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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chance of showers More data on Page a 92nd year no. 112 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads ms-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon april 21, 1976 62 pages daily i so sunday 35c Gas grocery costs drop Price Rise held to minimum Washington a falling prices at the gasoline pump and the third big monthly drop in grocery costs held the Rise in consumer prices to two tenths of a per cent in March the government said today. The March increase compared with february a consumer Price Rise of one tenth of a per cent and an increase of four tenths of a per cent in january. The january to March figures left Consumers with the lowest three month inflation rate in almost four years. The labor department said the increase for the three months ending in March a a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.9 per cent a was the smallest three month increase since june 1972. It compared with an average increase of about 7 per cent for each Calendar Quarter in 1975. Lower beef prices led the decline at grocery counters where prices fell another 1.2 per cent in March. Grocery prices fell 1.5 per cent in february after a decline of four tenths of a per cent in january. Gasoline prices fell 1.3 per cent instead of moving up As they usually do in March. The Cut in the nations inflation rate has exceeded even the most optimistic projections but the Ford administration had cautioned that the declines in food and fuel Are not Likely to be sustained. Maynard Comiez acting chief economist for the Commerce department said in an interview before the Price report was issued that food and gasoline prices were beginning to climb higher. Quot i done to expect to see a Sharp re acceleration in prices but i do think we might see some increases larger than we have been getting a he said. Despite the slowing of inflation the purchasing Power of the average american worker fell seven tenths of a per cent in March because weekly earnings were held Back by a reduction in working hours. However Over the year purchasing Power was up 4.3 per cent. The consumer Price Index stood at 167.5 in March meaning that it Cost Consumers $167.50 to buy the same variety of goods and services purchased for $100 in 1967. Over the past year prices have risen 6.1 per cent the smallest gain in any 12-month period since the year ending july 1973. The agriculture department reported earlier this month that consumer food prices on the average held steady Early this year but cautioned shoppers to expect increases in the coming months although at a slower rate than in recent years. Although agriculture department officials so far have declined to predict food prices beyond mid year previous estimates indicated that Consumers might see food costs go up an average of 5 to 6 per cent Over the entire 12 months compared with a gain of 8.5 per cent in 1975. The leveling off of food prices was largely due to Sharp declines in meat prices which officials say have already started climbing. Social Security checks increase Washington apr the government said to Day that 36.3 million persons receiving social Security or supplemental Security income benefits will receive a 6 4 per cent Cost of living increase beginning with their july checks the social Security administration said the average Benefit Tor a retired worker will increase from $204 to $218 the maximum Benefit for a person retiring at age 65 in 1976 will increase from the current $364 to $387 30. While minimum Benefit will increase from $101 40 to $107 90 for an aged widow the average Benefit will in a a social Security on 2a despite last minute offer rubber workers strike Cleveland a the United rubber workers struck the rubber Industry a big four nationwide today despite a last minute Firestone tire amp rubber co. Offer that included an unlimited Cost of living adjustment. Master contracts that expired at Midnight with Firestone Goodyear tire amp rubber co., of. Goodrich co. And uniroyal inc. Covered about 60,000 of the urn s 190.000 members. Peter Bommarito urn International president said Firestone s proposed total hourly wage increase of $1.15 Over three years 60 cents of it in the first year a is Short on what we need for a Cost of living wage catchup for 1976 Firestone said its offer was a in the Best interests of the employees the country s continuing economic recovery and the any settlement with Firestone would set the pattern for the rest of the big four. The strike the second nationwide shutdown in . Industry within a month was expected to have Little immediate effect outside the big four Auto makers said they had stockpiled enough tires to last up to four weeks depending on the Type of car and the rate of production but the car makers also said a lengthy strike would Cut into operations at some Point because Assembly lines require such rubber parts As hoses floor Mats belts and gaskets As Well As tires. Bommarito said the urn s total economic demands represented a 42 per cent increase Over the current average package of $9 05 per hour that includes wages of $5.50. Negotiations with Firestone broke up at 2 a m. And were scheduled to resume this afternoon. Talks with the rest of the big four were to continue today although a Goodyear negotiator in Cincinnati where that company s sessions were conducted said that because of the intense efforts with Firestone a everything is up in the air a a uniroyal sessions were in new York and Goodrich meetings were in Columbus Ohio. Besides the strike the urn also launched a worldwide plea for a consumer Boycott of Firestone products initial reports As picket lines went up from Massachusetts to los Angeles indicated a a quiet orderly As an official at one of the 47 plants put it. There was a Brief window breaking spree at Firestone s main Akron Plant. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. A Sticky problem q. I have two 9 by 9-Incb baking dishes that Are stuck together and i have tried hot water and Oil and i cannot separate them. I wonder if someone could Tell me How to separate them mrs. . A we d try putting the Bottom one in hot water in the sink and fill the top one with ice cubes hoping the former will expand slightly and the latter will contract. If that failed wed it i it bring them Down Flat and sharply on a counter top 2 run a knife or single edged razor Blade Between the two 3 submerge them overnight in hot soapy water and 4 give up and use the two As one double walled dish. In Case of Tornado. Q. I am curious to know what does a person do for safety if they sight a Tornado. Or. B. A. A family preparedness plan May not prevent panic but can minimize it and reduce the risk of injury if everyone knows what to do wherever they Are. There May be Only seconds to take shelter. If one has been reported in the area open the doors and windows on the North and East sides of the House. The reduction in air pressure when a Tornado moves through can cause a House to explode if it s tightly shut. The Southwest Comer of a basement under a Strong table or work Bench is the safest Refuge if there is no basement take shelter in a room in the Center of the House under the heaviest furniture available. Keep away from windows. Inside a school apartment or office building stand against inside Walls on the lowest floor. Avoid auditoriums or gymnasiums. Out in the open the Only Way to escape one is to move at right angles to its path. If there is no time to take evasive action find a ditch or Ravine and lie Down covering your head. As one who has been in the maelstrom of a Tornado we assure you it s an instinctive reaction to Crouch or lie Low to make As Small a target As possible from flying debris and to cover your head especially your ears the incredible noise a Tornado generates is somewhat like the scream of a Jet engine at close Range. It was 40 years ago this month on april 2,1936, that North Carolinas most destructive Tornado struck Greensboro killing 13 people injuring 144, and causing about $2,000,000 in property damage. There is some Comfort in the fact tornadoes Are Small their path usually being about 400 Yards wide. They usually travel a path of to to 40 Miles although some have been known to move As far As 300 Miles. Sound off would you please mention in your column for people to please see that their dogs have plenty of water at All times to Check on their chains and not to Chain them in the hot Sun. Today it was in the is and i saw a dog tied with a rope wrapped around a pole without water. I immediately called mrs. Rhonda boat who investigated it and she was told by the owner that he had asked his children to give the dog water that morning but it was not done and they were gone the entire Day. Mrs. Boat saw before she left that the dog was Given proper attention. Please parents of you ask your children to help take care of your animals see that they do it before you leave for the Day. Thank Yon so much. Mrs. 8. Boss sex demands illegal Washington apr if you lose your Job or a promotion because you won t play games behind the filing Cabinet with the Boss you May be Able to make a Federal Case out of it. A Federal judge ruled Here tuesday that a worker who resists the Boss sexual advances May sue for sexual discrimination if the worker loses his or her Job or is denied advancement the decision is apparently the first in which the 1964 civil rights act has been successfully invoked by a worker charging sexual discrimination although . District judge Charles Richey s decision was made in the Case of a female worker he said his ruling also applies to a male worker who resists the overtures of a female Boss and to a worker who is imposed upon by a homosexual supervisor hut Richey said there probably would be no sea Boss on 2a Blacks May find houses in suburbs Washington a inner City Blacks often trapped in ghetto areas because of their need for cheap housing available there May soon find similar Low income housing in the predominantly White suburbs As a result of a supreme court decision the court in an 8-0 decision tuesday said Black residents of Chicago had been confined to Public housing projects in ghetto areas of the inner City largely because of Federal complicity in discriminatory practices that kept Low income housing out of the suburbs therefore the justices said when Federal officials Are found guilty of racial Bias in the placement of Low income housing in a City Federal courts can order them to create housing for the poor in neighbouring suburbs the court s decision could have widespread effects on construction of new Public housing projects in cities where Blacks can prove that Low income housing has been concentrated in ghetto areas by governmental efforts to keep the poor confined within City limits in the Chicago Case lower courts had held that the City housing authority created a pattern of overwhelmingly White occupancy of Low income units in White neighbourhoods and Black occupancy in Black sections. The courts also held that the Federal department of housing and Urban development was similarly responsible for fostering segregation by approving and financing the plans drawn by Chicago officials. The justices said that since Hud operates irrespective of local Boundary lines it was proper for a lower court to order the Federal Agency a to Foster projects located in White areas a As a cure for the department s past complicity in discrimination the court ruled specifically that Hud can be ordered to provide such housing in the suburbs if the Federal government has contributed to City segregation through its Public housing funding programs in the Chicago area the decision could Lead to a housing plan that would Span six counties and an area of nearly 4.000 Square Miles the supreme court said it considered the Quot relevant geographic area for Blacks seeking Low Cost housing in Chicago a is the Chicago housing Market not the Chicago City the Case has become involved in the current presidential Campaign democratic candidate Jimmy Carter whose remark about a ethnic purity of neighbourhoods was in response to a question about the Case said the courts decision suits me Ford gets tax refund in 2 weeks Washington apr president Ford who paid $94.568 93 in 1975 Federal income taxes. Only waited a couple of weeks to get a refund Check of $11,631 07 from the internal Revenue service. Fords press Secretary. Ron Nessen released on tuesday a detailed report on Ford s income tax return showing the president made $251,991 24 last year and had taxable income of $204 ,605 83 Nessen said Ford s tax forms were filed earlier this month and that he received his refund Check during the past week when asked Why Ford a seems to get speedier service from the irs than the rest of us Quot Nessen gave no answer other than to smile Nessen said Ford paid $38,200 More in Federal taxes in 1975 than he did the previous year Gross income included the presidents salary his $50,000 expense act a Ford on 2 a Princess Ann Falls from horse Princess Ann lies on ground unconscious after fall the boots at right Are those of her husband capt. Mark Phillips map wire photo Blandford England apr Princess Anne s horse threw her going Over a Lence during a Riding Competition today then fell on her cracking one of Anne s spinal Bones and briefly knocking her unconscious Buckingham Palace said. She will remain hospitalized overnight and there was no immediate word on when she would ride again. Anne 25-year-old daughter of Queen Elizabeth ii is one of Britain a Hopes for an equestrian Gold medal at the Montreal olympics this summer. She also fell from horses during competitions in 1973 and 1974 she was Riding Candlewick in the Portman horse trials near Blandford when the latest mishap occurred a Buckingham Palace spokesman said Anne and the horse fell at the second to last Fence of the course and she was unconscious for Only a few moments witnesses said Princess Annex a husband capt. Mark Phillips also Riding in the event went to her Aid and was with her when she regained consciousness ambulance attendants rushed onto the track and covered her with blankets until an ambulance arrived to take her to the Hospital at nearby Poole. The Queen was celebrating her 50th birthday at Windsor Castle and was not present at the trials. The Princess is fourth in line of succession to the throne. Barbara Walters will Harry win news Triangle new York a will Barbara Walters leave Jim for Harry miss Walters in t saying Nhuc says ifs continuing negotiations with the Quot today Quot show Star to renew her contract and Ahu says it ton. Is negotiating with miss Walters acc reportedly is offering miss Walters a five year con tract at $1 million a year to co Antior the a Abc evening news with Harry Reasoner in addition to becoming the first woman to regularly present the evening news Over a major network miss Watters would also become the highest paid news personal to in television history ii she accepts the reported my i Mullion Dollar Abc offer. Miss Walters who began with a today Quot in 1961 and now serves As cohost with former neg news common Tutor Jim Hartz was t available for comment on her contract talks a spokesman for Nhuc news said tuesday that miss Walters is nearing the end of negotiations with the network on a new contract. A it May be As Little As hours or As Long As Days before she decides anything the spokesman said a hopefully Well be announcing that she s renewing her contract with us and an acc spokesman said tuesday night. A at this Point this is All that Abc will say we arc negotiating with Barbara Walters Early this month miss Walters whose current three year contract with a blk expires Iii september confirmed a report that she had met with Abc officials to discuss the possibility it co anchoring the a Abc eve Ning news with Reasoner she emphasized then How Ever that a it was just a preliminary meeting there was no finn offer just would you be interested7�?T�?� Reasoner told the associated press tuesday night that if miss Walters accepts the reported acc contract Quot id be fascinated to see what happens. I done to think anybody knows what would happen a asked if he would consider quitting if she were hired Reasoner said a that kind of discussion would be Between me and my Boss. How do people put it a i wont confirm so will Harry on 2a what s inside amusement Sio la a Bridge. 12d classified ads7-1 id comtes61 crossword13c editorials4a financial24 obituaries .2d sports Lac television. He women a news Sec b weather.5a

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