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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 2, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Art Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good morning new medical care delivery projected 4a sunday december 2,1973 hard cases make for bad Laws the school Board in Charlotte Mecklenburg county wants to employ its own police Force to patrol the schools. Meanwhile. State rep. Margaret Keesee of Guilford county a Republican has announced she will introduce a Bill in the 1974 general Assembly which would prohibit physical punishment a paddling a of Public school students. In Between these two Points lies the very real problem of order and discipline in the classrooms. The Mecklenburg county approach and the proposed Bill to be offered by rep. Keesee Are aimed at two different groups of students. The major trouble in Mecklenburg county is in the Junior and senior High schools where student tensions have erupted several times already this year into outbursts of violence. One school Counselor has even suggested that some students a those who Are obviously not learning and show no initiative to learn in the classroom a be dismissed from school even when they Are under 16 years of age. This is not Likely. However for it would require a change in the states school compulsory attendance Law. Instead the school Board wants to hire its own Security Force to patrol the hallways and prevent trouble. The principal effect of the Bill proposed by rep. Keesee would be in the elementary grades. A school teacher herself rep. Keesee has said she will sponsor the measure because she has witnessed too much unnecessary spanking in the schools. A what this Bill will say is that we can no longer whip out the paddle just because the child says no a and this happens a lot a she said. Neither of these approaches is satisfactory. Neither really gets to the Root of the problem nor to its solution. The presence of a police Force in a school attests to a collapse of the authority of the school and denigrates the value of the learning process. Outbursts of violence May be avoided although this is doubtful but underlying tensions will Only be exacerbated among both students and teachers. Police officers have been stationed in some Public schools in new York City with no lessening of student violence. On the other hand the approach by rep. Keesee is faulty because it is unnecessary. She says her Bill would allow teachers to use a reasonable Force a an approach already allowed by present state Law and upheld by the courts. Discipline in the schools is not just a problem for the schools alone. The primary responsibility belongs to the administrators and the teachers in the classroom but their most enlightened efforts will succeed Only As Long As they have the understanding and support of the parents of the children. Many parents today do not resort to Corporal punishment to discipline their children Many other parents inflict Corporal punishment out of their own frustrations. The teacher must walk the Tightrope among differing parental attitudes and characters of children. Neither the passing of another Law nor the positioning of police officers in the school will resolve this dilemma. The Best answer is an appreciation for the education process and a zest for learning in the classrooms. These attitudes Are As much the responsibility of the parents and the students As of the teachers. How to have a better Holiday in the crush of Holiday shopping and preparations it May be easy to Overlook the needs of others around us. But lest we forget there continue to be literally hundreds of our fellow citizens who find Little to be cheerful about. As the prices of life a necessities seem to keep always a giant step beyond the Means of those who for a variety of reasons Are not self sufficient the dependence for any share of a nation s extra bounties Falls upon those who know them regularly. As the Christmas cheer fund listing of donors begins the furniture land Kiwan ians and the Enterprise regularly have a sinking feeling that this might be the year when the contributions done to come through in needed amounts. Mrs. Allen Mebane a pleas for help for the red stocking fund for the children a Home society have already been voiced the Gallant ladies who take moments of precious humanity along with hot meals to the Home bound poor regularly watch their fund balances for signs of precarious dipping the mental health Assn. Seeks to be a Bridge from Home to those who will spend Christmas in institutions ail of these Are opportunities for us to lose our Small troubles in the Joys of participation. Shop Well and generously a the Economy needs your help a but so too do those who must depend on a spirit of divinity and dust a and Onan when threshing wheat turned Back and saw an i Chron. 21-20. Where was this obscure Farmer a Man so Little known in Bible Story Down on the farm. What was he doing that Day beating the Grain out of the Straw what for like every other Man of the soil he was getting ready to store that Grain in his barn for the Winter feeding of poultry animals and himself and family. All this happened in a most plebeian place and to a country Farmer of Little reputation. And what did he see that Busy Day in his barnyard and the dust of that threshing floor a Miracle of miracles divinity Drew near him in his Humble station and a vision of an angelic visitor from another world Drew near him. A and he saw an yes a divine messenger from the skies there on the Dusty threshing floor a sight to frighten the average Man out of his wits. How often the divine draws near to mortal Man in his commonplace occupation and among the plainest of people the most High oftentimes has a Way of revealing himself to those who least expect him. It certainly was True in this Case and it can be True in yours and mine. Where was Moses when the Bush burned and the infinite voice spoke to him Way yonder at the backside of the desert of Midian far away from the haunts of Active men a refugee from the Royal court and the mighty Pharoah who had brought him up in the Palace. Where was David when the Prophet Samuel came to the Home of Jesse looking for a King to succeed Saul first ruler of Israel Down in the pasture minding his flock of sheep. A there there is my candidate there is the new King of my people a spoke the almighty to the Prophet. A anoint where was the Good Man Elisha when the summons came to him in that Olden Day of Israel yonder in the furrows of the Field and blowing his oxen in sweaty labor. Who knows where the Good lord will strike next the master discovered Simon Down on the Dock with the smell of fish on his garments. It was the same with the calling of Andrew. Do you remember How James and by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus trustees of High Point memorial Hospital were winding up a Busy november session when or. John f. Lynch a doctor with a Fine social sense asked a few minutes to commend the leadership Given by the Board to bring the Hospital to its present High Standard and to enlist Active thought and action in three directions toward better health care to serve the Community. He noted that Busy men such As those trustees can t be expected to project the Hospital actively into other Fields but it was his expressed feeling that a great Deal can be done without having to go begging Money to implement such challenges As 1. Developing of outpatient clinics As formerly operated in Model cities projects but now housed in quite limited facilities in the Hospital. They should become part of an expanded health Center when it comes hopefully in the next year or so. Guilford county is already committed to the provision of such facilities Long overdue Here. 2. Some Type of affiliation with a teaching Hospital to House staff interns and resident physicians in the Hospital such As proposed in area health education centers. That would take a lot of pressure off doctors killing themselves with overloads of work. 3. A look to the future when Hospital Beds become scarce a As they one Day will despite the Best of planning a to arrange for ambulatory or recuperative care through affiliation to Mutual Benefit in planning for future health needs of this Community. Money for such projects is generally available from various state and National sources but planning and coordination requires the brains of the Type that have brought the Hospital to standards in which the Community can take deep Pride. And it is Good to have a health minded Man of or. Lynch a Quality and perceptiveness pointing the Way and seeking enlistment of a Hospital Board which has shown real interest in planning and giving generously for the John came into their notable discipleship those High tempered toilers of the sea sons of Thunder yes you never know where the lord god might come and without warning to the simplest places and to the humblest people for a summons into his divine service. It has been so in All Ages and will continue to be so to the end of time. David Livingstone As a youth in a Mill in Scotland was Given his Call for missions and he became the messenger supreme in darkest Africa. His body lies buried today in Westminster Abbey by the Side of poets statesmen and Kings. William Carey father of the modern foreign missionary Enterprise was called to Distant India from his cobblers shop pegging away at men s shoes for a Mere living. Dwight l. Moody american evangelist one of god s noblest and Best arose from a clerkship in a shoe store in old Boston. Yes. The father of us All has strange ways of dealing with us mortals and calling us into his service. And Surprise of surprises Sam Hadley was sitting on a liquor barrel in a slum Saloon in new York and half drunk besides when his divine Call came to spend his life with the bums of the bowery. There he led thousands of men like himself to lives of glorious service to Christ a kingdom. Divinity reaches so Many Many times Down into the dust to work wonders in this world of ours. Did not Jesus himself stoop Low to the ground gather a handful of dirt and anoint a Blind Man s eyes restoring sight to one who lived in darkness did not the same divine lord take a boys Small lunch and use it to feed a vast multitude and then to the amazement of the crowd Tell his disciples to a gather up the fragments that nothing be lost what a lesson out of the infinite for our wastefulness today. Yes the divine is forever very close to our humanity and comes unexpected so often. God is never far away from the housewife in her Kitchen duties. Nor is he Distant from the Man in his Grimy overalls in the machine shop. May we be ready and willing to answer when he comes. As Christ once said in an unwritten statement a lift the Stone and thou shall find me Cleave the Wood and there am thank heaven for such divinity so near to dust. Ceh Jil a cup 3? a a that a Odd. This Fella tells me to reduce my Sleigh to six Reindeer Power stay under 50 . And adds . Iti probably see you on my Way to san Clemente key Biscayne or Camp a Washington merry go round Community a health future. Frank Shields went to Washington the other Day to take the Royal order of Scotland masonic degree and while there to his astonishment and Delight the 33rd honorary degree was conferred upon him together with Bob Skeenes a county tax official of Greensboro. A Veteran of 33 years in masonry Here Shields took his York rite As Well As scottish rite degrees in 1944. He and mrs. Shields Are currently associate Patron and Matron of the Eastern Star slated to move into the seats of worthy Patron and worthy Matron in March. So far As masonic records Here show Shields is the Only High Pointer to have received the 33rd degree of masonry for it is an Honor that seeks the member and is not one he can ask for himself. A chronic renal dialysis unit for kidney sufferers has been opened at High Point memorial Hospital that should save a lot of travel for sufferers who heretofore have had to go to Duke or farther for that special service. It will also be the dialysis Center for Guilford county utilizing equipment that has been on hand and for which government funds have been made available for that specialized service. The artificial kidney will change blood of a patient several times Over in a period of six hours taking nitrogenous waste products out of the blood Stream. It should prove a useful medical specially addition to the local Hospital service and timely in View of the gasoline shortage. A delightful visitor Here thursday was Willie Snow Ethridge the Lively and witty writer of her 16th Book a a Side by each a she autographed at a party in her Honor at wills. This she says with a ready smile a May be my it s about the Joys of retirement As experienced by her and her journalistic husband Mark at their Lovely place some Miles out from Sanford where her daughter and son in Law own a radio station. Her Book has enjoyed splendid reviews although the new York times otherwise excellent report timed the Ethridge s marriage so far behind the arrival of three of their children that she had to write a Clever letter to Clear their names from Bastardy. The times published her letter saying they were born in Wedlock for instead of her and Marks having been married 42 years As the review stated they have been happily wed 52 years at least on her Side she added. Former City schools superintendent Charles Carroll who Heads the third stage Campaign of High Point. Colleges Golden decade $10 million fund was highly pleased la find that drive one third on its Way toward its 32,150,000 goal when he held his first report session. The Campaign thus far has been chiefly among trustees who already have subscribed Well Over $400,000, and the Campus a a family who subscribed four times More than in either of the two previous campaigns attesting their Faith in and love for the institution. While High Point College is a child of the North Carolina and Western North Carolina United methodist conferences it is very much a child too of High Point and Vicinity where 4.000 of its 7,500 alumni Are living and contributing enriching by to ongoing of this part of North Carolina. There is greater need now than Ever for that idealism which characterizes the Church related College for there can be no getting away from the truism that education and morality constitute the Force and character of free government. Never has that been so apparent As it is in this nation today. And rarely can one make a better investment that by giving to pc. The new audio visual division of the High Point Public Library will make its debut at the Central High school cafeteria on the evening of dec. 12 with a Walt Disney birthday party in tribute to who created Mickey mouse and other animated film characters. Complete with birthday cake and refreshments the party will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney productions. Entertainment says mrs. Carol Brantley who Heads the new division will include a full length feature movie plus a cartoon. The program begins at 7 . And is open to the Public without any charge. San Clemente a bureaucrats Retreat by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington president Nixon has made a Strong pitch to Federal agencies to hold their conferences at the Seaside Western White House in an apparent Effort to throw an official cloak around his san Clemente extravagances. The flight of hundreds of bureaucrats to san Clemente of course will add to the fuel Drain and the taxpayers Bills. But it will be easier for the president to justify the millions he has poured into the san Clemente Complex if he can show that government agencies Are utilizing the facilities. The president not Only has sent out special invitations to several agencies to make use of the Western White House but he has included a brochure of All the available attractions. This alluring Booklet with the title a the Western White House printed on a Fern Green cover Page touts the conference facilities at the coast guard station next to the presidential compound. Fun and games but the emphasis is on the recreation that the officials can enjoy when they re not tied up on official business. The Booklet boasts that fishing swimming Golf Bowling Bull fights Jai Alai and Many More Leisure activities await them at san Clemente. Visits to Disneyland a fruit Orchard and the worlds biggest Telescope Are also offered. A casual dress is the Rule in san Clemente a adds the White House Booklet. A Short sleeve shirts Slacks or shorts for men a Light Cottons for women Are prescribed for what the Booklet promises is a the worlds All year around finest weather. The presidential invitations were issued earlier this year at a time when Nixon was on the Skillet for using the taxpayers Money to Purchase luxury items for the san Clemente compound. The word that the Western White House was available for conferences was passed to the agencies by his military aide Brig. Gen. Brent scowcroft who recently was Given another Star and promoted to White House National Security Deputy. Offer renewed a the president has asked letters to the editor me a wrote the general a to renew his offer of the facilities of the Western White House for the use of government and certain other groups. A the area offers generally pleasant weather in a secluded informal setting the to fully equipped offices conference room private Beach and Bath House helipad and excellent communications system provide Ideal conference accommodations for up to 40 persons a he urged. Several government agencies have jumped at the Opportunity to hold their meetings in Balmy san Clemente. Among them Are the Justice department Federal aviation administration general services administration and the labor department. So far this year 38 government and civic organizations have accepted the presidents appealing invitation. Another 79 did so in 1972. Insurance Case report called misleading to the editor in the High Point Enterprise on november 28, Page 4-d. An article titled a insurance limitations Are eyed by Bill Noblitt of the association of afternoon dailies. I take Issue with the article because it is in error. It is misleading to the Public and does More harm than Good. Because it does affect the Public i request that you print the copy of my letter to w. Kenneth Brown of the department of insurance of North Carolina As a Public service for your readers c. E. Rudd dear or. Brown there appeared in the High Point Enterprise on november 28 an article titled a insurance limitations Are eyed by Bill Noblitt for the association of afternoon dailies. The Way this article is written is in itself bad consumer insurance information and will do far More harm than Good because the writer is in error in his facts. The Public will be confused and think the article is True just because it was published in a newspaper. The facts Are that there Are no such restrictions in life insurance policies As mentioned in the third paragraph. Life insurance policies will and do pay the face amount if the insured is killed intentionally by another person. The double indemnity or accidental death provision in a life insurance policy does carry an exclusion for loss caused by the intentional act by any person. But this applies Only to that Benefit death and not the life insurance policy itself. The policy issued in this article and in question was strictly an Accident policy and not a life insurance policy. This exclusion is Standard in All Accident policies. And its inclusion in the policy was approved by the insurance department of North Carolina or the company would not have been allowed to sell it. This exclusion is no More Quot repugnant to Public policy a to quote you in the last paragraph than exclusions found in Auto fire hospitalization and other types of policies approved by the insurance department. They Are there for a purpose and any qualified insurance agent can explain it to his policyholders. C. E. Rudd High Point the Cox Case to the editor much has been stated by the news Media in regard to the firing of Archibald Cox by the president. It seems this is a very weak Point to be so strongly publicized. In the words of Ernest Cuneo writer for North american Alliance the charge that Cox was a out to get or. Nixon gathers considerable momentum from the fact that with All the lawyers in the . To choose from he chose at least 50 and possibly As High As 90 who were formerly appointees of the Kennedy administration. He further states that Cox sought ted Kennedy when in distress which quite naturally brings out the question of How much and often Cox and his Kennedy team had Contact with the Kennedy political forces and to what extent they cooperated and coordinated previously. Or. Cox by his own Public confession admitted that he gave news leads to the Kennedy forces and knew it was unlawful and unethical to do so. This questionable conduct of Cox in hiring Kennedy henchmen by the dozen blandly posing As an impartial prosecutor when in fact he had organized a highly partisan political machine should warrant an investigation and the american people Are entitled to know All the facts. Will the Senate investigate the Cox Kennedy scandal i done to believe they will sad As it May seem but i do think the associated press should at least investigate the situation and publish its findings on the front Page of All their newspaper associates. The Cox situation is just one of the Many accusations made against our great president but is being used As a major cause for impeachment. How ridiculous can the anti Nixon forces get personally i believe the apparent Cox Kennedy coalition and their actions was an Early step in Kennedy a Campaign for the presidency along with the recent widespread publicity about his brother John who did have an element of greatness As president. Fortunately our president took care of the menacing situation by his so called saturday night massacre just As he has taken care of numerous other problems he inherited in 1968. How much More does a president have to accomplish to prove to the people that he loves America and is dedicated to the welfare and Well being of All its citizens of our highly publicized senator from Massachusetts should even attain the office As president what would he do to solve americans problems i do not believe his ability and integrity is equal to the awesome responsibility. G. H. Lambeth 115 Hilltop re. Thomasville

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