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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 8, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Friday. December 8. 1939 High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mornings j p. Rawley publisher 191v�?1937 a Cicil. Gen. Met. Subscription rates daily Ard sunday by Carv ? High Point and Taroy twelve months we s 5-20 3tx months. W 2.60 three months a a a a a a a a to one month. We. A. 0 Jurt of us Trio Quot Wmk in a cd Quot cd a j Permut d to col carriers in City a a five weeks. If Lect for a Perl of. Toner a clod is desired. Jas Faaui the associated p of All us the a she member ovulation _ ist0offncconrcs of March 8. A a it w adv representative. N,1vhe John �8do co miuar0ec>- Makr a a a Houghl Tor what hath a a Quot we vexation of till heart Hor. Am Quot Horod in Der the wherein he Ham a a aum a a t a a 1 no Man who con nut to add Well being it the place in which Chirs vex Long without proper w Aid a Booker t. We Hin too. No one Man is essential Joseph p. Kennedy our am a Bassadore to England ii in Washington to talk with t e president. He is properly discreet about foreign affairs but that cannot be said of his observations respecting Domestic politics. He tells reporter that a with the political economic and social problems that face us internally accentuated by the War it seems to me that no matter How Brilliant or Earnest a Man might be it would take him at least two years to be Able to conduct the affairs of the the government of the United states was founded As a government by Law rather than by men. Of course the Abler and More conscientious the men Are who Are chosen to administer the Law and to fashion policy under it the better for the people. But it would be a major misfortune for this country to Drift far away from the conceit that our political system is proof against disaster because of the loss of any one person. The greatness of our democracy lies in the fact that we walk we talk we forefather and otherwise conduct ourselves largely As we like relying upon established tights and not gracious permission. The reduction of a free system to dependence upon a Man is what we Call dictatorship. Great As the president May be he is not essential to the operation of the american government or even to the exercise of the utmost care to keep the nation out of War. In the due course of political Maneu vers the renomination of or. Roosevelt May occur and the support of him for reelection May become desirable hat we admit having a great admiration for the masterful qualities of the president but we have a higher regard for the american system we believe than or. Kennedy a views indicate that he possesses. Help the finns in response to a general request to newspapers from former president Herbert Hoover the Enterprise enlists As a sponsor for a finnish Relief fund and announces today that contributions will be received and acknowledged through publication in the paper. The fact that or. Hoover has taken charge of the movement assures that world War experience will guide in the use of the fluids. Or. Hoovers service in charge of belgian Relief a Quarter Century ago first brought him prominently to the attention of the american people. He announces that some of his old associates will work with him now and the organization is planned to a make each Dollar reach the finnish Hoople with microscopic when it is borne in mind that or. Hoover was suggested publicly by mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt As the proper directing head of this movement perhaps there should be no doubt of the generality of the feeling that he is ideally equipped to act. We suggest prompt response by those who feel the impulse to help in this cause. The finnish people about the same in number As the people of North Carolina Are standing the Strain of War unassisted against 170 millions of people. Tho distress of the people is inevitable and americans who Bear in mind that the finns have l Een the one european nation to meet War debts invariably on time and that there is reason to believe that part of their determination to preserve their Liberty at any Cost comes of admiration for the United states and or system of government will want. To help and help now. Send contributions of any amount big or Little to this paper for acknowledgement and prompt Transfer to or. Hoovers organization. Ickes hits Mcnutt the bludgeoning or. Ickes takes a Wallop at Paul v. Mcnutt the Platinum haired masculine Beauty picked by Many enthusiasts for the presidency. The Secretary of the Interior declares the a a liberals in no party can be counted for Mcnutt even though the Roosevelt Ian favor should descend upon him. Or. Ickes makes Clear his belief that or. Roosevelt will not choose or. Mcnutt As his successor but a even if he were selected by or. Roosevelt that statesman thinks he would lie unacceptable to the leftists. Without having had Public expression on the matter from the postmaster general we w Ould be w Illing to Hazard a mite that this is one thing that at least two members of the Cabinet Are agreed that Mcnutt should not be nominated. Many Plain american voters even some who have Felt the Charm of the Mcnutt smile do not like what they see of or. Mcnutt s Home state organization Back of him. It smacks a Little of the Superb organization of Ohio Back of a successful candidate of not too Distant memory. Southern advantage wars in Europe and Asia basically concerned More deeply w Ith Trade advantages than with pure politics should cause the United states to direct its attention More to the markets which lie South of us. An outlet for manufactured goods sufficient to stabilize our own Economy for some years to come can be found in the latin americas and Mexico. The manufacturers record refers to the fact that Germany has been Selling a Quarter billion dollars Worth of goods in South America annually while our own Trade there has Given us a volume of 550,000,000. The record in discussing the great potentialities of that Market for us Points to the advantage the South has in its geographical location. In other words relative nearness to that great foreign Market is another generally ignored reason for establishment of production in the Southern states. In the news the Christian science Monitor declares that a what the United states needs is a four Ham hog. The hogs would consume the Corn surplus and the prosperous Farmers daughters would then put the Cotton surplus on the done to you believe it. The daughters would want silk. Getting it they would thus Supply Japan with Many extra bombs to use against sore bedridden China. Greensboro record a a it a a Long Long Way from Guilford county a modest and peacefully meandering creeks Reedy Fork horse pen troublesome and the two buffaloes a to Germany a storied and Majestic River the Rhine but we dare say there Are some local residents who wish the distance were even deep River has had her tragedies and from revolutionary Days there have come deep dyed tales of the exploits of fanning and his men along her Banks Cornwallis and his army also crossed the River and later had a warm reception by the americans under Greene at Guilford court House. If Guilford a creeks could babble in pure English they would probably Tell of uncivil deeds during the so called civil War. But All these things Are of the America that was in the making. Wars wild alarms now touch us but faintly Here and happily within the sound of the a liquid lapse of our murmuring streams a even by old a a troublesome a we can forget our fears renew our souls and fortify ourselves for whatever the future has in store. The Asheboro courier of wednesday carried this item a mrs. Neal Parris of 205 e. Academy Street has been chosen to witness a Midnight performance of a the cat and the Canary at the Carolina theatre tomorrow evening. She will be the Only person in the theatre with the exception of the projectionist and will receive a Cash prize provided she sits through the performance without screaming or running from the of course mrs. Parris went through the ordeal All right. Its the unexpected mouse that disturbs a woman. Elmer c. Adams in the Detroit news declares a i know a Farmer who runs a gasoline station and is fairly Well to do but is trying to get a 400 income tax exemption on account of the dependent farm he has to More than one investor Rural and otherwise would readily say a that ainu to funny a 3 with. Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and Cah Okgi. Influent e i eople meet two boy s who did one of the most difficult things in the world to do they thought up a new Way to earn Money they Are Richard Wei liver it years old and his brother Buster welliver a year younger. They live in boo fold. Illinois. Just As a million other boys last summer they found they had to earn Money. These two not Only earned it but have a business of their own today. One Day while they were try ing to think up an idea their Mother sent Richard to the grocery on an errand. He did no to want to go pouted. Then suddenly on the Way. An idea Tore through him like a China Lipper through a Cloud. If his Mother w anted errands run for her. Why other women did. Too maybe merchants. He broke All records in getting to the grocery store and Back. Buster liked the idea. And right then and there a new business was bom. They organized a business which they Call the a a shoppers service. These Are the Steps they took. First. They had some letters mimeographed a giving their names Telephone number and the amount they charged. Second. They went to the merchants and told them and left their circulars. Third. They oiled their bicycles and had wire baskets put on the handlebars. The first Day six Calls came in. The charge for each was ten cents. They made sixty cents Between them in a Day. Fine the second Day Only four Calls came in. It took two weeks for the tide to turn. Then thirty three orders came in one Day. They took their profits and had circulars printed to replace their Flimsy mimeograph 10,000 of them. I have a letter from them dated october 9th a we now have ten boys working for us and we Are going to add More. Six of our boys have Snappy uniforms and we expect soon to have them All in uniforms. A a Here show we handle the Money. Tile boys working for us get five cents out of every dime collected. We hold the Money till the end of the week then turn it Over in a Lump sum. For Long Calls outside the City limits we charge from 15c to 25 cents according to the distance. On these Calls the boys get All but five cents. The boys keep the tips but we watch this As closely As we can for we done to want them to ask for them. A we open at 7 30 in the morning and stay on the Job until to. Our Day boys work until five then our night boys come on right after school. We also have a Good Deal of fun. We Are now getting Between 700 and 1.000 Calls a week. We think that is pretty so do i splendid business training and you Are doing two vital things a studying and working. Here is a quotation from the boys circular Quot the secret of Success is hard work. Maybe that is Why it has remained a secret to so the Only phase of the German method that looks Good to american husbands is that limit of six pairs of stockings per year for every woman. The proposal to shorten the 1940 Campaign who not shorten the speeches too ? the railroads might hot ukr this a effs0 thank ski Imit could be up 90 election week Walter winched on Broadway him. Daily Mirror. In. Memos of a Oli Mnist Stikl. Friday dear or. A Hedy Lamarrt sex husband Fritz Mandl the munitions magnate was secretly married november 22nd in Maryland so the Louis tile report was pretty sour. Shes an austrian Baroness. The trib and Telly stated that because of his conviction Herr Kuhn automatically last his u. S. Citizenship but the Mirror and news accounts emphasized that he lost Only his civil rights and vote. Nor can he sue in this state so who is which the Joan Bennett wooly Donahue matter appears to be gathering momentum Over on Long Island. ,. Connie Bennett says she would appreciate a photostat of the excerpt from her Marquis we published. The Mih title Quot Ethel do Barrymore was accidentally dropped from yesterdays final edition. Justice Ferdinand Pecora. According to Buzz in Legal circles has a Good Chance of making the u. S. Supreme court. He has visited f. D. R. Several times lately. Talk about nightingales it Tony to miss the singing of Susanna faster in Quot the great Victor Herbert Quot Flicker. Shes grand Only a kid. Too. I agree. The loveliness of the Dubarry show is a new High in class. Richard Knight who put the met opera opening on the front pages like it never was before has flown to Reno twice recently i hear to try to Patch up things with mrs. Knight. One of his chums told me theres nothing wrong with Richard but a bad Case of the old Torche Roo which takes unusual form we Hen the blues grip him. Jack Lawrence a latest ditty. A fall or nothing at ally not yet published is a Corker. I have a recording for you. Who do you think Edmund Goulding the film director is sending letters to regularly Ann Staunton the popular blonde Chorine the Type Zieg Field would have glorified the bund rag reports that you Are Kuhn a worst enemy which makes it unanimous. Its Okay for them to rap the press but when the press punches Back they holler Blue murder. Its refreshing to hear them claim persecution for a change. The newest papers besides the Kobe. Japan chronicle Are the Durham Ltd. A Sun. The Fargo Ltd. A forum the Fairmont w. A times the Kankakee ills Republican news the Terre haute ind Tribune Star and the a Sahuc Forks n. A Champlain Valley review. Johnson City tenn., is the newest sunday paper. Paul Mallon said he assumed you had sent the president a personal invitation a to refrain from making a statement about a 3rd term because of the recent open letter on the air about keeping out of War. I told or. Mallon he had raised All our eyebrows. Rho Boh Suk is waiting an outline of c. V. R. Thompsons Book a i lost my English accent Quot for probable filming. The sales have hit 15,000 Scott has been held Over at cafe society and made her initial Victor recordings last week. Howard Hawks is in town. Says the revised a front Page Flicker which will be under the name of a my girl Friday is better than the original. If it is merely As Good that will be All right too. Do you remember Virginia Fox who played in the Gilbert and Sulkhan shows she Sill in a Baltimore institution. Eugene Lyons was in. Said he thought it would amuse you to know the commy paper in town omits listing i radio program but that its readers apparently listen As he gets so Many abusive letters. Did you know Milton Berle wrote the lyrics of a give her my love Quot which the inks pots recorded. The Cotton clubs new dance a shorty George is already being taught in the dancing schools. Quietest Nook in new York the picturesque Little meditation Chapel on the 3rd floor of the Biltmore. Louis Prima the Tooter was summoned before the ass t attorney general office to testify against a former employer who is being sought for tax evasion. Renee Demarco has started a fad by wearing Short skirts for her ballroom dancing. The other gals Are copying her already but most Haven t her pretty legs. I Hope this is True but anyway one of the nation s biggest steel men Weirton co told a Mutual pal that the War would be Over in six months. Said that All their info was to the effect that the German people and German army did no to want War and that if Adolf did no to make peace they a see that he did. Etc. Here a a Good debunker tuesday mornings communist paper front paged an editorial denouncing the a a lies in the a capitalist press Quot about the Helsinki bombings. The other papers the same a ont carried wired photos of it Jack Alexander recently did a piece in the sate Post about father divine. In it was a mention of Quot the late Anne Morgan who a been in France for several years. When her attorneys squawked about it. Editor Stout said a we have a pretty Good authority for the statement who a who in american. Sure enough who a who has had Anne dead for 3 years. In the last War Lance Corporal Charles Jarvis won the v. C. For working for an hour and a half in a Small boat under fire. He was arranging explosives to blow up an important Bridge to Stem the German Advance. In this War Corporal Charles Jarvis v. C. Was summoned to Portsmouth police court his crime was showing a Light during a blackout a Friend of mine was at a party where a certain playwright was a guest. He told me this yarn which shows How Posey the lad is. A evening the author was seen taking Down notes about everything that went on busily recording the quips the cracks the sayings Etc. A nah these playwrights a someone commented in admiration a always on their toes looking for material. Then our hero got Woof led and forgot to take his notebook when he left. Burning with curiosity his Host opened it and found nothing but meaningless paddling. Circles squares Etc. No words no shorthand just nothing. Boxing is due to air All its dirty Linen when the Jimmy Johnston general Phelan Law suit finally goes to trial p f i n or 1 a to it 1 1& a i Lier time ten years ago local news Thomas Patten Carpenter editor in chief of the local High school newspaper has been declared Winner of the second place in a High school newspaper editorial contest sponsored by the National Quill and scroll society Shirley Marie Redding has contributed her savings of a year to the empty stocking fund. There were 65 pennies is Nickels. 7 dimes. 4 quarters and 2 fifty cent pieces a total of $4. Little Shirley a gift has the More Signi nicene in that while ill with tonsillitis she has not forgotten those children who Are less v fortunate. About people or. And mrs. Wilford Rountree of California Are visiting relatives at the Blair Home on South main Street. Or. And mrs. E. M. How Erton Are spending the we Eek end in Greensboro the guests of or. And mrs. Cary m. Parish. News briefs of the 258 nurses who took the examination of the North Carolina Board of examiners at Greensboro in october. 186 successfully passed the president Hoover dispatched More troops to Haiti today. In a skirmish yesterday five haitians were killed and 1,200 reposed. Twenty years ago local news stores in High Point will keep open later than 4 of clock this afternoon but will use no fuel after that hour according to the ruling of the local fuel administrator g. W. Clark. St. Mary a Church yesterday obtained $2,000 of the quota. $3,000. In a canvass Wrt of a nationwide Campaign in the interest of Church expansion. About people mrs. Bruce Carraway and children Are on a visit to relatives in Washington. W. T. Parker. Tom Dupree and Rodney Snow have returned from overkill where they spent several Days miss Mabel Davis of Laurinburg has accepted a position Here with the commercial National Bank. She will make her Home with her aunt. Miss Laura Dodamead of this City. News briefs president Wilson is opposed to a break with Republican leaders Are assembling in Washington to consider general Pershing today at Savannah spoke highly of the service rendered by Southern soldiers in France. A Georgia Highway Hoard chairman struggled we Hen authorities ejected him from his office. Maybe he just wanted to go Back for his rubbers. Next week. Johnston former Garden Boss claims having All sorts of affidavits. Etc. To show that the game in t in pure. No Oeur show next week. Martin Dies does carry a gun threats Etc. You a better cancel your Washington Date for wednesday it w Ould look Uke you were not Man enough to stay and a take it. Here a a Good simile and i can to recall where i saw it a was personal As a slap. A radio editorialist says the change in your radio time was a mistake. He probably does no to believe in the crass icy Survey which proves otherwise i sent him the Survey of to o releases age <12.3. The new one. I hear will be almost 16. A your girl Friday. Cation Bruce Cotton in Washington Silver shirt head eludes Dies c Ommittee search Washington. Dec. 8.�? .i1 a William Dudley Pelley head of the Silver shirts will be the next target of the Dies committee of the committee can Only find him. Just before leaving for Texas to take an enforced rest necessitated by overwork. Chairman Martin Dies appointed a special sub committee consisting of congressmen Jerry voor his Joseph Casey and j. Parnell Thomas to quiz Pelley about various ramifications of his career As Silver shirts Leader. The sub committees Job May be a Tough one however for at tile moment no one knows where Pelley can be found. The Dies committee has been trying for weeks to locate him. Get false tips on Pelley twice a its own investigators have flown to Asheville n.c., to serve him with a subpoena Only to learn that the tips which said he was there were false. The u. S. Marshal there has made a number of attempts to serve a Dies subpoena on him without Success. A since the committee has but three investigators on its staff and will go out of existence at the end of Hie year. Or. Voorhis and his colleagues have been Given a Tough Job. In the end. Whether Pelley appear before the committee probably will de Pend on the department of Dies and Voorhis Point out that the committee is not equipped to dig up missing persons and a formal request for help will be made of the Justice department. If Justice puts some a men on the Trail. Pelley May he found of not there in t much the Dies committee can do. Dies at Odds with Murphy relations Between the Justice department and the committee have not been exactly cordial to Date. Last year the committee brought out evidence severely critical of attorney general Murphy a conduct As governor of Michigan during the Auto strikes. More recently there has been some disagreement about whether membership in the communist party proves a person is an agent of a foreign Power with or. Dies taking the affirmative and or. Murphy the negative. The present situation May be helped in that the request for Aid will he made by or. Voorhis. Who is on much More Friendly terms with the administration than is the chairman of the committee. 1 in any Case both Dies and Voorhis Are very anxious to have Pelley appear for questioning. The committee has compiled a Good Deal of material about policy. For one thing it wants to quiz him about the disposition of funds he collected As head of the Silver shirts. It also wants to examine him about the source of material published in his Magazine with an Eye to determining whether any of it As the committee suspects came from official propaganda agencies in Germany. Lastly it wants to make a full study of the organization extent and affiliations of the Silver shirts. Both Pelley and the Silver shirt have been mentioned at various times in testimony before the Dies committee although so far no definite tie linking his group to any of the leading fascist Type organizations in America has been turned up. Members of the committee say they have enough material and sufficient a a leads a from work done Thun far so their questioning of Pelley a when and if he is produced will not he in the nature of a Blind fishing expedition. Brevi ties the secret service has not lost a president since it was created in 1902 and it does not intend quakers president Roosevelt a personal bodyguard. All of us russian democrats and True russian patriots protest against the shameful and dishonourable action of Stalin in Finland. Alexander Kerensky Leader of 1917 russian revolution now living in the United states. The finnish people can be attacked but they cannot be conquered. They can be humbled but they can neither be destroyed nor representative Bruce Barton rep., n. A there is no sense in a Union making demands for twice As much Ai they expect to get for employers refusing to do anything about it at . Lurch d. Dickinson of Michigan. A at this critical time or. Roosevelt should not eliminate himself from the George w. Norris id. Neb advising the president to remain silent on third term intentions. Mayor la Guardia thinks there is nothing worse than getting Jour fingers caught in a wad of abandoned gum. One can always get it caught in ills hair

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