwi com lit in Ide of fashion r gift season id painted shoes or Pearl ornamented footwear is announced scene some times Cal it in the Lead with Patent leather j play lets or dramatized old stories j which can be tilled with hot water prising two or three figures. Second and suede third. Colors a. Like Quot Little red Riding Hood Quot and to Aid in warding off chilblains some of the extremely elaborate i most aeon will be blonde Woodland j devoted seven or eight successive j and chapped Knuckles. Ones Are composed of a succession j Brown Fawn Chestnut Parchment. Windows to the different scenes of j of Small pictures telling a Story. I Ascot Rosewood and Pearl Gray j the Little dramas. Sunday the j the popularity of the tango in reptile skins Snake iguana and i crowds were so Large it. Squads of j London has brought into Vogue a with the various episodes being separated by bars of Platinum. The Paris Shoemakers Are preparing the women s styles which arc expected to set the fashion Pace of the Riviera this Winter and to determine what the most modish forms of footwear will to through out the coming Spring and summer. Enamelled hand painted or Mother of Pearl ornamented shoes Are among the sensations. The enamelled Sho s Are made by a secret process and were introduced by mile. Melaine Luason of the am Iii git theater who appeared Alligator will be most used for trimmings. Policemen had been called out to watch Over the children. Jus dec. 25.�? apr a Pic bracelets a with the picture de of diamonds rubies enter-1 a Quot to Tea at the Ritz wearing Quot a pair and sapphires were the finest of Gold and White enamelled kid most expensive gasp of fashion i shoes with a strap of Black Patent Hie 1925 gift season. Me of those bracelets Are an Aud a half to two inches in la set solidly with Small dialog surrounded by Platinum designs formed of rubies raids and sapphires. In th1 narrower bracelets a Ler greek figure is Tho favor Evic and Foullie broader ones e big a new claim to immortality has been discovered on behalf of that great discoverer Chris Columbus and should rebound greatly to his Fame in Boston. Columbus among other things discovered America and haricot Beans. The former find has been a matter of common knowledge for some time the latter discovery has just been rediscovered by Henri Leclere and placed before the world in an article in the press Medl Cale. J a before the �?T90s of the loth Cen a Coo Iclee icon oms of Money Tury. M. Leclert says the civilized Coolidge pro uni of Moue world had munched the bread bean my dancing costume for women which in something like silk Quot pins is a general disposition now in t Western Europe to discount the j claim of russians to a ,.rial sort j of soul. Englishmen i j Are beginning to it Esprit russian i Art Ai Oral to their own Stan Dards and to discount the russian striving to exalt everything hits with red Grande leather on which Golden Flowers were enamelled. Other makers Are producing hand painted models for evening and boudoir Wear. Holly design Sand sprigs of Mistletoe Are being a used largely for mule less and heedless slippers. Many a Young Art student in Montmartre has reason to be thankful for this Mode. For less sensational designs kid Isilie Florsheim shoe a Ute olympic no of sturdy Grain leather with crepe sole Ideal for Golf and worn by a Par shooters everywhere and the pea. But knew nothing of the haricot Beati or of Boston. Then Columbus went West and found the haricot growing near Neuvitas in Cuba where the natives consider Lya incidentally he discovered America and started the train of events which led eventually to the Union of Boston and Beans in one of americans Best known dict in affinities. And words is admired by the British fours a these Are replacing the forint r dance frocks. I i the Long Steps of the tango demand British business men have taken feel dont from the restrictions of John Bull by the Morns and have tie narrow skirt and have brought been trying to coax him info the i in Tho Quot plus four gown. When Garden of Economy. They Are de the wearer stands still the effect is mantling the conduct of govern merely that of a full skirted look a nerf affairs on a strictly business j but immediately she begins gild basis. Inc Over the door the divided effect j delegation from the association is seen. I of British Chambers of co Mem i recently had a conference with Ibsen. Chekov and Shakespeare Winston Churchill Chancellor of i Are Ltd aiming an increased Amoun. And urged closer lot attention on the English stage scrutiny of expo this Wimer. Three of Ibsen plan a Itnyre. The Chambers members Are agreed that adoption of Tho London dec. 26.�? a Grange and president Coolidge have been breaking about even in the British press in regard to the space devoted to their respective activities. The presidents Brief answers to his wifi s questions about Tho a sin Sermon were quoted extensively. Were recently running of once in London alone Vand Chekov Quot sea Gull and Quot the Cherry Orchard have enjoyed Good runs in suburban Heaters As Well As in the red j Hea Quot to of the City. Modern Triangle plays and revues have been monopolizing Heaters so Long that Many theater. Goers Are evidently longing for a variety of diet. With the result that business accounting system in All state departments is the Only effective Means of eliminating waste. Or. Churchill agreed to give Hie suggestions every consideration the opposition press has Leon claiming that the government has been spending Money with both hands and intimating that the pub. Lena Ash 111�?Ts players in various i May have to lace yet heavier Ibsen plays and the old vie stand taxes in the next budget. Bys in Shakespeare s and Chekov fishing just Placid Ordinary River fishing with Hook and line is the Only sport practice by Aristide Briand Premier of France for the eighth time in that he Dis these Quot attributes draw plays a spiritual kinship with the Bere president Benjamin Harrison. And his attitude on tax reduction i plays Are attracting More attention Elrd s big Sale. Also Lias attracted much attention. Russians find the English pro the biggest Christmas in the numerous stories Are recalled dui ions of Chekov very unset Isaac store s history i St Ile report from pointing not Only to his Economy in tory and Many English critics Are Elf Ltd s department store. At to words but Money As Well and both admiration n. H. Silver co. Premier Briand avers his addiction to the Izaak Walton cult has helped him out in the game of International diplomacy. A a give your opponent a Little bit of bait a he advises a shut not too much. If you overfeed him you will never be Able to Hook his patience in diplomatic dealing. He asserts has been vastly enhanced by the Long hours he has had to put in waiting for a nibble. The Only time he Ever deserted his favorite recreation for another was on an memorable occasion when he played Golf with or. Lloyd George at Cannes during the famous conference there. That Days sport Cost him his seventh premiership. The Christmas season this year changed the show windows of the big Paris department store into Impromptu Heaters for children. Wooden and rope railings were put up Oil the sidewalks and great crowds of women and children filed past the varied shows of the windows. Miniature movies showing travel pictures mechanical dolls in wonderful costumes executing an 18th Century minuet electric railway trains of the most elaborate pattern Teddy hears As big us their prospective owners armies of Lead soldiers and Bright colors and astonishing lighting effects were seen everywhere. Some of the stores invented new Grange s meteoric Rise to football Fame and the comment thereon have Given the impression that he easily entered the millionaire class within a few weeks. Good Queen Bess has always been pictured As merry and Bright a and Rcd headed in English song and Story. So when Owen John made the Bachelor maid Queen into a melancholy old maid in Ber new play. the Public did not like j it. It is All right for Hamlet to be melancholy he was a Dane. But that wont do for the Snappy daughter of Henry Chi. The elizabethan age As 20th Century England conceives it was joyous and rostering. It was no time for sad sol Quoy and mourning introspection it was All action and go. Miss Johnson a new play which Zangwill produced makes Elizabeth a very solent figure moving through Many historical scenes. The critics say it is too historical and not human enough. The Public would like to see More of Elizabeth the woman and less of Elizabeth Tho Monarch involved in weighty affairs of state with ponderous old men of history. Unenthusiastic about them. One ame time Elrd s announce tin critic recently commented on the annual after Christmas Cut pre a sen Gull a As a Quot gesture of Tutti Sale before inventory. Sale in Filiti russians insist swing this week and continues la actors Are liable to interpret Che j the week Only. The management Kov so that audiences understand pay this will be the biggest bargain his Subtle suggestions. But there i Sale of Tho entire year. In full Accord with the festive season Are these uppers tor Tho coldest december England has known for Many years has called British inventive Genius into play. Many women now Are wearing a new Type of Muff which contains a lining of rubber tubing the nervous tissue in infantile paralysis examination shows that in Tho Early Stag ? of infantile pare Lysis a part of Hie nervous tis. A in the spinal Cord is m verely inflamed. Following this inflammation there is a hardening of some of the tissues in the Cord and a change in it Structure. Of this condition remains the same the carrying ability of the nerves is permanently affected. It chiropractic can remedy this condition. Phone or chiropractic easier better w it ii so Many latties on the Holiday Calendar new evening slippers become almost a necessity. In the Quality shoe store assortments assembled specially for these Happy times Are Many of the buckle trimmed pump and the love Best of strap styles. Hosiery to match. Qyyix5.hoe store expert shoe fitters a fit for every foot wants bring results tomorrow the savings event a after Christmas Sale of suits and overcoats this is not our regular Semi annual Sale and does not include furnishings. There will be no further reduction of Price on suits and overcoats. Coffil suits $25.00 cd q Rte 25%. Off. go a. $20.65 $30.00 Ca 25% off. 3 41 do $24.40 53500 Coc f7tz. 25% off. 3 4u i o $37.5� Coo in 25% off. 3 4o�.lo $30.00 $42 5� Coo of 25% off. 3 04 a us $45.00 Coo a 25% off. 3 00 i t 5sao� c07 a 25% off. 3 0 i of 55500 pm of 25% off. 3 41.40 St $45.00 overcoats $25.00 25 % of la. $18.75 $27.50 25% off. $20.65 $30.00 25% off. $21.50 $32.50 25% off. $24.40 $35.00 25% off. $26.75 $37.50 25% off. $28.15 $40.00 25% Oft $30.00 $42.50 25% off $32.90 $45.00 25% off $33.75 $50.00 25% off $37.50 $55.00 25% off $41.25 $60.00 25% off $45.00 everything strictly Cash. No charges. Nothing sent out on approval. Cannon Fetzer co a outfitters to Moi of Fine judgment

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