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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page the the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina Friday april 26, 1910 Tom Iii irs Ogini with win Over tribe a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Oil Ufa Dye a High. Point boxers risk Mark tonight 12 in Brilliant a _ opening night Thomasville april 26.�?ramon Cueto a citizen of Cuba caught for the Lexington indians last night. But he almost did not. Purchased from Mayodan last week Joe Mccrary a beloved a a Uncle Reese Harris the Indian Pilot waited and waited for Cueto to show up. The wait was particularly distressing to Harris because the Only Catcher in the Lexington fold had been shipped on the same Day that Cueto was bought. Cueto who Speaks a Little English and reads none at All didst know that his absence was causing such an inconvenience in Lexington. In fact Cueto entertained royally by zealous Mayodan fans who dido t want to see the cuban depart was a a snatched so to speak. He was a a snatched so Well that a Lexington emissary to Mayodan failed to uncover the missing cuban. Finally the business got beyond the serious stage moving into the state of tragedy and Lexington had to do something. A. C. Fite the prexy set the final Law to Mayodan sating that unless Cueto was in Lexington Pronto they had better Send Pete Siciliano the manager who was obtained from Lexington. Rather than lose the manager which they probably won t object to later on the Mayodan zealots took the cuban off coid storage and sent him Down. Despite the chill not too Chilly though a goodly crowd us on hand to enjoy the opening ceremonies which featured manager Jimmy mans being presented with a Wreath of Flowers. Having always viewed the presentation of Flowers with some askance i Felt a twinge of foreboding when Jimmy allowed prexy Gilliam to slip the Flora around his Sunburst neck. It have impressed me except that the Wreath was in the shape of a a Horseshoe. I done to like the idea of starting a manager off with a Horseshoe. It looks too much like a a Here a Luck you re Gonna need judging from Ray Lindsey a near mid season form and the Well rounded club presented by the mommies Jimmy Isnit going to need any too much Luck. But i still done to like the Horseshoe idea. Evidently mayor Dave Long was looking Forward to the primaries making a cracking Good Campaign speech with All the embellishments even going so far As too take a crack at the sportswriters. Its funny How there is always an open season on sports cites. I guess it is because they Are such Lousy prophets. They do stink done to they thu Kincus him today Iii Penn. Brake relays Over 2,000 gladiators entered in Des Moines event weather bad pcs monks la. Apr 2 a i �?��?1the Quot beat Fields in the 31-year titular of the Drake relay assembled for action Here today while director Franklin pitch Johnson kept his Ankers crossed Happy but anxious. Johnson was Happy about the approximately 2.500 entrants a ranked generally speaking As one of the Hest Start Long Fields in the history of the relays. I Ith fun Ivor High however he was a a anxious about the weather. Showers that fell yesterday left pools on the runways. The Weatherman did t help Johnson a spirits by predicting Occa oif Ial rain today and showers tomorrow. The sports carnival opening today with an impressive program including nine final events in the College a id University sections is John Sony a last before he assumes his new duties As Stanford University coach. Fights last night by the associated press Cleveland Steve Dud. Isi. New York out pointed Dan Merritt. 194 Cleveland to. Charleston. W a Lou Amber. 140, lightweight Champion. Herkimer n. A out pointed Norment Quarles. Robertson expects several new records in Philadelphia run Philadelphia april 26. A up a top ranking track stars from some 500 of the nations leading colleges and schools lined up today for the 46th annual running of the University of Pennsylvania relays. Seventy six events were bracketed for More than 3,000 athletes in the two Day carnival. With Penn coach Lawson Robertson proclaiming the Quarter mlle cinder floor a faster than Ever observers and coaches alike agreed that the record Book was in for a beating. The Weatherman posted a a Cool and fair sign. Of Tohmy Kard three College relays a a two mile run the 400-meter hurdles the 120-Yard High hurdles and the shot put a rated at the top of today s 28 events along with four major prep and High school Baton passing races. Picked As outstanding favourites to turn in first Day victories and possible records were Al Blo la the Georgetown giant and Frank Fuller Virginia Sace hurdler. Victory 8 to i Easley Leary Bohannon turn in top performances As North state opener by Furman bisher Enterprise staff writer Thomasville april �?~26.�? the baseball Santa Claus must have come in the Spring to Thomasville and what he left in manager Jimmy mails stocking looked almost too Good to be True last night. What happened at Finch Field left an awfully had taste in the Mouth of Lexington and showed on the other hand that Saint Nick Wasny to so kind to its manager Reece Harris. It was the North state league opener and the Toms sparkled with a 8-1 Victory Over the bitter Indian enemies and sadly beats the heart of Many a Lexington Ian this morning. Wonderfully balanced from an age youth standpoint the mommies clicked like the lock on the Hank vault. A new Model Outfield a except for a Man with a new name Al Pace Many and a converted first baseman spelled Victory for the mommies. Re tween them. Bohannon. Leary and Easley collected six of the eight Thomasville hits and poked across or scored All but one of the maus men a runs. Not x question Mark the bold question Mark on the Tommie front Page that new infield wont he a question Mark much longer provided the season performance is of opening night calibre. Rookies Bob Lamothe and Johnny Thrift came through without a quiver. Lamothe did no to hit. Hut he was a Hustler afield Johnny the for Roosevelt High in an aching i ton doubled Home one run scored i one and snagged a tremendous foul hoist behind third honestly a feat for a youth not accustomed to owl hour. But like the Rock of Gibraltar j stands out like a Gold tooth in the j unto dance 1 Mouth of the Mediterranean dark j to haired silent Ray Lindsay. The a Tennessee curve specialist played j rings around Home plate with the i Indian clubbers. It was Chilly and i Ray and the 3.200 fans Felt it hut i not too Chilly for that Veteran to Bury the tribe beneath a Maze of strikes. He gave up just five hits j i and struck no 12 hatters. Toms work fable the Toms opened up with two j runs in the first inning when Easley doubled. Bohannon and Leary singled in succession and Al Hare very Tommie family is christened Greensboro to rack win men fight tonight bring Strong ring outfit visitors strengthened in three places to avenge last week s defeat High Points Brilliant band of fighters risk their impressive record tonight in a return Battle with a strengthened Greensboro v. M. C. A. Iii the South Hamilton Arena. Ten bouts Are listed for action with the first three round milling due to Start at 8 j0. Tonight s fracas will be the second in As Many weeks for the i two teams. A week ago Here Greensboro dropped a 64 to in decision to the local amateurs hut protested strongly against three close decisions which if the decisions had been reversed would have Given the visiting delegation the Victory stronger Greensboro has strengthened its team by the addition of Russell Thompson to fight l. C. Dennis in the Light heavyweight class Bob Harden former Burlington scrapper to Battle Purcell Kim sey in the 155-Pound division Jack Brown to fight High Points slugging Hay Keever in the 118-Pound flight. On the other hand High Point will be stronger to i night than they were a week ago. Billy wooden Veteran will fight in the 126-Pound class against red Brandon. The Only Point lost last week in that class. Highlight of the night will be i the return meeting of Robert i Browden and Leonard Suggs in i George Weldon left Belmont Abbey student front High Point who will return to his Home town to Baltic for the High poem Cam against a Reo tis Boro Here tonight. Weldon will fight Bill Phillip in he Iha to ii my division. Above la of. A. , a i scrap per. Who will he out to take an Edge Over att old re Al. Man us Stedman tonight. In four fights Kirn sry won two by derision was Koyed Oner and fought to a draw with Stedman last week. Sports Hon lid up by fdd1f by i Etz new York. April 2 6.�?�? hat in to become of Galento. Almost every top flight manager if ship ahoy a a Good Luck a reads the band on the Floral the 135-Pound class. Last three ure t0 for him 8nfl ju8t h Tommie a new do Iii Wreath being tossed around manager Jim mans smart bean As pair of Stout hearted battlers i ups to the Quot nor of fought three red hot rounds be a lantern horsemen -1 has compensation insurance for. High school ladders paid 56 i claims last year average. 612 to. The North state league season got under Way last night in Thomasville. Judge a. Gilliam club president does the crowning in the and scoring the fore Sugg s took a hairline Cei liners and trainers a think no Sion. Another feature bout will j More bail inc will go to p photo. Easley does it in the Bottom shot. Pit Oscar Ellington against Billy jibe Post in the Derby. The Paul in the 135-Pound division. Rumor foundry says Arah Palfrey dirt on a Heller i the Ellington Paul decision libyan the Tennis Star who was i which was in favor of High Point s denied a divorce in Massachusetts rat run of the year is Arhat he does. It earn in the first inning on Bohannon a double. Let Jig taking Mitchells High throw Ingram is i Ellington was disputed by the plans to head for Reno and try Greensboro Adhe gents. As Well As again. Jamaica rate fans a. A a a a the Sugga Browden setto. Carelessly forgot to collect $23. A. Fri d 4 4 1.93 Iii winnings in week and ump. Nixson Renton. 4t.non Nati Tia ifs Star a probably Feller no longer thin v to Etc s nothing to the Jinx Ile said there san no a suet then Slack. Went out amt got Iii ears pinned Triangle trips Arias Mii is hurling Duel decision won on three run rally mauling goes i n into Fille lout Henry Jesse another spectacular Battle tax of they Doii to drop by and pick it due to develop in the m. C. Kiln-1 up soon the state will. Alvin in the sey Marcus Steelman fracas. The Everett. Rome a Southpaw boys have fought four times Kim a golfer who averaged 68.5 strokes sey winning two decisions drop for 15 rounds Over a Par to course. Ping one by a Kayo after he had has cooled off bus foe dizzy and the draw last three runs in the sixth inning in grounded out tallying to Frame a 3.2 Victory for Triangle 1391 s. Richmond va., to Memphis terns Ken Overlin 163. Decatur. Ii. Knocked out Steve Wilkerson 159. Memphis <9. A a a a a there Are More than 100.000, too head of sheep in Australia. Special Bowling notice we will have one girls and men s teams each from Winston Salem Greensboro and Kannapolis with us tonight to bowl against High Point girls and men s teams. Arcade amusement company Arcade building Hannon. Lexington came Hack with its one in the second Gardner and Degowski a Fielding Genius in renter walking and Ramon Cuoto. The cuban Cut up built Lombardi order singling Thomasville tallied one each n the second and third and two each in the sixth Amhi eighth. In the sixth. Lindsey walked. Dry was Safe on Sujat k hobble. Easley forced Drye and scored with Lindsay on Bohannon a powerful double. In the eighth. Drye walked. Easley rolled a safety Over the Pitcher Mound. Drye going to third. Basely stole second Rohan-1 Hedrick 2b non w As walked and Leary sin j Pierce 2b-3b gird. Scoring Drye and basely j Young is Kirby mauled Sappenfield. La Lexington a Walter Kirby never if Cooper. 3b-p got the feel of things and was in Rudsell if. A Hole from the Start until he was i. Cooper of replaced by Charley Greenockle in the eighth. He gave nine batters free transportation and had trouble with men on cases they scored too often. Tonight the tribe pitches Norman Shope against boots Miller in the Lexington opener. It starts at 8 of clock at Hoit Moffit Field. Yesterday afternoon Over Adams Mirits in an Industrial league game on the College Diamond. The game a tight hurling Duel Between Perry and Cooper of a. Ca of tire the or then licht be outbreaks for second base the triangles singles. Fowler to six hits. P after the Triangle scoring spree Adams Millis k. Of Newton of Edward e Perry p ,. A Martin totals. Good. They re great Lexington Mitcheli. A. Lujack la. Armstrong. Whitaker of Gardner of. Degowski of waldner 3b. Cueto. C. Kirby p Greenockle p totals Thomasville dry is. Farley la. By Hannon of Leary of trl Nagle Smith la Newman 3b. I Morehead. 2b a h h to a i Rush. Of 1 2 6 0 3 3 0 0 2 0 3 i i 3 6 i 0 0 0 0 Dawson of. Hayworth is shop wish. Of Frazier c fowl Ler pin Mart to finish. T just Ria Champ on one run Lead �?�a1 Adama Mollia d Scialo n More head led i i Wilh two eld the a m club y left the game club w Cut on it a r b to a3 i 0 3 0 0i 0 10 0 04 0 12 6 0 .4 0 0 4 6 04 0 i 12 0 0 .4 0 i 0 0 o .2 1 12 0 02 0 10 0 12 0 0 0 0 03 0 0 1-203 0 0 0 2 0 i 0 0 0 0 3 my my morn Jim my my. 33 2 6 24 16 i in ninth. A r of to a i. 4 i i 12 0 0 .3 i i �3 3 03 0 2 3 10 4 i 0 10 0 4 0 10 0 0 3 0 2 2 7 03 0 0 5 0 03 0 0 10 1 .30 0 0 2 0. 30 3 7 27 13 i r 010 Dio 000 -2too 003 oox�?3 week the Complete lineups a gtd High Point Gres ii Intro 11 2�?ct. Loflin. A. Cain 118 a r. , Brown 126�?b. Wooden. R. Brandon 135�?�?g. Ellington b. Paul 135�?g. Weldon a Phillips 145�?m. C. Kimsey Steelman 145�?l. Suggs r. Browden 155�?p. Kimsey b. Harden 175�?l. C. Dennis. Thompson Haj Rte a. Rodden. Boston april 26.�? up a according to those who Back their Fristic opinions with hard Cash the National boxing association was guilty of Over emphasis when it broadcast its decision that it would not recognize tonight a Henry Armstron Paul Junior bout As a welterweight championship affair if the latter won. Few of those who Wager on such events coned Junior a 30-year-old Veteran of 300 Battles the slightest Chanco to strip Armstrong of the last of the three world titles he has won during i sensational career. Although Armstrong is expected to weigh in around 141, Only two iat night produced All the c pounds heavier than his Lewiston me., rival the negro Champion is a 3-1 shot to wind up their scheduled 15-round engagement with an Early knockout. Regardless of How one sided the Battle shapes up beforehand. It probably will draw the largest boxing crowd that has been assembled in new England since Bostons Jimmy Maloney topped Primo camera in most surprising fashion bark in 1930. The seating capacity is 18,000. Frankie Fri Cli i using blackboard Drill to stimulate Lite Mirales. In Dell on the big Board in the Hue dressing room Art such War talks a a first to third on base hits and a a done to leave tile clubhouse until you know your look for Georgetown a Sal Blo Zis to hand up a new worlds Dis to be announced 10,18 Roark in Tlle Penn relays at referee. Ren Canipe Philly today and tomorrow weather permitting. Air Caster Bill Stein s big a a scoop a that the Only i easel Chi ago a was re elected to the big ten some Call it the big 92 was because Chicago threatened to blow off the lid if kicked out was denied by everybody in big headlines and Long statements. Kentucky which 0 open Monogram meet Chapel Hill. April 26.�? a5 j a the third annual state High school Monogram club conference began at the University of North Carolina Here today. This after Salisbury Concord defeats Kannapolis 4 to 2 Concord. April 26.�? a four run uprising in the fifth inning last night produced All the Concord weavers runs and enabled them to defeat Kannapolis towered 4 to 2. Score by inning Rob Kannapolis. Too too 100�?2 6 i Concord too 040 oox�?4 9 2 batteries White and Taimi Aano Berry and pare Salisbury wins opening contest Cooleemee. April 26.�?the Salisbury giants won the season opener from Cooleemee 5 to 4, Here last night before a crowd of 1,000 spectators. Score by innings Rob Joe Jacobs and his Fiance. Connie Drake were to have married eve of the Raer Galenic scrap. The cardinals Are reported offering the Veteran Lon aah Arneke a bait for infield reinforcement ,. Bill Kern is going to give West a Irginia u. Students and fans the first glimpse of Bis new squad in a practice game tomorrow. Lloyd my Kim of Johannesburg mich., hitch hiked 750 Miles to referee High school games last Winter and was late Only once Gay to minutes. Predictions tri a ppm kor Bobby Feller will duplicate his no it feat Severn i times before i career ends. Connie Mark it i More than a min Llu Ilii that Young Eddio Collin w ill he i fati iou dad equal a a Hall player. Ski ame dept. The publicity department for Joe Louis forthcoming film. The a sign of the Zombie is sending out releases spelling it Job a Lewis 33 i 5 24 9 Alt it m to %2s4 a sacrum of. 3 la Moth a Thrift 3b. Maui Lindsay Poui of no other gasoline can git the performance from my car that can out of Esso 99 in c m. Wiki am Shiv ii Stom Chr Esso a so extra since using new Esso extra Fino my car has quicker pick up than with any other gasoline Ever used 9 j. J. Livingood Burham Coulot Stupin totals. Score by innings Lexington. Thomasville. Errors Cueto. La Jack 4 4 3 2 31 10 2 6 2 2 7 0 12 2 0 0 2 2 0 110 0 Ooi 1110 0 0 12 i 10 0 2 totals. Score by innings Adams Multa Triangle. Two base hit l Cooper stolen bases Smith 2. Newman. Cook double plays Perry Pierce to Sappenfield Pierce to Young to Sappenfield. Rase on balls off Fowler 4 off Perry i off e Cooper i. Struck out by Fowler i hit j by the University a athletic caches. A business session will by held Strong and Rankin tomorrow. Too 010 112-3 to 3 Jole Emee. 200 too 010�?4 8 5 an be and Conway Gallipeau Arm Perry 7 to 6 off e Cooper 0 in 2. Left on bases Triangle 4, Adams Mulia 8 winning Pitcher. Fowler losing Pitcher. Perry. Umpires Thomas and Stew off i Art. Time of game i 45. A new u. S. Army attack bomber i is the North american na-50. The plane is powered with two 150�> h. P. Engines has a top Speed of 295 Miles an hour Range of 1462 Miles and a ceiling of 32,000 feet. 7 8 27 to r 010 too 000�?1 211 012 oox�?7 Armstrong. I ii marked purple Flash i appear on Ani with tear promoter sergeant l. C. I Mahon gave his monday night wrestling card another shot of dynamite this morning when he announced his Complete supporting cast to a Ginger a the lady Bear wrestler. Topping the list of surprises is the return of the purple Flash unmasked to the local ring. The Flash was unmasked a couple of weeks ago in Charlotte and has assumed his proper identity Ellis Bashara. All America guard at Oklahoma. The fearsome sex masked Man will Battle with Tom Mahoney the handsome Orlando. Of a. Irishman in the main event of the program next on the older of dynamite is chief Chews chef the mad Western Carolina teacher 7 a. Ca of Gypsy. The screw Ball Nomad will Taw a 6 j Little Johnny mans in the cur Tain Raiser. The other night in Greensboro be Wischki whose Easley. Kuna batted in Bohannon 3. Cueto. Easley Thrift Leary two a. Hit Easley Thrift. Whitaker Bohannon. Stolen base , bases on Ball off Lindsay 3 Kirby 9. Struck out by Lindsay 12 by Kirby 3 by Greenockle i. Hit. Off Kirby 8 in 8 losing Pitcher Kirby. Umpire Ingram and Sugg. A a a a a # a a College results baseball North Carolina 6 Virginia 3 Western Carolina teacher 7 Catawba 6 William and Mary 4. Wake Forest j Golf a a a Tennis Clemson 8. N c brat i to tin a a Bike a Romany Hlado i it still wild cd purple Flash a he s unmasked now a couple of flubs in s match with Dick Shimkat two time world a Ginger a who is extremely i dough for a lady Bruin will go to j War with Blackjack Hader the villainous exponent of the a cobra a Ginger a who does no to read the papers does no to knowhow rough Hader can get and furthermore does no to care. She weighs 350 pounds is in tip top condition and is a Tough baby in her own right. She pummelled Whitey Grovo around so roughly i in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago that the Cheyenne Cowboy had to go to bed for r few Days. Those who have seen her in action declare that a a Ginger paces her attack with the Speed of her opponent. If her foe moves fast Lien a a Ginger just moves that i must a faster. In Richmond several weeks ago. A a Ginger a chased chief cbewichki1 out of the ring after the Gypsy j had tried in underhanded on i i u in a i _ headlight Safe Deposit overalls Union made Paik Cost to Moh than Ordinary Vii alls famous headlight overalls with an exclusive new feature. Ail he regular bib pockets and two big new Safe Deposit Zipper pockets a almost he size of the entire bib yet they close so securely that a single pin could t fall out. Rustproof Talon Zipper is self Locking. Valuable papers Blue prints Honey keys. Your pipe or Cigar ties. Whatever you put her lays Sale and clean. A Raj. U. S. Rad off. Exclusively in High Point at la Khi Imi it

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