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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 16, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Page i High Point Enterprise wednesday december 16. 1925 a 1925 by Nea inc. Regin Herk today Barbara Hawley. 2t>, Breaks with her Fiance Brice Reynolds and gets a Job on the Telegraph in order to Sec life. Andrew Mcdermott the managing editor is a former Friend of her father. Bob Jeffries police reporter proves Friendly. Barbara gets a letter in the lovelorn mail a Gneil a a Ioletta asking How to attract a Young Man socially Superior to the writer. Barbara attends a newspaper dinner at the Lighthouse inn. With sinbad Sullivan a press agent. There she meets Jerome Ball a Man about town. While she is dancing with him sinbad drinks too much Champagne and climbs Oil the table to sing. To Barbara s horror she sees Bruce Reynolds staring at Ber. The sound of a shot comes from an inner room in the roadhouse. Now go on with the Story chapter Xiv no one. Moved. Sinbad poised among the candlesticks swayed slightly his Mouth still open. Barbara stood by the table clutching the Back of a chair. Every face was turned toward the Wail through which the deadened report had come. A door opened and a White faced Man appeared. It was Martini the manager of Tho roadhouse. A just a moment please a lie said to the crowd. A is there a doctor in tile House there has been a slight Accident in a private dining a Little Luau in Gray stepped Forward. The manager grasped him by the Arni and pulled him through Hie door which swung shut behind them. The spell of silence shattered. The crowd burst into pandemonium. A an Accident a a a what kind of an Accident a a mighty queer a a a there a something behind All men tried to soothe excited women companions poured tumblers of water sent waiters after wraps. Then came a whisper a the police have been there was a Rush for the door. When the crowd blocked it those in the rear stampeded. Every table in the room was deserted except the newspaper table on which sinbad Sullivan had slumped Down among the chrysanthemums and one or two tables near the windows at which sat men who watched the scene with a cynical amusement. Barbara Clung to the chair on which she had been leaning. Jerome Bob and All the rest of the newspaper people had completely disappeared. She Felt a hand on her armband turning found Bruce Reynolds looking Down at Lier. His face Vas White. A let me take you Home Barbara. There a a Side door we can Barbara jerked away from him. A no. Thank she reached for her wrap and started for Tho door. Bruce followed her. A look Here Barbara a he said a Don t he foolish. This is no time to carry an old grudge. You should never have come Here. You be got to got out of this place and somebody must take you. They say the Poller have been a i done to need you a a snapped Barbara. A i have an escort. Suppose you Stop troubling yourself on my a the last i saw of your answered Bruce sternly a the was doing grand opera among the he tossed his head toward tile table where the newspaper party had sat. Sinbad Lay with his head in the Flower Basket. Barbara turned upon Bruce. A what s the idea of your telling me whether or not i be got to get out of this place anyway in a not going to get out. This is going to be a front Page Story and in a Here to cover the ground for the she walked away with her head in the air. The room was practically empty by this time and she went out into the Hail. Bob had vanished. Several of the other men from the newspaper group were in the Hall arguing with the roadhouse manager to let them into the room where the shot had been tired. The manager was resisting their pleas with Gruff words and emphatic hands. Someone rushed up to Barbara. She recognized him As one of the Tribune reporters who had been in Lier party. A say miss Hawley a he cried a Jeffries asked me to look out for you. That society editor he had Flung a tit at. The first mention of the police and Hung around his neck to he taken Home. Threatened to go into hysterics if he did no to get her out before Lier reputation was blasted. Never Felt so sorry for a Chap in my life. Of you la wait in there while i get the facts on this ill take you Home in a few a thank you a smiled Barbara a but i think ill get a few facts she made her Way to a narrow Hall that wound toward the Hack of the House. A maid with Cap awry was hurrying through the dark passageway. A where is the room where the Accident occurred a asked Barbara. A i must see the the girl stammered and clutched at her apron. A Over there Tho Little door under the Barbara opened the door slowly and looked in. A Blaze of Light met her eyes. The room was Small probably intended for a study or second Library. Its Walls were Wainscot Ted in Walnut and there a a s o v f a now maj % v in d1 fun % now Hollowell i wife 1b going to suffer for my discovery of that red Sash. They say she a in Chicago. Shed never have known that Ber husband Wasny to a Model of virtue if it Hadnot been for a a that a what happens Babs. No use trying to beat the game. You always get caught even though you die Andrew Mcdermott came out of Bis office. A a who a this Chap named Reynolds that a been calling for you All evening miss Hawley Quot he asked. A i answered his Calls three times a a former Friend of mine a a Barbara spoke coldly. A i want you to see mrs. Lydia Stacy tomorrow. She a just Back from a year in Europe and she a always Good copy. I done to care what she talks about. Might ask her about Paris clothes or Berlin Beer. Lydia will give you a front Page Story. J he has a sense of the dramatic that would have made her a Fine newspaper woman. And she has the Money to live up to it. A i think if i were you. Id Call that Young Reynolds. He seemed in great distress because he could not reach Barbara stopped by the Telephone switchboard on her Way to the hat rack. A a if anybody named Reynolds Ever Calls me again say in a not to be continued five lose lives in tenement fire v. I Ai. A Evv a a r / in an instant Barbara Aas on her Knees beside the table. She Drew from beneath it a piece of red silk. Were no windows. Electric lights just before overhead and in Wall sconces Burn j turned and de garishly. In a Corner stood a table for two the cloth dragged half off and trailing on the floor. Overturned glasses and a wine bottle Lay near the table Edge. A Many a overcoat and hat Hung on a Peg near the table. Barbara advanced to examine them. The pockets had been emptied. She looked around the room. There was nothing else in sight. Barbara turned toward the door. 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Then she thrust it Iii the pocket of her wrap. She was closing the door when the Little doctor in Gray hurried Down the Steps carrying his Medicine Case. Barbara stepped in front of him. A a Clear Case of he re plied to her question. A Norman Hollowell. Of the hollowed Bond brokerage company. Suicide note in his pocket Aud proof that he was alone in the room. Waiter had left him Only two minutes before the shot. He died Barbara found her Way Back to the front Hall where the roadhouse manager was making a statement to the other reporters. The doctor interrupted them. A no use trying to hush it up Martini. The Man is dead and everybody in the City knows the Telephone Booth was surrounded by a fighting swarm of men reporters. Barbara ran after the manager. A please or. Martini a a she smiled a May i rest a moment in your the Man looked at her suspiciously. Then lie opened a door Aud ushered her in. A we done to want any More scandal out of this than j is unavoidable. It Wasny to the fault i of the management Tjit the Man j picked out the Lighthouse inn As a j place to kill himself. And remember there Wasny to any woman mix up. He was Barbara reached for the Telephone. A Norman Hollowell has killed himself in the Lighthouse she told Mcdermott breathlessly. A the manager says he was alone but there was a red Sash under the table where he shot Martini made a dive for the Telephone. A Damn you a he said. Barbara made a Rush for the front door. She opened it and ran Pell Mell into the arms of Boh Jeffries. A thank goodness a said i Bob. A i Felt like a dog leaving you. But you re All right Arentt i you Babs a a yes Aud in be got the Story. You need t go in unless you want a think id better a a he answered. I a the police Haven to come yet have Bey met an old fellow in the driveway who says he saw a woman run out of the Entrance Here and Down Hie Road about an hour ago. Ile moneyed up to see what was wrong and got to Iii porch just in time to hear the a i replied Barbara and hailed a taxi. A a Norman Hollowell a suicide a a Aid Tho headlines. A skills self in Lighthouse private dining room. Unknown woman companion flees before Barbara Laid Down the extra with lits Ink still wet and pulled on her eat. The yellow taffeta dress had a splash of Black grease across the skirt where she had brushed a Juceam a a table in the it imposing j room. Her body ached with fatigue. Bob sauntered across the room to it on her desk. A great Story. I lie said a Elf you Hadnot got i into that room before they cleaned it up. Wed never have known about the unknown woman a Well Quot Aid Barbara slowly a if she really had nothing to do with Tho murder it seems a shame to drag her out Intel the limelight. Women never live Tho things Down you know. Even. As it is new York dec. 15.�? a pour women and one Man lost their lives and five others were injured Early today in a fire that destroyed a five Story tenement in East 14th Street. Three of the women perished on the top floor while the other woman and the Man was trapped in a third floor hallway. While firemen were fighting the East 14th Street Blaze a fire started under similar circumstances and threatened the tenants of a tenement in East 16th Street. Fire marshal Brophy started an investigation to determine whether the fires were of incendiary origin. Makes big haul Vienna dec. 15.�?a Hank clerk Here who had taken a ticket Iii Tho austrian state lottery was listening to the Vienna radio broadcast program when the winning numbers were announced. When he heard his own name read out first he threw away his headphones doing a wild dance Aud destroying the radio set which brought him the news that he had cleaned up a Small Fortune. Irish lighting. Belfast. Dec. 15.�? apr members of the a a special constabulary today seized the Prince Dock Barracks in Belfast declaring they would hold the buildings pending a satisfactory reply to their demands for compensation for their disbandment under the new Irish agreement. Did not sign san Francisco dec. 15.�? a. Pm Ernie not it vers Stanford fullback who has agreed to play professional football in Florida did not. Sign his playing contract yesterday As expected. $2 3,000 Deposit failed to arrive. Notice of Sale of real estate acting under and by virtue of the Power contained in a certain mortgage deed dated May 3rd, 1920, executed by r. M. 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