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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 1, 1925, High Point, North Carolina A that Royle Cir interesting Story four Days at the american theater this week Quot that Hoyle girl Quot at the american wednesday thursday Friday and saturday is a pict Urizar it a of the cosmopolitan Magazine a it rial by Edwin Balmer the Well-1 Nown saturday evening Post writ. R and novelist. You will not have the pleasure of seeing a stronger or More unusual piece of drama a a tt8am? is a store. A ivc Lions any drug trial this bean a that Hoyle girl a of a Story of today a love Diama of the Chicago Jai my. It is an amazingly truth a Ful yet Are of lits is circles that Border on the underworld of a great american City a circles where Money and morals Are a a easy come easy go where the people Divide their lives Between cabarets and automate and go to their duplex apartment Quot Homes Only to sleep a circles Phat live for most people Only in the headlines of the newspapers. The Story mingles love jazz and a murder mystery with a hero reminding you of Meighan in a manslaughter and a heroine the Public will take to its heart. A that Hoyle girls a is Joan Daisy Roy Ltd daughter of a baby faced peroxide blonde Mother and a handsome educated but swindler father. Up to the time she is 20, Joan has led a hectic life jumping around with her parents from one hotel or apartment to the other just one step ahead of the Bill collector and the police. She has developed into a wonderfully attractive girl especially appealing to men. She is worldly Wise loves pleasure and excitement but there is something Fine deep Down within her. She fleets Fred Ketlar. Handsome a nifty Dresser a typical Wise City Sheik. Fred is Leader of the jazz t Chicago s leading cabaret he lives in the apart do the Hoyles being Sepa rom i Alewife Adele Ketlar. Life Jan apartment in r be amp Tofi of the City. Fred is Amhi Ticus to become a composer. This Ai traits Joan at once. She sees in Kel Law a potential Mozart and resolve s to help him climb the Mu-1 id Der. Fred becomes i Fatu Ith her. They a a do Chicago life together. One night Joan gone along the Street where wife lives. She looks up and see tile shadows of Adele Ketlar and a Man against the Shade. She returns to the Royle apartment Sical ated w night i walks Fred s Broadway thursday Friday and Fred appears. Then a comes the shocking nears. That Adele has been murdered that night. Joan and Fred Are questioned by the police and later by Calvin Clarke states attorney Vierge is a Stern honest rather narrow minded new englander of about 30. Like the police he believe Joan is Fred a mistress Ana that they conspired to kill Adele Ketlar. All hts traditions Aud train j ing react against a flippant Beautiful worldly girl like Juan and yet j he is at once attracted to her. La j fights against this. He is resolved to j hang Ketlar and disgrace a a thai j Royle Fred Ketlar hires an unscrupulous lawyer Nam Delman. Elm sees the value of Joan a Beauty and sex Appeal. She is his Hest bet for influencing the jury and saving i j client. He furnishes Jean with the biographical dope on Clarke Ann j persuades her to cultivate the a j and study him. She does this dome i thing about his honesty and belie 1 in the Sanctity of the Horn an i other things life has denied Lur appeals to the girls better nature but she defiantly tells Clark she is going to beat him and save Ketlar. On the Street one night while Clarke is with Juan a Mongrel to it p of criminal accost Clarke in the shadows and whispers with a husky sober a a take a Eood look at be in Barrera who is wante i for murder is head of a gang of gun men Clarke has been try Barretta a gang had Adele Ketlar into the net activities just before her death though Clarke does not know this at the trial of Fred Ketlar for murder Joan tells lies valiantly for the jazz King and uses her Charny Uon the jury. Clarke fighting be tween his duty and his infatuation for Joan shoots her Story full o holes and presents a very Damag ing Case against Ketlar. The Oast goes to the jury and be Tiara a life i i in the balance. Suddenly comes the news that. Barretta fatally wounded in ii gang fight has been revealed As the murderer of Adele Ketlar. Clarke immediately moves for the dismissal of the Case against Ketlar. A mob of cabaret girls and Jazzo admirers of be Tiara a Are on hand Tho Day he is freed. Joan is there too. Clarke is sick at heart thinking now the girl will go away with Ketlar away forever. Joan leaves with Ketlar. Ketlar is jubilant and has a big Celebration with his friends together Rowdy and Drunken. Joan is quiet thinking of the contrast Between Ketlar and Calvin Clarke. She sees now that Ketlar Isnit a potential Mozart that at heart he is no Good. She refuses Ketlar s attempts at cooking classes at Normal High school for coloured women announcement was made today love making his demand that she a by prof. E. E. Curtright principal marry him at once. She refuse to 0f the Normal High school that a go a a for a week end with him ing las8 for co Oreil women to serve supper at the reformed Church the missionary society and the s he pleads. He is angry. He trans Beine conducted a that Ernest workers of the first refers his affections to Loia Nessen a 1 institution formed Church w ill serve a Chicken cabaret girl who has alway loved institution. I him and hated Juan. A asses Are held each thursday Clarke seeking Joan frantically evening at 7 30 o clock and All the jumpy nerves find her and pours out his love. Coloured women of the City Are Given she goes to his arms. 1 an Opportunity to take the course do i i or from weak nerves which is being offered. No charges strength St Iti Reven e is i nning to High level for season i Sui get tired easily can to sleep have Are made and those in charge of j brain fast Low vitality or loss of strength these symptoms indicate frayed tired nerves and impaired away Back in history sturdy norsemen found cod liver Oil sufficient to help develop marvelous strength and endurance. Continued from Page i the movement Are anxious to enrol a Large number of women. At the sessions to be h id Prim digestion which leads to Mare a jus aliment. I r an effective remedy take Jerk est the pleasant tast ing cod liver Oil. Gloria wan son stage struck in n an Allan Dwan production the Public cried a give us another a manhandled and Gloria answers a Sec a stage struck a love laughs gowns gasps Gayety and Novelty. Woven into a fascinating Story of a girls bid for Fame behind the footlights. O / a Christmas gift for the Motorist a new Light weight drilling Glove that is farm in Zero weather it made a different Way. Fingers fractionally larger and spaced wider apart. Seams turned a special Way. Lining of natural Knap i Wool imported. A driving Glove trim As a dress gloves but warm la Zero weather. For it does not cram circulation As you grip the wheel. The luxury of warm hand is a gift any Motorist will appreciate. Til Hansen a aristocrat for men too and the lady aristocrat Joi for to Oman n. H. Silver co. Of gun Ying Tai d d raw no of the ill Broadway today Adolphe men iou in Quot the King on main Street �inp�1 Broadway tomorrow Only ii fools Highway a Story from Nev York East Side with Mary Philbin and Pat of Malley american theater last night of 8. F. Keith supreme vaudeville done to miss it starring monday dec. 7 Arthur Haukos Sunshine revue a dazzling glittering Milan go of feminine youth and Beauty. Georgou costumes up bearing Mush Ami uproarious Congedo. Something new in the South. Prices 35c. 4qc. 50c Way to soften the punishment of the prisoner. Commissioner rink has reached a a Dory solution of his difficulty in recommending the commutation of Robert Steele scheduled to die Friday december 4. Steele and his victim will Cau then bad a fight Over Mary can then the Paramour of Steele and the wife of the dead negro. The jury never had the Benefit of that evidence but both negroes testify to the fight now. The woman helped to kill her husband. He had been cruel to her she said monday after or. Sink bad Given notice of the commutation. The prisoner was a Good negro and had a Good name in Union. He was doubtless better to the woman than Lier husband was. The two fought. Or. Rink has no doubt of it. He recommends a lifetime of hard labor and governor Mclean orders it. You know a tonic is Good when it make you eat like a hungry boy and brings Back the color to your Cheeks. You can soon feel the strengthening invigorating of Groves tasteless Crux tonic 60c Yerkes palatable extract cod liver Oil Scott a emulsion is cod Tiver Oil like the Vikings thrived on prepared in the form of a Rich tasty Cream. It builds strength cd endurance. Scott it Bowne. Bloc Field. A. J. Imi delay ordering your another Day i place Yotter order now and get Quick service on it and be prepared for the cold wave that is coming our Way. W. A. Davis ice and Coal phone 2141 judge Meekins in Federal court monday found it necessary to warn Federal officers against the promiscuous use of the gun about places of suspicion even liquor places. I the judge has done it in Raleigh 1 at least twice before. His counsel 1 to the rum chasers is not to shoo i a pistol As a warning because the Man who hears the pistol May not i know that it was not intended to hit him. Assuming that the shot is aimed at somebody going away i from the still the runner May feel justified in returning the fire. The a judge does not seem to think that physical presence at a. Still justifies shooting at or about a Man. I the Only killing Case yet tried in the judges court resulted in an acquittal. In that trial the state prosecuted w. E. Woodfin who had killed Grover Bradley. Judge Meek i ins was very Friendly to Woodfin j and when the gentleman of easy trigger came a a Clear a judge Meekins put in a Good word for obedience to the Law when executing the Law. Whereupon or. Woodfin declared that Hie next time he got into any such trouble As he had with Bradley t ainu to a Pointer shoot so j and judge Meekins had supposed All the while that the defendant ii and not shot too quickly but had been forced to hurry by the danger in j which the agent found himself. J Edge Meekins is dead against the easy gunner. And his proclamation monday was also a warning that Che careless shooter will not stand Well Ohms court. Jonathan Daniev son., of Josephus Daniels editor Anc funnier of the news and observer goes friday1 to the Washington Bureau of the Daniels publication. Or. Daniels succeeds the late Edward e. Britton who was 25 years j with the news cud observer ending i his work with the Washington Cor-1 Respondence. The Young Corris Pondenis goes to Washington with quite an equipment for capital service. He has Lone some big assignments in North Carolina and to helped to cover the democratic convention in new York in 1124. A John w. Dax is to appear in murder Case for chinese continued from Page i it living for the trial which is slated to begin january la. Wan is described As one of the most a Brilliant and resourceful a i chinese students to have Ever come j to the United states. Seven years in prison have left thir Murk upon he is not the Fine. Well him. Groomed Type he was when lie j went on trial Early in 1920. But the obliging slowness with which the wheels of Justice have moved in his Case persuade him Tim Tho coming trial will result in his Freedom. Movement of Lump it it r As reported by the North Carolina pin association for thirty nine Mills most of which Are in Eastern North Carolina and Tidewater Virginia Aas increased considerably Iii tile twelve months although fur november the movement was Only about half what it was a year age. The total production in ib25 As compared with the same Dat in 192 4 shows an increase of approximately seventy five million feet order Aud sales run along the same proportionate increase according to a statement just issued by the n tonal lumber Majma adores a Socia tion. The Southern Pine association reports from new Orleans Ilia it i 31 Mills reporting shipments Wei i 7.40 percent above production an orders were 25.02 percent a hoi production and 6.49 percent a a a a shipments. Of the 120 Mills a porting running time 71 operated full time. Is of the latter oven in. And three of the 19 Mills on a live Day schedule run double shift j free Mills were shut Down Auh the rest operated from one to five. And one half Days. The North Carolina Pine asset Marion with five fewer Mills report ing showed a decrease in production and shipments for november Only. While new business conium us Quot of show a gain. The Industry Gen a rally is described a healthier in tone. Herbert Hoover took a hand he manufacturers a and the department As nursed the a no i a a be country. In organizing few years sin of Commerce be through in american four Days dec. 2-3-4 and 5th wednesday thursday Friday and saturday d. W. Griffith a admission time of matinee 10c a 85c latest picture shows t of a 3.00 evening 10c a 45c 5 00 a 7 00 9 00 u Hin i r in. Edwin Balmer s Story of jazz life in the jazz zone of Chicago la american s orchestra Leader who has been ill tor several Days will be on the Job tomorrow the Enterprise is starting today u spinster Hood j by Virginia Swain a spinster Hood is a love Story written about that problem every girl must solve. Should she marry for love or attempt to win Fame and renown for herself As a Bachelor girl a. No spinster Hood is a modern Story. Twenty five years ago there would have been no interest in such a Story. Woman a one ambition was marriage. They did not choose Between love and a career. Read the first chanter of this Story in the Enterprise today and keep up with it. T

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