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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 9, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather rain to end today More data on Page in 89th year a no. 343 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning december 9.1973 126 pages Call us circulation.882-1719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c in House committee impeachment move to pick up steam by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the House judiciary committee its role in the confirmation of vice president Gerald r. Ford completed is turning its full attention to an investigation of possible impeachment charges against president Nixon. Chairman Peter w. Rodino in j., said saturday the investigation a the first in More than a Century aimed at a president a is moving steadily ahead and will pick up steam when a special counsel is named within two weeks. Rodino reportedly has narrowed the Choice to three or four persons recommended by bar associations historians and jurists. Ideally Rodino would like someone of High stature in the Legal profession with a Republican or nonpolitical background to avoid any appearance of a political vendetta. A staff of 31 is collecting evidence gathered in other investigations bearing on watergate matters that Points toward presidential involvement. Rodino said. The staff May eventually number 50 with lawyers added after the special counsel is named Rodino said. The House has Given the committee $1 million for the inquiry. Much preliminary work has also involved study of the history and procedures of the 12 previous impeachments nearly All involving Federal judges. Andrew Johnson the Only president impeached by the House was acquitted by the Senate in 1868 the purpose of the committees investigation is to determine on the basis of evidence it gathers whether Nixon has committed any impeachable offences. If it concludes he has it would then draw up articles of impeachment which if is 8�s@sh for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Or. Operator approved by the House w Ould constitute an indictment on which he would be tried by the Senate. Much of the committee s deliberation is expected to revolve around what constitutes an impeachable offence. The Constitution refers Only to bribery treason and a High crimes and both the precedents and the history of the Constitution indicate an impeachable offence need not be a crime in the Ordinary Legal sense but must be misconduct of a serious nature. The republicans on the judiciary committee Are putting together their own Legal staff to assure a balanced evaluation of evidence. Rep Edward Hutchinson of Michigan the committee s ranking Republican said there has been no consultation with the White House in connection with the investigation and none is contemplated. The judiciary committee will hold its first meeting to discuss the conduct of the investigation tuesday. It must decide whether the full 38-member committee will work on impeachment or whether a special subcommittee will handle it. Also to be determined is w Hether any of the proceedings will be Public. Most members favor secret meetings similar to those of a grand jury. Rodino refuses to set any timetable but other committee members estimate that it will be several months before the investigation is completed and the committee can begin to decide whether to Call for Nixon s impeachment. Nixon releases financial data May owe tax recent Quot he predicts shutdown Mike Parkhurst editor of a truckers Magazine predicts a nationwide truck shutdown next thursday and Friday As he talks with newsmen on the Steps of the Capitol saturday. He said a neither Fitzsimmons nor president Nixon has the influence Power or respect to Stop a shutdown next Story on truckers on Page 2a. A wire photo informed source Fri infiltrated left movement Washington a secret Fri files contain potentially explosive information describing the 14. What does North state Telephone co. Not have male operators As Many of the cities in the triad do i just wondered Why they Don t. Thank you very much. Anon. Woman a. According to a company spokesman there have been no qualified male Job applicants for the position of toll operator. Comet watcher I would like to know about the Comet a where can it be seen the clearest without binoculars or things like that and the exact Date and please print As quickly As possible because i would like to see it the clearest with the naked Eye thank you. T. P. A. By the end of this w Eek. The High Point Public Library will have an information Center on the Comet Kohoutek. An exhibit in the Reading room will show a Star map that charts the course of the Comet through the constellations of the sky from now until late january. Information will be provided on visibility conditions for Kohoutek its timetable of passage and the time of Day it rises and sets in relation to Sunrise and Sunset. The latest material on Kohoutek from Morehead Observatory at Chapel Hill and Nasa Goddard space Center Greenbelt md., and other background information on comets will be available at the Library s Comet Center. As of dec. I it was supposed to be visible to the unaided Eye in the Southeast an hour before Sunrise but the Best viewing is expected to be Between Jan. 5 and 15 at which time it will be in the evening sky in the Southwest. Getting into business q. Where would you go to take a business course thank you. Anon. A. Business colleges Are listed under a a schools in the yellow pages and business courses Are offered at Guilford technical Institute and Davidson county Community College. North to Alaska I would like to know who i am supposed to Contact about the jobs on the pipe line up in Alaska a wages and the main information. Anon. A. Of or when the pipe line is approved those involved in its construction will Send information to All employment Security offices if any workers Are needed from the lower 48. Right now there is nothing definite and people Are being encouraged not to come up. Apparently Many have arrived in Alaska without sufficient funds and no jobs on this project Are yet available. Pollution complaint q. Reading in action line tonight on a pollution fighter a i was just thinking about the mess and the answer was to get in touch with the Guilford county health dept. They can get in touch with them but i am pretty sure there wont be anything done about it a just looked Over and forgotten about. Thank you. Anon. Woman. A. How about calling Back and describing the mess you were thinking about that you say has been ignored. Well try to find out what the Story is. And please give your name and address the health inspectors do require the callers identity. Save that Gas q. The other Day i saw a 1959 panel Brand Ford and it did not have a Gas Cap and the Gas is evaporating and who would i gel in touch with and let them know about this and i have the License lumber thank you. T. R. A. The police department can find the owner through the License number. You re a Good kid to want to let him know but the Driver is probably aware of his missing Cap by this time. Eastern airlines Lay off to affect 5,000 employees Miami a up to 5.000 Eastern airlines employees including 25 per cent of the Carrier s top executives will be Laid off by Christmas a Union spokesman says. The spokesman for the inter National association of machinists said the massive cutback decision was announced Friday by Frank Borman an Eastern vice president and former astronaut in a closed meeting with labor representatives and company executives. A spokesman for Eastern which already had Laid off 960 employees confirmed the Deci Sion for further reductions but declined to discuss numbers saying an official announcement was expected wednesday. The machinist Union spokesman said among those to be Laid off will be 20 per cent of the financially troubled firm s pilots and flight attendants 25 per cent of its top management and to per cent of its other White Collar workers. A altogether the figure should be close to 5,000 Laid he said. The latest reductions apparently were sparked by the firms financial condition and the Energy crisis. Tactics used in a calculated Effort to destroy the new left movement according to informed Justice department sources. The material is so sensitive that Only a handful of officials outside the Fri know even general details of the so called counterintelligence program operated nationwide for three years. Few officials will discuss it even on a confidential basis for fear of disturbing delicate negotiations which could Lead to at least partial Public disclosure. A it s just too hot to talk about a said one official. Director Clarence m. Refuses to discuss de Fri Kelley tails. However knowledgeable sources say the program involved the widespread use of agents provocateurs to infiltrate leftist groups and encourage them to undertake possibly violent activities. By Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Washington a president Nixon s auditors have concluded he made a $117,370 profit on a 1970 san Clemente land Deal but the president paid no taxes on it. Saying other lawyers and accountants told him at the time there w As no capital gain. Nixon disclosed this saturday As he released a mass of personal financial data and allowed inspection of his tax returns. He asked congressional experts to judge whether he owes Back taxes on the California land Sale and whether he acted legally in claiming huge tax deductions for donation of his vice presidential papers to the government if the committee decides against him. Aides said Nixon would voluntarily pay Back taxes. These could amount to More than $250,000, plus interest. Moving to answer a swirl of allegations about his personal finances the White House issued a stack of statements reports. Audits and 50 private documents in what Nixon called the most comprehensive and exhaustive financial disclosure Ever made by a president. Quot the confidentiality of my private finances is far less important to me than the Confidence of the american people in the integrity of the president a he said in a written statement. His statement recited the a false re Morse he said the released material would rebut that Campaign contributions were converted to my personal use that Campaign funds were used in the Purchase of my Home in san Clemente that i have hidden away a secret $1 million investment portfolio that i sheltered the income on which my daughter Tricia. Should have paid taxes and that $10 million in Federal funds was spent on my the data he supplied did answer Many questions a but the president himself acknowledged that he also raised new questions and probably would spark More controversy saying a even the men who have advised me in these matters and who have prepared my financial records statements and tax returns have disagreements of professional opinion among the data Nixon made Public and the tax returns he allowed newsmen to inspect but not make photocopies of spotlighted the tax questions the major Points to emerge a an audit he ordered last summer concluded he had a $117,370 gain on the december 1970 Sale of a portion of his san Clemente calif., estate to a pair of close fiends. He said he reported no capital gain at the time because other tax lawyers and accountants using different methods and valuations told him he made no profit. A likewise he said questions have been raised about his lawyers advice that he could legally claim $482,019 in deductions from 1969 through 1972 on donation of his vice presidential papers and thus reduce sharply his Federal income tax Bill. A Nixon said he was asking the Senate House committee on internal Revenue taxation to independently review both the capital gain and donation issues and decide whether a my tax returns should have show n different results aides said the committee had agreed and Nixon said. A i will abide by the committee s judgement a a presidential aides said if the committee decides against Nixon he will file amended returns and pay the additional Idali Lionel Situ if s on limn relm Sotl saturday by anon to in a a a to Anvil no / age v i tax of up to $250,000 that is More than three times the total Federal income tax he has paid since taking office a $72,682 for 1969. $793 for 1970. $878 for 1971 and $4,298 for 1972. A an analysis of data from his tax returns shows he pocketed As taxable income $89,000 of the nearly $200,000 he received As an expense allowance for official purposes during his first four years in office. A documents revealed he had paid no state income taxes see Nixon on 9a> presidential income to x breakdown 1969 1970 1971 1972 i Isi a1 Licone _v32l.1sli21 1 $262.84 2 56 s2i2.3m in 5261.it? 54 j j Dyrti Bois 171,535 to 317.11192 255.171j8j 247,56 ill limbos my Roni i. J 1.350 08 two ill liable inc 147.826 42 Mone inn 5.351 of 15.717 77 Taal Tai pall j2.m2w he s3 4.255 17 Bibb Mii Quot Quot i Iii Iii As governor Wallace will run for third term but Rex Thomas associated press writer Montgomery Ala. Apr gov. George c. Wallace has made up his mind to run for an unprecedented third term As governor. He has told friends he plans an Active Campaign next year despite the paralysis caused by a 1972 assassination attempt. I libido it4ka�liiig physical education Page id housing code Page in Stanek Sext plets Page i e classified Page 4-20d editorial Page 4a women a e sports Section i television. Page Ioc entertainment pages 9, ionic 10b Kissinger on Patch up trip by Barry Schweid associated press writer Brussels. Belgium apr United states Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger noting a a stress in . Relations with european allies arrived saturday in Brussels to try to Patch up the old Friendship shortly after arriving Kissinger called for a a new act of vision so that the Atlantic Alliance can remain the Cornerstone of american foreign policy. He later flies to Egypt Israel Jordan Lebanon Syria and then to Geneva dec. 18 for the Middle East peace conference. It will be his second Middle East swing since he negotiated the cease fire last month Kissinger said in a prepared statement that the Exchange of views Between the United states and its european allies has been a not without the october Middle East War and other misunderstandings have strained relations Between the United states and Europe. Kissinger a task to restore Harmony will not be easy w Hen he meets fellow foreign ministers at the year end conference of the North Atlantic treaty organization on monday and tuesday. A Europe today is very different from 1949,�?� Kissinger said in reference to the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Alliance. A it will play the role that its Unity and its affluence entitled it he said the United states has made an Effort to redefine its relationship in the Light of these new conditions. He was recalling an april 23 speech in which he called for a a new Atlantic the 54-year-old governor who is confined to a wheelchair most of the time has steadfastly declined to confirm or deny the speculation that he will seek reelection next year. But the associated press Learned that he will be a candidate. After the gubernatorial election a and Wallace is a heavy favorite at the moment a the governor will turn his thoughts to the 1976 presidential election. Both Wallace and his most trusted trends say no decision has been made yet about a possible bid Tor the democratic nomination. Wallace a formal announcement probably will be w withheld until mid january. Despite the paralysis in his legs from the assassination attempt during the 1972 presidential race Wallace plans an Active Campaign making at least one appearance a Day and sometimes More but he has told friends a i in not going to try to make five or six speeches a Dav like i once the governor already has undertaken a Busy schedule of Public appearances. Gas less sunday is taken in stride by Louise Cook associated press writer americans facing the Prospect of another a Gas less sunday filled up their tanks on saturday and rearranged travel plans to avoid getting caught Short on the Highway. An associated press spot Check showed the majority of service station owners again planned to comply w Ith president Nixon a request for a voluntary ban on gasoline sales from 9 p m. Saturday to Midnight sunday. Last sunday a the first since Nixon made his plea a about by per cent of the nations 220,-000 service stations shut their pumps. There were indications that some Drivers were better prepared this week. . Lewis the manager of an Exxon station in North Little Hock Ark said he did no to think business would be As heavy this saturday As last because a More people Are aware that the stations will be closed and they have planned Art Jones the owner of a Texaco station in Jackson miss., agreed. A it appears most people Are More used to the situation than they were last Dave Stevens the manager of a Gulf station South of Columbus Ohio stayed open last sunday but said head probably close his pumps this week. A i think people have been cutting Ovyn on weekend travel a said Stevens. He said saturday morning Wasny to particularly Busy a a so far its been kind of dead a but the Central Ohio gasoline dealers association told another Story. Oren Dewey executive director of the group said saturday a was generally another Rush Day in California the Placer county chamber of Commerce said there would be a plenty of Gas stations open along interstate 80 leading to resort areas around Lake Tahoe. Just in Case however the South Lake Tahoe fuel information service set up a special Telephone number for motorists to Call to get a recorded announcement of the latest gasoline situation. The California automobile association urged motorists to fill up on saturday and to form car pools. The automobile club of Maryland said it expected virtually Complete compliance with the presidents request. Lots of people found higher prices on the pumps reflecting increases in w wholesale charges and some station owners said business was Dow n because of the boosts. Line Shamot the manager of a Shell station in Cleveland Ohio said a your once is up quite a bit and our sales Are off during the weekdays. Well be open sunday. It s the Only Way we can make Shamot said his prices went up last saturday by 3.2 cents a gallon to 52.9 cents a gallon for Premium 50 9 for Low Lead and 48 9 for regular. Wayne Eubank the operator of a service station near Louisville ky., said his prices stayed the same and reported business was booming on saturday. He said he was doing a about two Days Worth of business in last saturday Eubank said he sold 3,500 Gallons of Gas compared to 2,000 on a Normal saturday. A spokesman for the Texas association for Petroleum distributors representing about 2,800 of the state s 9,000 Independent dealers said he expects most stations to close this weekend a partly because of a Lack of gasoline. A most of them got their december allotments Cut 5 to 15 per cent during the week so i imagine they will be ready to take the Day off a the spokesman said. Richard Messer president of a group representing Central Indiana Gas station owners said most of the stations closed last sunday and would do is again this week. He said the closing was Complete enough to protect most dealers from losing a significant amount of business to stations which stayed open

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