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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 7, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather partly Cloudy Cool More data on Page 3a 89th year a no. 341 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., Friday afternoon december 7,1973 32 pages Call us circulation.8821719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c inventory tax reduction vote House panel approves state tax reduction package by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh a the North Carolina House finance committee today overwhelmingly approved a tax reduction package that would Cost the state 151 million in Revenue next year. The package approved by a 44-2 vote would phase out the manufacturers retailers and wholesalers inventory tax Over a five year period by giving the payers of those taxes a credit on their state income tax. It would also lower the state income tax rate on the first $2.-000 of taxable income from 3 per cent to 2 per cent giving each taxpayer an extra $20. Senior citizens Over 65 years old would be allowed to claim a $3,000 personal tax exemption if their incomes were $7,000 or less. The package which has Strong backing from democratic legislative leaders and from the Republican Holshouser administration. Has yet to be approved by the state Senate finance committee. If that body passes it it would be on the floor Early in the 1974 legislative session. The inventory tax would still be paid to county and local governments but starting in 1974, those who pay the tax could deduct it from their state income Ford becomes 40th . Vice president tax in five Steps ranging from 20 per cent next year to too per cent in 1978 the inventory tax proposal was sponsored by rep. Art Thomas a Cabarrus who is an automobile dealer. The tax reduction was supported widely by people such As Thomas who pay and Valo Reum taxes to county and local governments for the inventory they have on hand each Jan. I. The reduction in the inventory tax also was supported by the Industry Hunters in the state department of natural and economic resources who said Industrial prospects were not locating their plants in North Carolina because of the inventory tax. They claimed that with the elimination of the inventory tax High wage High technology industries will invest in the state and the Money generated will More than make up for the estimated $68.5 million in lost revenues when the phase out of the tax is completed in 1978. The income tax reduction was sponsored by rep. Liston Ramsey a Madison chairman of the finance commits tee. He said it would Cost the state $34 5 million next year. Rep Howard Twiggs a Wake sponsored the senior citizens exemption. He estimated it would Cost the state $2.7 million during the next year. By Carl p. Lei Bosdorf associated press writer Washington a Gerald r. Ford formally assumed his duties As the nation s 40th vice president today. He signed the papers so he can get paid. Received his parking stickers and presided Over the first 12 minutes of today s Senate session. Then As sen. George Mcgovern Dpi was speaking about a Bill to provide educational benefits for Vietnam veterans. Ford turned the Gavel Over to freshman demo cratic sen. Dick Clark of Iowa. Before coming onto the Senate floor for the to a m. Opening Ford received a copy of the Senate rules the Ivory Gavel used by the presiding officer and posed for pictures in a formal office just off the floor. He was in the chair As the Rev. Or. Ralston Smith of Bethesda md., the Day s guest chaplain paid note to his Assumption of the nation s second highest elected office. A especially do we ask thy for anthers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every thermostat q. My question has to do with the conservation of Energy. Several studies have been conducted of universities regarding saving Money on heating Bills and All of them concluded that Money and considerable Energy can be saved if the thermostat in Homes Are lowered 3 to 5 degrees each night. In addition the american Oil co. In a newsletter says and i quote a and if you dial Down another 5 degrees overnight to a setting of say 65 degrees you can conserve even however the City of High Point in their latest brochure on conserving fuel accompanying the utilities Bill said that to conserve heating and Cooling Energy do not turn the thermostat up and Down. For the most economical operation of your system the temperature should remain constant. My question since there is an obvious contradiction Between this and the american Oil company statement is who is right or. V. O. A. Everybody s right. The Point about not turning the thermostat up and Down meant done to fool with it every hour of the Day. It s better to keep it constant at one setting during the Day and lower it when you retire. A National Bureau of standards bulletin says fuel savings can amount to j4 per cent for each degree fahrenheit that the setting is lowered. Another Energy article said estimates of savings if you set Back the thermostat 5 degrees for 8 hours a night Range from 5 per cent to 12 per cent. You could probably get As Many opinions and estimates As there Are heating engineers to give them. All the experts do recommend such measures As weatherstripping and caulking around windows and doors installing storm windows or insulating Glass closing draperies unless the Sun is shining in insulating the attic or overhead keeping Furnace filters clean insulating hot water pipes repairing leaking faucets and conserving utilities As much As cards Are marked q. I saw an advertisement a few weeks ago on to about playing cards that were printed in braille for Blind people. I have two Blind friends and if possible i would like for you to give me the address where you can get these cards so i could give them to these girls for Christmas thank you. A. Try the local bookstores. They can order some for Severance j. Please put this in action line As soon As possible As it affects approximately 300 people in and around High Point. I noticed in your Friday the 16th paper where the Kayser Roth hosiery co., which operates 22 plants is closing two of its plants in South Carolina and one in Concord . It stated they paid the employees losing their jobs Severance pay based on years of employment. This is the third company i have heard of recently paying this. Would you please explain How Severance pay works and Why Anvil Brand inc. Of High Point did not pay this to their employees As they Only closed one Plant. Is it mandatory for the company to pay this or is it voluntary when a Plant completely closes some of these people have spent their entire working life Here. Please answer. Desperate for an answer. A. Raymond g. Cordelli area director for the department of labors wage and hour division says this is voluntary. A company Only has to pay for hours worked. There is no provision under Federal wage and hour Laws which requires that a company must pay Severance or sick pay vacation or Holiday pay but Many companies on their own have established a pay policy to pay for such situations. Blessing upon our vice president. Gerald Ford As he undertakes the responsibility of presiding at these significant sessions a said or. Smith an assistant to the Rev. Billy Graham Ford became vice president on thursday and pledged loyalty to president Nixon and Devotion to the search for truth and Compromise. 9 the 60-year-old Ford was sworn into office by chief Justice Warrene Burger in historic ceremonies thursday night. Looking on was a packed joint session of Congress the government s highest officials and a nation watching on television. Just hours earlier the House in which he served for 25 years had approved him by a 387-35 vote after a debate punctuated by statements that Nixon s watergate troubles might shortly elevate Ford to the presidency. A whatever grounds there Are for impeachment can now be judged solely on their own merits by members on both sides of the aisle a rep. Spark m. Matsunaga a Hawaii said after the vote. He noted that republicans especially had been reluctant to talk about impeachment while the vice presidency was vacant. Added to the Senate a earlier 92-3 vote the House action completed confirmation of the first vice president nominated under the 25th amendment enacted in 1967. Nixon stood nearby. Senators diplomats family and friends packed the House chamber As the Veteran House Republican Leader took office. Just 57 Days earlier Spiro t. Agnew had resigned the vice presidency before pleading no contest to a tax evasion charge. Ford s eight minute speech was interrupted to times by applause. From both Republican and democratic sides of the House chamber especially when he pledged a my dedication to the rules of Law and equal Justice for All his wife held the Bible on which he swore to a support and defend the Constitution of the United states against All enemies foreign and Domestic. His four children sat near mrs. Nixon in a gallery. After the 15-minute ceremony Ford led senators Back to their Side of the Capitol. There he assumed his duties As president of the Senate in a Brief in so a Ford on 2a jobless rate jumps to 4.7% Washington a the nation s unemployment rate jumped to 4.7 per cent of the work Force in november signalling the beginning of sharply higher joblessness As the result of the fuel shortage the government said today. The Bureau of labor statistics said that the number of people out of work increased by 200,000 last month in a Survey taken just a few weeks after the Arab Oil embargo. The jump from october s 4.5 per cent unemployment could be traced As much to a slowing of the general Economy As to Job layoffs caused by the embargo. Economists expect that the first big Impact of the fuel shortage on jobs will be Felt in either december or january. The Nixon administration has predicted that the unemployment rate will Rise to almost six per cent next year As the embargo begins to chill economic growth and forces More people from their jobs. While total employment held steady at 85.7 million the number of people out of work Rose by 200,000 to 4.3 million. This figure is expected to climb to Well Over five million next year. It seemed Clear that the october jobless rate of 4.5 per cent May be the lowest the what s inside amusements. .6-7b Bridge. .16b classified ads. Comics. He crossword. Editorials. .4 a financial. Obituaries. Sports. Television. Women a news weather. .3 a Ger Ald Ford sworn in As vice president by chief Jestice w Arren Berger president Nixon and mrs. Ford observe the ceremony thursday night in the Capito Chopin Ford could become enters plea of innocent top Nixon lieutenant Jolo nation will see for some time. But analysts in the Bureau said there was no Way of detecting whether the Oil Cut off had much Impact on employment in november. The increase occurred mainly among adult women and men aged 16 to 24. It was entered among Blu Collar and service workers with the rate for Blue Collar workers rising from 5.1 to 5.5 per cent and for service workers from 5.1 to 6 per cent. The Bureau said the unemployment Rise was accounted for primarily by Job loss. As a result it said the percentage of the unemployed who had lost their last Job increased substantially from 1.6 per cent to 1.9 per cent of the labor Force. Washington a former presidential appointments Secretary Dwight l. Chapin pleaded innocent today to charges he lied to the watergate grand jury about the activities of political Saboteur Donald h. Segretti. Judge Gerhard a. Gesell released Chapin on personal recognizance. Chapin 32, was indicted nov. 29 on four counts of a making false declarations before grand jury or each Federal count carries a maximum penalty of five years and a Fine of $10,000. Chapin had appeared before the grand jury last april la and was asked what he knew of the activities of Segretti underground political agent for the 1972 Nixon re election Campaign committee. The indictment alleged Chapin made the following false statements a that he told Segretti to cooperate with the Fri. A that he had no knowledge of and never discussed distribution of Campaign literature by Segretti. A that he could not recall Ever giving Segretti a any directions or instructions with respect to any single or particular a that his knowledge of salary and expenses paid Segretti came Only from what he had read in newspapers. Segretti pleaded guilty to three Misdemeanour charges of violating Federal Campaign Laws during the 1972 Florida democratic presidential Carnie Chapin on 2a an of news analysis by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a with some of president Nixon Stop staffers talking about quitting vice president Gerald r. Ford May emerge As one of Nixon a principal lieutenants. Emphasis must be placed on the a a May because historically vice presidents never Wield the influence sometimes expected of them. Similarly presidents often make quickly forgotten promises of Large assignments for their vice presidents. Nixon has not publicly discussed any specific plans he May have for Ford but circumstance alone could propel the new vice president into a role of genuine importance. For example Melvin r. Laird has said he will resign soon As a presidential Counselor because Ford with 25 years of House service behind him can readily replace him As Nixon unofficial ambassador to the democratic controlled con Gress. Bryce n. Harlow another Counselor recruited for his knowledge of Capitol Hill and his easy relationship with Many Congress members also has said he will resign soon. Ford who enjoyed Broad popularity As House Republican Leader would seem the Ideal candidate to fill the void that the departure of Laird and Harlow would create in Nixon a staff. By coincidence. Ford joins Nixon s official family at a time when a rash of Public bickering suggests that stacked tensions Are rising to the surface. Public backbiting has been rare in the Nixon administration but the past ten Days have produced a variety of examples a Charles s. Rhyne private attorney for Rose Mary Woods. Nixon s personal Secretary and a Central figure in the tape Gap controversy said his client a is unhappy with the White House lawyers who represented her during earlier court appearances and that a she disagrees with what they did for a press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler last week aimed an apparent rebuke at White House special counsel j. Fred Buz Hardt and said Nixon s Legal staff is overworked and has made a some a John a. Love resigned abruptly monday after being demoted As Nixon a Energy policy chief and. W Hen asked if he Felt he had been badly treated replied a Well it was a Little Clumsy anyway. It was t the Way i would have done if Given the Opportunity Ford can be expected to bring solid if unspectacular political savvy to a White House w Here apart from a the president much of the political Wisdom has resided w Ith the departing Laird and Harlow. He could find himself a fresh and stabilizing influence on a staff whose physical and emotional resources have been sorely taxed by the continuing Parade of watergate related developments. Government says no rationing until March Kissinger pressures arabs by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger has called on the Arab states to relax their Oil embargo. With a Middle East peace conference upcoming and the United states promising to work for israeli withdrawal from territory occupied during the 1967 War a discriminatory measures against the United states and pressures Are no longer appropriate a Kissinger said. A we Are talking in that sense to those Arab nations with which we Are in Contact a he said thursday in a session with newsmen. Looking ahead to the conference which opens dec. 18 in Geneva Kissinger said the United states a will try to give a maximum encouragement to a moderate he praised the soviet Union for helping to arrange the talks but cautioned Moscow that if it a attempted to push extremist solutions it would make a settlement extremely the negotiations leading up to the peace conference As Well As the positions expected to be taken by the parties was the expected theme of a meeting today Between Kissinger and Moshe Dayan israelis defense minister. Dayan is in the United states to discuss his nations stand with key american officials As Well As to meet with leaders of the . Jewish Community. Kissinger predicted at his news conference that the Middle East cease fire would hold. By David c. Martin associated press writer Washington a the administration says there will be no rationing of gasoline before March and a House committee has taken a step to save that fuel by voting to ease Auto emission standards. The House Commerce committee thursday night adopted a Compromise car exhaust provision that would slow clean air efforts for at least a year. The measure added to the emergency Energy legislation requested by president Nixon would require the Auto makers to meet the 1975 standards but would suspend any further exhaust cleanup until 1977. The Bill giving Nixon Broad Energy rationing and conservation Powers is scheduled for a final committee vote today. Also today the Senate is expected to vote on a $20-billion Energy research and development Bill. William e. Simon head of Federal Energy programs told a Senate committee thursday the administration will decide this month whether to impose gasoline rationing but that it would take until March before any such program could be put into effect. Simon repeated previous administration statements that rationing will be used Only As a last resort. 4ht my am$tma6av$ cd Chou a mor pm t0 6pbjp it. J. Sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., the Senate a leading Energy spokesman told Simon the nation is wasting a million barrels of Oil each Day that a rationing decision is postponed. The nation must conserve about three million barrels of Oil a Day in order to counter the estimated effects of the Arab Oil cutoff. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger called on the Arab nations thursday to relax their embargo in response to . Efforts to work for an israeli withdrawal from occupied territory. Simon appeared before the Senate government operations committee on a Bill to create a Federal Energy administration to oversee the government s fuel production conservation allocation and rationing programs for the next two years. Simon w to is Nixon a pick to head the new Agency

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