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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 18, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Leads Wayne in Les Pedreza Fine Quality Hay. The Send a it aged i bushels to the acre Ai total Hay yield was 750 tons. Wayne county Farmers a rapidly following Thompson plan of farming agent min said. Hom of Raiser Wor a six x interest in the raising of the own work Stock is being exhibit by Farmers in Many parts of the state reports Fred m. Haig prot Fessor of animal husbandry a state College. Uncle Ray s Corner Goldsboro. Dee. Is. A r. G. Thompson for years a Large Rotten planter is today probably towing More Les Pedreza than any Farmer in Eastern North Carolina. Says c. S. Mintz Wayne county farm agent. This Goldsboro Man harvested 250 acres of Robe Les Pedreza Fot seed this year and 350 acres of air cuts Down falling Speed Hooks of physics there. A Bukk pm the r Mph second. I and so on gaining All the while three minutes More than a Mille in one second try it at la what a Speed that would he f How hard one might think a wok Man would land if he fell afer a through the air for three min a i utes a one important fact must be made Plain however. Falling at such rates would have to take aviator making to to of two Para place through a vacuum not chutes in descent through the air. By pumping the air out of Long and faster during the first la tubes in have been Able to i seconds. Then he will reach a make tests Writh falling bodies. I Speed of 175 feet per second tests in such tubes have show n j Aud will not fall faster. The that All bodies fall at the same slowing up is due to the air rate where there is no Ain. In a resisting the other words a Feather Falls a person weighing too pounds through a vacuum tube As fast will not fall so fast As a 190-As an Iron Hall. I Pound Man. His top falling Speed in the world outside of the i is about 130 feet per second. Vacuum tube that Isnit so. A turning those figures into Feather does not fall nearly smiles per hour we May say that fact As an Iron Ball. This is be-1 people fall to the ground from a cause the air holds the Feather i mile height no faster than from Back More than it does the Iron j 90 to 120 Miles per hour Ball. I it be pleasant How the Iron Ball Falls fast but it Ever to strike the Earth at the will he held Back to some sex j rate of 90 Miles per hour Lens by the air. The same i that is w by the Parachute was True of every other object. Invented. It cuts Down the rate air does something to break j of fall to about 18 feet per seethe fall of a Man. It in t enough i Ond or about 12 Miles per hour. To keep him from being Hurt i for general interest Section w Hen falling from a High place i of your scrapbook but it slows him Down. The Leffier a cities of Europe a tests have shown that a to May be had by sending a 3c Pound Man falling from a height stamped return envelope to me of about a mile will fall faster 1 in care of this paper. U. S. Chamber contends move would re ult in improved care of needy Washington. Dec. 16. A a the i nit of states a Ham her of Commerce recommend cd today that Relief he turned Hack gradually to Tive states contending that it would result in improved care of the needy at lower Cost. A it is apparent from the methods thus far pursued by the Federal government a a chamber committee reported a that it is Remote too Large and too Clumsy for efficient administration of local Relief xxx thus it is Clear that inherently the direct participation of the Federal government in Relief activities is extremely costly a in a statement accompanying the release of the report the chamber said that the committee had Given months of study to the problem of Relief. Xuy ads not minimized a the report in no May minimizes the need for the statement added. A what it attempts to Point out is that Means must he found to bring Down its costs which if tarried on at the present rate of expense Over a period of year inevitably will wreck the country president w. Gibson Carey or. Of the chamber sent the report to member organizations with s request for a an Active and sustained attempt to follow such suggested procedure As May fit your Community and the possibilities of your primary it nation asserting that Relief is primarily the function of state and local governments the committees report declared that the Federal government s part should be limited to financial assistance where state and local resources Quot Are clearly the report also contended that Federal Aid has been a a deter intal to local self sufficiency an Onomy and democracy and family Pride and responsibility seem also to have been under a operation of Relief by the states would make the rest a substantially less than the present j total Relief Cost work Relief could he developed More effectively at less Cost by state and local governments. The Choice Between work re-1 Lief and direct Relief should he j left to persons familiar with Community needs. Ill ind Iid Ald to dependent children the Blind and indigent old aged now shared by the Federal and state governments should rest with state and local governments. A the general the report added a should be to Center Relief activity a the smallest possible local unit consistent with efficient administration. Whether it lie county City or a smaller local race i houses i keep their Mouths shut tight while running / a Gulbransen piano a gift that will last a lifetime grands a spines a consoles and studios music in the Home with Gulbransen there is see hive protected the hanging 119 e Washington St a there is a horse heaven in Oregon see u s postal guide part 1 awk porn of room hanged Himsel when he discovered that the Anagram of hts name was Quot Pendyar Lori meaning Quot hanged at Row of taxi social a Cincis in the Border Marker us mex. Huge crowd hears Messiah rendered in Thomasville negro lad uses own Bank system Harlleen new books Are open til charge Purchase remainder of december will be entered on your Annary statement not payable a till february to. Imo so Rome to your favorite Christmas store. It s a Blaze of Christmas glory profe55ors/?��0anc> of Heht Columba University Are collaborators Owa text Book iv>9, pm it Mem or. W of a special to the Enterprise thu an grammatical hanging at he height of the an Grammatic craze in France a Pill maker in Kim. France named Andrel a Bim discos Creel that the Anagram of ids name was a a in Ensti a Bionto hanged at Biton obsessed with the idea that hanging a to is ids destiny he tried to hang himself hut a Cut chess to. Subsequently he Deli brately committed a capital crime for which he seas actually hanged in room in i7.1u, Titti in his Assn is Ord fulfilling his de tins this i the Greaten exit As Agate e Ever occasioned by an Anagram. Try International it Fth in of a both the i tilted states and Mexico forbid anyone to tamper with a strange Hee Hise that is a familiar sight Hess Cen Lite Tsvor countries hets Cen Douglas and Naco Arizona. Tile his is in Lite hollow steel Monument that Marks the Boundary Between the two countries. The Marker is set in a Concrete Bac and in order to get at the Honey in the hive it a Voitle he necessary to destroy Lite Monument and incur the Strath of Tsvor governments. It became a Hee Hise after Hunters High Tow rred rifles had punctured the steel sides the apertures giving Bee acce to the Interior. Tomorrow try Stab for Sumi a ship Early Quot we did. You poor Molt. Ond if you Faith our advice now you won t be substituting for a truck horse later on. We cannot persuade everyone to shop Early. But Don t blame us. You can t soy we did t worn you. Left american number one cigarette. Amel. Ibis Gay new Christmas package tent Ainy i boxes of camels in the Flat fifty size. Dealers Are featuring them Della Stroup sue Recd retiring Randolph county woman special to the Enterprise Asheboro. Der. Is miss Dell Stroup of Thomasville has been appointed Home demonstration agent for Randolph county to succeed i la i a Brashear according to an announcement made Here. Miss Bra shears leaves her office Here which h she accepted last october to become District Home agent at Large for the Tennessee District. Her new Headquarters will lie in Chattanooga. Previous to coming Here she held the same position with Jones county As she it lid with Randolph. Miss Stroup comes Well recommended for her new position. She graduated from woman a College in Greensboro in 1930, majoring in Home economics taught four years in the Selma schools and since that time she has taught economics in the Mills Home High school and a been diet supervisor in orphanage kitchens. Beton Check the pipe smokers on your list and Counton Prince Albert a world s most popular smoking tobacco. This attractive one Pound package of cooler smoking Prince Albert is sure to please below Aii Christmas wrapped and ready to give a to packs of 20 s a 200 mild Cool camels a the cigarette for giving apr timing in t i Nix of Psi Vuk the inexpensive Cut of meat May be Courser and less tender hut they need be no less palatable than Choice cuts if the proper conking method is used. Pot roasting and stewing for several hours Over a Low flame with seasonings and flavoursome vegetables reduces them to a succulent tenderness. Adding a Little vinegar to the liquid in which the meat is simmered is an Aid to softening any Tough connective tissues. X Otic f meeting of Board of adjustment the trustees of Guilford College have applied for a permit allowing the erection of a gasoline service station on their property on the West Side of South main Street Between Commerce and Green streets Between Central friends Church and the a a. Snow residence. A meeting of the Hoard of adjustment will be held in the Council Roo of the City Hall on thursday december 21. T939, at i30 p. M., to consider this matter. Persons wishing to be heard either Tor or against the issuing of this permit Are requested to be present at this meeting. Board of adjustment Glo. Al Cox chairman -Ioju-n-is-i9.camelsprince Albertm Artex West Point and Cannon gift sets if he smokes a pipe then he a bound to appreciate a gift of Prince Albert smoking tobacco the largest Selling smoking tobacco in the world. Prince Albert is the famous Coo or smoking pipe tobacco that a made extra mild and extra tasty by special a a crimp Cut and Quot no bite treatment. There a so much pleasure in giving Prince Albert because you know your gift will please. So for pipe smokers this Christmas give Prince Albert the National Joy smoke there a no finer gift for those who smoke cigarettes than camels. You can be sure your Choice is Wise a for More people enjoy camels than any other Brand. And when you give camels you re giving the Milder cooler smoking of Camel s matchless blend of Long burning costlier tobaccos. Dealers Are featuring camels in a Choice of two attractive gift packages�?200 camels in each. There s lots of cheer in smoking camels and in giving camels its that arc sure to please in Beautiful Christmas wrapper monday. is 103? the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Len try of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three Sec 4

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