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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 2, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Weal her mostly Cloudy Ami colder tonight and tomorrow the High Point Enterprise High Poi ii the Center of diversified manufacturing Enterprise vol. 55�?no. 356 member associated dress High Point y c., saturday Kroon december 2, 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cent inns recapture seaport Russia denies bombing towns and civilians Roosevelt a Appeal branded pointless government scorned Moscow dec. 2.�? a i a soviet Russia formally rec j of sized today a a a people so provisional regime which she i proclaimed for Finland while j scorning the embattled finns own new government. Premier foreign commissar Vya Chesloff Zolotoff declared the soviet expected Quot no Good Quot from the finnish government and praised the rival russian approved group As a Factor leading to a Hope for a peaceful and satisfactory solution of the present he brushed aside As Quot pointless Quot an Appeal by president Roosevelt la Utanis no data Tombert Edlet of life uneasy Fok Finland a president a life is far from Rosy now for president the air. Kyosti Kallio of Finland and his wife shown above in a new photo at the presidential Quot soviet air planes have not j Palace in Helsinki As russian troops Hammer at the Baltic nations Border. Bombed towns and Are not going invaders lose Arctic port goes Over 16planes nto hands of during attack defending a heavy bombardment reported but finns put up Strong front by Lynn Heinzerling Helsinki dec. 2.�? a big guns thundered today refugees report Hardy finanders push russians Back in Battle near Norway a Frontier More than 150 reds killed Birkenes Norway dec. 2.�? apr in Ava v. V a a Puiul j j f f along the karelian front civilian refugees arriving Here from Finland where finns were reported reported today finnish troops had retaken standing firm after inflicting la. In heavy losses among invading the Arctic port of Petsako. Soviet russians. J finnish authorities were said to have defense forces claimed wide j. R v i a spread successes in bitter land confirmed inc reports. Farber the City was and sea and air engagements reported in hands of russian forces which a defense ministry comment parachuted to Earth from air planes. Que at Midnight said at least 16 i _. A the refugees also declared the finns had Defeated the Rui to do so a said Zolotoff. Quot it ast to talks reported since Russia invaded Finland Givin Star shot a Walter by land. Sea and air thursday air Bud Lyons Star fullback j Row. Involving civilian a Gnu in in i j a i have been reported from Helsinki Colorado state College,1 for was seriously wounded by two bullets fired by Lois Jeanne Vanorsdel his coed sweetheart who infuriated by his declaration that he did no to love her any More bought a .�?~>8 calibre pistol and shot him Down. Allies blamed for new fight without the Cir moral support save nazis i Tun would t have and other finnish cities the red army reported successes All along the finnish Border. Including penetrations up to 16 Miles capture of the Arctic port of Petsako said occupation of a number of Border towns on the karelian isthmus with the shooting Down of to finnish air planes. The finns said they had shot Down no less than 16 russian planes without loss to themselves and had repelled russian infantry attacks at two Points Russia s demand for a strip of territory on the karelian isthmus Between the Gulf of Finland and would b Lake i Adoga. As a Protection for j ment Leningrad was one of the Point on which fruitless negotiation were conducted prior to the present conflict. Naval and Aerial a nos on finnish soil and title in some islands in the Gulf of Finland also were demanded in sri isthmus town for Calls for Daladier enforces moral embargo demobilization Quot and perhaps 18 or More Quot rub j Sian planes were shot Down yes j Ter Day without any finnish air Force losses. The largest land action of i curved on the Eastern Frontier at Suo Jarvin where the ministry said Quot enemy losses were heavy i finnish machine gun Are annihilated two enemy companies to the last a i tanks i St rot Al on the karelian front finnish hanish students attack officials said 36 or More invade soviet embassy War bulletins from Europe president asks plane manufacturers to rear in mind bombing policy Washington. Dec. 2.�? up a All soldiers with More than two children allowed to return Home Paris. Dee. 2.�? a without i ii mini country is p Idem Roo Sevelt said in a of t statement today the gov Hopes an Merican Manu Facto and Export nautical e equipment and i would Bel to in mind the mentus to Bey of condemn provoked Homb zing of civil tile Bra of statement wins is after the president had r out i with seer of Ary Hull in h is House St u id. Ing tanks had been destroyed Russ Aroe fortress at Wangoe was reported undamaged despite heavy bombardment by russian i warships one of which was re Premier Daladier announced i or cd sunk Jav batteries. Today that All fathers of two or More children Yho have in yes the. Joo ton in immobilized will be released and sent Back to their h tries. Or kirov a Reuters British news the demobilization will begin dec. 15 with fathers of a in Cyl dispatch later said How four children or More whose release had been ordered Pree Era he kirov was afloat and in % i Ilia a thusly. A hundreds of thousands events Wili be affected. Shaw raps on misled finns that it was an unidentified russian destroyer which Sank. Against the finnish reports of it the Aine tim., the Premier f0&Quot-&Quot a announced announced men 40 years or older in a communique that their forces aked out of the front r,nlat"1 a Quot laced by younger men now Cit lint ked red $ the red army report edit had it i Gou nth in s not x med Quot passed Quot the town of the a Ritok i. On j to Hilt \ by rot is p. Ian him la the isthmus. Finns said was i Quot a still cd i n the statement hot Beri As. Dec up it a i it ritalin j held the town. I Little i doubt it at id i Anre inf a of f it was there that Quot to e pen Ipie a j to a apply to it it their c conflict. To areas a id today e to blame i government of the dec my Ati r t e til the stat ement flt dimes of r Fin land s ire d Lea ment. Public of Finland was e Quot the Ani Erica i ivern me of the we Stern pow t prs h and not i listed. With the finn it Connll in i i Anteri ran pen pie hav at Iffeney i the finn is Otto Kuusinen As Al Remh it. I some a times pursued a poll bit Lek by r moral Siti pro of k Inland this regime Annun cd d by Tass who a Heral cd in co Odem Nin i quid ii Lave seen t Lister in jus i official soviet swe a in ency and Unur evoked i Tombini g and Mati of i i. Elf it run Ted. A pc a Ilion Over the Moscow radio us at Ion was Gunn Ingol r Civ Ilia n Popup the i a8nor i Aid by these sources to have Quot by from the a it they inn Isle Rel Mir to it a had i i Ted the red army to he in it a or in m it Hon it i Ovod i id to p Ter for in the ined bal to r Inland continued on tag in two the i and t ii o sue h Ungro to a to n to Titus reset Bomi Mhz by ii not be Given eminent has foolish to refuse demand Alerta play Wright London. Dec. 2. A Oree Bernard Shaw Issiak a invasion of i or Fofi in u m nip a r Ceil soviet my is to has been misled by dish government a the i playwright was Quot daily mail today in an >111 Ria i Kuhs of t not so Mhz a we dont my Del it 9 everywhere a England doe.-, in in authorized commentator observe neither France no r Britain nor any o her Power pre Messing skin a thy for Finland int ends actually to help the Little Cor try the in formed source asset led. Germany recognize a a that when Ever natural pressure is Are bottled ult an explosion Necesser by Fol lows these source a a thinned and Russia s nut ii i m i on til id to the bal bottled up is opinion had by tin poor widow found to be $436,000 Rich a Hig ago Der. 2. A a friends and relatives who called mrs. Jeannette Lincoln a Quot poor widow were just about a half million dollars wrong. Tile 46-year-old widow who was living on $5 a week before her death november 15 left hidden riches of at least $436,Hoo, yesterday investigators discover t no fact i for i and Ejma it Ira i s essene d before the exp irs to a such in her to Irta Tion it vol its. But Finland it the n if guilty tic we in end Fiance succeeded in conclude red one of her Safe Deposit boxes ing an Alliance with Russia i it held $103,000 in Cash and against Germany the Western a stocks and Bonds with a face value Goode ration praised in releasing the statement the press Stephen t Kany. Presidential Secretary said would like to take Thongc Unity to Call to the Public k ten lion Quot the Fine spirit of Coo elation Given by american Man fact users and exporters to to tons would not live cared about the Fate of the Little Baltic states. Severe typhoon strikes islands in Philippines Manila. Dec. 2 Tel a severe typhoon struck the provinces today but crippled communications made it impossible to Check immediately concerning casualties. The storm first swept Over Surigao on the North tip of Mindu Iio Island then later struck Samar province. Masha in Legaspi and so Sogon provinces on the Southeastern top of Luzon Island hoisted storm warnings. Main cd on i of $98,003 and a Market value of $46,000. The first evidence that mrs. Lincoln s frugal existence was of i her own choosing came a week t when investigators found 279 -1t0 Handy As ski director Raleigh Man named assistant i rom Ike in Toi or \ Ruk Quot no Power can tolerate a Frontier from which a town such As Leningrad could he shelled when she knows that the Power on the it ther Side of that Frontier. However Small or weak it May be. Is being made by a foolish government to act in the interests of other and greater Powers menacing her Security. Quot is America supporting Fin Lyrl fill Quot Well Finland obviously believes so or she would not have behaved As she has against a country so much stronger than herself. In service in the rear. My Guyd order on october 28. France ordered demobilization of 100,00ft soldiers who had four or More children or were in the older age Clas Ifica tons. The first order released All men in the class of 1910 men born in 189tithose 4 3 or Over who had three children and 45 or Over with two children. Meantime the Western front awoke to new life today French military sources reported with suddenly increased patrol activity at Many Points. Localised raids executed by both sides failed to Chian be the location of the lines these reports said. But the French succeeded in capturing several prisoners heavy Kirk heavy German artillery fire was reported in one unnamed sector where the nazis were said to have rained 120 shells into s wooded area. The Range was Short the French said and the fire was ineffective. Parlier a French communique had reported All quiet on the front saying merely there was Quot nothing to report during the night. Premier Daladier speaking last night after a 259-23 Senate vote had assured Extension of his Power to Rule Fram e by decree for duration of the War. Warned enemies at Home and abroad that France would Deal blow for blow. Gon Dix ski report the Premier s 23-minute broadcast carried to the United states. Continued on Page two along the Frontier i Nam Heady the supreme commander of Finland s armed forces declared the whole country is Quot ready to fulfil its duty unto death Quot to support the new government s determination never to surrender the Little Republic s Independence. While the battered nation steel continued on Page two finnish women children kill three red fliers Melix Al dec. 2.�?uh a women and children of the karelian ullage of Alki Nitora Ai on with shovels axes pitchforks and shotguns were reported today to have killed three moxie russian fliers who Bai bul out of a damaged warplane. Hex cml Small boys the report air a saw the rus Iaus Parachute to Earth and roused tile Village which had been drained of it Mal population by the Call to the colors. Surrounded the russians were said to Hac fired their pistols at the villagers who charged in and overwhelmed them. None of the tillage was injured. Later an undamaged machine gun was saved from the plane which crashed near the Village. The in a Safe Deposit Box and $8.-Iti Hank accounts. Virtually All Cache w As in $ 1,00ft Bills. Reports hav nazis St no Lix Ell London dec. 2. A Pic a Reuters i British news Agency dispatch from Capetown. Union of South Africa reported today the scuttling of the 9.521-ton German liner Watusi South of a ape Point. Raleigh dec 2, a Pic i Thomas Creek More of Raleigh has been named acting assistant i director of the state Bureau of i investigation. Director Frederick Handy announced today. A Wake Bounty native and member in Hie general Assembly in 1925 and 19, >7, Creekmore Lias been with the ski since last August As Legal adviser and Spe-5n i investigator. Cleveland relievers must exist on diet of apples and White flour during week i $2,000,000 blazes charged to youth Paulsboro n. A. Dec. 2.�? a pm a a thin faced youth who director of Public safety Sylvester Hillh rough said admitted touching a Iff fires that destroyed $2.t 0u,000 i Worth of property was held today on charges of arson Holdup and robbery. Bombs leave sections of Helsinki in ruins Helsinki dec. 2.�? Pic on lying High on a Shel formed by or the Clatter of workmen s shovels. J floor the Hiss of water from firemen s a sad faced Porter silently took me into the court of his apart to Penis Agen Dee. a All windows in the soviet legation Here were smashed in the night. In the first demonstration of swedish sentiment since soviet russian invaded Finland More than 2,00ft swedes crowded before the finnish legation in Stockholm last night and shouted Quot Long live Finland British capture two German vessels London dec. 2.�? lha the British today captured two German vessel. The 2,ih3-ton Steamer. I Ibex Aud Tho 213-Lo a trawler Sophie russe. Sex red Tes of dissension former Domini ii Iet offing asserts \ iolent conflict Onsted him Washington. Dec. 2.�? Abs Jay Lovestone told the Dies committee today that he was ousted As general Secretary of the communist party by Josef Stalin in 1929 because of a Quot violent conflict with Moscow Over How the various units of the party should be led. Testifying under subpoena the Blond bespectacled witness said he and his followers were Pattie Early opposed to a Quot monopoly of this leadership by soviet officials. Asserting that he had insisted upon a principle of Quot party democracy a Lovestone told the committee that Quot Stalin and his puppets while they did not reject it on paper vitiated sex cry concept of such a principle. Idea abandoned the witness said it took him and other expelled party members seven years to get Over the idea of reunification of the party in this country but they abandoned it finally in 1936. At present he said he is Secretary of the Independent labor league of America at $35 a week Quot when we get As one of the organizers of he communist party of the United states and communist International he said he had Quot received and been subjected to All the honors of the party save one a liquidation by the firing not in agreement asked by j. B. Matthews com ans in a Battle 50 Miles North of Salmi Jarvi site of valuable Brit ish Canadian owned Nickel mines mines just inside the finnish norwegian Border. I aft Russi an dead the russians were said to have left on the Battlefield More than 150 dead whose equipment and clothing indicated the red troops were poorly prepared for War in the far North. Many apparently had suffered Frozen feet. Russian reinforcements were reported in route to Petsako and a new Battle was expected. Soviet warplanes meanwhile continued Active in the narrow finnish corridor leading to the Arctic Low flying planes Wert reported to have attacked finished motor buses carrying refugees toward the norwegian Border. Tic gym camouflaged bed sheets were tied Over some of these trucks As camouflage is the Snow covered terrain. Previously British and Canadian employees of the Salmi Jarvi Vietri min Muisin by the International Nickel company fleeing across the norwegian Border reported that russian troops were Only nine Miles from the fron tier. The refugees reported the russians had blown up the Salmi Jarvi Bridge after trying vainly to demolish it with Aerial bombs yesterday. They said a fierce Battle was racing close to the norwegian Border with 800 finns attempting to fight off vastly stronger continued on Page two less famous of Wright Brothers Dies Ayton in Lorin Wright 77-yr old Manu lecturer who by Vicc never shared the world s Jot Light i h his famous Brothers c Orville and Wilbur Wright act listed with making tile first s us aimed air plane flight died at his Home Here last night. His death leaves c Orville the sole survivor of a Ter elation of Wrights born in Rura ii Indiana who became famous i i aviation. Wilbur a Shier Kattherine a Pioneer woman flyer and another brother Ruchlin i d several years ago. Kept in background until a Celebration was staged last Dace in Ber i on the 35th anniversary of the history making hop of Orville and Wilbur Quot founder Quot of the Jat Kitty Hawk n. A. In ,., Lorin kept in the background. During tile Observance lie participated in the program Here with Orville and Henry Ford. H f had to 11 ii in his Brothers i Experiment which he had watched in a bicycle shop. Bitt did not care for tile Chance necessitated and the commands of sol ment building and pointed to the appeared voluntarily to teat Mittee investigator Why he had to the aviation Industry Durini had Earl Browder and other its Early Days. Lorin. Did. How it have Diers were heard today As debris Walls about us cracked and a. Bilbrough said the arrest of i cleaning squads took charge of a no High on a hell formed by the f the party Lovestone band in his Brothers first High James i., Kaye. 21. Of Paulsboro i bomb wrecked Section of Helsinki he and Quot a Quot had \ been knocked out the living room that two Days ago was a flourish Jan j bedroom furniture could be ing business Center teeming with seen in a Heap in the open air. Life. A bomb had torn through the two Days of invasion by soviet j building blasting a huge Crater in solved a series of destructive fires in Southern new Jersey that had baffled investigators since 1934. Kaye was held without bail for die grand jury by magistrate Cleveland dec. 2.�? up about 12,000 Clev Elanders will be Given Only apples and White flour to eat next week unless there me unexpected development City Relief officials declared today. The City recently removed the 3 2.000 a All Able bodied unmarried couples from its grocery order Rolls because of dwindling funds leaving them to exist on Federal surplus commodities and personal initiative. Eighteen hungry persons took Frederick Sim Etlor at Woodbury russians had left Helsinki badly the basement floor. Said it was partly because he did i when Orville and Wilbur not agree with Quot a Good deals of Telegram telling of Success to the committee s procedure but their father. Bishop Milton largely because he did not want Wright Lorin took it to Day to be found in any neighbourhood ton newspaper editors who re where Quot even the dust of the Sta j fused to print the Story until a minist machine would fall or Dav later on two charges of arson and two charges of Holdup and robbery. Tile youth Bilbrough said. Told him that lie set fire to the Sandora company Plant Here in 1 934. The $1.5no,00ft Blaze threw 200 men out of work. Other fires which Kaye admitted starting the officer said. Ranged from two that destroyed scarred by air attack. Beams twisted w alls blackened steel beams in the Institute i walked through a blackened i building had been twisted by the War marked Section where two j bombs. Days ago bombs ripped apartment j the russian legation near Tho buildings like doll houses and Square lost All its windows. A knocked out windows half a mile j lutheran Church and a German away. S school were destroyed at Hietalati Square the Shat huge chunks of solid Granite tired Walls of the Institute of were ripped out of the Stony Fin a matters into their own hands welfare director Fred Ramsey yesterday ordering and Cating who was out of tile building. $9.96 Worth of food at a Down Sam ply hits Bottom town cafe and telling employees i Sydney t. Rowley assistant Loe ii to the the 15 men and there women a next week s Supply of Federal who said they were members of surplus food was the Quot lowest the association of unemployed on yet although ample food is sex direct and work Relief were ported to be available for the told by manager a j. Pratt Quot i i following week including two Hope you enjoyed your carloads of butter enough for he said he planned no action one City distribution. Gut hoped Quot there will be no More this week single persons Are such visitors at the Busy Euclid living on tills surplus food one Avenue eating place Blue boat and one half pounds of Graham i lumber Yards to blazes that levelled i technology stood out sharply. The i Nash soil and thrown about like cafeteria the 18 went there flour one Pound of rolled Oats. Barns and bungalows. I Interior of the building had been i marbles. From City Hall where they in two pounds of Corn meal and four i wrecked. Two professors were i the Force of one explosion was successfully sought an audience j pounds of apples. Next week j Bary of porch j killed and it was feared Many j so sex Ere that though it occurred Reidsville dec. 2.�?rp a students As Well. J several blocks away from the to the county welfare department j school officials told today How j Tel where i am staying part of i Begani a search today for parents j five engineers were working in a j the hotels skylight dropped into j of a three weeks old red haired j Laboratory on the top fitter when j the lounge. No one was injured baby left last night on the front i the russian bombers came. A 1 after the first raiders attacked j porch of William s Mason. Cham bomb knocked out the floor be huge Clouds of smoke soon Darkie r of Commerce Secretary Here. J Neath them Ami left them stand 1 cued the capital. With mayor Harold ii. Burton j Rowley said. The quota w ill he who was out of the City and City Relief commissioner four pounds of apples and three pounds of White flour unless Corn meal and rolled Oats now in route to Cleveland arrive in time to put top Iii packages. This mid he said was unlikely. A reve Noory shot Down err. Air dec. To. A Ltd it a Walter Willi Ainoi in a Patrick county va., Deputy sheriff a shot from minish Ami killed today about eight Miles from Lier near the Virginia state line. A Bullet wound through the body resulted Iii death before the officer could he brought to a Hospital Here. It. Airy polio said they understood Willis earlier Bali raided alone a Moonshine liquor distiller. Near Willis Jap. V search was in gain limited i lately for the killer. 18 j a n orc of Christmas Sims your Home w trom tuberculosis Chrisma Seal urge Tbs examination of All Persona who have been exposed to tuber Eulaia

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