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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 25, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain Likely More data on Page 2a 92nd Vear a no. 116 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 862-171 classified ads 885 2177 other depts. 885-21 5 High Point n. C., sunday morning april 25, 1976 134 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c debate skirting some historical fact canal talks emerge As Surprise election Issue by George Gedda associated press writer Washington a on a quiet peaceful Island off the panamanian coast diplomats have been working on an agreement that has touched off a major political dispute in the United states. During strolls along the beaches of Contador Island and on sailing and fishing expeditions american and panamanian officials have been negotiating the future of the Panama canal and the 500 Square mile zone which surrounds it. Both countries have been meeting under the Assumption that the 1903 treaty giving the United states effective jurisdiction Over the area makes no sense in today a anti colonialist political climate. In the two years of talks the United states has agreed to negotiate a new treaty believing that the level of consent in Panama for continuing the present arrangement is limited. But candidate Ronald Reagan has been getting Strong applause in Texas by assailing the administration position on the canal. A we bought it. We paid for it. We built it. And we Are going to keep he declares. The administration plans to give Panama jurisdiction Over the zone within three years of the signing of a new treaty. Panama also would be granted a gradually increasing role in the operation and defense of the canal. After a specified period perhaps 30 years or less Panama would be Given full authority Over the canals operation. One unresolved question involves the defense of the canal once Panama gains controls of its operation. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said thursday that a prime . Objective in the negotiations is a guarantee of a permanent free and Neutral Access Quot for . Shipping through the canal Reagan has found that Many americans have an emotional attachment to the project which has often been called a the most ambitious engineering undertaking in the history of the canal was a Nightmare of yellow fever and malaria for those who built it and estimates of its Cost to the . Taxpayer Range As High As $7 billion. Reagan says that if elected he is not about to give the canal away to a a any tinhorn dictator in Panama who happens to ask for it the canal Issue caused Ford some embarrassment two weeks ago when the administration had to Back away from a Ford statement that Quot the United states will never give up its defense rights to the Panama canal and will never give up its operational rights As far As Panama is concerned a this could not Square with the administrations officially stated position. Reagan noted that Ford s chief negotiator ambassador Ellsworth Bunker had conceded in congressional testimony that the United states plans to disengage itself from the canal in stages yielding jurisdiction Over the canal zone first and the canal itself later on. But administration officials said that Reagan himself erred in stating in a nationally televised address on March 31 that the canal zone is a a Sovereign . Territory every bit the same As Alaska and All the states that were carved out of the Louisiana Purchase a says Bunker Quot we bought Louisiana we bought Alaska. In Panama we bought not territory but rights a a the state department says Reagan s argument also is contradicted by the fact that unlike children born in the United states children born in the canal zone Are not automatically citizens of the United states a legalism aside the Basic question for the United states in Panama is How american interests can be Best preserved. The administration has never depicted its canal policy As a benevolent gesture toward a deserving third world country. In the official View the failure to negotiate a new treaty would almost certainly put the United states in a position of having to defend the canal by Force against a hostile population in such a conflict the thinking goes the United states could not count on the diplomatic support of a single latin american country. Defense department officials pointing out the canal s vulnerability to sabotage say that two or three terrorists could put the canal out of operation for a Long time with a single Well placed explosive Reagan s View is that the canal would be More Likely to be closed if control was yielded to a country with a Long history of political instability he ire Quentlyn reminds audiences of tin budding Friendship Between Panama Nian head of government Omar Torri see canal on a african majority Rule supported by Kissinger Nairobi Kenya a with a warning that a time is running out Quot for Rhodesia a White rulers. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger began saturday a two week four of Africa to demonstrate firm . Support for Black majority Rule and economic Progress. At the same time sources in Kissinger s party denied they had said military Aid to Black nationalists was under consideration they said that possible economic support was not being ruled out. Earlier. The associated press erroneously reported from London that . Officials said Kissinger might offer indirect military Aid to Black liberation movements. A senior official on Kissinger s plane told newsmen the United states has received no specific request for military Aid from National movements or countries Friendly to them. When asked about reports particularly in a zambian newspaper that military Aid is being considered the of for answers to questions or help with a problem Cai or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. It it and in t in your head w i am going through the menopause and frequently have hot flashes and my husband says they Are All in my Bead. Are hot hashes a mental or a physical thing put this answer in the paper As my husband does not believe anything i Tell him. Anon woman. A a medical guide says this and other symptoms of menopause depression nervousness headaches itching insomnia Are Quot brought on by an oestrogen deficiency which upsets the hypothalamic control of the autonomic nervous the hypothalamus is the Quot ancient area Quot of the brain the seat of primitive instincts necessary for survival. It s also c concerned with Energy balance through control of appetite sleep body temperature water balance and sexual function so you could say what triggers the hot flashes is Quot All in your but these and other physical manifestations Aren t just imagined. Original kerosene lamps j. I have a lamp that is supposed to be one of twelve original lamps made by the company of new York. As far As i know about the history of these lamps there were 12 with six in the Boston Railroad station and six in grand Central. My wife and i can account for five other lamps of this Type and All of them have been converted to electricity which evaluates them. We have one that burned the original kerosene and we Are trying to find out the location of the six other lamps of this particular description. There Are dates on the lamps some of them Are dated july 1904 december 22, 1903 and other dates showing when the lamps were either patented or produced. We would like information to find out where the six other ones Are particularly those in the original state. One More thing i Don t have a phone number so will have to be contacted by mail. Thank you very much. Or. L.c., Greensboro. A. We Are stuck at the starting Gate. Proper names Are often difficult and sometimes impossible to understand on a recording. Your name was Clear but unfortunately your address was not and neither was the name of the lamp company. It sounded like Ditz Pioneer lamp company we assume you have combed All the magazines and books published on antique lamps. If they Are of showcase Quality perhaps you should write the historical museums or societies of the two cities such As the museum of the City of new York or the society for the preservation of new England antiquities which is affiliated with Boston University. The official museum directory at the Public Library gives the names and addresses of the ones most Likely to have preserved old fixtures of exceptional design or Public interest. On the Chance the other six lamps Are extant and privately owned you could advertise in the antique trader weekly a tabloid with a wide circulation among antique dealers and collectors around the country. You can get a Sample copy by mailing 25 cents to the antique trader p o. Box 1050, Dubuque la. 52001. Re action will the person who asked Bow to get a subscription to the congressional record Call action line at the newsroom. You have offers from two who la be glad to save their copies for you. Facial said economic Aid is possible and he did not want to make a judgment about precisely what the administration was going to do the official emphasized that Kissinger would not be receptive to any ultimatums from nationalist groups for military Aid. The administration has repeatedly warned the soviet Union and Cuba against introducing troops in Africa for another Angola like action but it has never spelled out hanging officers indicted Mobile Ala. A five White police officers were freed saturday on $500 Bond each after they were indicted earlier in the Day in an alleged attempt to hang a Black robbery suspect. The All White grand jury named the officers in assault and Battery charges. Three other officers were investigated in the same Case but they were not charged. The officers arrested Glenn l. Diamond 27, of Mobile on March 28 outside a restaurant on a suspicion of robbery charge. Diamond ran and the officers found him under a House. According to Diamond the officers took him from beneath the House ordered him to a tree and then placed a rope around his neck. They then allegedly tugged on the rope and told him they were going to hang him. Diamond was not charged in the March 28 alleged robbery attempt. However he later was charged with a March 26 convenience store robbery. . That specifically what the response would be in situation Quot the future of Africa must be shaped by africans Quot Kissinger said As he stepped from his Silver and Blue Jet. Quot but i am Here to assure you. Unambiguously that the United states will support Africa s aspirations and concretely assist your endeavours. Quot i am not Here to line up one group of african nations or one group of african movements against another. We believe that the problems of Africa the aspirations of Africa can Best be achieved through the Unity of african nations and african movements Quot Kissinger said. Kissinger arrived in Nairobi about an hour late because his talks earlier with British foreign Secretary Anthony Crosland at a Royal air Force base in Britain ran Long display of clocks in showroom of Miller clock co. Done to reflect St i photo by Sonny Hodyno in arrival of St is no problem boat fire disturbs Raleigh Raleigh apr it May have been the first boat fire in the history of downtown Raleigh. Robert Ivey was driving through town saturday afternoon on his Way Home after several hours of boating on Lake Wheeler. After two cars passed with horns honking he glanced in the rear View Mirror and discovered a fire in the Small outboard motor boat he was towing. He stopped and fought the Blaze with his fire extinguisher. But the extinguisher was not enough. Ivey said he had to unhook his car and drive it away from the danger. The people at the Howard Miller clock co. Showroom at the Southern furniture Market Center Are taking the arrival of Daylight saving time in stride none of this a Spring Forward fall backs for the a not for the 225 clocks of All shapes designs and sizes on the showrooms Walls at least. Quot we do not keep the clocks running in time anyway a a Salesman for Howard Miller reported Quot by the time we demonstrate the clocks and their Chimes a on some of them a they would be out of Tun again Quot Howard Miller cock co. Of Zeeland Mic his one of 56 firms exhibiting clocks at the Southern furniture Market. Not counting the clocks on the Walls of its showroom on the second floor of the Commerce Wing in the Market Center the company estimates that 201 million clocks and timing devices excluding watches Are to be reset ahead one hour in american Homes today As the nation went on Daylight saving time at 2 a m there is no estimate As to the number of clocks in schools offices and Public buildings which have to be reset a or How Long it will take to get around to them All Benjamin Franklin was the first to suggest Daylight saving time but its use actually started in England in 1916 it went into effect in the United states in 1918. Having been adopted by Congress the previous year As a War measure the reason it was put into use in England Rural dwellers objected to getting up so Early however and the Law was repealed in 1919, Over the veto of president Wilson. Some cities continued to use Daylight time however even if in violation of the Law Observance of Daylight saving time remained spotty in the United states until the second world War Daylight saving time will remain in effect until the last sunday in october when til of the clocks and watches will be reset Back one hour Given to French firm Hughes item explained the edition of the family weekly in today a Enterprise contains a question and answer item about Howard Hughes who died april 5. News of his death came after the family weekly went to press . Fireworks maker angered Over contract j in protesters rest on Capitol Steps a disappointingly Small crowd of anti using marchers estimated at Between 2,000 and 4,000 rallied in Washington saturday. Organizers who earlier predicted a turnout of 40,000, said numbers were not As important As a just getting people together on a National an earlier March organized by anti using groups from Louisville attracted 8,000 people last october. A wire photo Pittsburgh a a $200,000 contract for a Bicentennial fourth of july fireworks spectacular in the nations capital has been awarded to a French firm and that angers the president of the nation s largest fireworks manufacturer who says americans 200th birthday should be celebrated with fireworks from an american company. A ironic a says George Zambelli head of Zambelli fireworks manufacturing inc in new Castle 40 Miles Northwest of Here Quot we never had a Chance to bid competitively. It s the nations capital and on Public grounds and paid in part from the Federal government Quot and we re further upset that As taxpayers with local unemployment of 11 per cent a foreign company gets this contract Quot Ruggieri the French firm was awarded the contract on april i a month after Zambelli met with Happy birthday Usa officials Quot there were no plans no specs no Zambelli said Quot i had no idea what they Pat Pellerin a spokesman for Happy birthday Usa said in a Telephone interview from Washington that Ruggieri is the largest fireworks manufacturer in the world. A hmm a lot of people would dispute that said Zambelli. His firm has 35 employees Happy birthday Usa is a private Bicentennial company which received $100,000 from the governments american revolution Bicentennial administration Arba and donations from private corporations said Pellerin Quot the Money from Arba is not being used for the fireworks a a said Pellerin Quot it s earmarked for other things a Pellerin said five firms a three French companies Zambelli and California fireworks a were considered for the contract a we were looking for design capability experience in producing a display on this scale this is the largest that s every been he said Zachelli s biggest Job for Washington was $8,000 or $9,000 wrong says Zambelli his company has had contracts with Washington totalling $75,000 Over the past 15 years Quot we did an Honor american Day program in Washington in 1970 on two weeks notice. Jot a crash assignment from the while House the contract was for $17,000 a Zambelli says Lawrence Stinchcomb president of Happy birthday Usa argues that the contract was awarded to the French firm for several reasons among them Frances contribution to the revolution and their giving the statue of Liberty to the United states Quot i love this i love this Quot Zambelli said a this overlooks that were americans and All that we As businesses and labourers and taxpayers have done and Are doing for this country a inside Rea fiddling Champ. Ding Market and High Point. Tel tip for gardeners. Editorial. Women new. Sport. Television. Entertainment. Pages 14-17c obituaries. Classified

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