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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 23, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Pack fourth i git Poivre Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Mug Point North Carolina tuesday april 23, 1910 High Point Enterprise published Ner Noons and sunday morning j. P Rawley publisher 1915 1837_ r. B. Terry president ii a. Rawley Sec a nod Trees Hammett a. Cecil Gen. W Ca pus m. Waynic k editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town a twelve month. Six months ?.&Quot t free months. A one Quot Vav r r k us carriers in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than one a k in Advance. I Carrier in City Are not Perm retd to Collet for a period of More than five a Lek it i. G Aaan in to a a lust a i e h or not Otter Wise a edited in this paper and also the local news published therein member of audit Bureau of circulation i entered a second Cia matter the Post office a High vlh72 Tel of Congress of Maich a National adv Quot Fuit Tulve Wmk John by i co 420 Lexington ave new York City tuesday. April 23. 1910. Stan tally interested and the in that the British failure to Honor Temprise again urges that the citizen who has not been counted to see to it that he is included in the count before the work is finished. A Houghl b and they shrill fight against thee bul they it he not prevail a rust thee for i pm with thee Faith the lord to id. Iii r Iii Quot. A be Remsh l la a a amid All the War and contest and variety of human opinion you will if my one consenting conviction in t. It a old that Thorn a one god Tho King and father of All. A Maximus a lyrics. Nil mom in 10im pm part of a speech y invitation Hon. A. J. Maxwell re told at Charlotte yes it Cray his theory of How North Carolina can rebuild and extend her Road system in four years without borrowing Money. Increasing revenues and a recapitulation of his own statistics have convinced or Maxwell that he was unduly conservative in estimating that 50 millions would be available during the Quad Ennius of or new construction the amount will attain nearer to 75 millions he advised an enthusiastic c harlots audience. We have not taken Issue with i or. Maxwell As to the probable availability of his 50 millions. What we have done is to insist that he exaggerates what can be done with 50 millions. He submits the estimate without pointing to the fact that the use of 50 millions for construction during four years time would be no very notable in Rease Over w hat is timing is knit lining the current four years. The defect in the vision of reconstructed main highways extend d arteries and revolutionized Arnoto Market roads is apparent Only to those who know the Limi actions in 50 millions of Road Noney. The important Point in or. A la weirs address of yesterday Las not the estimate of availability that he made but the Forth ight declaration that he favored Inte dment of the state Law to moved from it a provisional i or Sion of Highway funds. Not Only does that a provisional diver Ion tie up millions of the Road Noney and hold it out of the serv be for which it was collected but encourages the budget makers o Trust to the Road funds for genial fund needs. No Man running or governor is More explicit in advising those budget makers to it their faces firmly against it i version As a policy than is or. Tax Vivell. That we repeat is the a portent statement in his Highway speech. Alls Girt loss blow to Progress the reaction of the news and observer to the disabilities of High Point established by the supreme court decision in our hydroelectric project litigation is expressed briefly As a a blow to the Raleigh newspapers comment follows in full All the members of the North Carolina supreme court concurred in the two opinions of chief Justice Stacy sustaining two injunctions issued against the City of High Point to restrain it from completing a $6,500. Oil Hydro electric development which it had started on the Yadkin River with the Aid of Federal funds and by authority of acts of Congress and the legislature and previous court decisions. But the fact that the Law can be assumed to have been stated correctly does not prevent the decision from being an unfortunate one. The court has now held that the Power of condemnation does not extend to Public property. If that doctrine is to be followed in other cases it might mean an entire reversal of the interprets Tion of its rights under which the state Highway commission has proceeded for the last 20 years. Moreover the very private Power company which has now successfully blocked the High Point development might easily find itself embarrassed if not frustrated by the doctrine. It is virtually impossible to contract a water Power project of the magnitude of that proposed by High Point without flooding some publicly owned property. It is True that no such obstacles have been placed in the Way of developments in the past of the Duke Power company and other private interests. But the lawyers for the Duke Corr it any have shown How it might be done in the future. It is True that the decision of Hie court leaves the Way open for remedial legislation. Such legislation May he passed in time to prevent wide expansion of the doctrine that property of lied for one Public use is sacred from use for another Public purpose even when the property is not essential to the first use but is Vita to the second. If. As in the past the Way is smoothed for such developments by private interests in the future the effect of the decision will still be a blow to Progress. The High Point project might have been of tremendous Benefit to that City and All its residents. It is difficult to see How it Conli have injured anybody except the Duke Power company and even the injury to that organization would have been slight As it would have been deprived of Only a Small fraction of its present business. The Victory was won nominally by Yadkin county but the Victory belongs to the Duke Power company. Significantly enough Yadkin county did not enter the Case until after the kit wer company had failed in earlier court actions of its own. The second Point on which the decision of the supreme court rests also pre in a Strong contrast to what has happened in the past when private companies were seeking to construct similar developments. The state of North Carolina objected to the action of the Federal Power commission in requiring a License of the aluminium company for a similar project on the same River on the ground that the development would be helpful to the state. Apparently if the development is to be done by the City of High Point with the Aid of Federal funds in some Way it becomes harmful tor the state entered the High Point Case to object to the action of the Power commission although no development was being prevented. It is to be hoped that High Point May yet find some Way to proceed with a project first authorized in 1937. There can be no justification for a theory that development of water Power on the Yadkin River is highly desirable when done by the Duke Power company or the aluminium company. But is harmful when done by a Public Agency for the Benefit of All the Loop to. When necessity Lori is a it Ilse the insincerity of the contentions of our principal debtors of the world War period that they could not meet their obligations to the United states is brought the War debt pledge marked the beginning of the failure of Britain As a dominant political and economic Force in the world. Much of British Power rested in world Confidence in the integrity of a British undertaking. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people in a Small tobacco town in North Carolina there was a family of six children. They were All singers except one and he even carry a tune. Phis one was a boy. All the others shone at anything to do with music except the one whose first name was Jimmy. The family was always being called on to entertain. Church socials. Lawn parties. Jimmy Felt it keenly because the rest of the family could sing and he . He longed to Shine. Wanted to be somebody. But How everybody told him that even if he did t Shine he had personality. He made a pleasing impression on people. So Jimmy did a bit of thinking. He decided to develop his personality. That idea is now making a millionaire of him. His full name is James Kern Kyser the town where he was born and still lives Calls his Home is Rocky mount. North Carolina. Bul the world knows him As Kay Kyser. You have listened to his music you May have seen that popular movie a you re right. That a wrong it was during his High school Days that Jimmy decided to try out his idea. He threw himself into the students activities and at once began to make an impression on his fellow students. Soon he was elected cheer loader. Now he was being brought up before the whole student Boily anti could exert his personality. He did. He worked out new cheers and new ways of presenting his new cheers. He put showmanship into his cheer leading. Everybody liked him. Ile became popular. Entering the University of North Carolina he decided to carry out the idea which had worked so Well in High school. So he became a cheer Leader there too and achieved his ambition to be recognized As the Best organizer of cheering that had Ever graced the Campus of that University. The students needed a dance orchestra. Jimmy Kyser wanted to organize one. Rut he knew very Little about music. He loved to listen to music. But he was t a musician. However the University did need a Campus orchestra so he organized that. He was chosen Leader. He decided to put his personality into his orchestra and it became so popular that he took it to other colleges to play. Business boomed. Radio grabbed him. He added touches of his own. You be heard them a a evening folks How Vail a a so Long and his song titles. A key Kyser a College of musical knowledge Quot became famous almost Over night. Business boomed Hollywood snatched him. And he still does t consider himself a musician. Thousands know More about music than he does but they Haven to developed the personality which has made him Rich and famous. And he a Only 34 years old Why Don t you consider developing your personality of you go Al Init it the right Way. It May be your biggest asset. Or. Henry \ link says a Good personality is developed by practice. Why not develop yours you weren t forgetting me were you Walter winched on Broadway it try Marl copyright. In. Daily Mirror p cd a i la a a 11 Ler Lime the private a perk of a cub reporter the new \ Ork for the Montreal Canada Gazette reported a item on or. Winched it has been our experience that the name of balt i winched evokes a flood of letters from irate canadians. They feel that his attitude has been . With this i cannot find communion for example. Last week Winchell wrote a letter to another editor outlining his views on american preparedness and european dictatorships. A few Days later two tul co urns w re Given to replies from readers regarding w inched s opinions. I s note the general trend a a Wisn t there enough vicious War propaganda in the press on the radio Ana in the movies without Walter winched agitating leaders americans have no part in a War for a re division of the world. A a a apparently or. Winched wants the u. S. To Wake up and get right into this War in a More material Way than hitherto. Ibis country must and should slav out a a if we get into this War. Or. Winchell. Will you give up your Job to fight.? will you dig trenches and live eat and sleep in the mud Walter winched brands Germany Italy and other totalitarian countries As Pilate nations plundering the weak. Winched smells. A a in none of the 1.1 letters selected As typical of the Reader reaction was there the slightest hint of a cheer from Blind isolationists from the anti in Nail bloc or from the nazi sympathizers. American readers apparently regard Winchell As a Champion of the democracies and so bitterly anti totalitarian As to endanger american neutrality. Brevi ties i know of no imminent danger to the United states and i know of no powerful enemies. A senator Alvah Adams Colorado. You can to get anywhere by beating a horse that is tied to a hitching Post. Presidential candidate Thomas e. I it Ewey. Should the state supplant our free voluntary institutions of Charity our Christian Brothe Liness will disappear and a dread cold thing called by some queer ism will be found in its archbishop Stritch Chicago. The census Job Jing hone Well into kinds of complaints about it census suggest that the Deccn-1 count in these parts May fall Short of accuracy unless there la is easy and natural for favored groups to identify the National interest with their own. Or. John Day into hold Relief by the necessities Larkin Armour Institute political scientists. Of the current War. Today for instance the British commons is advised that the expenditures of England for the current fiscal year will attain the stupendous total of More than 2, be stimulation of a new de 600,000 pounds Sterling. That ? of cooperation Between the amount would operate the imports and the enumerator. Ial government and pay in full the be of the types of complaint american War debt during a nor hat the citizen is not filling Mal War free year the Blanks left at his Home by the truth of the matter never census taker. Another Type More evident than Nowise that the int of the citizen who states War debts were repudiated in of he Bas had no visit from the feet by most of the nations owing them. Britain owes this country about five billion dollars or approximately half what she is Able to dig up for use in a single year of renewed fighting. An american finds no pleasure Iii the possibility a ill seem to me a continues the Montreal Newspaperman thai some an Adian let tor writers Are passing strange judgment on a Man whose powerful voice although not enlisted in the same army is pointed in the same direction As the guns of the allies. Can it be that All the blindness on this continent is not confined to isolationists a South of the Border a in Short he Means that canadians accuse me of trying to keep the United states out of the War and americans accuse me of trying to get them into one. Billy Gould is furious Over an actor s letter which appeared Here panning equity s recent quarrel with the fairs a a Jubilee production. A what a member Quot shouts Gould a willing to work for $40 a week it s cowards like him that make it Tough sledding for the real actors. I remember when stage hands received fifty cents a night. Later they organized and deserve a vast amount of credit for sticking together. And what is the result they Are to receive $2 an hour at the fair a the stage hand who does nothing to attract an audience. The stage hand whose salary starts at the moment he enters the theatre. You can train a stage hand in an hour to he a stage hand a i d rather be a stage hand than an actor. The stage hand gets twice the actors my. They do not a thing. Gut play pinochle and sing and Don t mean a damned thing to the play a Schultz the electrician at the Leavana Madrid wows the gab Between shows by imitating mor Racus with his store Teeth. He takes them out and squeezes them a la distinct. The other Ann Meridian he left them on lib Tossas dressing room chair and forgot All about them. In a few moments there was a piercing shriek and the Panama a flew from her room looking for Shultz. What s the idea of leaving your tooth on my chair a she barked. A ooh Quot he said a you Don t have to get excited Quot a Well a was the snapper a you Don t have to leave them where they can bite me a Harold to the new yorker s editor tells a Story w Bidi occurred several Days ago at the Oyster Bay Home of col. T. Roosevelt and which further illustrates what a Nice person Helen Hayes is. Miss Hayes Ruth Gordon and Katherine Locke were perched on a single Bench when Ross walked in. After looking at the three actresses he said Quot there is the Hope of the american theatre a. Miss Hayes got up and pointing to miss Locke the youngest of them shouted a no no a there is the american theatres Hope Quot i got along i years without working and in a not going to Start now. James Mcgrath. He on boing rear rested Aller escape from a Chicago a please mister jail. Bennett corf the Lunik publisher tells about Tho lecturer in Germany who was saying that conditions in England were terrible. A Why a he said Quot in England they Are even rationing Coffee a. A Little nazi put up his hand said what s Coffee a fort Armil ast remembers this one from the last big War. The Kaiser just be the War started visited Switzerland and reviewed the crack Alpine troops i ii j i t Ixo Olliner Koto soon i tart i ii i v tart Mil in Tel heft Leo Asp a to of met a tor. F course Tho round of the Cen taker is not completed but current evidence supports Tho on that a thorough Job is not in done. Til4 Community is lusted in a thorough Job sub now we read of the census taker who arrives just in time to deliver a baby and makes eight cents instead of four on the Call. When flood stranded the Church a Michigan preacher carried the Bride to the altar. Now married the bridegroom decided that things were carried a Little bit too far. Pity the poor britishers who comes know whether there was an air raid or if the wife is Hist staring the Spring Home from the office and does t cleaning. Russell Swann booking agent received what he considered an insulting offer from a theatre manager. He stormed into the managers office and yelled a How dare you offer the highest paid magician in the world such Little Money you ought a be ashamed Quot a Little Money Quot almost screamed the showman a Why i can buy two norwegian generals and an Admiral for thai dough a picturesque reporting or. Paul Popnoe s a whenever the value of a package exceeds that of the contents that s Glamour Quot. Benjamin Franklin 150 years ago a if you would not be forgotten As soon As you Are dead and Rotten either write things Worth Reading or do things Worth the writing. Abernathy in the Charlotte . A observer a new York City a capital of culture currency. Census congestion. Commerce and conceit Elolf Hitler for his 51st birthday on saturday was presented by the German people with a birthday present of tons of scrap Metal. It would have made a lot of people much happier if the gift had been just one Little piece of Lead. Ten years ago local new a local Carolina alumni in their meeting at the country club last night went on record As being in favor of the loyalty fund and contributions to the University by private sources. A councilmen Horne and Holton have been appointed As a committee to look into wages paid to employees in High Point. Harvey f. Moore has asked City councilmen for a franchise to operate buses in Cor Tam sections of the City. About people a mrs. Farrell Gray has returned from Greenville n. C., where she spent easter with relatives. A or. And mrs. Carter Dalton and or. And mrs. Rodney Snow and children spent easter at Gold medal Orchard in Wilkes county. Thomas Gold jr., Carolina student a Jhent easter with his parents. Or. And mrs. T. J. Gold. New Brief a Snow and freezing weather visited the North Atlantic states this morning. Low temperatures broke records of 50 Yeti s standing. Senator f. M. Simmons has filed notice of his candidacy for re election. All Banks in Monroe were closed today. A Charlotte is to have a Large new hotel of 18 to 21 stories. Twenty years ago local new the dutch sup it or Given in the chamber of Commerce rooms last night was considered a great Success. The supper was sgt on sorted by the merchants of the City. They voted to close their stores today for the Ball game at Welch Field. A local citizens Are interested in a movement on the part of the Southern Power company in Greensboro to secure a franchise to sell current direct to Consumers there of the franchise is granted the Southern Power pm Pany will become a competitor of the North Carolina Public service company. About people mrs d c. Johnson of Trinity was a visitor Here yesterday. Worth Burgess left last night on a business trip to Southern Points. Mrs. A. S. Caldwell returned this morning from a trip to Washington id. C., where she attended the d. A. R. National convention. New Brief a Mexico has asked this nation to Send warships to that country to protect american interests. Railroad managers in new York have flatly refused the petition of strikers that they be restored to their old jobs with Lull seniority rights a seven colleges of this state have endorsed the Good roads movement. The nazis stole into Norway disguised As travelling salesmen. It turned out they were Selling a Protection Quot with a Roscoe doing the talking. Truly our times require a Complete recasting of the modern idea of the state and of the relations Between states. Jacques Maritain. French philosopher and author. All we ask is that american history let a examined from the View Point of necessities at various times for National expansion. German reply to american pretest at invasion of Neutral countries. Bruce Cotton in Washington Taft outsmarted by Tom Dewey in Maryland a a race Washington april 23. A real truth about the race that did no to come off in Maryland s g. O. P. Primary is that astute senator Taft was just a wee mite outsmarted by supposedly unsophisticated Tom Dewey. Tafts explanation that he stayed out of the race because the Bosses were lined up for Dewey was True enough. What he did t add was that the Bosses could have been lined up for Taft the Dewey people just naturally got to them first. K Maryland s g. O. Oil b has a factional a a fight Between sex gov. Bruce Catton Harry Nice and w. F. Browning. Sex mayor of Baltimore who Are running for the Senate with control of the state g. O. P. The real stake at Issue. They did t want a presidential primary contest muddying the Waters and after the Dewey people got them lined up they begged Taft to stay out. He complied figuring the machines would swing the primary anyhow and that there was no sense getting in a family Row. But if staying out of a party Row lost Taft a delegation in Maryland it apparently won him one in West Virginia. Neither Taft nor Dewey has entered the primary there but some smart preliminary Spade work seems to have Given Taft the delegates. Taft a a samplers in West Virginia several weeks ago the Taft crowd decided to find out exactly what their prospects were in West Virginia. They sent a big Crew of canvassers on a weeks Auto tour of the state to make extensive a sampling Quot Straw vote tests. The canvassers incidentally decided they had to have some sort of name to operate under so they called themselves Quot the Institute of political research Quot. They had some funny exper inces. In a number of cases citizens they flagged for a vote would say Quot of. Yes eve heard of you people. You do a pretty scientific Job of analysing opinion done to you a two or three times a canvasser would Stop a by passer with Quot May i have a moment of your time a a and the by passer would simply give him a dime and hurry on. Anyway these polls convinced the Taft people that they would win if there was a contest but they did t want a contest if they could help it because there was an inside the party scrap on for state control so in the end they made out filing lepers and entrusted them to a West Virginia g. O. P. Bigwig with instructions not to file them unless Dewey filed. Meanwhile the Dewey group was eying the situation and likewise decided the scrap was a Good one to stay out of if possible. So they too made out filing papers and left them to be entered Only if Taft filed. Doubling in Taft Vii Dewey Odd part about it All was that the Man the Dewey crowd left their papers with was the same Man the Taft people Lett theirs with. F or a week or More he walked about town with two sets of filing tapers in his jeans. In the end of course he did no to file either and theres no contest. But Taft is due to get the delegates. Meanwhile in Washington the g. O. P. Race is beginning to take on a Quot Slop Dewey aspect the new yorker timing far out in front. There Are signs that his rivals Are beginning to gang up against him anyhow in All the other Camps you Are beginning to hear Quot you know Dewey would really make a swell candidate a for remember when Mother used to Tell us that if we were Good boys and studied hard wed grow up to become president looking Over the candidates list it seems a surprisingly Large number Are taking Mother seriously. Cleveland Catcher Robie hems Ley announces he has passed for a year the temp Avion of old Bacchus. Ii must have Boon the fear of seeing two hot ones coming from no lit Feller and not knowing which to grab. Y Izzy keen old ties hit seems like missus Franklin d. Roosevelt is maybe ready to forgive the d. A. . Ter not let tiny m a r Ion Anderson sing in Constitution Hall last Spring. She quit the organization w h e they refused. But according to the papers. White House with a shake hands and show j she s at the Jig smile to pm a round when they had their Continental Congress last week. I reckon she found out the Best Way to know what they up to is to stay with Mem. Like the Feller which left his Wile Quot cause she did no to know How to Cook Ile went to the boarding House a couple of week. Then ins wife quit work in out and he went Back Home

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