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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 4, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather showers mild More data on Page 3a 89th year a no. 338 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. Tuesday afternoon december 4,1973 64 pages Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c soundings taken in Congre stax hike raising Gas Price to 60 cents considered by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Washington a Congress May soon be asked to authorize a tax increase on gasoline that could increase the Price to about 60 cents a gallon. Administration forces favouring such an increase were working toward that goal in Congress even before a shakeup of president Nixon a Energy advisers sources said. President Nixon was expected to announce today the creation of a new Federal Energy administration headed by William e. Simon. Also today the Senate was scheduled to take up a measure to put the nation on year round Daylight saving time to conserve fuel. Simon who will remain As Deputy Treasury Secretary has been aligned with those administration advisers arguing that a heavy tax on gasoline is the Best Way to reduce consumption. On monday Simon said once he is officially appointed to the new Post he would become chairman of the Cabinet level Energy emergency action group formerly headed by John a. Love. Love resigned monday and sources said his Deputy Charles j. Dibona also submitted his resignation. Love who had said that gasoline rationing would be necessary told the Denver Post he did no to want to remain in a a a superfluous a to be honest its been difficult to try to do anything meaningful and even to get the attention of the president a the Post quoted love As saying. Simon said in an interview that speculation that the reorganization reflected a Victory by Treasury Secretary George Shultz and his suggestion of a gasoline tax Over love was a sheer but informed sources said the disagreement Over rationing versus taxes was at the heart of the decision to reassign Energy responsibility. Administration officials considered close to Shultz and Simon were taking soundings on Capitol Hill about a higher gasoline tax Well before Simon a designation sources said. Their representatives were trying to determine How High a tax increase on gasoline Congress might approve the sources said. Some apparently concluded that a 10-cent a gallon tax in crease might be realistic enough to be proposed formally such a tax accompanied by permission to Oil companies to pass through to the consumer increases in crude Oil and other costs would raise the Price of gasoline at the filling station by about 14 cents per gallon. That would mean a retail Price of about 60 cents a gallon. Simon said monday he will press for a decision on rationing a in the very near future and i emphasize a year round Daylight saving time measure has passed the House by an overwhelming margin. The House monday passed a Bill that would require the states to set a 55 mile per hour Speed limit or lose Federal Highway funds. Nationwide Effort talked truckers Block lanes of interstate highways by the associated press truckers protesting higher diesel fuel prices and lower Speed limits blocked highways in four states today. There were warnings that the shutdown could spread across the nation. Authorities reported at least two arrests in the initial protests. A a there Sall kinds of talk All Over the nation mostly among the Drivers a said William j. Hill president of the fraternal association of speciality haulers which says it represents about 250,000 Independent truckers. A officially we re not advocating any National shutdown a he said adding that the Drivers were using their citizens band radio network and a talking up the idea of a William a. Bresnahan president of the american trucking association said neither the association nor its members was involved in a this disruption of traffic. We do not condone it and. In fact deplore a while there will be problems to be faced with a 55 mile per hour limit a he said referring to the proposed nationwide limit a we support the president in his efforts to alleviate the fuel shortage which the country faces. A fall will have to make some sacrifices if we Are to weather the present Energy crisis and the trucking Industry is prepared to do its part in this the first demonstration was reported in Pennsylvania on interstate 80 near Blakeslee where truckers stalled traffic see truckers on 2a notes cleared by Haldeman for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Jerky beef q. I know you have had the recipe for beef Jerky before but i can to seem to locate it. Would you please give it mrs. W. D. A. A the Complete outdoor Cookbook by Dan and Inez Morris has the following recipe for Jerky. The authors suggest you begin with any red meat wild or Domestic and since Jerky tastes like Jerky whether sirloin or flank is used it is More sensible to use a cheaper Cut of meat. Four pounds of meat Cut into pieces about 1x2x8. Two Teaspoons Salt. Four Teaspoons powdered Barbecue seasoning. Two Teaspoons Chili Pepper and Curry powder mixture optional. Cut off All fat Gristle and Tendon from Stips of meat. Combine seasonings in a Salt Shaker. Pound the meat and As you do Sprinkle with the seasonings. About it Teaspoon of the seasonings should be spread across each Side of each strip. Place the strips directly on the oven rack turn to 150 degrees and leave strips until All moisture is gone usually about 7 hours. The strips should feel like dry leather when done and should be supple enough to Bend a Little without breaking. It can be eaten As is chewed Long and slowly or used As a base for soups stews and Pemmican or As a party snack. It will keep for years without refrigeration. Warrants in Randolph q. Why can to you get a warrant in Randolph county after 6 of clock As you have to go to Asheboro and still can to get one and they refuse to run a warrant and who should you see to report this thank you. Mrs. H. S. A. You can get a warrant in Randolph county after 6 . Or any other hour by contacting the magistrate on duty at the time. The magistrate has the right to decide whether or not a warrant should be issued on a charge and is the one to decide whether he feels the person seeking the warrant is serious or just mad. The Archdale Trinity area has it own magistrate mrs. George Harrison who is on duty most of the time. If mrs. Harrison refuses to Issue a warrant then it will not do a citizen any Good to go to Asheboro to get one of the other magistrates to go Over her head because they will not do so nor should they except under unusual situations. If mrs. Harrison is not available to write a warrant then the person will have to go to Asheboro where the magistrate works around the clock. The loud ones q. I know that citizens have been complaining about these cars and motorcycles with loud mufflers and i would like to know the number of arrests made for loud mufflers within just a week if any. These people Are not considerate of the sick in the neighbourhoods or the people that enjoy peace and quiet. You can see that the Lack of enforcement has brought about More and More of these loud mufflers and i believe it is now time to have action on this. Anon. A. The police department says in one week nov. 19 through the 26 there were eight Muffler arrests. Sound off there were two purse snatch legs last week one on sunday morning in the front of Calvary Baptist Church on East Green and one at the dowdy building which is on East Green. I have not seen either of these in the paper at All and i read an article some place that the boys that commit crimes like this in one City in Florida they make them get out and clean the trash and things around the streets and drive ins. I think if the City would take this under consideration a lot of this Petty crime would Stop and wish who has the authority Over that would think upon this thing for some kind of punishment for these boys and that do these things. I think we would have a cleaner City and less crime. Thank you. By Donald m. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a Lawrence m. Higby said today he got clearance from h. R. Haldeman before giving any of his Bossy White House notes to lawyers working on the watergate tapes Case. Testifying in Federal court Higby an aide to Haldeman until the former White House staff chief resigned last Spring said he was Given very strict instructions to follow when asked to find Haldeman a notes of a meeting with president Nixon on june 20, 1972. A tape recording of that meeting subpoenaed for the watergate grand jury contained an 18-minute segment obliterated by a hum. J. Fred Buzhardt White House lawyer testified last week that he first heard the hum and Learned How Long it was the evening of nov. 14. Higby testified at a hearing tailed by . District judge John j. Sirica to try to determine what caused the Gap in the tape. Testimony resumed after Sirica had spent several hours on monday listening to i know Quot i know 17 pa1/ ? Lef to Gex Vouk pregent subpoenaed tapes now in his Possession. Higby said Haldeman called him Early in the evening of nov. 15, and told him that someone had asked him for a document from his personal files stored at the White House. He told Higby to go to Gen. Alexander m. Haig jr., Haldeman a successor As staff chief for instructions. Haldeman also told Higby to Call him again before giving any document either to Haig or Buzhardt. The document sought was Haldeman a notes of the conversation which has since been entered into evidence at the hearing. Higby said that after he found the notes he called Haldeman and read them to him. He said that when he came to the comments on the second Page referring to a apr offensive to top this a an apparent reference to watergate Haldeman said Higby said he interpreted Haldeman a reaction As an Assumption that a til bet make a big Deal out of but he said All Haldeman said was a a that a not a the portion of the june 20 meeting during which watergate was discussed apparently was lost in the obliterated Section. Higby said he made two other searches of Haldeman a files one on nov. 17 and another on the 19th, looking for Ether notes and so called talking papers subpoenaed by the special prosecutors office. He said he find All the notes sought apparently see Haldeman on 2a electricity consumption declines by the associated press from new York to san Francisco conservation efforts and warm weather combined for a decline in electricity consumption during november. But Utility officials say they can t judge How much of the drop was due to the generally higher temperatures and How much resulted from americans responding to president Nixon a nov. 8 Appeal for Energy savings. A spokesman for consolidated Edison in new York City said that for the weeks ended nov. 4 and nov. La electricity consumption was higher than during the same period in 1972. The next two weeks showed a decline however both from the previous weeks and from the 1972 figures. Coned spokesmen were reluctant to give a reason for the decline citing weather population growth and other variables that would affect the amount of electricity used. Milton musicus chairman of the mayors emergency Energy committee said. However a we must have turned the tide. We re not Only cutting growth but Are making inroads into actual Pacific Gas amp electric in san Francisco said that for the week ended nov. 24, consumption was up 2.6 per cent Over the figure a year ago but was 10.4 per cent below what had been predicted. Bill Conley of the new England Power Exchange whose 44 member companies account for 95 per cent of All the electricity generated in new England said usage was estimated at four or five per cent below the forecast previously made for november. A we believe that the decrease a or a Good portion of it a is due to conservation measures a he said. The Edison electric Institute which compiles nationwide statistics confirmed that electricity usage declined during november particularly near the end of the month. What s inside amusements ii Bridge. .6b classified ads. .11-15b comics. 10b crossword. .6b editorials. Financial. Obituaries. Sports. Television. .6b women a news. 7-9a weather. .3 a Pioneer 10 streaks past Jupiter scientists elated by William Stockton a science writer Mountain View Calif. Apr Pioneer to has sailed safely through Jupiter a radiation belts and is still transmitting important data As it Heads for the Milky Way. Jubilant scientists have begun to study data that charted the shape and nature of the giant planets magnetic Field measured the magnitude of violent radiation belts and promised to reveal delicate details of the turbulent Jovian atmosphere. A a in a elated. What else can i say a said Charles Hall Pioneer project manager after the unmanned 570-Pound spacecraft a nearly destroyed by violent radiation storms a swept within 81,000 Miles of Jupiter a colourful Cloud Tufts monday night. Hurled Onward by Jupiter a Gravity 2.6 times greater than Earth a Pioneer began a voyage which departs the solar system in 1987 and subsequently enters the Milky Way. In Case it might be encountered some Day by intelligent life the spacecraft carries a Symbol covered plaque that tells from where it came. Project scientists estimated monday night that pioneers radio might continue to Send data for five years out to a distance of two billion Miles from Earth near the orbit of the planet uranus. I Polar expedition inspires windmills Caesar Aimone 72, retired Iron Mountain Mich electrician looks at four of six windmills he uses to Supply electrical Power for tunning his water pump refrigerator television and sewing machine. Aimone got his inspiration to produce Energy from windmills when hear Admiral Richard e. Byrd took a wind charging outfit with him to the South pole in the 1930s. When All six windmills Are running wind chargers generate a total of 7.200 Watts. Sio gop leaders get look at presidential finances the intensity of Electron and Proton radiation trapped in belts around Jupiter grew steadily monday As the space probe plunged toward the planet. Scientists monitoring the rising radiation feared the spacecraft might be damaged or silenced completely. Then about an hour before Pioneer swept on past Jupiter at 82,000 Miles per hour radiation intensity began declining. The worst was past. After worrying during the spacecrafts 21-month trip that it might never Send Back crucial data the experts relaxed. Assessing radiation afterwards Hall said Pioneer was Only a few minutes away from sustaining major damage. By Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Washington apr president Nixon has Given selected Republican leaders an Advance glimpse at a thick stack of personal financial reports he plans to release publicly this week. The unannounced we Hite House meeting monday came As unofficial calculations indicated Nixon apparently was entitled to sizeable refunds in the last three years because of Over withholding of Federal taxes from his salary. The president opened the meeting with vice president designate Gerald it. Ford Gap chairman George Bush and seven Republican congressional leaders by giving a 20-minute preview of his personal finances. Then his aides and lawyers presented a 90-minute briefing on the series of statements and documents intended to refute allegations about presidential finances. White House spokesmen would give no details saying it was a private meeting but rep. John b. Anderson of Illinois one of those attending said the lawyers gave an extensive presentation of Nixon a financial situation while president. A i am not an accountant but they seem to have All the facts and figures in hand a Anderson said. He added that the attorneys defended Nixon a $500,000 income tax deduction for donation of his vice presidential papers quoting them As saying a they would be prepared to go to court and defend that others at the meeting were Sens. Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania. Robert p. Griffin of Michigan Norris Cotton of new Hampshire and John g. Tower of Texas and reps. Leslie c. Arends of Illinois and John j. Rhodes of Arizona. The associated press reported sunday that White House documents list the president As paying $72,686 in Federal in come taxes for 1969, $789 for 1970, $878 for 1971 and $4,298 for 1972. A comparison of those figures with the internal Revenue service s minimum withholding rates indicates Nixon could have gotten tax refunds ranging upward from about $45,000 for each of those years. There was no official confirmation however of the precise amounts of the refunds or whether the president received refund checks savings Bonds or applied the amounts to future taxes. Judge gets milk fund documents by Tom Raum associated press writer Washington a the White House is surrendering secret milk fund documents to a Federal judge including the first tape to be released not directly related to watergate. But a Justice department attorney said . District judge William b. Jones will be asked to keep the material under wraps on the grounds that it is protected by executive privilege. The documents and tape could be turned Over As Early As today said the department attorney. The material demanded by consumer advocate Ralph Nader in a civil suit bears on the circumstances surrounding the administration s abrupt turnabout decision in 1971 to raise Federal milk Price supports. Nader a suit charges that the Nixon administration raised the milk supports in Exchange for More than $200,000 in secret contributions from the Dairy Industry to president Nixon a reelection Campaign. This Contention is at Odds with Nixon a own statement to be judge on 2a

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