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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 27, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four the saturday april 27. 191fthigh Point Enterprise published Ite Noons end sunday mornings j. P Rawley. Publisher 191.v�?1937_ Al b. Terry president a a. Rawley Sec a and treat ii am m Ett a. Cech Gen. Mgr. Caplis m. Waynick. Editor subscription states daily and sunday of Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month. Six months. J -5 three month. I one month. A a. One week. Carrier in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More Man one Werk in Advance. Carriers in City Are not Pruitt Ted to coi. Lect for a period of More than five w. Eka l a subscription for a longer period i id Sirco payment should he made direct to office the associated Presa Lafe tto died to the use for Reuf a nah a news dispatches credited to it or not it of Wise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein member of audit Bureau or circulation entered As second Clara matter at the Post office n High Point e. C under me act of Congress of March a a National adv. Rep in we tue John bldg co. 420 Lexington a. New York City saturday april 27. 1940. Is Dake to split i p its vote is Revenue commissioner maxwells Gigantic bid for dare county a relatively meager vote in the democratic primary about to be refused when or. Maxwell promised Bridges Over Alligator River and Croatan sound along with Road work for the general area which in the aggregate would run up a Bill about double dares total assessed value we thought that might get him As governor in deep trouble with the Highway commission but on velvet As far As dares vote was concerned. Perhaps dare will give or. Maxwell a big hand when the vote is counted May 25, but we draw certain conclusions from the news of the past few Days inconsistent with a landslide. First Melvin r. Daniels Manteo orator and chief tale Teller Strong in leadership Back of the dare Road and Bridge program was announced As a Horton Campaign manager for the county. A bit later the papers carried the picture of sheriff Meekins announced As Broughton s Campaign manager. These be mighty men on the Island. Neither one of them would lie satisfied with less than a fair split of the vote for his Man. Well dares votes Are not numerous enough to split several ways and remain very helpful to any Man in the race for governor. We must conclude on the evidence before us that dare is not to put All of its political eggs in one Basket even though they amount to Little More than a Good single setting. Not a Strong kid Fok vote of negro we did not become alarmed Over William greens declaration that John l. Lewis aspires to make himself dictator of the United states. We Are not alarmed now Over Lewis a latest Appeal for political cooperation a Appeal to the very considerable Block of self conscious negro voters. If and when this country acquires a dictator we believe it will not be or. Lewis even were we to Grant that he might like to be such a functionary. Negroes have acquired political Power in an interesting manner. Not in the South where they Are lodged for the most part to constitute in some instances a majority of the people of states have they achieved this Power but in the North where they maintain a kind of bloc in keeping with the very Best Southern traditions of political Solidarity. We hinted in the foregoing that we think the coloured Man has Learned political strategy in a hard school. By the same Token we Are not expecting him to toss away at any Many a invitation what Power he has acquired. He has discovered that they can act a fillish a number of things for the race by holding tile balance0 a Hought ble Kohl Are the poor in spirit for the or in the kingdom of heaven. A Matthew 3 8. 1 a a poverty is the test of civility and he Touchstone of Friendship. -7 Haz itt. Strings on the first lady another one of our Many illusions was disrupted today when we Learned that mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt is bound for thirty Days to make no a a Public appearance in North Carolina. We were under the impression that the first lady made no such hampering commitments. That some sponsor. In this instance at Asheville could tie up our most persistent american traveler with Bonds of this sort Hadnot occurred to us. We learn of these strings on mrs. Roosevelt by Way of the news and observer which announces confidentially that she is being escorted today through North Carolina by the head of the . In this state and that she will spend tomorrow in and around Raleigh. Mrs. Roosevelt lectured last night in Asheville Limiter a contract which bound her to refrain from further a Public Quot appearances in North Carolina for a month. Lit la would Slit some texans we judge from the utterances of the Texas weekly that Texas is not dead set on Garner for president. The weekly is More interested in getting away from a third term to some Good Leader who can he nominated and supported for the presidency. Hull would be acceptable. The Texas weekly states in the following conclusion to an analysis of the political situation there is a solution of the problem presented by the expiration of president Roosevelt second term just at this time and we devoutly Hope it will be adopted. That solution is to nominate and elect Cordel Hull to tile presidency. It is not something for pre convention campaigns however. And Secretary Hull properly continues to insist in unequivocal terms that he is in no sense a candidate for any office. But with each passing Day More americans in both political parties Are coming to the View that the highest interests of the country can be Best served by such a course. Meantime however gentlemen continue to Tell the country that the president himself can he induced to run for a third term. If it would be highly improper for the Secretary of state to be a candidate for the nomination at a time like the present what shall be said of the propriety of the president himself who is More directly responsible for our foreign policy than the Secretary of state becoming a candidate for a third nomination political fealty and the ladies we can recall when one of the arguments against woman a suffrage was the characteristic whimsical Ity of the ladies and their unwillingness to follow a Leader. There was no Chance to reduce them to Good henchmen we were told. The other Side loftily accepted the Gage of Battle and declared the objection raised to admittance of the women to the vote was a powerful reason for admitting them. It assured purification of politics through the injection of idealistic Independence went the claim. With some years of experience with a a Universal suffrage we have proceeded far enough away from the age of political chivalry to assent generally to the notion that a woman should vote because she is a member of society with a stake in the result of the election. We have gone far enough also to discover that women make a party regulars a quite As dependable and As ruthless As men and that women have not a a purified politics by Independent idealism. Whai devout male Follower of in the news the Charlotte observer agree with hitlers minister Goebbels that the War now raging in Europe was a forced on the German people a forced on them by the lusts of Hitler and his brigade of brigands. By the sinister hates and passions for imperialism., forced on them by the insolent and a repressed spirit of spite and jealousy and violent insanities of their own government. Forced on them not by the ills being done from the outside but the evils burning within them from the inside. Yes the War was forced on Germany. And on the allies by Hitler and by none other. He is the guilt of it All a unutterable and stupendous that it Well spoken however it would take another St. Helena for the truth of it ail to soak into hitlers cranium. With Dole Carnegie author of How to win friends and influence people 1cxsdjjuib one Day Back in 1915 two Brothers got on a huge drainage machine near Salem. Iowa and started to drive it a distance of about 25 Miles. A Quot drainage machine is a monster machine used to dig ditches twice the size of an Ordinary truck this one weighted 30 tons. The boys were Tom and John Poulter. Tom was 18 years old. It was the first time the monster machine used to dig ditches twice the alone for it had always been the work of two or three men to drive it Over Muddy Iowa roads. The machine was owned by their father who was engaged in the business of digging drainage ditches. They were breathless and excited. They had never undertaken such a big Job and any moment something might go wrong. When they came to a Bridge they got off and made an inspection of the Bridge seemed shaky they did t Cross it. But drove off the Road and into the ditch through the Creek if it was shallow enough and up the opposite Hank thus going around instead of Over the Bridge. Once they drove off the Side of the Road and started to Cross a Small Creek. They got the machine across hut when it started up the Bank it mired Down. They gave the machine More Power it roared and Shook and throbbed,.and and deeper it Sank. It grew dark and they grew discouraged. They sat Down at last. Beaten licked done for. Tom Poulter sat for some moments thinking then said a you know John father says that when you re utterly licked and Haven to a Chance in the world then try once More he says its that a once More that does the John caught fire with the idea. And their spirits flamed up. But it was so late then that they see so they went to bed on the giant machine. The next morning they tried it again. Succeeded. Do you know where Tom Poulter is now he a Down on the roaring rim of the Frozen Earth with Admiral Byrd. You be read about the a Snow Cruiser that is going to take them Well Tom Poulter invented it. He will probably sleep in it tonight with a Gale raging outside. The machine is so big that it carries an air plane on the top. A Tom Poulter he Snow or. Thomas c. Poulter says the biggest lesson he Ever Learned in his life was the one he Learned when his drainage machine went into the ditch in Iowa. Quot once More is the thing that turns the trick. Or. Poulter has applied it to everything he has done. He was Given a congressional medal in 1938 for scientific accomplishment unparalleled in Polar exploration ifs a very simple guiding principle but it has done much to put Tom Poulter where he is. Why done to you make it yours Start scrap Book Many readers Are cutting out these columns and pasting them in scrap books so that they May review and study them As a text Book on Success. Why not Start your Success scrap Book now ? chances of vie tory for dictators editor. The Enterprise i am often asked the question a will a he dictators be victorious in the pres it conflict a my experience has been that most negative opinions Are the result of Wistful thinking rather than a knowledge of facts. Thirty years ago nations were operating under an order of civilization and in accordance with certain principles of government which men had come to consider As stable As the universe. Humanity was congratulating itself that at least a semblance of Justice and equity had replaced the oppression and terrorism of the past. It was also assumed that nations were so enlightened that a world conflict was impossible. The orderly Rule of righteous men after the deluge was Short lived with dictators appearing in the role of deliverers but whose acts were extremely oppressive. Nimrod was one of the outstanding dictators of his Day and was in opposition to the Rule of righteousness. Then As now the dictators worshipped the god of Force which recited in tyranny and maladministration As one dictator succeeded another. In the midst of such conditions god organized the seed of Abraham into a kingdom. God proposed to established a righteous government upon Earth. But Israel refused to continue for Long in the administration of her a Chi Given commandments statutes and judgments with the result that a Cycle began to operate Union this kingdom. First the House of Israel and afterwards the House of Judah were taken into Captivity. This ended for the time being perfection in administration. We Are now witnessing the Ascendancy of the three dictators and my answer to the query Quot can dictators win a must lie yes while this Perod lasts. The Anglo Saxon world has not yet complied with the requirements which will end this period and bring Victory Over their enemies. Destructive warfare faces the Israel Commonwealth of nations As Russia Germany and Italy go Forward with their plans. A great confederacy from the North quarters is destined to move with an irresistible Force southward against the life line of the British Empire and will lie successful in its initial drive. Italy lays claim to the Mediterranean and will soon be on the March in Northern Africa taking Egypt and coming up from the South into Palestine. Success will seem assured to the armies of the aggressors but the Battle is the lord s which fact they will fail to take into account daily Smith. Female oysters Are said to be larger than the male. And More elusive. We conclude ill in Ltd on loan or ii i in this Oyster House. Bismarck was known As Germany s Iron Chancellor. Glancing Over Hitler s birthday presents we see the fuehrer is destined to become the a scrap Iron Alaska would be fortunate. If it could absorb the Talent and idealism which other nations unwisely cast out. Secretary Ickes. Voting is your own business. Keep it that to All spa employees by commissioner Harrington. When men whom we Are ashamed and disgusted to admit Are norwegians think they can sell this land to be a dictator s Lapdog they must be taught a Undset norwegian novelist. An old timer is one who re Mem it is tile i Nutt-101 president Boom raging father time Vear of earthquake compiler note the Date of the Charleston earthquake was August 30, 1886. A copy of the Enterprise published september 3, 1886, tells of the earthquake being Felt Here several shocks of earthquake w Ere Felt Here last tuesday night a Little before ten o clock. Buildings were jarred perceptibly but no damage was done. A great Many people got worst scare they had Ever experienced. It seems that the earthquake was general throughout the Atlantic and Gulf states but nowhere except at Charleston s. Cd was there any loss of life or property. Messes. W. A Johns amp co. Have rented the Wetmore factory at Thomasville. It is a Large three Story building and will be used by them for stripping and ordering tobacco in. An experienced tobacco Man will take charge of the business. W. Vav. Guyer who works at Welch s livery stable had five dollars stolen from him last saturday night. The thief is supposed to be a negro who also worked at the stable and who left As soon As the crime was discovered and has not since been heard of. A professional Man who does no to inc a thousand Miles from Here has been suffering with rheumatism for some time. The last we heard of him he was blowing As a remedy for getting rid of his enemy. The disease May be cured. But if the Farmer depends on that blowing for a wheat crop he will certainly get left. A gift horse Christian science Monitor the proposal for a new York City lottery to it linked with the parimutuel race track system shows the Camel in t losing any time crowding its Way into the states new gambling tent. Quot with the legalization of parimutuel James j. Lyons. Borough president of the Bronx suggests Quot it might now be feasible to develop a plan for a Hospital sweepstakes that would produce considerable Revenue for the Public and private hospitals of our he goes on to say that Irish free state hospitals Are Quot the Best equipped and finest in the world and that All this is made possible by funds raised through the Irish sweepstakes lottery. Reports from overseas do not harmonize with this enthusiastic evaluation of the free state lottery. Beneficiaries have intimated that sweepstakes donations Are an embarrassing Blessing and some have actually refused donations from the lottery Enterprise. Contributions from other sources have been drying up since the Irish sweepstakes promoters began playing up their Hospital donations. Apparently some contributors prefer not to support charities which rely in part on profits from Public gambling. And Many others have been misled to conclude from the lottery promoters excessive Ballyhoo that the Irish free state hospitals Are sufficiently cared for through the tremendously profitable lottery scheme. Actually the meager percentage which the sweepstakes promoters allot to the hospitals is Only a fraction of the sums needed to maintain the hospitals. That promoters keep More than twice what the it give away 10 the hospitals shows thai Charity is being sex Brevi ties if barbarism prevails in other areas of oui world that part of civilization which we maintain will also perish. Lewis Mumford. Author and editor. Huey Long solved every problem m dating to the building of a dictatorship except press control. Jumps m. Thompson publisher of the new Orleans item Tribune. F in Egypt we live better. We Pray five times a Day which is restful and in los rebuild body tissues. A Lehren Cairo born Chicago claims to be 129. Sayed n who we healed a broadcast about sonic Fie getting slugged. All at once my in my went Blank. I did no to know anything until i was slugging my grandma. William Jackson in. 13. In an Ottawa iii., jail cell the progressive lowering of the in incest rate has constituted a sort of strip tease for the investor. Alexander Sachs economist to a Cleveland College forum. This eat grass for Vita mins thing is i Flat by taking hold. It seems that the Mower you eat the less you mow. Not All Black leopards Are fierce and Usita Mabie we read but Are not yet moved to go poking around to find out Wirich Are which. The Meek it is written shall inherit life Earth. Its worrying about paying tile inheritance tax that keeps them Nick. We want Liberty but we want also tile Good things that come from eff c t Ive . William v. Ogburn. University of Chicago. Scientists report violent submarine earthquakes eroding the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. These eruptions Are stall stuff compared to what a going 00 on the surface these Days. It was above All our own Emmer Chil policy which made almost intolerable the burdens under which the world Laboured after the world War. A or. James t. Shot vell Carnegie to Dorment for International peace. I honestly doubt whether any belligerent will deliberately aim to kill civilians in an air raid. Bombs Are expensive and civilian life is cheap. Wade Werner american reporter Foo covered Finland. Tabor inspired by a new dignity arid purpose can be the foundation of a new age of Mutual Trust. George m. Harrison president brotherhood of railway clerks. Its a Harvard historian who predicts the u. S. Will Ive drawn into the w fir by a German invasion of South a Nerica. Now if he Only has a Good tip on the fifth at Hialeah. Plaited for its a sales Appeal a As Well As to divert Public attention from the promoters real motive. These facts show that the Model lottery or. Lyons Ervom minds has no genuine Merit. If Din Rity is the main purpose in or. Lyons proposal then Why should its is sensors not encourage people to contribute directly to Charity therein eliminating the lottery a middleman i inti ins lost in 1 in misrule ? Bruce Cotton in Washington Washington. April 27.�?if you want a Good third term tip off maybe you can find it in of dry a suggestion about the new spa appropriation. He proposed con agress give . Slightly less than a billion and let . Spend it All in eight months beginning july i instead of making it last a year. That Way two political Birds Are killed with one Stone Sharp a elect Ion year cuts in a Relief Rolls Are Dodg Bruce cation de and the govern mentus debt Isnit put Over the $43, too limit. But Here a the catch. The administration that a in office next Winter will inherit lots of trouble. It will almost certainly have to meet a spa deficiency Bill Early in the Winter. It will have to boost the debt limit or economize As no new Deal administration Ever economize. So for your tip off if for figured he was going to he in the White House next Wanter would he arrange to bequeath himself a mess like that too much farm produce if someone would kindly Tell Uncle Sam How he can unload the vast quantities of farm produce he now owns the old gentleman would be very much obliged indeed. As of the end of March the commodity credit corporation held title to More than 6,600,000 Bales of Cotton and 91.000,000 bushels of come the whole business Worth roughly $370.-000,000. In addition farm Loans Are now outstanding on 2,600,000 Hales of Cotton and 460,000,000 bushels of Corn and before another year ends the government May be stuck with most of that. Quot stuck Quot is the right word. Situation is worse in regard to Cotton Law says none of the government owned Bales May be sold unless the Price received equals tie Money put out in Loans. Plus the carrying charges which have been about $1,500,000 monthly. Practical effect is that it just can the sold at All even Federal surplus commodities corporation which gives Cotton away can to buy any of it. About 600.000 Bales will go to England in the barter arrangement for rubber. What will happen to the rest no one seems to know. Of Corn prices go up this year the government May get rid of the 460,-000,000 bushels on which it has made Loans of they go Down. On the other hand it May get the whole bal of Wax. Storage charges by the Way Are about $3,500,000 a month. Too Muc h mosey nothing will happen at this session hut next year Congress is Apt to cast some inquiring and critical glances at the which is piling up under the social Security Law. During the next fiscal year Jia Roll tax Money collected for the old age and unemployment insurance funds will amount to 11.300.000,000. Of this around $710,000,000 will he paid out in Iven fits the rest will go to swell the Reserve funds. Unemployment insurance fund will go up the fastest. It stands now at $1.600.000,000-Odd, and will Rise by around $360,000,000 during the year unless the Bottom Falls out of things. On the double barrelled plea that such a set up is deflationary and that business can to stand the Gaff anyhow you can look for a drive to Cut it Down pretty sharply. If Germany attempts to set up a puppet regime in Norway the seat of the government should be in Bergen strictly in the Charlie Mccarthy tradition. On his birthday Hitler receives tons of scrap Metal from the people. Germany having Al last found a solution to the used razor Blade problem. By stopping off to get married a new Jersey Man avoided taking a train that crashed. There Are those who would have preferred taking the train. Misfortune hit seems like the get Man blockade has played the mischief with Young a in e r i cans. T h e worst thing which c o u i d happen has happened a t he blockade on cod River Oil Frum nor a according to the papers some n. C. State College men or. J. C. Elverson and Roy s. Car Styne has discovered a substitute in menhaden Oil. Substitutes May be alright in some cases but there ainu to Many you guns which change after they git a taste of cml liver Oil and Castor Oil. Like that time i had a Sample of easy lax tablets and a nuther boy stole Mem. But still he had to have ids Castor Oil and the Scal Awag did not offer to Divide the Castor Oil wit me when he got it. High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center no High Point North a Akumba Cho of Power in several Northern states. We deem the negro quite too rational after generations of empty political promises to throw that to the winds on quixotic political adventure. A third party now might defeat the democratic party but it elect a ticket. Too Many americans who arc conscious of the close relationship of or. Lewis to the present administration and who know that he has had a marvelous Opportunity to show that he know s the answers to the huge question of the american ailment would have to be persuaded he is the Moses of 1940. No the american dictator if any is More Likely to be a Man # w to is not hampered by too much of a record of authority exercised when he tells the world what he can do. A political Leader could lie More forthright in commitment than is the woman member of the North Carolina unemployment compensation commission who uttered her profession of Faith yesterday when she withdrew from the third term committee mrs. J. B. Spilman resigned from the committee she said a when the asked me to serve on the committee i thought of course thai the governor w Ould know about it. You know of course that the governor is head of the party in the state. In a a Hoey appointee what he a for in a for. In a Foi him first last and All the speaking of Economy

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