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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 20, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather occasional rain More data on Page 3a 89th year no. 354 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon december 20,1973 48 pages Call us circulation.882-1719 classified ads.8832177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c sen. Ervin Wilt not run again by Lawrence l. Knutson associated press writer Washington a sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., retiring from the Senate after two decades says this year of watergate has been a disaster from which the country will recover but president Nixon May not. The 77-year-old Senate watergate committee chairman a Harvard Law school graduate who made a National television audience smile knowingly when he described himself As a just an old country lawyer a said wednesday he d finally met an opponent he could not master a his own advancing age. A Ervin said he works harder than most senators of any age and has no doubt he could win another six year term. He said he cannot ignore the fact he would be 84 at the end of it welfare overpaid audit shows by John Stowell associated press writer Washington a a government audit released today shows that one million welfare families Are ineligible or overpaid at an annual Cost to taxpayers of $1.17 billion. The department of health. Education and welfare said the conclusions were reached from state samplings of 44.000 of the 3.1 million families receiving Aid to families with dependent children it a Edc it. The review showed that 10.2 per cent or 316.200 cases were ineligible 22.8 per cent or 706,-800 were overpaid and 8.1 per cent or 252.100 were underpaid hew said. The cases which represent families and not individuals were audited Between april and september under a system found to be a eminently sound by the Gallup organization inc., hew said. At mid year there were 3.1 million families on Audi Rolls representing 10.9 million individuals including 7.8 million children. Under the threat of a loss of Federal Matching funds hew said the states have developed plans to Correct the error rates. A the next step is for states to implement these corrective action plans so that error rates will be sharply reduced by june 30,1975, to an ineligibility rate of no More than 3 per cent and an overpayment rate of no More than 5 per cent a hew Secretary Caspar w. Weinberger said. A states that fail to reach their reduction goals will lose part of their Federal however. A since time takes a constantly accelerating toll of those of us who live Many years it is simply not reasonable for me to assume that my Eye will remain undimmed and my natural Force stay unabated for so Long a time a he said. As Ervin was telling North Carolina reporters about his six month struggle to resolve what he called a the hardest problem which has Ever confronted me a watergate com Mittee lawyers were delivering three subpoenas to the White House. They ordered the president to produce 481 White House tape recordings and hundreds of documents relating to All aspects of the watergate probe. That move made possible by a new Law drafted by Ervin himself was a Clear signal that the Senate a watergate investigation is not Over. Ervin has said he intends to make Public the transcripts of All the tapes and the copies of All the documents a because the Public has the right to know the truth of what they May Ervin said he will have to make judgments on the presidents watergate role when his rationing avoided for present voluntary 10-gallon per week limit asked sen. Sam j. Ervin committee makes its final report. Because of that he said. He might disqualify himself from voting on whether or not the president should be convicted if the matter is brought to the Senate while he is still a. Member. He was asked specifically if he believes the president is one of those he feels will not recover. Ervin said that what he called the presidents failure to immediately respond to the watergate burglary a has been disastrous for the evidence available to the committee does not show Nixon had any foreknowledge of the july 1972 break in into democratic Headquarters he said. But he said he cannot accept that Nixon did not immediately ask his political subordinates How it occurred that the five burglars had $53,000 in Nixon Campaign funds in their pockets when be sen. Ervin on 2a Washington a Energy Czar William e. Simon asked the driving Public today to limit itself voluntarily to to Gallons of gasoline per week. But Simon avoided imposing any mandatory gasoline restriction at this time. He said full Public compliance with a 10-gallon limit would make gasoline rationing unnecessary. But he said he will not have time to find out How Well it is working before he and president Nixon make their decision whether or not to Start the wheels of rationing in motion by the end of this month. Simon left open the possibility that gasoline rationing could be called off even if it were started a during the 60 or so Days it would take to put the system into actual operation. At the same time Simon announced he will provide 1.5 million barrels of military Jet fuel from the Pentagon stockpile to United states International airlines to help them through a fuel crisis until the end of january. Simon told a news conference that airline representatives said fuel cutbacks at foreign airports were affecting International carriers and that imported Jet for . Senate seat Morgan pulls up Short of formal announcement Raleigh apr North Carolina atty. Gen Robert Morgan indicated strongly today that he will be a candidate for the Senate to succeed retiring sen. Sam Ervin d-n.c., but no formal announcement will be made until after the first of the year. Morgan told a news conference that he wants to talk to some of his longtime friends across the state and get their reaction to his running. He said these people might say a look Robert. Its going to take a lot of Morgan told the newsmen he has made several statements in recent months that if sen. What s inside amusements Bridge. Classified ads comics. Crossword. Editorials. Financial. 2 a sports. Television. Women s news. Weather. Ervin did not seek reelection that a i was pretty certain to be a if he does run he said a i intend to run As hard As i can within what i can he noted that he would be limited by Federal Law to spending to cents per registered voter or $300,000. Morgan said he was in Washington wednesday when Ervin announced he would not be a candidate for reelection a but it was purely coincidental. I was there for a meeting that had been set up for some he reiterated his Praise of Ervin saying no Man i have known has represented the people with More asked Why he was delaying a formal announcement he replied. A i think that in the next few Days we should reflect on he said again he wanted to discuss financial arrangements with political allies and friends. Morgan was also asked about the tradition of North Carolina having a senator from the East and one from the West. The states other senator Republican Jesse Helms is also from the East. Morgan said this could be a Factor but he thinks a the people Are More interested in representation than geographical the attorney general said he has no Campaign organization set up no county managers or leaders. Asked if he had any forewarning of Ervin a retirement plan Morgan replied a i did not. I was As shocked and surprised As he also said he had not discussed Ervin s plans with the senator because a i did not want the senator to feel i was pressuring fuel was Cut by the Arab Boycott. He said providing the military fuel would reduce the Pentagon s stockpile of Jet fuel from an expected too per cent requirement by Jan. 31 to about 95 per cent. Simon also issued a warning to electric Utility companies against continued advertising designed to make the Public think there is plenty of electricity and no need to conserve it. Simon said his new Federal Energy office had found about 20 such ads Over the last few weeks and he was watching to see which company prints the next one. He warned that unless new ways Are found to save Energy utilities May soon Start running Short of residual fuel Oil. In calling for gasoline saving. Simon asked service stations to sell no More than to Gallons to each customer. But Simon said there was nothing to Stop a Motorist from driving on to another Gas station for another to Gallons if he thought he had to. There also would be no enforcement against a service station Selling More than to Gallons per customer. Simon said he was relying on voluntary cooperation until Congress passes legislation providing authority to make such measures mandatory. Updating his demand figures for Petroleum Simon reported that Over All the nation saved enough fuel and obtained enough additional imports during the four weeks following nov. To to accumulate Petroleum inventories a Little faster than expected. Members of a congressional conference committee on the Energy Bill had forecast the 10-gallon limit after meeting with Simon wednesday night. At the same time other development forecast higher prices for Consumers purchasing gasoline and heating Oil. The conferees completed action wednesday night on the emergency Energy Bill which carries the threat of a presidential veto. The Senate is expected to take up the Bill today and House action is predicted by Friday. Sen. Henry m. Jackson. D-wash., a member of the conference committee said the proposed 10-gallon limit is designed to work in conjunction with sunday gasoline station closings to limit Long weekend drives. But under the plan motorists will be Able to Stop for to Gallons As often As they like the congressmen said. The 10-gallon limit could be made mandatory for both motorists and service stations if the emergency Energy Bill is signed into Law. The Bill would give the administration authority to impose a mandatory gasoline rationing program. Meanwhile the administration took action that will result in another 2.3 cent a gallon increase in prices for both gasoline and Home heating Oil. The higher prices will result from a 23 per cent increase granted by the Cost of living Council in the Price ceiling on Domestic crude Oil the action will push the retail after tax Price of gasoline to an average of 44 6 cents per gallon compared to 37.2 cents last Jan to. The Price for Home heating Oil will go to 30 7 cents up from last january s average of 19.4 cents Carrero Blanco l shown wednesday in Madrid As he talked with . Secretary of state Henry Kissinger car blast kills Spanish Premier Madrid. Spain a Premier Luis Carrero Blanco no 2 Man behind Gen. Francisco Franco was killed today by an explosion that hurled his car about 30 feet into the air. There was speculation but no official confirmation that he had been assassinated. A High police source said the blast was caused by a bomb that exploded in the 70-year-old Republican Heads Nixon investigation history shows voluntary Gas controls Don t work an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears a political writer Washington a in another time it might have fit into a trivia quiz. But the Energy crisis has made the Story of world War ii gasoline rationing a matter of far More than trivial interest. The administration is weighing now the imposition of gasoline rationing at the pump a step president Nixon has tried to avoid. If history is an accurate guide voluntary controls wont work. That was the experience of world War ii. Campaigns to control consumption by persuasion finally gave Way to rationing the a Coupon a Black Market and at times bitterly resented bans on pleasure driving. Some of the Steps taken or urged three decades ago sound familiar today reduced Speed limits sunday Gas station closings lowered household thermostats. But to the Motorist of 1973, there s nothing familiar about the Price of gasoline which averaged approximately 20 cents a gallon and Rose less than one per cent during the War years. A study of world w a ii controls by the Library of Congress concludes that the rationing system used then for All its flaws achieved its goals. A even the most ardent partisans of voluntary Means agreed they failed a the study reports. Nixon in saying last month that he preferred voluntary Means commented that without the galvanizing effect of a wartime situation the american people would very much resent rationing. Action line is a temporary casualty of the weather and a virus today. Like All Good soldiers it will return. They resented it in wartime too. More than too congressmen staged a demonstration against rationing. A no one liked it a the Library of Congress study recalls. A there were shortcomings in the Basic management. But for All its faults it there were 5,525 local rationing boards and a Maze of Federal agencies supervising various aspects of the program. There was a credibility problem with widespread Public scepticism about the need for the controls. There was the Black Market although it was said to have diverted Only about five per cent of rationed gasoline. The government issued rationing coupons for More gasoline than actually was available. But civilian gasoline use went Down by almost one third. Whatever is done now the record suggests that credibility and relative simplicity Are two keys to a successful system. By John w. Beckler associated press writer Washington a John m. Doar a former assistant attorney general was named today to head the House judiciary committee staff conducting an investigation of grounds for the possible impeachment of president Nixon. Doar 52, a Republican was appointed to the Justice department by president Dwight d. Eisenhower in 1960 and stayed on to play an Active role in developing the civil rights legislation of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Since leaving the government in 1967, Doar has served As president of the new York City Board of education and As director of a private Antipoverty organization in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of new York founded by the late Robert f. Kennedy. Doar was chosen by rep. Peter w. Rodino d-n.j., chair Man of the House judiciary committee to head the first impeachment inquiry aimed at a president in More than a Century. Doar will head a staff of about 30 lawyers most of whom have already been hired and who have been working for several weeks compiling information for use in the impeachment investigation. In presenting Doar at a news conference Rodino called him a a Man of ability and the highest degree of Rodino said Doar will Start John m. Doar his new duties immediately organizing the staff and directing the continuing investigation in preparation for the return of Congress on Jan. 21 after its Holiday recess. Premier s car As he drove to w Ork. The official police report on Carrero Blancos death did not give the cause of the explosion. However. The Premier s chauffeur and a bodyguard also were killed. Two other persons in a car behind the premieres were wounded. The explosion sent Shock Waves through this nation ruled by Franco alone since the end of the Spanish civil War in 1939. Radio and television stations switched from regular programs to funeral music. Some schools closed and police patrolled known trouble spots. Some arrests were reported. Franco summoned his Cabinet to an emergency meeting. The explosion came shortly before the scheduled Start of a trial of nine workers and a roman Catholic priest accused of fomenting strikes. The defense attorneys said they would seek a postponement. Labor strikes have been a continuing problem for Francois regime. Another problem has been the movement by a Basque underground organization which seeks Independence from Madrid. Carrero Blanco became Premier last june. He conferred on wednesday with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger who had come to Spain to discuss . Military bases. A a.r<eps<j�0>new Battle Over tapes brewing Washington a a new Legal confrontation Over presidential tapes is brewing in the face of Senate watergate committee subpoenas demanding president Nixon turn Over 481 recordings and hundreds of other items from White House files. The committee served its subpoenas late wednesday Only hours after the Long often bitter Legal Battle Over the nine tapes subpoenaed by the special watergate prosecutor appeared headed for a Resolution. . District judge John j. Sirica cleared the Way for a final delivery of subpoenaed material to the prosecutor when he issued a ruling upholding White House requests to withhold non watergate material from the grand jury. That left Only the questions of two conversations die White House say s were never recorded and a third that is interrupted by an 18-minute Buzz no one has yet been Able to explain. Then the watergate committee weighed in with a sweeping demand for material it contended pertains to All aspects of its investigation ranging from the break in at democratic National committee Headquarters and subsequent cover up attempt to Campaign contributions and the itt antitrust settlement. Bobby Darin Dies at 37 Well ,6ervyou be ear Only 3 mope w6 to 6wo?1 a. Ass los Angeles a Bobby Darin whose All time hit a Mack the knife sold two million copies and shot him to the top of the Rock a no Roll Era of a decade ago died today at 37. He had undergone open heart surgery wednesday. Spokesman David Gershenson said Dana died about 12 15 a m. Post in the intensive care Ward of Cedars of Lebanon Hospital where he had undergone the six hour operation. Darin Nad a history of heart trouble dating Back to his boyhood Days in the Bronx Section of new York City when he suffered from rheumatic fever. Darin who Only recently had recovered from a popularity slide which Cost him Billings in Las vegas and television appearances had been admitted to the Hospital eight Days ago. An examination showed that one of two artificial valves inserted in his heart in 1971 was not functioning properly Gershenson said necessitating wednesdays surgery. The Brash ambitious Darin once vowed publicly that he would become a legend before he was 25. And he almost made ii. By the age of 24, he was playing the country Stop night spots had signed $2 million Worth of movie contracts and had married his leading lady Sandra Dee. Daring a aggressiveness stemmed from his Early years of struggle in the Bronx Section of new York. He was born Walden Robert Cassotto on May 14,1936, and he grew up a Skinny sickly kid in a Tough neighbourhood. His father w Horn he described As a Small time gangster died before he was born. His Mother lived on welfare. He Learned to play the Drums and was further toughened by appearing in the rugged show business schooling of summer Camps in the catskills. Bitter and disillusioned he sought escape from the drab City life by w ring songs. He showed them to a Young publisher Donnie Kirschner and his career began. Picking the name of Darin out of the Telephone Book he began recording on the Decca Label with Little Success. Then in May of 1958 he made the record a a splash splash a a song he said he wrote in 12 minutes. The record sold 100,000 copies in three weeks and established Bobby Darin Darin As a teen age idol. A recording of Hurt Weill s a Mack the knife a based largely on an earlier interpretation by Louis be Bobby Darin on 2a

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