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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 19, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page Ourthe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina tuesday december 19. 93> High Point Enterprise published Cixto Noona and a sunday mornings a a a a a j p. Rawley. Publisher w 1915�?1937 u la. Terry president i a. Rawley. Sec a and trias. Hammett a. Cech Hen. Mgr. Capes m. Waynick editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve months. Six months. J ? three months. A one month. A one week a a a a a a a. Carriers in nearby towns Are not Pei matted to collect Tor More than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted collect for a period of More than five week. La a subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct Vilice. The associated Quot press is Elu sively in tilled to the use for republication of ail news Elspa Tsueh credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second class matter at toe Post office n Gigli Point. N Cylinder the act of Congress of March a. Is .3 _ Quot Quot National adv representative the John Bidu co. 430 Lexington ale. New York City tuesday december 19, 1939. Cd thou Chi Jesus said unto Lur i Ain the resurrection. And the life he that Beli Eveth in me though he were dead yet shall he irm. Take away god and religion and men live to no purpose without put posing any worthy and considerable end of life to themselves. Tillotson. Tiu hearing tomorrow before it coh Neil in response to a petition origins Ted by local citizens the City Council will have a Public hearing tomorrow morning on the question whether High Point should attempt to develop a Federal slum clearance project. A special statute in North Carolina specifies the procedure under which cities May act to qualify for the Federal Aid in this Field. The petition and hearing Are statutory parts of that procedure. The Council sitting in a responsible position As far As the next step is concerned is desirous of having an adequate discussion of the Issue. This Means that those who oppose the undertaking As Well As those who advocate it Are expected to lie present tomorrow if they wish to ik1 represented in the debate. In order to go properly into this matter it is necessary for the City to have a full understanding of both state and Federal legislation bearing on it. Those who advocate the creation of an authority Here to Deal with the government need to have their Good reasons to support the undertaking against the obvious objection that the plan entails of simple necessity a discrimination in favor of a few families against Many others who Are in the same general class. Naturally that Issue has been threshed Over in Many american communities and the slum clearance movement has enlisted Many cities which believed the advantages the plan offer Are immensely greater than any objections that have been raised to any individual City a participation. Iha Wood Broi n hey Wood Broun newspaper columnist died yesterday while the taste of controversy was fresh on his lips. This most interesting personage of the special news paper sphere in which he operated had just broken a Long relationship with one new yol k publisher and established a new one with another at the time of his death at 51. His first offering was published in his new palier the Post the Day his last illness reached a crisis and the newspaper fraternity still was buzzing with speculations about his change of employers Roy Howard of the world Tele Gram had added his statement to Brouns own in denial of rumours of a rupture in their Friendship As Well As their business relations. Even As Broun Lay dying of pneumonia at least one other famous columnist was attacking Brouns relationship to the american newspaper Guild Union of reporters and other newspaper workers of which Broun was a founder and president. West Brook Peg Jer charged that the Guild was communistic and that Many newspapermen who Are members a Are sick of the arrogance the constant spying and soviet zing of newspaper offices and uncomfortable in their compulsory fraternization with communist furriers none of which they foresaw when they joined As pioneers in the very Best of Faith an organization represented As a non political Guild of workers in a mental there Are others who contend with Broun dead that the Guild is and will remain the finest Monument to the great hearted Man who promoted it. Wherefore in the very midst of Lusty life. Hey Wood Broun huge unkempt Noble spirited Man was in death. In his Good Humoured blows at smug self satisfied men and institutions he came As near being an american Bernard Shaw As we have. Reviving an Oli tale the widow of Rudyard Kipling is dead at her Home in Sussex. An american woman once a resident of Wilmington in this state she married the famous britishers about the time he was gaining a wide reputation and she had lived since 1896 in England. Her death today recalls an interesting Story of How and Why the United states lost her distinguished husband As a resident and possibly As a citizen. We do not know How authentic the tale is but it is to the effect that a quarrel Over a property line lie tween two parcels of land in Vermont chiefly caused Kipling to relinquish his american residence. The poet who wrote a a there a neither East nor West Border nor Breed nor birth when two Strong men stand face to face a is understood to have become infuriated with his old Friend Collaborator and brother in Law Wolcott bal esties Over a very trivial a a Borders dispute. Kipling met Balestier in London dedicated Barrack room Balestier farm he erected a cambium on at least one important look. Later in 1892, he married Balestiero a sister and moved to Vermont where adjoining the Balestier farm he floret of a rambling House for his own Home. Not merely the break with the brother in Law Over a typically rustic Issue hut other annoyances affected Kipling. Strangely enough one of the latter was the tendency of his grocer to keep his checks Given in payment of routine Bills instead of cashing them. Tradesmen regarded them As Worth More for the autograph of the literary Man than their face value. The old Soi til Henry w. Grady once spoke of a South that was a Feudal in its magnificence. That kind of magnificence however was More prevalent in the a deep South but even then there the a a pop White trash outnumbered the slave holding class. Here in North Carolina Large estates were to to found in the Sand Hills and the coastal Plain and sandwiched Between these were Small plots where families eked out a scant existence. The following excerpts from the Winston Salem journal evaluate the old South now a gone with the wind a there was a South that nobody Ever knew. Josephus Daniels shows that in his tar Heel editor a. The old South was populated in the vast majority by folks who owned few if any slaves. But let us dream awhile of the South that never was. It will do us no great harm to believe the old South was the land of Utopia of Romance and chivalry. For it does the soul Good to think Beautiful thoughts and conjure enduring forms of Beauty out of the chaotic fantasy of a wavering in the news the Gastonia Gazette believes that a the american Public should not be alarmed by reports that our battleships and defences Are inadequate. The fact is that the United states government has been building up its armament on the seas in the skies Anil on land Many years. As a result we Are prepared to fight if we have to. A How come All this scare stuff a mostly we judge from the poor showing in the Way of preparedness made by America during the first two years of Tho world War 1914-1916. Much has been done and much remains to be done. Aside from munitions our Best defences Are the two oceans. Commenting on the scuttling of the Graf spec the Salisbury Post says a the things to be properly amazed about in War Are not the things which fail to make sense but the things which apparently do make sense. There is no sense in that is the truth in a nut Shell. It is Well enough though to keep in mind that the world has Long believed that the right of self defense belongs to men and nations. Along with that deep in the consciences of those men who hold that there should be such a thing As International Justice is the feeling that Strong nations should protect Small weak nations against a mighty aggressor. The trouble is help often comes belatedly or not at All. The Statesville daily takes note of a headline which says a furniture makers of nation cautious for 1940.�?� a things being As is maybe everything would brighten up if they turned their lathes to the production of according to Webster a Shilala is a club made of Oak or Blackthorn. In View of the a big berth ask of the present Day its a wonder that the word a Shil Aiah remains in the dictionary. It brings to the fore that the world has advanced maliciously As Well As for the better and that workers in Wood a a ainu to what they used to with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people this is Tho Story of Tho girl who would not give up. You be read about her in the papers and you be seen her in the news reels and you be heard her on the radio. Her name is Alice Marble. But do you know her inspiring Story bits Here and there have been printed. Here it is Complete age 26. Birthplace san Francisco hair Golden. Alice Marble was a natural born athlete. The Pride of san Francisco. When she was 20 she was one of the Best woman Tennis players in the United states. She was the wonder girl of the Western world. She was headed straight for the top. Then disaster struck. She was entered in a Tennis tournament which the officials were anxious to have finished on schedule time. The Day of the final play came and something else came with it. A heat wave. The thermometer boiled and sizzled. Up and up it zoomed. It reached 104. The officials did not want the game to Stop and so she played on in this inferno. She met opponent after opponent and swept them Down. New of ponets were brought on. She sent them Down. She played an almost unheard of total -108 games in blast Furnace heat. When the last opponent was finished she started to the club House. Suddenly there was a scream from the spectators. The Champion had collapsed. She was taken to her Home in san Francisco and put to bed and then she Lay week after week so broken and emaciated that she could not leave her bed. A year missed she was better. A Telegram arrived. She had been named a member of the United states Wight Man cup team. It was a great Honor. She began to practice Tennis again went to Paris with her teammates. Went onto the court collapsed. She was taken Home to san Francisco again where the doctors examined her and said she would never play again. She would he an invalid the rest of her life. She became the forgotten girl of Tennis. But she would not give us. She was in lied a impost a year then began to practise again feebly at first stronger As the Days in arched past. And she did play again. One year after she got out of bed she won a match. Fans looked at their programs. Who was this girl some of them remembered her. Of. Yes they said that California girl. She went in. She won. Not Only once hut three times. She is now world woman singles Champion. Other things begun to happen John Mccormack the famous Singer heard her sing. He was impressed. He gave her lessons. Alice Marble tackled her singing with the same determination with which she had tackled Tennis. Radio heard of her. She was Given a try out. She has been signed at $1,001 a week. And while i was in Hollywood they told me it would not be Long till she would be a movie Star. Not bad for the girl who would not give up. Quot old faithful was the name of a horse that produced $175.ooo Worth of diphtheria Antitoxin. Somebody else coming Down the Chimney it amp a % pm v i in a i x ii Rayj b Walter Winchell on Broadway Corr nth i tilt doily Mirror Loc. The heroes and heroines of 1hs9 Gabby Hartnett found out that a cheer lasts Only As Long As you can hear it. As Chicago a Golden boy during the decade he was Star Catcher for the cubs he was made manager and overnight became the target of hoots. Now he knows the Public a acclaim is inflated Money no value at the source. Alice Marble the Tennis Champ demonstrated she is the most indestructible of the news Page beauties. She can face a camera after a stiff Tennis tourney and look As fresh in the snapshots As the movie Queens do Atter the Best surgery from a roomful of West mores. Clifton Fadiman arrived As americans glib est Man. As prexy of the tuesday night brain Trust on the radio he shows and Libbing can in scholarly and comic at the same time. And he a probably the Only Man in the entertainment world who gets paid for saying Dorothy Lamour was the Patsy of the unwise St kind of a build up. I tie several Hundred sickly fifties on a a sarongs failed to ruin her but if her sponsors keep it up they can probably make it certain next year. Paul Mcnutt showed up As the a mji1o of the politicians. He is a picture Hook statesman handsome Dudish polished. There is talk to will wrinkle Hil it ants to entice the dirt Farmer vote a hut the White House hardly seems Worth that sacrifice. Elinor Troy demonstrated How easy it is to go nowhere in a hurry. Lone passenger in a chartered plane she was sped from the West coast to Here and Tommy Manville. Or. We ool Leott surprisingly endorsed a libel of himself. After watching Monty Wooley a hateful impersonation of him. The town crier agreed to play the role in the West coast company. He probably figures if he s that detestable. He might As Well get paid for it. Mayor la Guardia spent the year putting new York on the map. He bullied air officials out of an Airport and now he is Bent on hatching a Cinema Colony. A go getter the Little Flower watch us grow Richard Knight lawyer to some of the gilded litigants executed the most difficult acrobatic feat of the Winter term. He did a handstand in the metropolitan opera House bar on opening night and his feet Haven t touched the ground since. Clart Boothe it Egan her third season As dietician to the drama critics. They had to eat the words they spoke against her two hits a the woman and Quot kiss the boys Good Bye. Now it appears they la get their vitamins from their reviews on Quot margin for the new yorker s a. J. Uehling offered new data on the truth that a joke has no father. In the profile of the Shubert. All the Malaprop isms charged to j. J. Ten years ago were transferred to Bro. Lee. Ii. L. Mencken who used to frighten College graduates turned softy during the year with Little sentimental memoirs on his Baltimore childhood of Mencken weakens any further Uncel Don better get worried about his Job. The snob influence came to the prisons. Sing sing reaped a former ires of the Stock Exchange and the bund Feuhrer and the Louisiana Hoose Gow collected a College prexy. It got too damned Tony for Winnie Ruth Judd who broke out twice. Paul Muni would in this dept s pick for the year s most surprised Man. After seven years in the Holly Woods where he was rated the pm St actor he took another whirl at the stage. And what rejoiced the critics most. The fact that he could still act Thos. A. Dewey became the Champion smiler. As a White House campaigner. He has picked the Grin As the Best vote bait. He can dimple up for a camera quicker than Shirley Temple. The editor of the daily worker fielded the years hottest potato. Robbed overnight of his head villain when Stalin pinned wings on Hitler the editor had to stay mum for 24 hours torture until a fresh shipment of policy got in from Moscow. Leon Trotsky won the right to the biggest Smirk. Having taunted Stalin All during his exile with Bol axing up the Bolo regime Trotsky is now i told you so ing with great satisfaction. Meantime the Walrus puss in the Kremlin is breaking his neck to carry out still More of Trotsky a sour forecasts. The darkest blackout in Europe was staged by Mussolini a when he blanketed himself. He is now a bystander. When he climbs a Balcony for the newsreels and shoots his a wout another foot he creates More yawns Titan the skiing shots. Zolotoff Tho soviets head Alibi or wrested the fibbing title from Goebbels by dealing twin lies one for Home one for Export. To told the world Finland started things by picking on a helpless Little band of russians Only 180,000,000 of them. To the dupes at Home he reported there is no War in Finland wicked capitalistic rumours. Tony Galento has the weirdest ambition. Almost brained by Joe Louis fat Tony wants a prize for escaping with his life his idea of something Nice would be to have it happen again. New Yorkus voters went to j in polls and won a in King to themselves. Haling hic race track cookies whom they could beat though not often they about people miss Frances Bushelman student at n. C. C. W., is Home for the holidays. A miss Mac Kirkman has arrived from Cincinnati where she has been pursuing studies in music it. And mrs. R. F. Johnson arrived today from new York to spend the holidays with the latter parents. Or. And mrs. L. Tabb on Parkway. New Brief Winter is in full blast with bad weather throughout the nation. A study is to be made of the banking situation. A state newspaper men will he guests of governor Gardner in a dinner at Raleigh tonight. Twenty years ago local news High Point was in the grip of its coldest weather for the season today. Sleet began falling at to of clock and soon covered the ground. The thermometer was Down to 20 degrees Early this morning. A the schools Are asked to Aid in the taking of the 1920 census especially in the work of giving information that will help to avoid errors. About people Edwin chappell1, in school this year at Trinity is in High Point. A p. La. Martindale of Danville is a business visitor in High Point Tom Kearns who has been attending school in Richmond arrived last night to spend several weeks in the City. New Brief a president Wilson has been asked to proclaim today that the army has been demobilized so that the War time dry Law May in at an end and dealers permitted to dispose of liquor on hand. Plans have been announced for the re organization of five big packing companies. A forty three members of the Crew of the French Steamer Manxman have been drowned at sea according to a wireless message. It is thought that the Steamer went Down. Voted them out in favor of the parimutuel. Which Are made unbeatable at the factory Raymond mole suffered these Verst Burns from a Back firing Book. His kiss and Tell record of White House confidences even had Roosevelt a enemies angry. They believe or. Roosevelt s first importance is As president Only incidentally As a Man Moley does t like. The Captain of the Graf spec will go Down in history along with his government As being Rotten losers. Capt. Langsdorff is quoted As protesting a that according to International Law at the Hague Uruguay should have allowed us More time Quot look who a leaning for support on the Hague after the nazis walked out on the league of nations Marlene Dietrich shooed out of the films As a de clamoured number got off the dime and made a rip roaring comeback As a comic. She winds up As the years second funniest film personage. Tho funniest being the Man exhibitor Brandt who said she was paging father Lime ten years ago local new a the local Post office is asking its patrons to mail their Christmas packages Early. A Henry Grady Owens has completed ten years service with the High Point High school a the empty stocking fund has reached a total of nearly $1,300. Bruce Cotton in Washington state department believed ready to approve new ship Transfer Washington dec. 19.�?behind current efforts to Transfer to foreign registry eight ships of the United states lines lies an amazing letter written by John Franklin president of the ship line to chairman Emory s. Land of the u. S. Maritime commission. In this letter or. Franklin w i t Drew application to Transfer the vessels to Panama registry a scheme which was cation mocked by the state department. Ile proposed instead that the eight vessels be transferred to a foreign company under either the English. Canadian. Irish or belgian Flag with United states lines holding control of the Slock of the foreign company. Final decision As to which of these four foreign nations would he selected would be made he proposed a after consultation Between the maritime commission and a a a pick to k own Center of interest the letter is interesting from three angles first the proposed set up is precisely the same As the one earlier proposed in the Panama Case except that the ships would Fly the Flag either of an actual belligerent or of a european Neutral. Second this letter is not a formal application for Transfer but constitutes a step to get maritime comm Soin approval of the Transfer in Advance of formal application. Third the letter was drafted with the approval of a High state department official before it went to Admiral land. Having objected to the Panama Transfer the state department is now reliably reported to be supporting a similar Transfer to British belgian. Irish or Canadian registry. A a supplies fireworks j. B. Matthews the Dies committee investigator who drafted and issued that famous report attacking consumer groups As communist directed has been a storm Center of the Dies investigation for More than a year. He first came into View in August of 1938, when he testified As an sex communist he had been a a sentimental idealist a he explained but later had Quot an ethical revulsion a about various communist led organizations. He had been vice president of Consumers research inc., at a time when that concern had a strike on its hands his testimony about the strike led a. J. Isserman. Newark attorney to demand that the u. S. Attorney Here prosecute him for perjury the demand timing denied when it was ruled that the statements complained of were not material. At the beginning of this year Matthews became chief investigator for the Dies group. As a former member of 28 different groups which he says were communist directed. Matthew has enjoyed the Complete Confidence of chairman Dies and the deep antipathy of government left wingers. A a memo to or. Roosevelt if or. Roosevelt Aims to run for a third term and if he wants any popularly elected convention delegates he will have to declare himself pretty soon. Filing time for the various state primary elections is getting near. First filing Date is that of Arkansas where a if there is to be any presidential primary at All a some candidate must file a formal request by mid january of nobody files the states delegates Are instructed by the state political committee. Next comes Illinois. A candidate s name can t go on the ballot there unless the candidate himself requests it and his request must be in by b be. 9. Filing Date for Wisconsin and Nebraska is also in february but in neither Case is Tho consent of the candidate necessary in order to get his name on the ballot. Brevi ties the abbreviated English prayer Book was compiled by Benjamin Franklin j who was the first reformer of English spelling and the first to use illustrations for books and pamphlets. Sir Henry Irving was the first British actor to be offered a Knighthood. He refused the Honor in 1883, but accepted it 12 years later. Hitler is trying to straighten out the world so he can Settle Down to painting and wagnerian opera. If we had Only known sooner. Adolf we would gladly have bought you an easel and a season ticket. A California scientist says that the universe is Safe and will not blow up. Depends entirely on How you look at it. Lord Halifax rebuked a peer who thought maybe Britain ought to cooperate in attempts to end the War. It just Isnit Cricket old boy. A new horse racing system in California makes winners of the last three horses to come in. Riders who must Swap mounts before the race begins done to know berber they re coming of going

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