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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 14, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers possible More data on Page 10a 90th year a no. 104 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882171 High Point n.c., sunday morning april 14, 1974 114 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Syria adages new offer for separation of forces Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger received a new detailed syrian proposal saturday for a disengagement of forces with Israel in the Golan Heights. A it was a constructive attempt on their part a he said of the plan and map brought to him by Brig. Gen Hikmat Shehabi the syrian military intelligence chief. Kissinger will go to the Middle East around april 25 to try to Bridge the differences Between the syrian proposal and the one presented to him March 30 by israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan. A the United states will continue its efforts to bring the two sides together a the Secretary told newsmen a and it continues to consider disengagement Between syrian and israeli forces the primary objective to be achieved in the Middle East right Kissinger who saw Shehabi three times added a i believe the talks we had Here this weekend have furthered this a the Secretary also discussed the prospects for disengagement with egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fah my and Over lunch with soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko. As Kissinger pursued his diplomacy Israel sent warplanes against Syria for the second time since the october War. According to Tel Aviv the planes hit an invading syrian Force that had infiltrated the Golan Heights truce line. Adding to the somber backdrop. The syrian state con Assembly adjourns Raleigh apr the North Carolina general Assembly adjourned its 1974 session at 3 46 . Saturday. One of the Legislatures last official acts was to enact a Bill doubling the pay of legislators from $2,400 to $4,800 a year. This came when House and Senate accepted the report of a conference committee named to work out differences Between the two More stories on general Assembly actions during last Day Are on Page 11 a. Bodies. But the lawmakers rejected a last minute move to boost the pay of the governor members of the Council of state and the states judges by roughly 7lz per cent. Rep Jack Hunt d for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. No More separation q. Is it Legal to live with your husband after you have signed separation papers and is it All right we have children and he says he has grown up now and says he would like to know As soon As possible. Thank you. A it s Hunky Dory a meaning Fine o k. It just voids the Legal separation. Putting on a top hat q. Our school is having a gymnastics show and we need a couple of top hats that you would see in a circus. I would like to know of any place where i could get one from any store and if you could give me some idea. Please put this in the paper before april 19. It would be appreciated. Thank you very much. B. G. Tel. 431-7439. A. They Are apparently hard to come by according to top hat formals. If no one has one in their attic to loan maybe you could Rig up a reasonable facsimile made of Black cardboard or papier mache using a gallon can for a Mold unless that would fall Down Over your nose. Fibreglass cleaner q. Could you find out How to clean fibreglass showers and tub that would not scratch it thank you. A. The recommendation from two sources was either mild soap not scouring powder or any liquid Cleanser such As formula 409. They Are responsible q. I would like to know Why the Community pools Here in High Point Don t have to carry insurance to cover an Accident. I am a member of a Community Pool and it costs me $400 and some per year and i received a notice in the mail today that the club would not be responsible for loss or damage to property or to any member or guest losses shall be reported to the manager. All parents using the Pool do so at their own risk and the club will not be responsible for accidents or insurance in this. Please answer at once. Anon. A. An attorney says most Community pools in High Point Are non profit North Carolina corporations and can sue or be sued As any other corporation. There is neither a requirement that such Community pools carry liability insurance or that they not carry liability insurance. Regardless of the notice received in the mail a Community Pool remains liable for the negligent acts of its agents and employees the same As any other corporation. Cleveland reminded the House that these officials had received a a real substantial raises last year in the neighbourhood of $5,000 to $6,000. I think that a the House adopted Hunts tabling motion with a loud shout. During the debate rep. Sneed High a Cumberland pointed out that gov. Jim Holshouser has not accepted the raise voted him last year. A House passed Bill to modify the death penalty in North Carolina died in the adjournment Rush. It would have allowed judges to find mitigating factors in capital cases and to sentence defendants in such cases to life imprisonment. The Bill never came out of the Senate Calendar committee even though rep. Henry Frye a Guilford sponsor of the Bill. Waited some time for the committee to meet. Frye noted that the Senate debated at length a Bill that would permit licensed Beauty parlor operators to employee unlicensed persons to give shampoos. A they had time to debate who would Wash hair a said Frye. A i think it is More important to debate who is to be under the legislative pay Bill. The House speaker would receive an annual salary of $9,000 and a monthly expense allowance of $250. The Bill also would set the pay of the Senate president pro tem the House speaker pro tem and the Senate and House minority leaders at $6,000 and give them a $150 monthly expense allowance. Trolled television charged Kissinger with paying attend soft Only to a superficial details rather than the Basic Issue of israeli withdrawal from former Arab lands. And Tass the soviet news Agency attributed tensions in the area to a a Israel a ruling circles and the external forces backing but Kissinger Shehabi and Fahmy All beamed smiles at newsmen in the state department lobby and spoke optimistically. A the emissary from Syria and i had extensive talks a Kissinger said. A i presented the ideas that were brought Here by Gen. Dayan and we receive some detailed syrian ideas on How to Advance the disengagement of forces. Four girls suspected terrorists Belfast Northern Ireland apr four 17-year-old roman Catholic girls suspected of terrorism were served with detention orders saturday under which they can be held without trial for 28 Days. Catholic sources said. The girls were among 60 persons rounded up by the British army in raids in Belfast following fire bomb attacks in stores in the City a main shopping area the informants said. Security chiefs have said the Irish Republican army increasingly is using women guerrillas to evade the tight Security net around Central Belfast and carry out bombing missions. Ira bombings have caused property damage estimated at about $24 million in the last two weeks. Most of the other people rounded up in the army raids including several More girls were being held for questioning. The sources said. Security forces were on Alert for possible violence during Catholic celebrations sunday to Mark the 1916 easter uprising in Dublin. Demonstrations Are planned by both the official and provisional wings of the Ira. The Ira regards itself As the True heir of the irishmen who fought against the British in 1916. Inside Reading Cates looks Back Page in Spring in wild Bill cracks whip Page id classified. Pages 318d editorial Page 4a women s news. Section e sports Section c 17b entertainment. Pages 16, 17, 18b obituaries Page i of the builders of Faith a a a Christ to not risen the dreadful consequence is not that death ends life but that tee Are still in our sins. Still the slaves of lust and hatred and in v a jealously and by David Poling easter is the great festival of the Christian year. It has All the sounds of rejoicing All the Celebration colors All the words of Victory. For a Host of believing people easter morning was the real beginning of life. In the Early 1920s. After the misery and gloom of world War i . Studdert Kennedy the anglican vicar of St. Paul s and chaplain to the King of England put Down in a few sentences the enduring message of easter a if Christ be not risen the dreadful consequences is not that death ends life but that we Are still in our sins still the slaves of lust and hatred and envy jealousy and Kennedy had been a chaplain in the trenches. Later he was awarded the military Cross for bravery. This experience gave him a a front line theology a and awareness of the proximity of death surrounding life. So he could say frankly and personally to his Home congregation a to the first christians the great meaning of the resurrection was that in the risen Christ they found not merely an Assurance of survival in another world but a Saviour who set them free from slavery in is the same Joy that links us Down through the the two fold Point of easter needs constant review by the Christian Church that Jesus not Only was raised from the dead but that his will and word and spirit accompanies those who choose to follow him. This was the essential theme of John Bunyan in a Pilgrim s writing from a prison experience in England of almost 300 years ago. Bunyan was to demonstrate the presence of the risen Christ for those who seriously accepted his promises. Easter brings not Only Hope but direction a it offers companionship to the seekers of god. As Bunyan described the Way for christians a then the pilgrims desired with trembling to go Forward Only they prayed their guide to strike a Light that they might go the rest of the Way by the help of the Light of the lantern. So he struck a Light and they went by the help of that through the rest of this Way. Though the darkness was very christians see in easter Sunrise the emerging Light for their Day. The company of pilgrims sharing a journey and the conviction that the end with Christ will be Joy indeed. Christians observe easter by the associated press the Bells of Rome s More than 500 churches rang out at Midnight saturday ushering in the easter morning and summoning thousands of romans to their balconies and windows to hear them. After three Days of silence the 10-ton Campanoni a master Bell a of St. Peter s Basilica sounded loudly leading pilgrims to easter Midnight masses throughout the City. Pope Paul i who has been advised by doctors to Cut Back on his holy week schedule because of a recent attack of the flu. Skipped his saturday services in order to be fit for the easter sunday mass and his Blessing to the world. The 76-year-old pontiff delegated the saturday evening Vigil mass in St. Peters Basilica to Paolo Cardinal Marella head of the Basilica. Iii Jerusalem pilgrims lit candles in the ritual of the holy fire at the holy Abplanalp declares tax returns Are available new York a Robert ii. Abplanalp one of president Nixon a closest friends said saturday he would make his income tax returns available should special prosecutor Leon Jaworski seek them. Abplanalp issued a statement Here through a spokesman. It was in response to a new York times Story saying his returns and those of another of Nixon a closest friends Charles g. A a Bebel Rebozo were subpoenaed by Jaworski a office. A about the report that Spe Cial prosecutor Leon Jaworski has or intends to subpoena my income tax returns let me assure everyone legitimately concerned that i will make the times said the special prosecutors office subpoenaed the returns As part of a probe into a $100,000 Campaign contribution from billionaire Recluse Howard Hughes to Nixon. A at no time. As i have said so often to reporters to the Senate watergate committee and others have i discussed the alleged $100,000 Howard Hughes contribution with or. Rebozo or anyone else a Abplanalp said. Nixon Likely to alter tactics they re no Good q. I am a student at Ragsdale High school and we Are saving cigarette packs for a Young girl that is supposedly dying of a terminal disease and if we save these packs the cigarette company will redeem them and pay for one of the shots. My father came in today and said he heard that there was no truth to it. We have saved about 1,000 of them and we would like to know if it is True where we turn them in and who the girl is and what her trouble is. Thank you very much. . A. These empty cigarette pack saving ideas occasionally make the rounds but the better business Bureau knows of no company that will redeem them or charitable cause connected with them. Its a shame you be Squirrel led away so Many. Next time better get a definite who and where before you Start saving something so your altruistic nature wont suffer another discouraging blow. Washington a president Nixon is treating the House judiciary committee the same Way he has dealt with the courts and the special watergate prosecutor. But the House committee is not a court and the president May be forced to revise his strategy toward it. That became apparent last week when James d. St. Clair Nixon a watergate lawyer responded to the committees request for tapes of 42 presidential conversations. St. Clair is a Tough uncompromising advocate in behalf of his client. He volunteers nothing yields no More than he must. For like a Good defense attorney he is aware that in the courtroom his client is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. When the president decided to Cut off special prosecutor Leon Jaworski from Access to White House files St. Clair had no need to be concerned about losing Jaworski a Good will. When the White House complied with the subpoena Jaworski issued last month that ended the matter. But the Good will of members of Congress and especially the republicans can be crucial to the president in his Battle against impeachment. Some republicans were rankled by the tone in part of St. Claire a letter in which he said the president Hadnot finished reviewing the materials to determine what he Felt the committee needed to Complete its work. It was a Man whose support the president May find essential rep. Edward Hutchinson of Michigan ranking Republican on the judiciary committee who Best expressed the reaction to St. Claire a april 9 letter to the panel a i think it was offensive to the House in a sorry to a soft spoken lawyer from a Rural District in Michigan Hutchinson still voted against issuing a subpoena to get the materials the committee had hoped to obtain voluntarily. But neither Hutchinson nor the two other republicans who opposed the subpoena Trent Lott of Mississippi and Charles e. Wiggins of California said a word in support of the White House approach. Hutchinson said after the 33-3 vote that he doubted such a subpoena could be enforced and he Felt St. Clair had indicated he would Supply the material voluntarily. Hutchinson had described the White House strategy As a give As Little As possible As slowly As possible and then added that a it might Settle Down into a Long summer and on Friday influential Senate republicans disclosed that they have intervened in an Effort to soften the White House approach to the House committee. Sen. Norris Cotton of new Hampshire said a group of senators met with presidential assistant Dean Burch and succeeded in changing an Early and tougher draft of the april 9 St. Clair letter. A it would be asking for impeachment a Cotton said one senator told Burch. A we Felt it would be taken As a Brushoff by the House committee and would Lead to trouble a Cotton said of the letter. But even the revised version led to trouble. And the two lawyers who Are mapping the White House strategy James St Clair and Richard Nixon May have to adjust to the fact that a congressional committee often combines the functions of judge jury and prosecutor. Sepulchre Church. Outside israeli guards patrolled the City keeping watch for possible terrorist attacks. Fewer visitors than usual were seen on Jerusalem streets. For the first time in eight years due to Calendar shifts Western and Eastern churches were celebrating easter at the same time. In Jerusalem first roman catholics and then Eastern orthodox christians held services in the massive crusader Church of the holy sepulchre site of the Tomb where Christ was said to have lain before the resurrection. Protestant pilgrims gathered outside the City Walls at the Garden Tomb which Many protestants believe Marks the spot where Christ was crucified. Hours later the holy sepulchre Church turned to a traditional scene of chaos for the ceremony of the holy fire. Hundreds of orthodox and Eastern Catholic pilgrims jammed around the Tomb struggling to Light their candles from blazing torches thrust through two holes in the Side of the vault. In Istanbul patriarch Demetrius i spiritual Leader of the worlds 125 million orthodox believers urged that All christians celebrate easter on the same Day in the future. He said the a Chance coincidence of calendars was a a sign from our common risen lord reminding us that there is but one son of god. And one easter for All in the soviet Union although the easter season is not acknowledged by the soviet Reg i in russian orthodox churches held the traditional 10-hour easter eve service. Bells pealed candles were lit and bearded priests in jewelled garments carrying incense and icons led processions around their a churches until the doors were Flung open with cries of a Christ is risen a

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