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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 23, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather Clear and warmer today and monday warm tuesday 89th year a no. 357 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning december 23,1973 Call us circulation.m2-1719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c. Sunday 25c Congress adjourns Energy Bill fails to pass the Senate is adjourned Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana left tells president Nixon that the Senate has adjourned As he talks with the chief executive by phone saturday in Senate minority Leader Hugh Scott a Capitol Hill office. With Mansfield from left Are sen. Robert p. Griffin a Mich. Scott of Pennsylvania and sen. Robert c. Byrd do. A. A Wirt photo by David c. Martin associated press writer Washington a a bitter and divided Congress adjourned for the Winter Holiday saturday after failing to pass emergency Energy legislation. President Nixon expressed regret that no Bill was passed but said voluntary conservation and other administration efforts should be effective. White House officials doubted that Nixon would Call Congress Back before the next session starts Jan. 21. The proposed legislation would have Given him the Power to ration gasoline if necessary. Suspend certain environmental standards and order other mandatory conservation measures. The 93rd Congress first session ended three Days before Christmas with House members unhappy with their Senate colleagues Over the Issue of excess Oil company profits during the Energy crisis. Rep. Robert f. Drinan. A mass. Who introduced the first impeachment Resolution against Nixon this summer said saturday night a if we have to pinpoint the fault we have to look at the Senate. They really sold out to the Oil the House majority a leadership refused to make the customary adjournment Call to Nixon who Drinan and others said Allied with Oil companies representatives to prompt a Senate filibuster Friday night. The Compromise measure the Senate passed dropped a profits provision. Many congressmen already were in route Home not voting on the Bill. Drinan said the position that Nixon would propose a tax Bill to Deal with Windfall profits was a a totally that the White House measures would Deal Only with crude Oil and not refined products that Consumers buy. He said Nixon should recall the Congress Tell it that Quot this is your problem and demand an Energy Bill with a profits clause. A a the House did its work. They had a Good Bill a Drinan said. Quot the Oil interests in the Senate blew it out of the in a statement. Nixon said the response from most americans indicates Quot we can get on with the Job without having the legislation in place at this Quot we will continue pressing for maximum voluntary cooperation in conserving Energy continue our efforts to assure fairness in distribution of available stocks of fuel and continue doing All we can using existing authorities to expand production of he said sen Henry a Jackson a was said he did not think there would be Quot any serious damage in the next month because no Bill was passed Jackson chairman of the Senate Interior committee said the president already has authority to set up machinery for rationing but doubted it could be put into effect without further congressional action. He said the real problem would be in ordering such mandatory measures As a 19-gallon-per-Sale gasoline limit. As Congress adjourned for the year in deadlock Senate leaders made the traditional Call to Nixon informing him that it was about to adjourn but House majority Leader Thomas p of Neill d-mass., refused. Earlier of Neill had blamed the White House for the deadlock Over the Bill that would have Given Nixon a free hand to order gasoline rationing. Quot there s no question that the administration really did us in after we did everything we could to get a Bill a o Neill said White House officials were quoted As saying they preferred no Bill at All to the one that had been agreed upon by Senate House conferees. On armies at canal election in Israel could be shakeup peace conference leads to disengagement panel for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Epsom amp Beer q. What Are the ingredients you use to Frost windows k. K. A. Pour two heaping Tablespoons of Epsom salts into a Saucer and add one Tablespoon of Beer. Let the foaming mess alone for about 30 minutes while the Salt crystals partially dissolve dip a facial tissue in it and wipe each pane As if you were washing it. While still wet go Back and dab and Pat the pane with the tissue. When it dries crystals will form. Windows must be cleaned first with ammonia and water or some window cleaner to remove All Carbon and dirt elections around the world j. In some other democratic countries that use Public Money to finance political campaigns w hat Are some of the methods used r r a. In France the government prints and distributes Campaign circulars for All candidates and pays for election posters. Each candidate in Britain gets one free mailing underwritten by the government. In Japan an electoral Gazette is published by the government which contains objective descriptions of All candidates and their platforms and pays for two 4 by 5-Inch newspaper ads for each office seeker. Some West German states give Small direct Cash subsidies to the state party organizations with the Law in some cases requiring it to be used for educational purposes which it Seldom is in other instances no strings Are attached. In puerto Rico selection fund act of 1957, the National Treasury allots each party $75,000 annually in non election years and since 1964 a minimum of $162,500 in election years. The latter sum can be increased depending on the number of straight party votes the party receives in an election but cannot be decreased. The allotments Are expected to cover most of the Campaign expenses and a strict accounting of All receipts and expenditures is required by Law a commission appointed under president Kennedy had proposed a Quot Matching incentives idea under which private contributions up to possibly $10 would be matched by contributions from the National Treasury. Also proposed were Cash subsidies to parties and candidates at state and National Levels government action to reduce to and radio costs so broadcast opportunities would be More available to All and a government underwriting of at least some of the general communications Cost of campaigns. Another proposal suggests that Money for subsidies could be raised by a tax on the radio to broadcasting printing and newspaper industries on which the Money would be spent. Still another proposal has been direct payments from the Treasury to National party committees in presidential years the proposed amount would be 20 cents per vote based on the average number of votes cast for president in the preceding two elections in off years 15 cents per vote based on the two preceding votes for Congress. This would amount to a subsidy of to to 12 million dollars in presidential years and 6 to 7 million on off years. Proponents of the subsidy system say it involves every taxpayer in every election financially anyway makes the legislator in dependent of private interests and increases the political Opportunity for men without Access to wealth. To keep Small parties from proliferating a British system could be adopted that requires candidates to Post deposits which Are refundable Only if the candidate wins a certain number of votes. Others raise the question if candidates for nomination will be subsidized As Well As candidates for election. They also feel that with subsidies citizens feel less involved personally and that requiring deposits is Fine for states with primaries but How would it be adapted where nominating is done in conventions or party caucuses. New title q. I have lost my car title and where can i get another one t. W. A. You can apply for a replacement at the motor vehicle License plate Agency at College Village. It costs $1. They ill need your car serial number among other things. By Arthur Max associated press writer Jerusalem a with one Eye on the Geneva peace talks and the other on their pocketbooks israelis vote on new years eve in what could be the most hotly contested election in the jewish state s 25-year history. Premier Golda Meir seems bound to win another four years in office but israelis expect to see new faces in her government. The election is for a new 120-seat Knesset a parliament a and the strongest party chooses the Premier. Israeli setbacks at the outset of the Middle East War and charges by disgruntled generals that neither the government nor the High command was ready for the fight Are expected to Cost mrs. Meir a labor group Many ballots and shift the voting to unpredictable new patterns. Public anger has been directed at mrs. Meir a defense minister Moshe Dayan who took the Brunt of the blame for israelis initial losses in the War. But mrs. Meir herself who scored 80 per cent in popularity polls before the War. Also has become a target for allegedly surrendering to american pressures. Many voters oppose israelis acceptance of the cease fire. And Many consider that mrs. Meir a government accepted disadvantageous conditions for the Geneva peace conference. The Premier has made it Clear that her decisions were influenced by american urgings and United states arms supplies. The first phase of the Geneva talks closed saturday and it will be the new government carrying Israel s Banner into the second phase of the beginning of the new year. The election Campaign inside re Cates on Energy. Aiding Bethlehem. Calling shut ins. Classified. Editorial. Women a news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries. Indicates israelis Are sharply divided on what positions Israel should take when the negotiations resume. Mrs. Meir argues that Israel should be prepared to return much of the 26,000 Square Miles of Arab territory won in the 1967 War and keep Only strategic areas essential for Security. Others insist that most of the territories excluding the vast Sinai desert Are part of the biblical Quot land of Israel a and belong to the jewish nation. Peace talk fills the election posters but another Issue is big in the voters minds a Money. Inflation was soaring skyward at about 4 per cent a month before the War and has leaped higher since. Some organizations estimate the israeli Cost of living has doubled in the past two years. Many blame finance minister Pinhas Sapir a socialistic economic policy for much of the problem. The right charging a economic insanity Quot says the Only Way to save Israel from bankruptcy is More free Enterprise less government control and less state Industry. Polls show More undecided voters than in any previous election with about a third of the 2,037,171 eligible voters unsure. The voting age dropped from 21 to 18 this year and official figures say 17,475 Young people most of them in uniform will be voting for the first time. The debate on How to Settle with the arabs and How to improve the country a Economy resolves around the three main groups. Together they control about 90 per cent of the 120-seat legislature. By Barry Schweid associated press writer Geneva Switzerland apr the Middle East peace conference concluded its opening phase saturday with an agreement to have israeli and egyptian military commanders begin talks Quot forthwith to separate their armies on the Suez front. But within hours of the announced decision to set up a military working group differences cropped up Between the United states and soviet Union Over participation of the superpowers along with Egypt Israel and the United nations. American officials ruled out any participation of . And soviet representatives. But . Sources said the russians Felt that since the working group was created by the entire conference any delegation should have the right to attend its sessions. The fact that Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger went ahead with his departure for Washington however appeared to indicate the .-soviet differences had not reached the proportions of a major crisis. While Kissinger was on the Way to Geneva Airport. Soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko was reported meeting at the Palace of nations with . Secretary general Kurt Waldheim. The soviet Diplomat was luncheon Host to Kissinger at the soviet Mission after adjournment of saturdays Brief session of the historic peace conference a the first Between Israel and its Arab neighbors. It was the third Kissinger Gromyko meeting in two Days. In a terse statement before leaving Kissinger expressed Hope the military talks would Start this week with israeli egyptian and . Officials. He made no mention of other possible participants. While not ruling out big Power participation. Israeli foreign minister Abba Eban told a news conference that Kissinger had assured him the military working group would follow the pattern set Down m earlier military talks at Kilometre 101 on the Cairo Suez Road. These were Between israeli and egyptian generals under . Auspices. Egyptian delegation spokesman Tahsin Bashir said the big Powers could make their influence Felt in the talks without actually sitting in on them. He added that the conference so far provided Quot All the ingredients to move it gives us a Ray of Hope in an otherwise dim he said. Quot and we want to enlarge the Ray of Hope a David Bowen Volt a a Hiap wire photo 17-year-old faces his last Christmas Buffalo. By. A this May be 17-year-old David Bowen s last Christmas. Some strangers Are try ing to make it a merry one. Doctors say they doubt David will live another year. Born with a congenital heart detect the frail and time for use undecided Gas rationing system readied by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a the Nixon administration May announce within the next eight Days the immediate creation of a standby gasoline rationing system Complete with printed coupons priority classifications and local boards. But it May postpone for weeks or months the decision whether or not actually to put rationing into effect. Top Energy officials confirmed in interviews that this a yes but maybe not approach was under serious consideration and had some Strong arguments in its favor. A decision on gasoline rationing has been promised by the end of this month. Energy chief William e. Simon Busy Friday with efforts to help emergency legislation through a vacation bound Congress said he hoped to bring his rationing recommendation to the president this weekend. Simon said there were a three or four possible scenarios on a rationing decision including the standby approach or an immediate decision to put rationing into effect or an immediate decision to forget about rationing. Congress failed on saturday to pass emergency legislation but sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., said he thinks Nixon still has authority to set up a standby rationing system. Simon would not say which he favored but his recent statements seemed to Point to creation of a standby system now a final decision later. On thursday Simon asked the Public to adopt a kind of voluntary rationing by using Only to Gallons of gasoline per week in order to avoid the real thing. Quot if the american people comply with this to Gallons on the average. We will not need Gas rationing a he said. But he also said he could not wait to see whether this would work because results would take at least a month and he must get a presidential decision by dec. 31. If gasoline rationing is needed the need will become acute next Spring when fair weather trips and vacations Send demand soaring toward its summer Peak. It might take until Spring to construct a workable rationing system with printed ration coupons and a distribution system regulations to sort out priorities among users and the appointment of thousands of local Board members to Settle appeals. Quot we have set March i and that would be very Tough to achieve from an administrative standpoint a said John Sawhill Deputy director beneath Simon at the new Federal Energy office. A possible alternative to rationing a a stiff new gasoline tax a would require congressional passage and Energy officials admit the chances Are not Good. Another so called a alternative also would take Long to show results and probably would not be an alternative at All Sawhill bluntly told a Consumers group Friday Quot Many people think it s a Choice Between rationing and Price increases. Of you think of rationing you be got to think of both rationing Price John a. Hill Simon a assistant director for policy planning and regulation said the Petroleum shortage trend seemed to be improving slightly and rationing might be discarded if within the week the Arab nations ended their Cut off of Oil shipments to the United states. Hill had no answer however when asked if the arabs might resume the Cut off just As the Spring surge in . Gasoline demand began. A a that a a decision for Secretary of state Henry Kissinger a he said. A newsman noted the coming Spring gasoline demand and the time that would be needed to create a rationing system. He asked Hill if that Means the immediate decision really is whether to make springtime gasoline rationing possible or impossible. Hill agreed Quot really that a the Only decision i bespectacled teenager also has several cancerous tutors throughout his body. David wanted a tape recorder for Christmas. But his parents Are on Wel fare. His father. Adam a former restaurant worker is disabled and unable to work. One of David a Sisters Jeanie 19, lives at Home and works As a waitress. The Buffalo courier express publicized David a plight Early this week. By Friday he had three tape recorders and offers for More. When people Learned that he already had As Many tape recorders As he could use they offered Money. One Man offered to Send David to Florida to visit a sister who lives there. David a father said the family was saving All the Money it received in order to Send David and a companion to Florida. A your Christmas be any better now i just wish there was some Way we could repay these people a Bowen said. Quot we have just been so surprised by All this. I want everyone to know How Happy they have made one Man took a combination tape recorder and radio to the family a Small Flat on the West Side of the City. Quot i have a warm feeling now knowing that maybe i have cheered someone else up a he was quoted As saying. Another Man who dropped off his gift tape recorder at the courier express office said Quot i read about him and just wanted him to have a merry

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