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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny thursday Mort data on Raga 3-a �8�h year a no. 229 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon August 16, 1972 76 pages Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads. 885 2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume Mokes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every one. A moisture problem q. Our problem is dampness under the House and we need help in finding information to solve this problem. Tho House is so Damp underneath that the water drips from the rafters and insulation but under the floor it is insulated and Tho ground is covered with plastic. The termite people have treated Tho House for fungus and termites and we have checked for sources with moisture without finding any answers. The House has about four foot excavation under it and open air vents at intervals around Tho House. We Are afraid that this problem will cause Wood deterioration. Thank you for any help you can give us As quickly As you can. Anon. A. If Waters dripping from the rafters you Are in bad shape but we gather you meant the floor joists. All the measures normally recommended for combating moisture particularly open vents you appear to have taken. Unless your House is Over a Spring or in a Low lying area into which All the Rainwater drains this is a real Puzzle a a though not unique. One party told us he had seen fungus an Inch thick on some joists. We asked architect Dave Oden for advice and he suggested of All other methods fail you can install a Small exhaust fan in an opening under there to increase the air circulation. 4-year-old schooling q. I have just moved in Tho Trinity a and is Thoro a four year kindergarten for 4-year-old any place in this area thank you. A. The department of social services in each county since they Are involved with Day care licensing would be Able to help you. Or if you prefer Send us your name and address and Well Send you the names of a few we have heard about in that general area of Archdale Trinity and Randleman. Stake Protection q. I want to know what is the penalty for removing Corner property stakes on a lot. Could these be imbedded in Concrete what else could be done to leave property markers alone e. A. Penalties for trespassing or thefts Are up to the discretion of the courts and is dependent on the seriousness of the offence. An Iron stake driven Well into the ground with just enough surfacing to keep it visible should discourage anyone from tampering with it. Concrete would certainly insure its being left alone. We have a thing about Iron stakes sticking up. At the Ripe age of seven we fell off our Little red Wagon going rickety split Down a Hilly sidewalk Landing on an Iron stake that nearly Tore our Arm off. We just feel compelled to mention the Hazard they can be in trafficked areas. A clump of Iris or other suit Able for the site Plant to Mark the stakes location would help As they do tend to get covered up in time. Corner eyesore q. Whoa is the building. Inspector going to condemn this House on the Corner of Lake end Tate or make Soma repairs and i think it is Church property. It is an eyesore. It is vacant and the doors Are Tom off windows lights broken out and Side of it knocked off and it should to Tom Down or repaired one. Thank you. A. This House is now before the City Council for condemnation. It will be necessary for the allowed time limit to elapse As provided in the ordinance before the final Steps can be taken to demolish reports chief building inspector Freeman Hill. Another Junker q. Thor is a hous on the Corner of and that has an old junk car in the Back Yard and i Hay Only in Hor about throw is but Thoy Vid Nutly intend to a Avo it Thor As thy have pushed it All the Way Down to Tho Branch and Tho Only Way it can to moved is to Tow it now. It just ruins Tho neighbourhood and it should a moved. Thank you. A. Building inspectors were unable to find the old junk car in the Vicinity. If the location was misunderstood and the Heap is stir in the Branch please Call their office at City Hall. A a bombing seals pow s Fate Clark Washington apr former atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark said today the continued . Bombing of North Vietnam will insure that american prisoners of War w ill not be released. Clark who recently returned from a two week trip to North Vietnam said a my impression is the chances of their releasing american pilots while there is american bombing is nil except As a symbolic he added that North vietnamese leaders with whom he spoke appeared surprised when asked if they would release the prisoners after the War is ended. Their Surprise seemed to say what reason would they have for keeping them Clark said. Appearing before a Senate judiciary subcommittee exploring the problem of War refugees throughout Indochina Clark also described destruction of dikes and sluices schools hospitals and civilian areas. He also displayed a Small g r e n a d a like fragmentation bomb Given him by the mayor of Hanoi which Clark said was a totally antipersonnel weapon that would do Little damage to structures. A i know of no justification in Law or morality for that kind of weapon a Clark said. A they have one purpose to kill at the White House presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler was asked in connection with Clarks testimony whether the United states has a policy regarding the use of antipersonnel mines. The presidential spokesman responded tartly a a in a not going to be responsive to any questions regarding that he said questions regarding . Ordnance can be addressed to the defense department. The Pentagon has acknowledged on several occasions the use of antipersonnel weapons including Metal Cluster bombs against antiaircraft gun Crews As part of the Effort to Knock out the weapons. It has denied using any plastic projectiles which some Antiwar spokesmen claim have been exploded in North Vietnam. According to these critics the plastic is a particularly be bombing on 2-a no fault advocated by bar group san Francisco a Tho american bar association has proposed that All states provide a no fault automobile insurance and that the Federal government stay out. Tho plan approved let tuesday by the policy setting House of delegates would guarantee All injured Drivers passengers and pedestrians recovery of up to $2,000 in medical payments and lost wages without suing. However under a last minute change they would be free to sue for a Spain and this provision weakened the a no fault proposal although most of the Accident suits that now clog the courts would become unnecessary the special Aba committee in charge of a no fault insurance had recommended that general damage suits be limited. Of the injured person s medical and Job losses were less than $500 he could recover Only a Matching amount by going to court. The Massachusetts a no fault Law first in the nation it even tougher in blocking a Spain and suffering suits. There can be none unless medical expenses exceeded $500. Last week the National conference of commissioners on uniform state Laws proposed a Model Law that would eliminate most suits for general damages and would provide lifetime compensation for lost wages up to $200 a week As Well As unlimited medical payments. Speculation rampant key Paris negotiators Fly to both Vietnam Saigon a . Presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger arrived in Saigon tonight and be due Tho his North vietnamese adversary in secret peace talks flew to Hanoi amid widespread speculation about a new move to end the War. There was no official confirmation of the new peace move and Tho contended there was no basis for it. But some diplomats in Washington and Paris surmised that Kissinger who met with Tho in Paris monday would try to persuade president Nguyen Van Thieu to agree to a Compromise formula approaching the enemy a demand that Thieu step Down. Others suggested that Kissinger and Tho would report a deadlock in their secret Paris sessions with Kissinger reassuring the uneasy Thieu that president Nixon will not let him Down. There also had been speculation in Saigon that Kissinger might Fly on to Hanoi after ending his visit Here Friday. But informed sources said Kissinger would Fly from Here to Tokyo Friday in route Back to Washington. He will Stop in Tokyo to make final plans for the Forth coming Summit conference Between Nixon and prime minister Kakuei Tanaka scheduled for Honolulu at the end of this month sources said. Plans Call for him to leave Tokyo on saturday. Tho leaving Paris today told newsmen he wanted to emphasize that his trip was a a routine one and has no other meaning. Is in the framework of my usual comings and Tho a member of North Vietnam a politburo said the speculation about his trip a in general. Does not correspond to reality a and a could Lead to inexact at the White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler made this Bare Bones announcement Kissinger who met Tho in Leduc Tho Waves As he leaves Paris a wire photo within 90 Days Mcgovern would end controls by Lee Byrd associated press writer Springfield Iii. A sen. George Mcgovern claiming greater Confidence than Ever that he can beat president Nixon has pledged to end wage Price controls within 90 Days after taking office. With Little Advance fanfare the democratic nominee declared he would order a return to a free Market upon ending the Vietnam War and reducing military spending. In comments to a group of Illinois labor leaders tuesday night Mcgovern said a when the War is ended and waste is stopped we can end wage and Price controls and i think that can be done within 90 Days of the inauguration. And in a committed to that in Washington today Mcgovern a Headquarters issued a qualification saying a my Springfield ill. Airport crowd reacts to Mcgovern tuesday a wife no of gop liberals demand pullout busing legalized marijuana parking proceeds q. I would seriously like to know whet happens to All Tho Money collected from the parking meters in High Point not Only the Money involved the Nickels and pennies but also the violation Money including the dollars this City charges people for parking too Long 95 per cent More for the actual Price of a 60 minute Park thank you. . A. Monies collected from parking meters and Over parking fines go into the general fund of the City and is used primarily for streets and Street maintenance. By Sterling f. Green associated press writer Miami Beach Fla. A a few voices of dissent today jarred generally Placid hearings of the Republican platform committee As cop liberals called for an unqualified pullout from Vietnam busing t0 Aid desegregation and the legalized use of marijuana. The proposals were offered by sen. Jacob k. Javits of new York and supported by a handful of other witnesses. The 108-member committee seemed certain to spurn them in drafting a platform to the liking of president Nixon for next weeks cop convention. The voices of 75 prominent Republican women including . Delegate Shirley Temple Black also were heard. They issued a statement late tues Day demanding a More positions for women at every level of our party and a Strong women a rights Plank. Javits told platform drafters he would not offer a formal Southeast Asia Plank a knowing Well the position of the president on Vietnam a but he declared a i believe the time has come to terminate completely our Active commitment to this War and to end All . Participation in it. It is time that the South vietnamese carried on the War themselves and that we withdraw without javits urged the platform writers to a support the efforts of the courts to eliminate de Jure legally prescribed segregation of the schools including where necessary and reason Able the remedy of busing a his position closely approximates a democratic platform Plank which says busing must continue to be available a to eliminate legally imposed segregation and improve tie Quality of javits proposed a a Strong a see gop on Page 2-a statement in Springfield yesterday does not Rule out government action if other economic pressures not associated with War spending May at some future time threaten to drive prices up to an unacceptable a a president has Many tools to combat inflation aside from direct Mcgovern said. He added a i favor continuation of the standby authority Given the president under the defense production act to impose direct controls so that he can Deal with unforeseen inflationary pressures when they Mcgovern a economic pledge capped a Day of campaigning tuesday in Ohio and Illinois in which he asserted that Nixon himself was at least indirectly involved in an attempt to spy on democratic National committee Headquarters in Washington. Mcgovern planned to court the farm vote today after reaping a new round of later endorsements tuesday. As he addressed a cheering group of United Auto workers near general motors Lordstown Ohio Plant the 1.4-Mil-lion-rnember Union announced it had voted overwhelmingly to endorse the South Dakotan at the same time the International ladies garment workers with 450,000 members tendered its support by Way of a unanimous executive Board decision. On the minus Side the 380-000-member Indiana Al Cio declared it would follow the Lead of National federation president George Meany and remain Neutral. And Mcgovern a much awaited meeting with Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley whom Mcgovern forces helped oust from the democratic National convention last month was called off for another week. The senator said Daley had called him at Lordstown to ask a postponement for a urgent personal Mcgovern s revised schedule called for a visit to a Small family farm near Springfield today then an address to perhaps More than 15,000 persons at the Illinois state fair followed by a conference with state party and Farmers Union leaders. Mcgovern said after his earlier appearances in Ohio in see Mcgovern on 2-a Paris monday will Confer with Thieu and others in Saigon until late Friday. He will report Back to Nixon before the Republican National convention opens in Miami Beach next monday. Ziegler said Kissinger a two Days in Saigon will include a a general review of All aspects of the Vietnam problem including the negotiations in he cautioned against speculating about a breakthrough in the Paris talks. He said the trip had been under consideration for several weeks. Meanwhile sources in Saigon disclosed today that Nixon has ordered another round of . Troop withdrawals beginning after sept. I when the level is expected to be Down to 39,000 men. This does not include another 100.000 americans fighting the War from air bases in Guam and Thailand and from ships off the vietnamese coast. There seems Little doubt that Nixon would like to have a Vietnam peace Deal before the november election but the White House is keeping the spec civic aim of Kissinger a journey a tight secret. Public statements by Thieu since the new round of Kissin Ger Tho sessions began a month ago have been interpreted Here As showing concern by the Saigon Leader that Nixon May ease the terms he set Forth May 8 Nixon said then that the bombing of North Vietnam will continue until Hanoi agrees to an Indochina cease fire and release of . Prisoners whereupon . Forces would pull out of South Vietnam within four months. Hanoi has denounced Nixon a offer publicly and demanded a political settlement that would oust Thieu. Rails blasted Mig downed by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a us. Planes made their deepest and heaviest strikes in North Vietnam in a week tuesday renewed their attack on the Northwest rail line to China and shot Down one of three mig21s that tried to intercept them the . Command announced today. It was the 159th Mig reported downed by . Crews in the War and the 48th this year. The . Command said air Force Navy and Marine fighter bombers flew More than 290 strikes against targets in North Vietnam. . Pilots had been averaging less than 200 a Day in the North since aug 8 because of heavy Clouds but the weather improved tuesday. Air Force f4 phantom pilots made several direct hits with laser bombs on the 75-foot Phu Tho Railroad Bridge 45 Miles Northwest of Hanoi the air Force said. The Bridge had what s inside amusements Bridge. Cd stiffed ads comics. Crossword editorials. Financial. Obituaries sports. Television women s news. Weather3a i3a so 13-19c 12c in. 4 a. 2a 2c 3-7c 7a 1-7b hew attacked before but had been repaired. Other planes attacked the Viet tri Thermal Power Plant 30 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. Capt. Fred w. Sheffler 29, of Akron Ohio and capt. Mark a. Massen 25, of Downey calif., flying an air Force i phantom Jet were credited with Downing the mig21 about 25 Miles Northwest of Hanoi they hit it with a missile. North Vietnam claimed that five . Jets were shot Down during Daylight raids tuesday and two More during Midnight strikes. Tile Only losses announced by the . Command were an f4 phantom shot Down sunday in the Northern half of the demilitarized zone and a helicopter gunship downed tuesday below the Doz South of Quang tri City. The two phantom crewmen Are listed As missing. One american aboard the Ahi cobra gunship was reported killed and one wounded. The . Command also reported that 175 americans have now been listed As missing in aircraft losses in the 44 months since the communists launched their offensive in South Vietnam and nearly half of the missing men have been lost Over North Vietnam. Another 72 americans have been killed and 55 have been wounded in aircraft crashes during this period the command said. Johnson endorses democratic ticket Fredericksburg Tex. Apr former president Lyndon b. Johnson said today that although he differs with some of George Mcgovern a stands he will support the democratic presidential nominee and the entire party ticket. The statement by the former president was delivered to the two weekly newspapers in Fredericksburg the Fredericksburg Standard and the Fredericksburg radio pos1. Fredericksburg is 16 Miles West of the lbs ranch where Johnson now spends his retirement. A i believe the democratic party Best serves the needs of the people. Therefore i intend to support the 1972 democratic ticket a said Johnson a statement. A i shall vote for George Mcgovern and Sargent Shriver for president and vice president of the United states. A i shall vote for Dolph Briscoe and Barefoot Sanders for governor of Texas and for u. S. Senator and All the nominees of the democratic Mcgovern is scheduled to visit the lbs ranch next tuesday. Aides to the democratic nominee said the visit was being made in response to an invitation from Johnson. A it is no secret that sen. Mcgovern and i have widely differing opinions on Many matters especially foreign Pollee Johnson on 2-a

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