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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 22, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina monday april 22, 1946 Yipu to entertain senator Wheeler porn Yea is our hero Art this years Active members tile Carolina political i Nion non partisan student organza Ioa at the University of North Carolina who will entertain senator Burton k. Wheeler of Montana when he Speaks at the pcs fourth anniversary Celebration in Chapel Hill tuesday Venin. April 23, in memorial Hall at 8 30 of clock. Front Riv left to right prof. E. J. Wood ouse faculty id visor Bill Joplin Wamith a a Gnu or Harry Gatton. Harmony chairman James a Gray jr., Winston Salem Secretary and Townsend Moore Wynnewood pa., vice chairman second Row Horace Richter mount Gilead Eloise Brown Chapel Hill Arthur Dixon Gastonia Ham Jones Milwaukee i. Phyllis Campbell Chapel Hill Stuart Ficklen Greenville Dewitt Barnett White Plains. N. Y. De Kantrowitz Hendersonville Mary Ames. Arlington a. Charlie to Nett. Jr., Charlotte Back Row Patterson Hendersonville Ferebee Taylor Oxford Norman Stockton Winston Salem Roy Clark Chapel Hill Ted Blount Pensacola fla., Kenan Williams Sanford and Jim Davis Goldsboro. On to take hulls statement too seriously Secretary of state merely said he int in race writer Points out by. Ii. Ragsdale ton. April v politicians Bere seem dimmed la Center grail entertainment for the whole family wait a Disney a fall length feature in Techun Kouri a Spinn Ochion Alto radio favorite information please Broadhurst last times today Fiji f wilting essm Constance Moore Tom Brown Cal Mixa a babes in arms with Mic Rea Koon by my Garland mat., by a night 20c to take Secretary hulls unreceptive words about the presidential nomination in the same sense As the Driver who disregards a a a Stop sign and explains to the judge that it did t say a positively. Thus far Hull simply has said he was not a candidate. He has not said that he would run if nominated or would not serve if elected. The Secretary did not come from the upper Forks of the Creek yesterday. He hupa been in politics around Washington for a Long time. He was a member of the House Aud of the Senate before he entered the cab int. And there was a spell a Long time ago when he was chairman of the democratic National committee. Knows hazards he knows equally the hazards that May Trot out of the White House coat closets and the deep political molasses of Capitol Hill. Lie can find his Way around Washington without a map. Consequently or. Hull knew exactly what he a saying when he said that he was not a candidate he knew How the politicians would read that statement. He must have realized that to their minds he had left off the Tho fact that a Man is not a candidate on the basis that Secretary Hull has stated is not of itself enough to keep his friends or owl working for Jam. Purely of their own Accord quite a few Man strewn about the country Are blowing horns for the Secretary. Viand Wagon won t run a few of those who were look ing for a hand Wagon to climb on Early in the Parade sounded out the Secretary got none too receptive a response and clambered j aboard other band wagons. But that of or. Hull is moving steadily ahead. It was no More it stopped by his statement of last week than a Tennessee mule could be stopped by Reading a court order to it. A mule stops for just one word. That word is neuritis half fat pain in fim mitts try amp it Loiti in it the torturing pain of . Neuritis neuralgia or Lumbago in a few i minute get in Rito the splendid formula j us by thousand. Dependable no opiates i Dot the work quickly. Mutt relieve cruet i pain. To your sat it act ton in Lew minute or j Motley Back. Done to tufted. Clip this and a a Taxler to ask druggist for Nurrito Tod starts tomorrow r it Rialto what mystery k a Ripoff Laughton a in a old dark House come one Onti ally you jitterbugs to see the hottest thing Ever to hit the screen a dancing co eds with Artif. Shaw and i orchestra Lena Turners Richard Carlton mat. In Carolina night or a Palace theatre Salem Street Thomasville amp today wad tomorrow a my Little Chickadee with Mae West a c. Fields admission 2 for 25c exc kit thlr8 Adi 1/1 children. Anti saturdays. Ioc i six i a i v my Carlett o Hara is Back. In he year s gayest Romance so p a Jisc Tings for pennies a dreams of love and thrills you anew in this heart touching Atory of a girl of the streets you Are in for one of the grandest screen treats of the year a when you Vivien Leigh in a sidewalks of London a till Charles Laughton a we. A a Little hit color cartoon a sports Novelty More about r. A. F. Continued from Pige Ona temporary and local sir superiority so far he said the answer to the second question has been satisfactory from the British viewpoint. Praising the fighting of the norwegians and Emp humping that Britain France and Norway All have troops in the Field against Germany now he declared that the germans might not have reached Oslo had it not been for a forged orders Quot and the fact that the norwegians were caught before their army was mobilized. Feu troop i issues this source said there had been a practically no loses Quot so far in British landings in Norway hut that a we can to expect that Happy state to continue he said British Contact with the norwegians had shown them to be greatly lacking in equipment. On the Home front the ministry of Home Security a urgently Quot warned britons against raising to watch night air Battles from lighted windows. It said a a considerable number Quot of inhabitants of a Southeast coast town had shown lights recently while antiaircraft guns were fighting off German raiders. The allies deplored Strong forces on Battlefront spotted through Norway s Snow packed mountains and valleys As swedish Border reports indicated the norwegian Campaign against German invaders was heading toward showdown Battles. \ film mov pm both the High command still veiled its movements to keep the germans guessing where their expeditionary Force would strike Frontier dispatches revealed however that the germans were trying to get reinforcements by air to stave off impending attacks on two fronts a the trondheim Region on the West Central coast and tile Oslo District. A norwegian communique said British troops appearing in Eastern Norway id Miles from their Point of Landing had helped repulse the German Advance North of Oslo while other alter forces were said to he encircling trondheim after making landings North and South of that strategic City. It was reported major general Carton de Wiart who served on a British military Mission in Pond last autumn was directing the British forces in Central Norway. A girl guides in Jamaica Are cultivating gardens to Supply War food. A a a Punk a 1939 silk cocoon crop was valued at More than $200, 000,000. Flashes of life by the associated press by the associated Presa brom o a leks expensive new Stone night club owner had the jitters and figured the Only cure was Quot a buggy ride in the Bermuda so he a a Clipper plane Down saturday and Back sunday. Round trip $120 plus $6 excess baggage Moonlight ride $5 hotel $15, and miscellaneous tips Etc. $10. Total $15$. More about Scalise continued from Page one faces a mandatory sentence of 15 to 30 years if convicted of a felony. Scalise. Who served we years in Atlanta Federal prison for White slavery Iii 1913 and since has been turned Down twice in attempts to obtain a presidential Pardon and restoration of civil rights was fingerprinted and arraigned in general sessions court before judge Jacob Gould Schurman. Or. He was released in $40,000 bail posted by his Union after spending the Day in tombs prison. His Secretary Ann Kay arrested saturday As a material witness was freed on $20,000 bail the Union put up for her. Charges extortion assistant District attorney Murray i. Gurfein said Scalise extorted Money from hotels by threatening them with strikes excessive wage increase demands and sabotage. John Kadel Scalise a attorney said a this is Good Campaign material. This prosecution is rampant with politics. Scalise has been pilloried by Dewey and the More about German bomb continued from Fage one and a Little West of trondheim. The Rauma River flows nearby. Stating he lived in a a a modest cottage in Brooklyn. Hee the Birdie Coffeyville Bill Steele always laughed in the joke about somebody breaking the camera when he had i picture taken. Blitz a Coffeyville it our a smiled pleasantly As Steele Nap Ted the Minuter. I lie Tau k of die camera fell out. Losey Strick while standing in Tunnel during air raid Stockholm april 22�?up a Captain Robert m. Losey. Assistant United state military attache in Stockholm a killed by a bomb splinter the Goteborg newspaper handels to Ningen Bald today. Losey it said a standing upright in a Mountain Tunnel during a German air bombardment at Dombras Norway yesterday when a bomb exploded ahead of the funnel and a fragment struck him in the heart. The newspaper said nobody else in Tbs Tunnel a Hurt. Italy has a new turn Over tax on sales. More about brands continued from Page one 12 Days in jail or a $25 Ane. His conviction a upheld by the California Superior court for Shasta county. Loitering outlawed in the Alabama Case the statute prohibited picketing a for Hie purpose of hindering delaying or interfering with or injuring any lawful business or Enterprise of it also outlawed loitering i a without a just cause or Legal a i excuse Quot near a place of business1 not to align themselves with either governor Hoey or the a Roose a of inducing other veil Quot movement. Democrats squeezed nearer taking stand on presidential Campaign Between for Hull Folger asserts governor s statement won t cause death of Roosevelt for third term drive in North Carolina Raleigh. April 22.�? a a political source Here today said the seven democratic candidates for governor were finding it difficult China a shipment to the United states last year totalled $55,809,-000. For the purpose persons not to Trade with or work for the business. Thornhill was fined $100. His conviction was sustained by the Alabama court of appeals. A a tip Routh paroled Raleigh. April 22.�? ah�?1tip Routh serving seven to ten years for House breaking and larceny in Randolph county and seven Short term prisoners have been paroled governor Hoey announced today. Routh a sentenced in december. 1938, organization of a a third term for Roc launched a week ago and w As followed by a vol Hoey endorsing Secretary of state Cordell Hull for the presidential Evelt Quot movement wag statement of governor nomination. To the Rescue Kansas City Street cars were marooned by a fir that destroyed the Only Tramway Bridge Between Kansas City Aud the Argentino District. The Public service company has decided to replace the Iron wheels with rubber tired one and Tow the tars to the nearest car line. Then they la put the Iron wheels Back. Of just u omm american women Are victims of a progressive polygamy says the Ranee of Sarawak More about British order Gas Gas All time or. Jan. Tillar nay a Gay of my Elom in h was to had i could t eat or sleep. Usa a Van seemed to Presa on my heart. Adle Rika brought me Quick Relief. Now i eat to f wish sleep ant never Felt better. Mann drug stores tomorrow and wednesday Broadhurst a 0�t� c4ft6l.lt m after the show or late at night you la always find delicious foods at the Rainbow diner always open 301 North main 8tre�t company manners Lincoln. . S. Mom to tramp wonder w Lief her some fellow Wea made desperate by Una tip Ith get it e Din nor per tor whether he we a Tiff considerate. A thief broke into i ter to my a just 12 sated Fork a end left two. More about nazis set fire continued from Peg one troop anywhere in the regions occupied by germans a in the Bergen sector Booty seized by German troops was increased by a number of modern guns and a considerable amount of material. A a land connection Between German troops in occupied regions from Oslo via Kristiansand to Stavanger a been established. Norse overwhelmed a German troops advancing in the Oslo Region northward and northwestward encountered norwegian troop and overwhelmed them. In the course of the fights our troops took gjovik and Lille Hammer As Well As elevated terrain at Lun Hadge. The opponent suffered heavy looses. A larger fighting plane units successfully attacked British attempt at Landing troops near num sos Aud a Dalsnes Atta Des toyed places occupied by British troops is Well As railways. A one British destroyer was struck and two enemy merchant ships sunk. Despite bad weather German fighting Danes cooperated in breaking enemy resistance North of Hamar and destroyed the enemy s rear rail connections. A Bhe Nal Heizer a an Arsenal of the Oslo Garrison. Ailed with Large quantities of munitions and supplies was discovered at Heve Doreya and seized. Two enemy submarines were destroyed in the course of a submarine Hunt in the Skagerrak and Kattegat. A work was resumed on the norwegian naval wharf at Horten. A the air Force continued reconnaissance of the sea Region around Narvik along the norwegian West roast and Over the Northern part of the North sea. British air planes attacked the Airport Al Aalborg Denmark causing neither personnel nor material damage. In the course of the attack three British planes were shot Down. Another was shot Down during the night Over the German coastal Region. Quiet in West a in the West no special development. German planes in the course of reconnaissance Over France flew As far As Bordeaux. In the course of the Day several air fights developed in which two British and two French planes were shot Down. Three German planes failed to return. One German plane was forced to land in Bwlis territory owing to a it k of a a a a a a Convoy Center Hamilton Bermuda. April 2 2.�?</p a British authorities announced today that a from about the beginning of May Quot Bermuda will be a concentration Center for British projected merchant coneys. By Ruth Millett it will probably Shock american women a who hold their a Equality Quot so dear and who Are used to thinking of themselves As the most fortunate woman in the world a to hear that a woman who has spent most of her life in the far East thinks we Ere a pitiful lot. The Ranee of Sarawak English born White Raja of Sarawak has been in this country eight months and that is the Way she feels a american women have gone a Long Way on the wrong Road a in gaining a Equality they succeeded Only in giving men More Freedom. A Why the malay Wonan of Sarawak whose husbands have is Many wives As they can afford have More real Security than american women. A in America it is not at All unusual for a Man to have one wife after another leaving the woman he i tired of to support herself and perhaps a child or two. What you have Here is progressive polygamy. And from it women of and their children lose. A in Sarawak no matter How Many wives a Man has he supports them ally and he supports All their children. So even when a wife is replaced in her husband s still her a a borne children will continued from rage one Ordinary air defense precautions were taken. Focal Points of the fighting apparently were Verdal Sora 35 Miles North of trondheim and Elverum 80 Miles North of Oslo near the swedish Frontier. Approximately 300 Miles of rough terrain separates the two Battle front. Cai hed the fighting around Vervals Sora according to swedish sources developed when Allied forces driving Olith after effecting a Landing at Samsoe attempted to break the German hold on the 100-mile railway line linking that port with trondheim the key to Central Norway. The norwegian legation Here announced Early today that the Swift moving Allied column supported by tanks had attacked the germane at Elverum after Dis a bulging the invaders from Hamar 20 Miles to the West. There were unconfirmed reports that the British actually had occupied Elverum. Swedish anti aircraft batteries. Under strict orders to guard against any Border violations fired warning shots at two Ger a Man planes which flew Over fortified islands off Goteborg last night and shot Down one of the Craft when it failed to veer off. The Crew of four was rescued. Made forced landings several other planes passed Over i Southern Sweden. Which a blacked out during the night and two. German planes made forced j landings on Gotland Island in the i Baltic sea they were burned by their Crew members who were in it turned. The Goteborg Postern one of Sweden a largest newspapers declared that the German have Book a the three White a been making repeated and do j bus been published in fug liberate flights Over swedish territory for the purpose of photographing fortifications. The paper railed for stronger Aerial defense affection she arid she knows he supported. A their Equality has made american women hard driving a feminine restless they have the a restaurant look a always looking around impatiently sizing people up in a manner that seems to say who Are you How much Money have you got us will you he Worth anything to one a Bua Meh restless Nash on the women the Ranee is a pretty Gray haired woman with four grandchildren and looks every Inch her highness the Ranee of Sarawak. Tie says that she has visited Many Home in America fit Haw hem in none where there is a air of peaceful Happy Contentment. She blames that condition on the women she Winnies on them too the frustration of american men All of we Hom. She say a look either exhausted or frightened intimidated by a swarm of intellectual in spite of All her ideas about woman a place the Ranee is by Way of having a career herself. Her Jai land. And a new novel a a Star fell Quot will be published in Anteri Ca in May. Folger wont quit j. H Folger chairman of the Roosevelt movement issued a statement last night saying that the a North Carolina for Roosevelt Quot movement would continue its efforts to pledge the states 26 votes to president Roosevelt at the National convention. Folger added however that the organizations plan for a a a Courtesy vote for governor Hoey on the first ballot would necessarily be eliminated in View of the governors expressed desire that his name not be presented Hoey in his statement last week said that he had a very Good reason Quot to believe the president himself would support the Secretary of state. Thi was followed however by a statement from Hull himself that he was not a candidate for the nomination. He re of a Ltd rpt a Nur noting that. Hoey said he believed or. Roosevelt would port Hull Folger said Quot we fail to see. Then How there Tau be objection to our pegging our vote to president Roosevelt should he be receptive. We Are not in a position to guarantee that president Roosevelt will accept the nomination. We do believe however that we know As much about hit plan and desires As do any other in this sup weather Ian Al. Weather today last night High yesterday. Rain in inches. 58 3 9 59 .15 after 33 weeks All Europe dreads total War in Arm North Carolina a or. Not quit so Cool in South and West portion tonight tuesday partly Cloudy and some what warmer becoming unsettled it Mountain. South Carolina fair to partly Cloudy Wita a lowly ring temperature tonight and tuesday. Georgia partly Cloudy with ring temperature tonight and tuesday Fol a Lowed by Shower in Northwest portion by tuesday night a Virginia fair with tight Frost in the Interior tonight tuesday fair. Somewhat warmer u i nos Hatteras to Jacksonville fresh to Strong northerly wind Dinnin Uhing Over extreme North moderate northerly wind becoming variable Over Outh and Central portion generally fair weather tonight and tuesday. I Sandy Hook to Hatteras St Long Northwest wind diminishing tonight partly Cloudy tonight fair tuesday. A a. Charlotte. N. C. April 22 a apis official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hour ending at 7 30 a in., in the principal Cotton growing area and elsewhere station Max. fall few of Europe remaining 22 nations at peace were sure they would remain that Way Long As total War Quot threatened to engulf the continent with the invasion of some neutrals the Active participation of others. Map spot War action in the 33rd week of conflict and shows alignments of various neutrals s with belligerents. A Asheville. 53 37 of atlant a83 45 of Augusta. 68 44 of Birmingham. #6 40 of Boston. 38 31 .42 Charleston. 66 48 of Charlotte. 61 40 of Chicago. 41 .00 Columbia. 66 40 of Denver. 73 35 of Detroit. 55 33 of Evansville. Is 46 of Galveston. 65 of Greensboro. 36 of Hatteras. 55 49 .34 Jacksonville. 50 of key West. 75 63 too Little Rock. 51 of los Angeles. 73 56 .00 Memphis. 66 52 of Meridian. 71 43 of Miami. 75 52 of Mann St. Paul. 60 44 of Mobile. 74 46 of my. Mitchell. 30 18 of new Orleans. 76 56 on new York. 51 33 .56 Raleigh. 55 38 of san Antonio. 62 of san Francisco. 58 50 of Spartanburg. 61 40 of Tampa. 65 57 Chi Washington. 47 43 04 Wilmington. 55 40 of measures noting that Adolf Hitler a s remarked that a country which defend Ila neutrality is not Neutral

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