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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny warmer More data on Page 6a 90th year a no. 101 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon april la 1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c some tapes proffered Nixon offer rejected subpoena vote delayed re. Zolt y ars was to taxis rapt Lmax a a of App Iii Vii Quot la v a a pm a facts $15aoc y a it Washington a the House judiciary committee today rejected a last minute Compromise offer from the White House to Supply some of the tapes requested for the impeachment inquiry but delayed voting to subpoena them. A request by rep. Delbert Latta a Ohio to make the subpoena More specific led to a recess of the committee until later in the Day when a vote will be taken. There was clearly enough support in the committee to vote for a Broad subpoena to cover everything the committee asked for in its original request on feb. 25 when Latta asked for the recess. The White House offer a made 45 minutes before the committee met a was to deliver some of the tapes in a Day or two. It was supported by most committee republicans but the democrats said it came too late. A a it a a Little late to make a Deal a said rep. Robert Kastenmeier d-wis., after committee counsel John Doar told of a last minute Telephone Call from president Nixon s counsel. Doar said James St. Clair said he would be willing to give the committee within the next few Days a number of specific conversations Between president Nixon and his chief aides that the committee believes relate to the watergate cover up. However St. Clair s offer did not cover a number of other tapes the committee asked for. As soon As Doar completed his discussion of St. Claire a phone Call a Resolution authorizing the committee to Issue a subpoena for everything covered by the request was put before the committee. It appeared to have solid support of the democratic majority. Doar said that in his talk with St. Clair the White House lawyer did not indicate whether Nixon would comply with a subpoena. The confrontation that has been building since feb. 25 when the request was made became All but certain wednesday after the White House said it would not decide until after april 22 what it would give to the committee. The White House position spelled out in a letter from James d. St. Clair. President Herbert l. Porter for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Repairs promised q. When is that old Brick House at the Southwest Corner of Pine Street and Gatewood Avenue going to be torn Down its been a terrible looking sight for a Long time. Anon. A. The building inspections department says the House has been condemned for human habitation and the owner has agreed to remove the fallen porch and do the other repairs necessary to comply with the minimum housing standards. Planning your schedule q. I am Only 12 years old and would like for you to print my question in the paper. I am in the 6th Grade and my teacher s name is miss Green and i have a lot of work and am behind on it and Don t know what to do. What should i do Ilc. A. You re asking somebody who a in the same boat and Hasni to figured out what to do either. Lets could Start by writing out what you do with those hours you Arentt asleep or in school a How much time you spend watching to playing worrying Etc. Then make a list of assignments both current and what you re behind on. Set aside a specific time when you used to goof off and apply it to catching up letting nothing interrupt your concentration. Make a commitment to do it. As an example one teacher of our 12 year old had her students sign a contract to do a certain amount of work by a set Date. They were Given a Choice of working for an a a or c Grade depending on which of three outlines of work they committed themselves to Complete satisfactorily on time. The parents signed the contract too so they would be aware of the obligation their child had made. Maybe you and miss Green and your parents could work up a contract and help you plan your study time so you can catch up and keep up. Putting an agreement in writing and signing it seems to make a commitment harder to ignore. And worrying you behind or. No Spray q. Is there anything that can be done to restore the spraying device on Spray cans that have been dropped and wont Spray anymore . A. Admitting to no research on the subject we would still suggest throwing it away. With the contents under pressure and printed cautions not to puncture the can better to lose the Dollar or two invested than risk having the can explode in your face by poking around with the valve. # re action in our answer to a recent question about wills the suggestion was made that wills not be kept in safety Deposit boxes. An attorney says in some states they Are not easy to get into after a person Dies but North Carolina Only requires that the administrator go to the clerk of court with a family member and it can be opened the same Day if necessary. If any burial instructions Are included it would be better not to keep this information in a Bank Box since a funeral May be held before the Box is opened or the will read but otherwise a will is easily accessible in a safety Deposit Box and perhaps safer than having it at Home in a Metal Box which thieves May cart off. Nixon s counsel antagonized committee members of both parties and a wide segment of the House. A i think it was offensive to the House a said rep. See Nixon on 2a Israel faces uncertainty politically Porter gets 30 Day term Washington a Herbert l. Porter who handled the surrogate speakers program in president Nixon s 1972 re election Campaign was sentenced today to serve 30 Days in a Federal correctional institution for lying to the Fri in its watergate investigation. Porter who will be 36 on saturday is the fourth former White House aide who has been sentenced to prison but the sentence was the highest of any. Before joining the Nixon re election committee in May 1971, Porter worked briefly in the office of Herbert g. Klein former White House director of communications. The charge carried a maximum five years in prison and a $10,000 Fine but a lawyer from the office of special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski said porters involvement in the watergate cover up was a less in degree than others who pleaded guilty to felony Richard Ben Remste an assistant special prosecutor told judge William b. Bryant that a Misdemeanour charge would have been filed in the Case had there been statutes to provide for it. Porter who pleaded guilty on Jan. 28, was sentenced to five to 15 months with All but 30 Days of the sentence suspended by Bryant. Porter must report to . Marshals in los Angeles on april 22 to begin serving the sentence at the minimum Security institution at Lompoc Calif Porter s wife Carol was in the spectators seats and friends on either Side held her hand As the judge pronounced sentence. She broke into tears when the judge said 30 Days. Outside the courthouse Porter called the sentence a very very he seemed relieved that the wait was Over. Porter told the judge about a the sorrow this brought to my wife my children and my a a in be Learned a hard lesson a he said. A it s a lesson i will pass Down to my the porters Are the parents of two girls and a boy. Porter who now works in his father in Laws Small construction business at Laguna Niguel calif., had admitted to the Senate watergate committee that he also gave perjured testimony to the grand jury and at the 1973 watergate breaking trial. He said he agreed to the lie a because of the fear of group pressure that would ensue of not being a team Jerusalem apr a Israel faced months of political uncertainty today in the Wake of Premier Golda Meir a resignation and there was no indication of the government that would emerge. Officials of mrs. Meir a ruling labor alignment said she would stay on As head of a caretaker government until new elections or until a replacement Cabinet could be formed. Either one could take months. The political upheaval and the fragility of a lame Duck government could weaken is Raele a hands in the negotiations with Syria for a withdrawal of israeli forces on the Golan Heights political analysts suggested. Worn out by increasing controversy Over whether defense minister Moshe Dayan should share the blame for israelis initial setbacks in the october War. Mrs. Meir who will be 76 in three weeks told the leaders of her party wednesday night a i can no longer Bear the Burden. I have reached the end of the mrs. Meir officially tendered her resignation today to president Ephraim Katzir. The meeting with the ceremonial head of state followed a special session of Meir a Cabinet. Katzir praised mrs. Meir for a her work and Devotion to the Rise and development of the he told reporters he thought mrs. Meir would re main As head of the caretaker government but would not try to form another Cabinet. The president said he would immediately begin calling in party leaders to discuss the formation of a new government. It was the second time in 39 Days that mrs. Meir announced she was quitting but this time it was generally believed that she meant it. A Don t try to change my mind it won t she told the party caucus and complained about political rivals a who say i am Only driven by lust for noting the wave of dissent following the loss of More than 2,500 men in the october War she warned a we cannot ignore Public feeling. The atmosphere created around the government has made it impossible for the government to handle All the problems facing a member of the immigrant establishment that has dominated Israel since its birth in 1948, mrs. Meir has led the government since 1969. The Harris Survey Nixon and Sparling r Greet crowd at Saginaw Airport a wire photo anti Nixon current Felt despite Welcome bad axe Mich. A president Nixon s whirlwind trip through Rural Michigan revealed considerable anti Nixon feeling beneath a Friendly respectful Welcome. But there was Little evidence it will affect next tuesdays special congressional election. State Republican c h a i a n William Mclaughlin was the Only major figure in either party to say that Nixon a wednesday impeachment favored 43-41% by Louis Harris by 43 to 41 per cent a narrow plurality of the american people is now prepared to agree that a president Nixon should be impeached by Congress and removed from office a while 16 per cent Are unsure. This is the first time that the Harris Survey has recorded a popular margin in favor of Congress removing Nixon from the presidency. A Clear majority agrees by 55-33 per cent with the statement that a if president Nixon fails to turn Over the information the House judiciary committee wants a then that committee a should vote to bring impeachment charges against the a substantial Louis Harris number 67-19 per cent do not expect the president to turn Over All the evidence the judiciary committee wants from him. And the Public gives him overwhelmingly negative Marks 71-21 per cent on a the Way he is cooperating with the impeachment from these results drawn from an in depth Survey of a National Cross Section of 1,495 households interviewed Between March 24 and 29, it is fair to conclude that the american people now want the full procedures of the Constitution regarding impeachment to be invoked against president Nixon. It must be pointed out. Of course that Only a simple majority is needed to adopt a Bill of impeachment against Nixon in the House of representatives whereas two thirds is required in the . Senate to convict him and remove him from office. At the moment Public sentiment seems to approach the proportion needed for an impeachment vote from the House but Falls Short of the two thirds Mark which would see impeachment on2a visit could be decisive in the contest Between Republican James Sparling and Democrat j. Robert Traxler. After speaking to an enthusiastic group of 5,000 at Tri City Airport Between the 8th District s population centers of Saginaw and Bay City n i x o n Fie w h Ere b y helicopter for a 57-mile motorcade through solidly Republican towns Anil hamlets in an area known for its shape As Michigan s thumb. Though his reception was generally Friendly there were signs at Many stops urging his impeachment. Speeches in bad axe Cass City and Sandusky Drew Only mild applause possibly because few could hear but there were Many who said they still support the president who carried the area overwhelmingly in 1972. I Don t think he Sas bad As they All try to let on a said John Graham in Cass City. A the has done an awful lot of Good for our Mclaughlin eager Tor a Gap Victory after the loss feb. 18 of vice president Gerald r. Ford s old grand rapids seat said Nixon a visit will have a a very dramatic effect on this Campaign. If we win there s no doubt in my mind that the president has turned the tide though Sparling insisted Nixon had t come to Campaign Tor him the president praised Sparling a work As a former White House Liaison Man. Sparling has d e emphasised that Point while Traxler has stressed it. In his arrival speech Nixon sharply criticized the Denio erotic controlled Congress for tailing to act on three of his Energy proposals deregulation of natural Gas easing of the Auto emissions standards and expanded use of Coal. Unemployment in the districts Auto plants is due to the congressional a a a bottleneck on those measures Nixon said. And he blamed Congress for the High Cost of living saying it stemmed from the High Cost of programs that lawmakers have passed. What s inside amusements.3d Bridges us classified ads4-9d comic Sec crossword10b editorials4a financial2a obituaries.2d sport Sec television .7c women a news Sec. B coastal zone Bill approved terrorists kill 18 in Israel Raleigh a the Senate today enacted into Law North Carolinas much embattled coastal zoning Bill Clearing away the last major piece of legislation in the path to adjournment. In approving the Bill the Senate reversed its decision wednesday not to concur in House amendments. Sen. W. D. Mills Donslow offered the motion to reconsider. This passed 32 9 and the Senate then began considering the amendments separately. Laster sen. Julian Allsbrook a Halifax who had led a vigorous fight against the Bill agreed to take the remaining amendments collectively and vote on them. A i Felt a lot of other matters needed attention and we just did no to have the votes a said Allsbrook q1ryat so Mon a Israel apr three Arab terrorists slipped across the lebanese Border into this Northern israeli town thursday and killed 18 persons in the most deadly guerrilla action since the Tel Aviv Airport massacre two years ago. The terrorists also perished As israeli forces stormed the apartment where they were holed up. A they were even armed with rocket propelled grenades and they were throwing children from the top floor of the building a one officer said. In Jerusalem Premier Golda Meir announced the death figures issued an in direct warning to Lebanon for harbouring Arab guerrillas and said the raiders were not warriors of liberation but people who came just to murder ,.the killing of children women and innocent civilians is murder Tor the Sake of murder. A the government of Lebanon must know that we regard it and residents of Lebanon who help the terrorists As responsible for this in the lebanese capital of Beirut a palestinian splinter group the popular front for the liberation of Palestine general command claimed credit for the raid and said it was a suicide Mission to de Mand the release of too Arab guerrillas jailed in Israel. It was also to free Kozo Okamoto the Lone japanese survivor of the 1972 massacre of 26 persons at Tel Aviv Airport the group said the group said the squad was made up of one palestinian one syrian and one iraqi called them a martyrs of the palestinian revolution a and said their a heroic operation demonstrated the Unity of All arabs around the palestinian senior police officers said they blew themselves up with their own explosives but the military command in Tel Aviv said the raiders were wiped out

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