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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 2, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Tack 4 High Point Enterprise. Wednesday december 2. 1925 High Point Enterprise a in Blithe it a a Era afternoon and sunday. The coming fight Over Issue of the world court. The seventeenth of this month the question of american entry into the world court of International Justice will come up in the Senate. Debate starts then with the president and the Terpy a dec rotary 8tatc advocating entry with certain reservations. Already current reports Tell us. The opposition is preparing for its attack on the court. The outcome of the test is doubtful j. A Hawley it. Publishers h. A. Cecil. Business manager c. La. ,. ,. _ f. A a Worth Bacon City editor a a jut Back of the movement in favor of entry should be marshalled Dan r. Schroder. Adv. Mgr. The full Force of Public opinion. A in months. 3,00 j we think the Assumption that Public opinion once it is in one week a a a formed will favor entry is justified by the character of the pro the. Asao Cut de vre.7 7,?0&Quot a and the to prof the people. A Plebs kit a on the , a Yery entitled to the use tor re i following a thorough Campaign of Public enlightenment hardly publication of All news dispatches j could Hajj to place the United states in the court credited to it or not otherwise Creel ,. Fair the j 8 a matter or historical fact this country first urged the world court. When the conference of 1899 was held to consider Ted in thl paper and also local news publisher therein entered As second class matter at the Post office at High Point n. Cd under the act of Congress of March 8, 1872. Advertising department 27 25 newts department.2355 business department.2312 National adverting tires be presenta the creation of Tome sort of International arbitration committee the american delegation was instructed to move for a court of Justice. England a substitute plan was adopted resulting in the Hague court of arbitration. The second conference held in 1907, Drew another american delegation once More directed to seek the evolution of the court of arbitration into a court of Justice. Again the american plan was refused. The world court finally was established through the initiative Frost Landis and Kobe Bruns of the league of nations but essentially its Independence is As Wick building 250 Park ave. Be ail f. t t i York Peoples Gas building. I sure adherents of the court need not be members of the Michigan Boulevard. Chicago. League and members of the league need not be adherents of the wednesday december 2. Him court. He present proposal of the administration is that the a United states enter the court with the explicit understanding that j Lorida is said to be recovering j step Joe not a involve any Legal relations to the league of nations or the Assumption of any obligations under the that is one of the Coolidge reservations. There Are four from the ravages of the one unwelcome visitor. The aspect of Good will by John Blake the Good will of a business Means the Friendly disposition of customers toward it. A prosperous going concern has the Good will of Many customers built up by fair treatment and consideration. When Suc h a business is sold the Good will is often Worth More than the tangible assets. In some instances like the real estate and insurance business these assets May amount to very Little. Yet the Good will can be disposed of for a Large sum of Money. The Success and Prosperity of an individual and his actual Worth in the Money Market when he is seeking an occupation depends on the attitude of others toward him exactly Tho same Way As the Success of a business depends on the attitude of its customers. I know a newspaper writer who has spent years in cultivating the acquaintance of Public men respecting their Confidence and when possibly doing services for them. The services of this Man Are always in demand. If he wishes to leave the place automatic signals. Councilman Snow made a motion that the mayor be authorised to name a committee to decide where the signals should be placed but later lie withdrew the motion when it was Learned that the details were left to worked out by fire chief Homey and the traffic Engineer. Courtesy a aril selected the committee named recently to select a Courtesy card for out of town motorists submitted its recommendations. An attractive card was shown and the recommendations of the committee were adopted. The police will place the cards on the steering wheels of visiting motorists who May Park their cars in the wrong place. The Council passed an ordinance requiring that All dogs in High Point be immunized against hydrophobia and the ordinance will be published at once. Councilman Grayson spoke highly in favor of such a measure. He thought the Council owed it to the children of High Point to take every precaution against hydrophobia. He quoted a member of the state Board of health As saying that Only so per Dent of those who take the Pasteur treatment escape hydrophobia and corrected the impression that persons who take the Pasteur treatment always escape the disease. Tile Only Way to prevent hydrophobia is to immunize the dogs to thought. Tho ordinance provides that the dogs must be immunized every 12 months. Upon request of councilman Worth an ordinance was passed to prohibit parking on East Green Street from main to Wrenn on West Broad Street from main to College and on West High from main to the hailed a6 Happy augury for the future permanent peace of Europe Good will is Felt fish Market is to in London while be opened in City treaty is signed it will be conducted on North Wrenn Street beginning Friday where he is now employed at a Quot a i Quot baggage room of the Southern rail tote governor of Texas does entirely too much talking by proxy for her own Good. The flood had no effect whatsoever on the mortgages that cover submerged Florida real estate. Pious character to convince the police that he is innocent. Charlotte is broadcasting Hie fact that a splendid new Boulevard is to 1 0 paved Between Gastonia and the Queen City. The vessels on rum Row Are organized again As the Revenue cutters have been ordered into Winter posts a just in time to stimulate Christmas Trade. Both elements in the muscle Shoals commission agreed on one important Point. They think the others. The president would require a vote for the United states in the election of the world court judges the determination by our Congress of a Quot fair share of the Cost of the court and payment of that fair share through congressional appropriation that the Law under which the court was created shall not be amended without consent of the United states and that this country shall Turkey is preparing to make War j not be bound in its International actions by the a advisory opener great Britain which show s that Iongi of the world court which May be sought by the league of the Turk does t mind picking j nation it in apy International Egal Point. Oni Chov his sire some of these reservations Are meaningless except for what nowadays a confession of murder effect they May have in breaking Down american opposition to is about the Only Way for a sushi entry by emphasizing protections that actually Are afforded by the Constitution of the court. For instance the last reservation is without real value because it is stipulated that the court shall pass upon no issues which the parties to controversy do not bring before it. The court is composed of i i men and under the Law setting it up no two members of the court May come from any one nation. It is interesting to note that John Bassett Moore of Columbia University is one of the judges despite the fact that this country is not in the court and that a distinguished cuban is another of the eleven. The method of judge selection assures the very highest personnel. The old Hague court of arbitration is formed of four men from each of the signatory nations. In selecting the world expensive property should be used court each of these groups of four men nominates four two of for some sort of Public Benefit. I whom must not be of the nominating group s nation. Then the a surprising number men in league of nations elects i i men from these nominees. The elective parts whose Good mothers Dor. Is Well safeguarded. A nominee not Only must get a majority dipped snuff without offending their vote of the Assembly of the league in which All league members offspring Are among those who Are i Jaye one vote Eacell it also a majority of the league Council militant in their determination to j. ,. F no to ,. I composed of a single representative or each or the ten great repress smoking by women. R. I i i r a w i a Powers. Lvery Assurance is provided therefore against political an italian living in this country j selection suggested that the italian Ami i a this country recognizes the existence of International Law. Tans make up a fund to pay the Dame Webster was Secretary of state he declared a every Erica debt of their fatherland. Ell t. Italians living in this country help a nation on being received at her own request into the Circle of cd indirectly in that settlement and civilized governments must understand that she not Only attains helped in a big a. Rights of sovereignty and dignity of National character but that i each publication of the build Hinds herself also to the strict and faithful Observance of All ing permits serves to remind one those principles Laws and usages which have obtained currency that the City a taxable mount very among civilized states and which have for their object the Mitziga slowly in comparison with Tho build Juon of the Migir leg of War a a ing investment. But not All of the of i he world court is set up to help determine in cases or tax dodging is in behalf of �?~im-1 ii i a to proved property. Honest doubt what Are those principles Laws and usages. I new a a court is not backed by a police Force and All that it brings to Bear the attitude of general King of upon nation against which it makes a decision As the amen the Mitchell court martial is some-1 in c a a i a. J Ulm a what like hint of the lawyer accuse canes Undaton assert is the Force of clarified pubic opinion. De of contempt of court who said. I the world court Points to the Rule of Justice and reason an Appeal a a your Honor i am trying my Best against the reign of War and this country should enter it. Not to show contempt of this court very Good salary he knows be can got an equally Good perhaps a better salary in three or four other offices. His value is built up largely on Good will. Frequently a Salesman who has been successful on the Road changes companies and takes Many of his customers along with him when he does so. Such a Man of course must be a Little a a choosy in the commodities lie Sells. He must always Handlo reliable goods for no Salesman however much of a a a go getter can continue very Long to sell inferior merchandise. One of the most important things a Young Man can do when he begins his working life is to build up Good will. It is not a difficult task. He needs but to be cheerful and obliging to he willing to work a London dec. 2.�? apr the spirit of Good will that pervaded All of the ceremonies connected with the signing of the Locarno treaties at the foreign office yesterday is hailed As a Happy augury for the future permanent peace of Europe. Quot a foreign Secretary Chamberlain s dinner to the delegates at Lancaster House last night proved a Lively informal wind up to a great Day for All Europe. There were 79 guests. No speeches were made. Or. Chamberlain merely proposed the Toast Quot Locarno and the signatories of the after the dinner the delegates were afforded the Opportunity of seeing How they looked during the solemn morning ceremony when the delegates of seven nations affixed their signatures to the Momen thous documents. The film which was made during the proceedings was exhibited to the guests. One of the features of Tho Day was in full Fellowship with the pow ers of Europe. Read. J Russia although not represented a committee v named to con-1 at the function was remembered. For with the North state Telephone j m. Briard expressed the Hope that company relative to the placing of j she soon would come into the loathe lines of the Telephone company j gue of nations and Aid in bringing tile North Carolina Public service about a restoration of Normal Leo company and the City together on nomic and political con Dilons in futile same poles on South main rope. Street. This committee consisting Germany already has taken a step of councilman Davis and Snow a which is considered As meaning that h. Jennings general manager of tile Public service company and City electrical superintendent Como was Rameil after fire chief Homey had called attention to the fact that the fire alarm wires on the poles on South main Street would cripple the fire alarm system. The Council voted to instruct City manager Pickett to Purchase three fire alarm boxes one to be placed at Oak Hill another at Mechanicsville and the third on East Green Street Extension streets ordered paved Kennedy Street from Adams to i Ridge Ridge from Kennedy to i Chestnut and Tipton from Kennedy to Chestnut Street were ordered j paved after a petition had been presented by o. G. Allen and d. H. Little longer if there is an extra Job Parsons. These streets Are near the to do and to keep his a a moods a if j 8fe the new High school build he has them to himself. Gerald Chapman says he was not Given any warning by the United states when he was moved from Atlanta prison to Connecticut for trial. Then he Aud Uncle Sam Are quits. Gerald failed to give notice when he departed from Atlanta the first time for Connecticut. A member of the City Council thinks High Point ought to have traffic lights like a a other progressive cities Quot. That perhaps is not be oui reason be favors the expensive contrivances that appear to be operating Here to confuse and retard traffic rather than to safeguard and to expedite it. Up to the presen time the Christmas fund which the enter prise Bas undertaken to encourage is Small with Little evidence of Public interest. While doing your Christmas shopping Early Why not make that contribution to the fund for the needy High Points not less responsible to a charitable Appeal this year than last surely an i last year the fund was about $800 a Hospital for coloured people the announcement is made Greensboro that a woman of wealth there has offered $50,000 to Start a fund to erect a negro Hospital. This Benefactor is mrs. L. Richardson widow of the founder of the Vick Cherna a1 company. Another gift of $10,000 for a special purpose in connection with the Hospital is promised by mrs. A Sternberger. Of Greensboro. The Cit is being asked officially to pledge support for the Hospital. This in v s is of particular interest As it reflects instructive attitude toward Hie Large responsibility of the White people of the state for the Quot Ell being of the negro. The state take sick. The greatest immediate importance of the Greensboro Hospital i however would be its effect As an at evidence of the essential social idealism of the men and women of the Gate City the Southern towns which fail to help their negro citizenship to improve their environment and to secure scientific and cultural benefits Are faithless to their Best interest. He does not need to be Servile or cringing or to be voluble in his promises. But his attitude toward other people must be the same attitude he would prefer to have them show to him. Not always Are the most efficient men the most affable. But the ill natured Man must have a great Deal of ability if his habitual state of mind is not to count heavily against him. With outsiders Good will May be gained by Frank open treatment an the decent Courtesy that every one has a right to expect from everybody else and expectation we hich unfortunately 13 Seldom realized. Many men with real Talent have become failures because of a grou Chinessa a or ill or suspicious nature while other less favored have built up solid Success by politeness and consideration. Good will is a very great asset to any business and just As great an asset to any Man or woman in business life. Copyright 1925 Bell synodical inc. It is her purpose to meet the obligation for membership she has registered in eleven International engagements with the league at Geneva which she Bas entered into with ight different Powers. In the View of several representatives of the great Powers in Geneva russians coming into the league is a necessary corollary to the entry of Germany and it is said Steps to hasten Russia s application for membership already have been taken. Advices from various european capitals tend to show that. Except in Italy and among the nationalists in Germany the signing of tile treaty is generally regarded us the birth of a. New Era of peace and Good will among european men and nations. The viewpoint of Italy As expressed in government circles and by the leading fascist newspapers is that that country does not intend to be swept off her feet by idealistic the f. Amp p. Fish Market which is owned by George o. Fowler proprietor of Patterson a in Greensboro and a l. Potter of Winston Salem will open its doors to the Public on Friday morning. I the. F. Amp p. Market is one of a Chain of similar markets that. Are being successfully operated under the direction of or. Potter in Ashe. Ville Durham Greensboro win Stop Salem Charlotte High Point making the latest addition to the Chain. Or. Potter when interviewed by to an Enterprise reporter this morning stated that he is the a a third generation of a fish family a his father and Grandfather before him boing engaged in the same business. He Alto stated that i company owns its own fisheries and that Tho offerings that will to made locally will come direct from the coast by express shipments. The f. Amp p. Market will open its doors on North Wrenn Street next to the Happy feed store in the Kearns building formerly occupied by the Newton grocery. Cordial telegrams Berne Switzerland dec. 2. Apr cordial telegrams have been exchanged Between British foreign Secretary Chamberlain and mayor Quaca of Locarno on the signing of la the Locarno agreements. The Village of Locarno was gaily be flagged yesterday and when the news of the signing was received the Bells in All the churches were rung. Ing. Council Street from Sunset drive to colonial drive a distance of about 300 feet also was ordered j sentimentality paved. _ i while she intends faithfully to the Council authorized. William Jovo letter Aud spirit of her c. Olsen of Raleigh the consulting j signature she propped above All Engineer of the City to employ Ai to keep a Clear head and a realistic bacteriologist and to Purchase i attitude in future International be necessary Laboratory equipment to got nations. Make chemical tests of the City s attention in till respect Lias been sewage disposal. J called in Rome to a passage in pre at the request of the Pickett 1 Mier Mussolini s armistice address Cotton Mill officials the Council a we look with one Eye upon the decided to place an All time police a Dove of peace if it rises on Hie Dis Man in that Section. It was decided Tant horizon but with the other Eye to assign policeman h. D. Stout to we look through the Concrete Nec the work inasmuch As he is a Resi a Cess ties of Dent in that part of the City and j after the seven delegations to the to employ g. Y. Stone to perform treaty signing ceremonies had been or. Stouts duties in the downtown District. Council requested establish building Madge Bell George o Brien in the Iron. Horse a Wil or a Fox special Many teachers and that Large class of people desiring to encourage clean and wholesome amusement in this Community have made Anil urgent request that Quot the Iron horse be returned to this City that the countless hundreds who were unable to View the feature when shown Here some time ago May have the rare Chance of enjoying one Oil the greatest moving pictures Ever screened. Quot the Iron horse will Bej presented in All of its magnitude and grandeur at the Broadhurst thurs Day. Friday and saturday of this week at. Popular prices. Children will be admitted for 15c. All students up to 18 will see the big show for 25c. Adults matinee 25c night 35c. It is a positive fact that no great feature like Quot the Iron horse has Ever been seen at these modest prices. r 1 r 1.1�?.�? 11 claims activities of or. Moody Cost state Large sum used of intentional deception. Quot now what Are the facts on april 26. 1925 the Highway commission by Resolution duly entered in writing on its minutes accepted the proposition made in writing by the american Road company the proposal for the work of re surfacing with Asphalt treatment certain designated state highways approximating several Hundred Miles. This contract provided that a the w Ork to j be performed shall consist of an j asphaltic application to be done in j the following manner the Road-1 Way shall be groomed until it is free from lust and Loose particles received at Buckingham Palace by King George yesterday afternoon Chancellor Luther and foreign minister Stresemann conferred informally with Premier Briard. They discussed the charge which will arise Iii the Rhineland control situation and th9 future relations Between France and Germany now that the Locarno pact is in effect. Disarmament possible reduction of the limitation on German aviation the admission of Germany to membership. A Rhineland control commission and the evacuation of Germany territory by Allied troops were discussed. M. Briand said afterwards that the Locarno spirit prevailed throughout. in the unofficial weather report congressman Abernethy asserts that he secured a statement from experts in the Federal weather Bureau. Note the special correspondence today from Washington but it is Clear that or. Abernethy either located a tar Heel in the Weatherman s keep or he found a Chap who has had the Chance to spend some time in this state. It s an experts Are of the negro insane statement As or. Abernethy says lines on main St. J and there shall be applied to the i surface of the Roadway by Means a i of an approved pressure distributor. Not less than 5-10 of a gallon of i list of meeting places tor continued from Page i the Enterprise Drew at tinn a be Days ago to the fact that the Hunters residing Here were compel led to go to Greensboro to get their ii lenses from the clerk of the court. The game Warden Wnm in today to male arrangements for the issuance of licenses Here by t in Deputy sheriff. Tilts thought fill provision for Lodi people is Menti to advertise the change and the negro has the Benefit of doctors who arc maintained in the Public service. But the coloured population of the average town in this state lives under conditions of hous ing and of sanitation which reduce the Cit ii j f the and make the r Oan victim of Tuler Ulouis and i uses of cont. Gion. Of course a hour will reach directly ored folks of Greensboro but its indirect benefits should prove Grout. The institution should Strong 1 ii of Ely negro doctor Aud nurse j Ami Aid in tile spread of the Kimwt-1 j ledge of How to keep healthy while j offering Dilaive treatment to the but it is decidedly More colourful than might be expected from an Ordinary scientist. The All the year round climate is j something to one of North Carolina s boasts and Ford $250 for the use of his map. A receipt was written by the City attorney and mailed to Nir. Ford. This receipt however apparently did not meet the approval of the photographer and he returned it to the City manager. Payment on the Check was stopped. Or. Ford returned to the Council chamber last night and requested the Council to sign an agreement whereby the City a map would not be sold in Competition with Bis map. The City declined to meet he agreement but later it was agreed by the Council Aud by or. Ford that the receipt should read that or. Ford had received a copyright on his map. The receipt was signed. High p Point s traffic conditions were discussed thoroughly by lie Council. Councilman Grayson is opposed to automatic traffic signals in High Point. He said so. Opposed to signals it might under protest vote for one at the Corner of main and Washington streets and one at main Aud Commerce who said. Quot but before we take a action i think we ought to let the people have by about it. Let s gee whether they want signals or Asphalt nor More than one gallon of Asphalt to each Square Yard As the state maintenance Engineer shall direct state supreme court gives out decisions tomorrow and saturday is announced Raleigh dec. 2.�? apr the supreme court of North Carolina today handed Down the following decisions Coleman is. Mccullough Forsyth affirmed. Brick company is. Ledgin Foryt a new trial. Cook is. Bailey Forsyth reversed. Simpson is. Tobacco co operative mrs. Association Allegheny no error. I or. Tobacco co operative association i is. Chilton Allegheny no error. Bible study classes will be held in a Large number of High Point Homes tomorrow. The Complete i t was announced today As follow mrs. Charles Perry North main main Street at to a. In. At 3 p. In. With mrs. J d. Mica hum Steele Street mrs. W. A. Davis Centennial Avenue mrs. Peace. Vine Street mrs. Molly sch rest Lindsay Street mrs. E. E. Briggs Ray Street mrs. Fred l. Ingram. 504 Jones Street mrs mag-1 Cie Siceloff 607 North main Street mrs to a l. Grant Myrtle Avenue a. H. Smith. Myrtle Street Graham. Tyron Street. At 2 30 o clock classes will to Beld with mrs. T. B. Bennett West Dunbar is. Co Ope Rativo Assoc a a i a diet mis. Lion. Allegheny new trial. I �0d�?~ but it a a mrs land Bowman is. City of Greensboro 1 Lei Ltd i Tho . Guilford reversed. Patton is. Heath Brothers Guilford new trial. Dameron it a1 is. Carpenter it Ai Gaston error. Asbestos trading and finance company is. Ballard Montgomery no error. Michaux is. Barringer it a1, ing our claims not with facts and j and say what they think about the Burke no error. A give furniture for Christmas gifts nothing could please More than a Beautiful living room suite for the Home furniture for the Home will please everyone. All members of tile family reap the Benefit of your gift. We have on our floors some very pretty overstuffed and Cane Back living room suites. These suits Are beautifully upholstered and come in attractive designs. On our floors too you will find a number of attractive Ila or and Bridge lamps. Smoking stands too make acceptable Christmas gifts. Conic in an let us show you what ave Lune to offer you All Are moderately priced., not. We ought to have a meeting Here is the weather Bureau uphold Anil tits people a me Down he re figures of temp nature and Pree Ipi tation Only but with Imp Visioned a1 for negroes i phrases of unusual Beauty. Herat of the col Ter we Are confident that the aver age North carolinian will have a i More tolerant attitude toward the mistakes of the Washington Prophet. Even if be docs not entertain a greater respect for the prophecies. After All affection h More grateful than cold a spec i i a tar 8. M Yor to. A. Moffitt Spike in favor of t a signals of did also councilman Worth and Snow. The mayor said a business Man i Ere who was at first opposed to the signals told Bim later that in thought the signals necessary my i that so per cent of Tho people wanted them. The major mid lie did not know whether no loft turn Quot requirements should it a ii. But lie thought High Point is Nib j follow other leading Cit a Ami walk is is. American r y express company Montgomery no error. Or. Sechrest kills three Large hogs pour third. I is he pm killed three 11-sat urday. One is a not Lier 3 8 5. La pounds. Or. Of la Uitz Quot my \ class will be held at the Southside Baptist Church at 2 of clock and also at the Home of mrs. G. C. How Jard 204 Campbell Street at the1, j same hour. At 3 30 of clock the Eliza Stephens Bable class will meet at the Home of mrs. Don Burgess on Burns Street. On Friday afternoon at 3 of clock i Bible study class will be held with a. S. Caldwell at her Home 0. .3 Park Way. _ t a. Latimer moves his family to City j j a. Latimer manager of u go Point Hollywood by the Bea office. Bas moved Bis family to i hah Point and Are occupying residence of j. Milton Ball at 20s Gail j Avenue. They moved by re ii a i Williston s. G Forth main Street phone 2914 1

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