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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny warmer More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 107 thu a Mph Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n.c., wednesday afternoon april 17, 1974 60 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c new Nixon Jaworski clash near Washington a a sweeping new prosecution demand for president Nixon s watergate tapes could mean another confrontation Between the White House and the special watergate prosecutor. There was no immediate comment from the White House on How it will respond to tuesdays bid by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski for court permission to Issue a subpoena for 63 conversations. Jaworski a predecessor Archibald Cox went to court last summer and won backing from District and appeals courts for a subpoena issued on behalf of the grand jury. Jaworski also subpoenaed the White House last March for materials believed to relate to the barter of ambassador ships and got substantially what he requested. Jaworski asked . District judge John j. Sirica to make the subpoena returnable at to . April 23. That would be two Days before a subpoena issued for the House judiciary com Mittee for material it wants for its impeachment investigation. The special prosecutor said he needs the tapes and supporting documents to prepare for the watergate cover up trial of . Haldeman John d. Ehrlichman John n. Mitchell and four others scheduled to begin in Sirica s court sept. 9. His request to the court and the judiciary committees subpoena for 42 conversations differ in time and scope although 23 of the conversations Are duplicated. Jaworski concentrated on talks Nixon had with Haldeman and Ehrlichman formerly the presidents principal aides and asked for a few that included Charles w. Colson and John w. Dean Iii. The judiciary committee subpoena also asks for Haldeman Ehrlichman Dean conversations and also those Nixon had with former atty. Gen. Richard g. Kleindienst see new on 2a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Fish bait q. How do you make a bait bed for red fishing Worms also what do you feed them thanks. . A. Build a Long Trench of Cement blocks line with 8 inches of crushed Rock refuse cow manure and Lime on top to keep the acid Down. You can buy bed run Worms from a Raiser to Start a healthy crop outdoor magazines sometimes have ads for them. Feed them continuously with ground up laying Mash. Buzzing s of q. Is it Legal to keep a Beehive in our backyard and it is fenced in and was wondering if there was any City ordinance about keeping it in my backyard w within the City limits thank you. Or. H. A. Its Legal. Family help q. With someone that has had problems at Home what can you do without running away anon. A. It usually helps to talk to someone who has counselled other Young people with the same or similar problems. You can Call the youth services Bureau 205 Westwood ave., at 886-5181. Another is a a lifeline a a 888-7108. This is an Extension of youth for Christ an inter denominational International group supported by Christian organizations whose purpose is to help youth in a crisis situation. Call either one for counselling and it will be kept confidential. Peoples Day q. I understand that the governor of North Carolina has sessions with the people of North Carolina on certain Days of the month and i would like to know what places and time he has them As i would like to talk with him thank you. B. C. A. The next Peoples Day is scheduled for Fayetteville in the county courthouse on april 30, to . To 12 noon and 1-4 p. In. Beyond that no Date or place has been set. They Are held once a month in different Points around the state whenever the governors schedule permits. It s first come first served and with a five minute limit to bending the governors ear it pays to condense your thoughts or question beforehand and get to the Point As fast As possible. They usually accommodate 45 citizens per Peoples Day. For those who done to get an audience the governors assistants take Down As Many requests As possible and Contact the people later. Where Nixon campaigned Democrat victorious in Michigan election Sweet sixteen q. How old do you have to be before you can ride a motorcycle on the Public streets a. Sixteen since you have to be a licensed Driver. Re action in regard to the question from a person wanting a course in motorcycle repairing Guilford technical Institute has a class in this. The next one starts the first week in june and lasts for 12 weeks. Anyone interested May Call the adult education division. Sound off Andrews High school pts will sponsor a Flea Market and Spaghetti dinner on april 27. Persons wishing to donate items for the Flea Market May Contact Jennie Herndon 882-8973. Proceeds from this project will be used for the Junior senior prom and for the pts scholarship fund. A William Simon Simon new Treasury Secretary Washington apr president Nixon named Federal Energy chief William e. Simon to be Treasury Secretary today and pledged to play an expanded personal role in directing the governments economic policy. Nixon promoted Simon a chief assistant. John c. Sawhill to Federal Energy administrator. In announcing Simon a nomination. Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren also announced that the president a intends to play an increasingly expanded role a in coordinating the administrations economic policy. Simon a selection had been expected for weeks. Financial disclosure opposed Washington a a Senate passed Campaign Reform Bill that includes Little noticed financial disclosure provisions will be before a House committee next week when Congress returns from its easter recess. Chairman Wayne Hays a Ohio of the House administration committee already has said he opposes the Bill because it provides for full Public financing of presidential and congressional campaigns. The disclosure provisions also Are Likely to encounter opposition. A number of members have denounced such disclosure proposals As amounting to an invasion of their privacy. The disclosure provisions were perhaps the most surprising yet least noticed part of the legislation sent to the House by a 53-32 vote last thursday. Shortly before Senate passage sen. George d. Aiken r-vt., said a it is quite obvious that no Bill at All will become Law which resembles the s one As it now the disclosure provisions would apply to members of Congress candidates for Congress in a general election the president the vice president and All other employees of the government including members of the armed forces paid Over $25,000 a year. All would be required to file not later than May 15 of each year a a full and Complete statement showing a the amount and source of each item of income including gifts other than from immediate family members with a value of More than $100. A each asset and each liability of More than $1,000. A All securities commodities and real estate transactions other than the Purchase or Sale of a personal residence involving More than $1,000. Saginaw Mich. A Democrat Bob Traxler has ended the republicans 42-year hold on Michigan a 8th congressional District with a Victory that vice president Gerald r. Ford called a bad Omen for the nation. A one party control is not Good for America a Ford said after Traxler took slightly More than 51 per cent of the vote tuesday in special election that pitted him against Republican James Sparling or. A and the trend in congressional elections now is for the democrats to end up with an overwhelming majority in the House. This will mean a legislative in Washington today president Nixon was depicted by the White House As neither dismayed nor disheartened by Traxler a Victory. A the president believes that Jim Sparling fought a Good fight and if a Man is willing to run hard and Campaign hard on the issues the president will never turn away an Opportunity to help that candidate a Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said. Democratic National chairman Robert Strauss said in Washington that Fords complaints about a potentially too Strong Congress contradicted other political complaints by the vice president. 12th Man is killed on Street san Francisco a a Young Man was gunned Down in the Street tuesday night in what police said appeared to be the 18th random attack on Whites by one or More Black assailants. The latest victim in the so called a a Zebra shootings was Nelson t. Shields in 23, who was fatally wounded by a gunman who shot him in the Back at Point Blank Range. A it looks like another Zebra Case a said police inspector Gus Coreris referring to the police code name for the Case. A total of 12 persons have been killed and six wounded since last november. In each Case the victims were White and the assailant was Black. Other similarities to previous shootings were the weapon used a .32-caliber pistol and the apparent Lack of motivation. Shields the son of Dupont co., executive in Wilmington del., was shot three times outside a Home in a quiet residential Street where he had come with a Friend to pick up a Rug. The shooting in the Ingleside District was several Miles from the Western addition area where most of the previous shootings took place. A neighbor who heard the shots told police she saw a Black Man running up the Street. Police said the gunman apparently approached Shields on foot and shot him in the Back As he Bent Over the tailgate of the car. James m. Sparling or. Concedes defeat a that strikes me As an interesting posture for him to be in a Strauss said a because three weeks ago he was talking about a do nothing Congress that was unable to come to grips with Ford said the election would have no bearing on How Congress treats the president in regard to the impeachment inquiry now being conducted by the House judiciary committee. Sparling said he did not blame his defeat on Nixon who made a personal appearance in the District last week. But Traxler who campaigned As much against the president As against his gop opponent disagreed and added that Nixon is the problem of republicans not democrats. His Victory gave the 8th District seat to democrats for the first time since 1932. It marked the fourth time in five special elections this year that normally Gap areas have fallen to the democrats. But it was the first time Nixon took an Active role in trying to Stem the tide. With All of the 296 precincts in the District unaccounted for in unofficial j. Robert Traxler grins after Victory a wire photos returns Traxler had 59,918 votes Sparling 56,575. The results gave Traxler 51.4 per cent of the vote. Traxler said after his Victory that voters knew that perhaps a new moral Force was needed in the White House. A and while we did no to dwell on watergate. There Are a lot of people who Felt it very important that a message and communication be sent that decency honesty and integrity Are absolutely essential in the White in his comments in a statement Given to newsmen at Palm Springs calif., Ford my Patty Hearst participated freely sax be William b. Saxbe Washington apr atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe said today he is convinced that Patricia Hearst a was not a reluctant participants in a san Francisco Bank robbery and that he considers a common criminal. In san Franciso today sax television newsman Dies at 52 new York apr Frank Mcgee an no television newsman seen regularly on the a a today program died this morning. He was 52 and had been suffering from cancer of the Bone marrow for the past four years. The immediate cause of his death was pneumonia. His final months of broadcasting duty were performed under severe pain his doctor said. Mcgee made his last appearance on the a a today program last thursday morning and checked into the Harkness Pavilion of Columbia presbyterian medical Center Here later the same Frank Mcgee Day. His hallmark As a news broadcaster and commentator was absolute coolness in crisis a Quality that so a television on 2a be s View was bolstered by Bank guard Edward Shea who said miss Hearst a was full of curse words and appeared ready to fire a sawed off carbine if necessary during the robbery. Shea 66, who was disarmed during the Holdup said miss Hearst a absolutely was a participants in the Bank heist monday in which two passers by were shot. A she was t scared. I la Tell you he said. A she looked As though she knew what she was doing. She had a gun and looked ready to use it. She had plenty of command in voice. She was full of curse words. She let it be known that she meant Saxbe told reporters at his weekly news conference that he was expressing his personal views about the 20-year-old newspaper heiress reported kidnapped by the sym ionese liberation army More than two months ago. Saxbe said he believes the Fri would be justified in breaking into a dwelling to capture miss Hearst and Sla members. A the entire group we re talking about Are common criminals a Saxbe said. Ask a a Patty on 2a Home accidents scrutinized j what s inside amusements. Bridge. Classified ads comics. Crossword. Editorials a financial. 2a obituaries. Sports. Television. Women a news6-9a weather. Washington a Marion s. Gronemeyer was carrying a bottle of fruit juice in Kitchen when it shattered in hand. She says the wounds she suffered from the Accident required a a year of treatment casts therapy and mrs. Robert v. Estes was opening a bottle of Ginger ale when the top of the bottle exploded. Despite the care of specialists according to husband a the flexibility and mobility of right thumb is extremely limited and an uncomfortable nerve reaction the consumer product safety commission estimates that about 62,000 such accidents occur annually with about 25,000 resulting injuries requiring treatment in Hospital emergency rooms. The problems of exploding Glass bottles will be considered at commission hearings today and thursday. The hearings will include testimony from persons injured by exploding bottles and representatives of bottling companies including the National soft drink association and the Glass Container manufacturers Institute inc. In a letter to the commission mrs. Gronemeyer of Santa Ana calif., said that had she not been helped quickly she May have bled to death As a result of injuries. According to Estes of South Milwaukee wix., his wife a started the twist off operation and before the separation of the Crown from the Anchor ring the top of the bottle exploded with a loud or. Lawrence Kushner a commission member said that a Survey of 119 hospitals across the nation indicated that approximately 110,000 injuries a year Are associated with Glass containers and must be treated in emergency rooms. Approximately one Quarter Are associated with exploding bottles but Many More Are treated in physicians offices or at Home. Said he had talked with Sparling a and he informed me that watergate was not the principal Factor in his defeat. The unions simply did a better Job than the Republican organization in getting out the Sparling said he would decide later whether to Challenge Traxler in november when the seat opens up again in a regular election. He insisted Nixon was not invited to Michigan to Campaign for him. But rather to a get out of the White House where he is now isolated and face the in his three hour tour in the District last week Nixon avoided heavily democratic big City areas where unemployment hovers around to per cent. He concentrated instead on the Small communities where the districts cop strength lies. He Drew a generally warm Welcome from thousands although there were some protesters. Nixon s position weakened Saginaw Mich. A the democratic Victory in Michigan a special congressional election is a blow to president Nixon a Hopes of demonstrating political popularity to Rexi lican House members considering impeachment. Previous gop setbacks in House contests in Johnstown pa., Cincinnati Ohio and grand rapids Mich., have made Many republicans fearful of a cop electoral disaster in next november a congressional elections. Many congressional observers feel this has increased the likelihood that Many republicans May seek political safety by voting for an impeachment Resolution if the House judiciary committee approves one. In this atmosphere. Nixon decided to do his first campaigning since his own 1972 re election. Figuring he would be blamed for any cop setback Here he decided he should try to get in on any possibility of Triumph. Such a Victory would surely have been cited by the White House to cop doubters As evidence Nixon retains much support in the country and that a pro impeachment vote would be politically risky. At the time of the visit six Days before the election there was considerable senti ment among the 8th districts political observers that Republican James Sparling or. Had Cut substantially into the Lead indicated by polls for Democrat Bob Traxler and might even win. But when the ballots were counted tuesday night the vote for Sparling in the Rural areas Nixon visited fell below the Normal Republican percentages. It was insufficient to offset the democratic surge for Traxler in More populous Bay City and Saginaw where labor unions Are Strong. The Traxler Victory in a District the democrats last won in Franklin d. Roosevelt a 1932 landslide can Only be read As a further sign of weakness on the part of republicans and the president. Of this increases the likelihood of impeachment it is not because of the 8th districts new congressman. Sparling also said he would vote to impeach if the evidence warranted. The real Impact will come Traxler noted from gop House members already in Washington. A they Are the people that have to decide just How big an Albatross he a going to be around their necks in november a he told his cheering supporters

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