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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather possible thundershowers More details on Page 7a 92nd year no. 234 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon August 21, 1976 32 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c Carter Heads West Plains a. A Jimmy Carter is studying staff reports on efforts to defeat the Ford Dole Republican ticket and preparing for a Campaign swing along the West coast and into the midwestern farm Belt of Iowa. His staff meanwhile scheduled a briefing on that trip and on the fall Campaign. Press Secretary Jody Powell also is expected to offer a Carter Campaign View of the new Republican ticket. The trip is to take Carter to los Angeles late sunday afternoon for a democratic party fund Raiser. He also is to attend a meeting of the democratic Campaign steering committee a Broad based group of democratic leaders drawn together by Carter and National committee chairman Robert Strauss in an attempt to demonstrate party Unity. The committee is composed of democrats of a number of political viewpoints ranging from Cornelia Wallace wife of Alabama gov. George Wallace to rep Barbara Jordan a Tex the Black Liberal congresswoman who gave the keynote address at last month s democratic National convention. Sen Walter f. Mondale. D-minn., Carters vice presidential running mate also is expected to attend stops also Are scheduled in san Francisco and in Seattle where Carter is to address the annual convention of the american legion Carter has said he Hopes to use that speech to outline his views on International terrorism As Well As veterans affairs. On his Way Home to Georgia tuesday Carter is to visit a state fair in Des Moines Iowa where he Hopes to demonstrate that his Appeal to Farmers extends beyond the South where he raises peanuts into All of the nation s agricultural regions. Mea Raphile the Carter stat is preparing for an expected facets face series of debates with president Ford Ford and Carter representatives Are to meet in Washington thursday to begin discussions with representatives of the league of women voters on the format of the debates Ford and Robert Dole enjoy reception in Doles Hometown Friday was Bob Dole Day in Russell Kansas doctor tells Ford to take it easy by Frank Cormier associated press writer Vail. Colo. Api a president Ford weary after two nights with virtually no sleep at the Republican National convention has been ordered by his doctor to slow Down for a few Days before picking up the Pace of his official duties and election Campaign press Secretary Ron Nessen indicated Friday that Ford planned to follow the advice of rear adm William Lukash his personal physician Ford began a nine Day vacation in this Rocky Mountain resort Friday and Nessen said his business schedule will be Light until tuesday Lukash said that Ford got almost no rest on wednesday and thursday the climactic Days of the gof convention in Kansas City mrs. Ford also was fatigued following the con Clave and according to a White House aide did not feel up to accompanying her husband on a Stopover in Russell. Rathe Hometown of his vice presidential running mate. Sen Robert Dole. The first lady daughter Susan and son Jack flew directly from Kansas cite to Vail. Tired or not Ford no sooner arrived in Vail before announcing that to wanted to play nine holes of Golf a to get the kinks within the hour. He was out on the Vail municipal course with Lukash. Maj Robert Barrett his army aide. And John Atkinson the courses assistant pro a we did t destroy the course a laughed Ford afterwards but he said he enjoyed the game and promised to be Back on the links today. Although the presidential race traditionally does not begin until labor Day Ford cd amplifiers provide extra sending Power by e. Z. Strange in cd Lingo Quot going Barefoot a Means transmitting on the citizens band within the Legal limit of four Watts a going with shoes Quot Means transmitting with illegally higher Power a whole lot of that transmitting with shoes is done because manufacturers have made it easy for the cobers. The marketing of cd amplifiers was specifically prohibited by the acc in 1974 so the hardware makers immediately came out with a sort of phony Quot Ham Quot gear. To get around the acc prohibition it was called a 10-meter Amateur transceiver with Quot receive Only capability on la meters. Ten meters is the Ham band eleven meters is the cd band. But that piece of equipment actually is designed both to transmit and to receive Best on the la meter cd band. Fact Fiat it s labelled a receive Only Quot on the la meter band is meaningless because the gear is built in such a manner that it can be made to transmit simply by cutting one wire. Some retailers do that minor wire cutting Job for the buyer even though they risk a variety of possible punishments if caught. Others just Tell the buyer which wire to Cut. Some radio Sellers say they put out too times As on Many of the so called Ham transceivers to cobers As they do to the Ham operators. The evil Sleeper in this epidemic of illegal Power is what it threatens to do to cd Overall As the souped up sets multiply pushing their mighty signals far and wee the clutter across the airwaves becomes impenetrable and nobody not even god can get a word in edgewise. The customers ask q Quot in be heard you can improve your cd reception by adding an external loudspeaker.?�?� a not True an external speaker might Crank up the volume a mite so you better can hear what s coming through but it will have no effect at All on reception Only the receiver and the Antenna influence reception a q a what does the code �?~10-54�?T signify Quot a. A a livestock on the and 10-55�?� is Quot drunk q. Quot what do the truckers mean when they talk about sin City a a. Cincinnati Channel expansion will the expansion Jan i. 1977, of cd channels from 23 to 40 either Hurt or help the sales of two Way radios a both probably a poll of Industry executives indicates most think the acc ruling May Dampen the upcoming Christmas Market considerably but then will boost business greatly next year. Mexico used to let u. S. Tourists there operate cd radios with permits or without permits such radios were sealed by Border guards no More. Blaming violations of mexican regulations Mexico spokesmen now say travellers will be required to remove cd radios before entering that country # when that Ratchet jaw mentions a Quot double jointed Corn flakes Box Quot he s talking about a consolidated freight ways of tractor with a pair of trailers. Two years ago the Amateur and citizens service of the pc cd received one thin mailbag per Day. Now it gets 80 fat mailbag per Day. Comments Are invited and questions of general in Terest Are answered in this column. Volume precludes personal reply address mail to citizens on radio in care of the High Point Enterprise 210 Church st., High Point n 27260, and Dole informally launched their campaigns during the midday Stopover in Russell with speeches to a picnicking crowd on the Elm a haded courthouse Lawn Dole wept openly As he spoke of his debt to the Community a standing ovation helped him regain his composure. Residents of Russell helped pay Dole s living expenses during the years of hospitalization and therapy needed to recover from serious wounds he suffered during world War in Dole who returned to Washington Friday night and Ford Campaign advisers will join the president in Vail Early next week to Lay the groundwork for the fight against Jimmy Carter and the democrats. Ford s spirits were bolstered by a generally enthusiastic reaction from party chieftains and political pundits to the speech he delivered in accepting the gop nomination Many judged the speech to be Ford s Best since he became president two years ago. Robert Hartmann White House Counselor who helped Ford prepare the speech told reporters that the president had practice it at least once a Day for about a week at first Hartmann said the president simply read the text aloud then began standing at a podium before a videotape machine that filmed his performance. Ford would watch reruns of the video tapes and listen to criticisms from Hartmann chief speechwriter Robert Orben and Don Penny the former actor who is now a Ford consultant the Advance text of Ford s speech did not include his Challenge to debate Carter which the president inserted in longhand Only a few hours before his triumphant appearance upon the party podium koreans say . Provoked incident Seoul South Korea apr North Korea charged the United states with committing a grave military provocation today by cutting Down a tree whose trimming provoked the deaths of two american officers. Forces on both sides of the demilitarized zone Doz dividing the two Korea were on Alert As a . Navy task Force steamed toward korean Waters but the 151-mile Doz was reported quiet. Pentagon officials continued to emphasize that . Military moves including the reinforcement of Jet fighter forces in Korea were precautionary and did not foreshadow military retaliation. The american led United nations command Uno Here said briefly that a unc work party felled the tree a 40-foot Normandy Poplar in the joint Security area at Panmunjom in the Doz and Quot got safely it did not say whether North korean forces reacted to the move and gave no details a North korean broadcast said More than 300 soldiers including . Quot troops in full combat entered the joint Security area and Cut Down the tree Quot destroying posts of our Side and smashing bars by a Large the broadcast did not elaborate but sources said it could be referring to Road barriers or fences in the area. The Pyongyang broadcast said the ung kept More than 400 armed troops at combat positions about a Quarter mile from the tree and mobilized a helicopter and other troops in trucks Quot creating a terrible War atmosphere. This fact alone is enough to show How viciously and recklessly they committed the provocation Quot capt Arthur g. Bonifas. 33, of Newburgh n y., and 1st it. Mark t. Barrett. 25. Of Columbia s c., were battered to death in a Melee that broke out when North korean guards objected to attempts to trim the tree wednesday both sides have accused the other of starting the Brawl. The command has said the tree s branches blocked the View of North korean positions from a unc checkpoint. An army spokesman at Travis air Force base in California said the bodies of the two officers were expected to arrive there later in the Day. Ambassador Richard Sneider returned to his Post in Seoul today cutting Short a Home leave in Vermont. South korean president Chung Hee Park met with his National Security Council. A spokesman said after the meeting that . And korean forces were fully prepared to meet any contingency. The 51.000-ton aircraft Carrier Midway left the . Naval base at Yokosuka. Japan for an undisclosed destination this morning sources in Washington said the ship and its 75 aircraft were headed for Korea the Midway was accompanied by a heavier than Normal escort of four frigates and a guided missile Cruiser. The United states sent two squadrons of f4 Jet fighters thursday to Back up South Korea s air Force inferior in numbers and equipment to that of North Korea. The Northern air Force has nearly 600 planes Many of them first line soviet Mig 21 Jet fighters North Korea has said its armed forces have been put on combat ready status by president Kim in Sung both . And South korean forces have been on a precautionary Alert since wednesday. After the korean Security Council meeting the spokesman said a tension on the korean Peninsula is mounting higher than at any time since the 1953 armistice that ended the korean War. Rodfong sin Mun. The official Organ of the North korean workers communist party called the situation a critical Quot and urged North koreans to unite and defend the country. The official newspaper said. Quot the . Imperialists provoked us first and threaten us with War Quot and called wednesday s bloody confrontation at the tree Quot an unpardonable criminal act which can be committed Only on the eve of a War. The . Imperialists must Bear Lull responsibility for the grave consequences that May be entailed by their reckless provocative act 17 More bodies found in Argentine suburb Vietnam seeks . Admission United nations n Apr a unified Vietnam has applied for admission to the United nations but an american veto is expected to Block membership the state department instructed its officials not to comment on Vietnam a application Friday department sources said in Washington some observers predicted president Ford would not permit Vietnam s entry As Long As the question of americans missing in action Mia in the a Vietnam War remains unresolved last year the United states twice vetoed applications from North and South Vietnam on the grounds that South Korea has been excluded from the world body North and South Vietnam were formally United last month with Hanoi As the capital and since then the vietnamese government has made Strong overtures for ties with the United states. But Washington has said no Progress on normalizing relations can be made until the Fate of 900 americans classified As Mia is known the Issue could be sensitive in this election year Buenos Aires Argentina api a the bloodied Day of Argentine political violence this year has seen the reported discovery of 47 Bullet riddled bodies and the explosion of at least to bombs in the Buenos Aires area. The military government said 30 bodies were found North of the capital before Dawn Friday. Police sources said 17 More bodies were discovered outside the Wall of a cemetery in suburban Lomas de Zamora to Miles South of Buenos Aires. The government would not confirm the discovery of the 17 bodies the reported deaths raised to at least 880 the number killed so far this year in continuing political violence involving leftist guerrillas and righting death squads. Of these 674 have died since the military ousted president Isabel Peron in a bloodless coup last March 24 the bomb blasts injured three persons officials said including two policemen who were defusing a bomb five of the bombs exploded in different subway stations and authorities said service to those stations had been halted indefinitely. One went off at the Plaza cd Mayo station below the main Square where government House is located an Interior ministry communique said the 30 bodies were found in Pilar a suburb 15 Miles North of the capital Security sources said they were in an open Field near a Chicken farm. Area residents reported hearing machine gun fire and an explosion before Sunrise in the area where the bodies were found some of the bodies were mutilated and at least a dozen were women the residents said a ministry communique called the killings a the insanity of irrational groups they want to disrupt the National peace and Tranquility of the Argentine people As Well As create a negative image of the country in the outside world a the groups were not identified the ministry said the government was determined to find and punish those responsible for the latest killings the largest number in one Day this year. Last december 156 persons were killed when 500 leftist guerrillas attacked a military base near Buenos Aires. The latest victims were All believed to have been leftist victims of right Wing death squads in a reprisal for recent leftist actions. Leftists were blamed for the fatal shootings thursday of a retired army general in charge of organizing the 1978 Coria run soccer championships Here and an Argentine executive of the italian owned Fiat car firm i what s inside amusements10a Bridgeta classified ads 12-15a comics.16a crossword a editorials4a obituaries.3a sports8-9a television Section b weather.7a Rainy Dottle moving Inland by Thomas Cothran associated press writer Charleston Scap the Flash flood watch for South Carolina in the Wake of tropical storm Dottie was cancelled Early saturday As the heavy Rains anticipated failed to materialize. The storm which broke up As it came ashore just South of Charleston Friday night dumped an Inch of rain along the South Carolina coast Friday up to five inches was expected As Dottie passed up the coast Small Craft advisories were continued along the South Carolina coast with southwesterly winds from 15 to occasionally 25 Miles per hour expected at Midnight Dottie was located at latitude 33.5 North Longitude 80 West or about 35 Miles North of Charleston the highest winds were estimated at 40 Miles an hour but those were expected to diminish to less than storm strength As Dottie moved northward at about to Miles an hour. The storm crept ashore at Folly Beach about to Miles from Here about 6pm Friday with winds of Between to to 20 Miles winds of about 25 to 30 m pm were reported on the coast North of Charleston and into North Carolina assistant Folly Beach police chief Frederick r Norris said As the storm approached it s nothing it s weird we Haven t had any rain since 4 of clock a a a weather service spoke Man in Charleston said. It diffused itself when it hit land and it was t very Strong to Start with when it was Over water Quot local officials treated Dottle As Little More than a thunderstorm no action was taken to prepare the county s emergency shelters however ships at the naval base Here were moved to heavy weather Docking areas. One Charleston resident commented a it was a horror was t it0 it was so Calm i stand it you could t get a piece of paper to blow out of your hand Quot red tape aids water waste by Al Blanche associated press writer London apr forty million Gallons of water Are going Down the Drain in drought stricken London every Day because red tape is delaying plans to ban nonessential use. Officials said today. The problem a government spokesman said stems from confusion Over procedures involved in local authorities applying for emergency Powers to curb Domestic water consumption parliament passed legislation earlier this month giving Britain s to regional water authorities Power to ration water or ban nonessential use such As Garden watering car washing and swimming Pool filling the thames water authority which serves some 12 million people around London applied for permission to ban nonessential consumption eight Days ago it published a notice of its intentions last week As the new drought act requires in Lon Don s two evening newspapers but officials discovered Friday the Law says the authority must publish the notice in All 200 local papers in its area most Are weeklies that will not be on the streets again until next thursday Quot this Means that restrictions we planned to implement next week cannot now be implemented until the first week in september at the earliest Quot an authority spokesman said Quot and that Means savings of up to 40 million Gallons a Day cannot be made until then a an environment ministry spokesman said Quot there s bound to be a bit of creaking in the machinery when a new act is brought into the thames Region gulps Down some 700 million Gallons of water a Day an estimated 430 million of that in London alone All of Britain normally uses around 5 5 billion Gallons daily voluntary restraint has Cut that in the last few weeks by about one fifth but water authorities warn that consumption should be Cut by half if economic catastrophe is to be averted Scotland has not yet been hit by the drought the worst for 250 years but Many areas of England and Wales Are suffering after three successive dry Winters and an exceptionally dry summer officials say reservoirs and underground Springs Are drying up fast the Only area where rationing has been imposed so far is the Channel islands but at least five water authorities have applied for emergency Powers in the worst hit Region of South Wales More than a million persons have had water supplies Cut off for 17 Day and 115,000 More for 13 hours daily crops have been ruined Farmland is parched food prices Are rising and Brush fires Are destroying tinder dry forests and heathland

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