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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 11, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Vieather probably Shower tonight anti re Neslav the High Point Enterprise High Point i ii i him a it it ii in i in Point Otter Good Pihi Tunit it for year around work vol.>5�?iso. I of member shot lated press High Point n. A. Tuesday afternoon april ii 1939 it of plate Nea service pm igl Fin e Geni British reported moving Fleet to Corfu German papers republicans democrats announce candidates Tidioute j. S., Willis Slane British actions Berlin april la. A i Lochs Fuhrer hitlers newspaper. E Voel Kischer Bemba it inter told a Cere and yugoslav today that i hey could come in danger Only they i i t ii 0 in sol v f h Phi is u so cd 1 i great Britain one France. Under the heading a Western Mno Racies again out to it Alt in e Gilly a Voel Kischer Bobach a i led the press attack which idea a two Day Holiday truce in Kiich to mans for the most part id been unaware to the intense Plonia tie activity in other la j Pean capitals following Italy a curation of Albania Britain and France were re Jated last night to have tendered Lara tees of greek and turkish i dependence against possible Tolian German aggression. No la offer has been reported yet the Case of Yugoslavia a we do not doubt that Athens 1 reject this immoral offer of e Western european j Illery newspaper said a and la remain As cold blooded As Grade Yugoslavia Quot the newspaper added that us countries Are in Possession i unequivocal declarations of a aggression a from Italy a just in Bolands from Germany. A they could coma in danger in if they let themselves he issued by the incorrigible im-1 toilets of the a newspapers hit hard Ai Iii ish efforts to line up Balkan entries especially Greece for cements similar to the Mutual Fen be understanding Between j Bain and Poland. Germans returning from i Heil Mer holidays Wen told of the Vity of cabinets and diplomats London and , Hitler still s testing at be re it Cag Aden. These were some of the head i a excited Diplomat game info undid political excitement London and Paris a and a Unerv con i in in is on engr 2 Tell be Back a unless we have a War last minute bulletins Ian it it of fill Frie los anti Eles pril la. Up a loan Crawford today a granted a divorce by Minier judge Benjamin Schelon Nan from Franchot tone. Her appearance in court a it expected. Very much Quot in the hands of the Law Quot in ii picture is Henry Elberg cornered by pursuing onlookers after he allegedly tried to Rob a san a Vancise store. He is shown after police grabbed him. British monarchs May postpone la. Tour a a King George to Confer judge indicted in abortion ring i in ligation outhit i ii in hit Kol Ron Naille for Brooklyn arrest Essing la i sea my Jas for divorce e Neu Torr pril la. A in a the hoi Dally prominent life of Andrew c Carnegie xxx hit Leld who disappeared nearly a ear ago applied for a Sepa Ilion and Alimony in supreme our today on the Assumption hat her husband in still alive. Whitfield vanished on april 5, Itsu after taking off from Loosevelt Field in a red Monotone for an unannounced domination. No Trace of the Young Lier or him air plane has been found. Nations at work Warsaw april Al i German radio station in Clite it in the German part of Alesia today began broadening programs to German in tin Olish Section of Silesia urging hat they compile lists of pole Aho a a persecuted hem or to attend funeral Washington april la. A pet meat Roosevelt will attend he state funeral tomorrow for senator James Hamilton Lewis if Illinois a presidential Secretary said today. It had been announced pre thusly that or Roosevelt could not attend. No a Plana Ion of the change in Plana was Fiven. Een Ger Aldine ill Larish a Greece april ill j of a Albania Queen Geraldine seriously Iii was removed 0 a Hospital Here today from a 1 primate Villa where she had Aken Refuge after flight from ice italian invaded capital Tir a. The Beautiful Young Queen if american i inn i Dan Parent a was running a High temperature As a result of the train and Shock from Lier trip Iver rough highways by Amini Anre front Tirana. King of was with her and or child now six Ria is old. N Kwh Yoh k. April ii. To More indictments were promised today by special assistant attorney general John Harlan \ men in an inquiry into Ait abortion ring that brought the arrest of judge George Washington Martin. Senior county Jurist in Brooklyn on charge of i thery. A this by no Means completes the pm Tutt amen mid. Two other men previously had been indicted on or tory charges in the investigation of a Racket which amen has said is respond in 100,000 Iii u ii i abortions in Brooklyn other defendants Are for set Octant attorney general Man and William f. Mess. A suspended assistant London. Pili la a i it i reported wit ton t c n a Ina n hat it la t Ion it k t Aff orge s visit to i be unit i 11 is and Cayadi in j it i a it be of d set uss Ion 1 la prime if Atli in i ii 1 it r c ii h til it a cd Ingram pallet Tori x f la i i j a fur a i Ferencz with the kit g a Large crowd Cheet in be a Rune he pal no Road the minister Ace amid me Berlin e Balkans i he Poi t tarted for of in anti City in Spain d As the gov is mayoralty candidate j democratic party slate incomplete mayor two councilmen yet to be in Arnee High Point s two big Polit i eat parties lined up today for a three weeks political Battle for conf col of the City government when republicans filed a full slate of nine candidate j and Democrat announced a div candidates Fin Lily Council inc mining the nomination of a mayoralty candidate Ami two councilman rond dates from j the finest Ward. Willis h. Blanc is to head the j ticket for the Republican. The j democratic candidate for the mayoralty was not announced. S hut reports from tillable Quarter late this afternoon were that i q. A Kirkman would Likely be j the Choice for that position and that his name would lie filed by o clock. The same source has it that Amos Kearns and or. M. V would probably he the nomination for coun ii from the first Ward following is a list of he coun i cil manic candidate of both Par ties a filed this afternoon Demik Ratiu i second Ward. H 0 Ilderton and m 7. Perkinson third Ward. C. A. Lewis and Edward Gurley. Fourth Ward r. In see h rest and j. E. Ward. Republicans first Ward w. B. M Ewen and Dale c. Montgomery Selt end Ward a f. Crooks and i a. Dowdy. Third Ward. Arnold i Koonce and w k Snow. Fourth Ward Felix p. Conrad and l f. Ferret. Republicans filed their elate at 12 o clock noon in a storm of excitement that followed an announcement by arc h k Behoc h that he might have to go out i f town at noon an a. Therefore might not to available for fit in later this afternoon and tonic the deadline for filing is Midnight tonight. Republic ans promptly branded the move on the Par of the chairman As Quot deliberate a and to Aleu lated to Forte an announcements of their ticket before the democrats announced theirs chairman Walter l. York re a a t Ion a a adj Khz president Roosevelt is pictured above As he uttered his one ominous sentence of Farewell to hts friends at warm Springs Gay to be Back in the fall if we done to have a listening with serious mein is Secretary of Commerce Hopkins who accompanied the president Back to Washington . Barter answers proposal Senate request being advanced adm Iii tru inn reported to hair sounded out european nations wash1ngto the admin apr ii t m Jyh i i it president confers with party leaders a i of t i the net cd by it Alo. My on a in it it i two w \ to snguon Dent Roost 0 d t publican. Said or. Choc was a obviously on the i c rement into died efforts to i it. Deigned to cml a soviet Russia into a euro Republican and he i a n it la of Ocny Finith x of f fare pea n i he i ii 11 a to n report i 81 111, pc the Mer a sol Quinne Brooklyn Lis cirt attorn by. Judge Martin who has he1 ii in $26.0<>0-a-year Post for i Veals pleaded innocent vested to two c Harges that to solicit is Ion \ of a possible can fellation because of Kine Pean in est of the visit pm tin ii for the Kin Ann Queen could not be borne out in official quart Era. So Rar As could he ascertained plan have Hen going ahead for the visit which la to begin next month. Ivan Mai sky soviet a in Hanaa to v sited the foreign office this to nine for conference with ret Ary via Cunt Hal r Ico while not so Embarrass did place them Iti difficult i the moment in View of to that it t a in Prospe t i Ceda s w Ere out of the a at mid afternoon the main a Eta once Tai to whether or not the Dom i ticket would he filed Una tonight. The Xenou Jeenii 1 the sin came sifter four following a series of clo j Etc of ranking members part v the deadline for filing the ated s. It a for fact Arditi la Ter Are of of assent diff in abroad. By uni the end of agric to t v of t to a Mem could nations w tint or i a i a that obtain in intended i the it the semen i i u l o by ate Hull int her it Leal of the of in. Of a1 Art of w plan had my Herr i Hod Civ. E i me Dice be drat la the w ,1 it Vav Aud accepted a 11.000 bribe to dismiss indictments against a Brooklyn physician a lid three woman assistant charged with performing an illegal abortion the >3 year old Jurist Strucely Clad in h Brown checked suit and Camel hair Topcoat was released in 11 bail. The maximum penalty for conviction on both counts would b 20 s reported reliably tit it p eased the soviet \ in British la Olish Mutual a i not enough to Stop t Axis Powers Aud to have d cursed tie possibility of a agreement which would in Rumania Turkey Greece by Ila i la in informed quartet some Post was Given to report is of usual troop consent nations i thai a n la no i Eek Border British anxious Gaer Trimm a lox x is by it Tab on als did not con Cal their anxiety Over fell ate of Italy and German to remove the it by Law tonight it i 2 of it in Midi in t h set so How eve to the untie i Usu a Fri until in officers arrest gun toting men Michigan it Diatta hum Varro ital Al Highway Barite Cue stand v year in Toon and $9,000 in Fin a. On Linned on i a 2 Wagner challenges body which seeks revised act ii kens Boro. April la the slate Highway patrol has in custody Here two men identified a1 William Phillips Detroit Mih. And Xiv ill in Wayne Belton new Castle Idaho Hie tentative charged with carrying con coated weapon following their Arr St on the High Point Road yes Del As Byrnes explained tem. The commodity or. Portion would some of the ii Cotton on w itch the gov has made Loans to i a my government then would t i Trade with other count i turn it would sell to i in til facture to the rubber Fin other material acquit i. 2, Mai too la it s of it o i to n xxi old go Byrnes estimated that 2 Hales of Cotton it disposed of in this manner Law Ion cold he re i permit t he a a a a title in the Cicitt Senate Ifould has her a Ielati s. These treaties myi ties said t a i wheat should be Ano Tex a Lead til time on i pm hc0 spun j la i v it conf j vhf Bell. Britt Tun sin today to diet problems with Grotto a it aders a or the firs time a yesterday from tin splines. Ga., f or red with vice. Senator Barkle Democrat s Aker Bankhead repress nta11vi As the demo he pre of Ken Tate i f the Ray h hoi urn ii. For inference e Ore t is i 11 of nog. A a for that n the Chiel addin the w i la to \ Fence today w est d St i and assistant to tre m Morgenthau t the new plan Nan Muon and in. The net he by nil to nth a 1 Ogunti for rub it 114 i s of and tin who la i mid he Nee i cd it i no Ell i badly i n. Ase this in country bees 1 r i�?Tll1 i to vol v a in War. It Fot i ale the chief exec Titi pc a n an a l a s. In j no toll a e Lune Benn Vav la ii 1 a la re Iema Dillon new York Hank or. And to a n d i la 1.v i see so Cret Ary of j Date Hull i a1 of George s. A pacers Mith. Assisi a it a cretan in Chai a Nice personnel of foreign no it it jul id be a. I Egis ired Only in to obtain tit Bough the a pot of e har to xxx Eling in 1 Art time w on it i Ovid t til Cotton in held by i toe pm new y Ork in the a master p,1 e of Ari a m us ii Ai t h Nefi Yon k wot i d s in Usa. La Ord a i it the 1 it to his w ill Folio 1 he ii isl r to a <1 Lii Accel Art a v to pm in i from the i d d i e h a 0 ugh t he id a Nice ate Bart mile p or sods to 11 in i eighteen on Avav Berlin. April la. Map a an attempt to Roach Rover lev Cia of Bergdoll by Telephone rom Berlin through the Post Fulce of a Weinsberg. The xxx Cert Emberg Village where he made to Home brought an answer Tony that a Herr Bergdoll already ins left Vav tilt his family for my Trtan. A Telephone Ofie Rator in Burin relayed the me wan go but Ould give no further inform Ion concern Long Bergdoll who heaped from the i listed stated 1920 after having been Ltd need to five years in prison or evading the world War Iran Washington april la. The senator w Agner i d by i Chab longed advocates of a revised labor relation Art today to prove that. Their eggestion would help ii operation of the Lave mid not destroy in Quot any diminution of its offer likeness would a a National evil Quot Wagner told th1 Senate labor Committer a tis Multila Don would be a National i As the Cost Viltee took up the controversial question of modifying the act. Wagner agreed that if the need for alterations were shown he would introduce amendments or support those of other senators. He said repeatedly. However that the Basic principles of the aet Are sound. He said in would support proposals to let employers petition for elections to ascertain which bargaining Agency should represent their workers hut contended that a ruling of the labor Hoard and not Thart it surf pre i vented such petitions. A comprehensive series of i Ter Day afternoon in a 1939 my i Coupe containing two revolvers a Rifle and a Quantity of ammunition. Patrol Headquarters received a j Telephone Call from an undisclosed source saying that the men we re i i at a Barbecue establishment Sev fit a Miles oui of Greensboro. Neither Phillips 33, owner of title automobile nor Belton 25, i who was seated under the wheel when patrolmen arrived on the scone would respond to questions other than to a that thy were Quot touring the country a a according to Lieut. D t la in Ivor i. Troop Coin Mand of. And tents Lias been propose by the american federation it labor As ail aftermath of con to oversees Between is Craft unions and the Industrial unions of the cloth Akl also would rest i it i pow i a of t he la Bor Hoard to invalidate existing Union cont t a to. Senator Burken Noh it has asked that a new three met her Hoard lie appointed to replace Tim present one a n d senator Holman in Ore has suggested that a labor relations commissioner and a nine Merln r appeals commission be substituted. Wagner said that the labor Law w hich bears his name has proved Quot an effective instrument for economic peace and Indue j minutes today from Southampton j Nial of trial Quot it has vastly benefited workers employers and the Public at Large quoth a raid a no Cine challenges its objectives no respond Idi openly advocates its rep a Quot if cd pc i a i cd that Quot co k loss tampering with he Ait Quot would Start a Long string of Law suits. Chasing country for five years uti i is the Market Price should go j higher than certain stipulated Levels. A similar provision designed to prevent Price shattering dumping would apply to the rubber and tin acquired by til United states chairman Pittman l Nev of the Senate foreign relations committee said the Byrnes plan should have no effect on neutrality considerations of both Senate and House committees. The Senate group will resume hearings thursday pm proposals to Amend the neutrality Law while acting chairman Bloom i x y j called th1 House committee to begin hearings today. My nineteenth centum Cut Iii it i v pro it rations would hit Relief croup hard. Exec Itile sax i Washington Verj llah president Roosevelt acid in a letter to senator replies Ltd Fla it today it was a matter of Iiri Truvette that Between inn nun i and i ,090 Wink Relief jobs i would he eliminated if Congress appropriated Only $100,000,0 0 Hor the xxx a. Or Roosevelt originally cd i for a $15o too too appropriation the House voted $ i of non a a Ion and Pepper has been leading a Senate fight for the full a pro Pratt Ion. Pepper had inquired As to the president a views on the reduction. Quot in re pm j to your inquiry a or Roosevelt wrote Quot a think there is nothing for Rue to add or to Sii instruct from what i have made Clear in so Many or Ai ions i me lat i a till a in. Quot the sole question of Coutino ing Relief in a july first is one of a Cit h met in. Quot of one Hundred million dollars is voted Between three and four Hundred thousand fewer people can be Given work re Lief than if one Hundred fifty million dollars is voted and in addition practically none of the a even or eight people on Tho waiting list can be Given employ men t Quot it seems to me that that is Long and the Short of Pepper esd is i port ers Hopely l Pepper and his supporters had been hopeful or. Roosevelt would make some few statements in favor of the full appropriation senator Barkley Ltd by it and o i h e r administration leaders agreed on a $100,000,000 appropriation after Semi appropriations committee members threatened in recommend less ii a ii this sum. Be Ppd then launched his lit dependent fight for the $150, continued on Page 2 Hughes expresses desire to continue Bench duties by j x lies it i Douthat i i a1 Yankee Clipper on return flight to United states foynes Ireland. April the Yankee Clipper alight d a this transatlantic seaplane base at 9 55 a. In. 4 55 a. Ine. T. Atter a flight of to o hours and 42 j spokesman today an emphatic de report that German England. J troops had concentrated in South the 42-ton pan american Fly pm Austria along the yugoslav ing boat expected to make this the Border. Report of nazi troops on yugoslavian Border denied Belgrade Yugoslavia. Apra ill i pm the be Man legation in Belgrade issued through a Washington. April chief Bisti Charles Tkv Hughes Aid today no his 7 birthday anniversary that ii i re fed is continue his work presiding officer of the super court he made the statement through his Secretary adding that he was Happy to be Able to resume duties after an attack of Grippe the chief Justice who has in v i me his i coed chief Justice William Howard Taft birthday anniversaries always Are disregarded As far As possible by or. In ii a. A Large number j of congratulatory telegrams and letters however always serve As a reminder of the occasion his philosophy on the us ii it of Tho a was Given in a birthday statement three years ago we to j he said to going along without reference to tin i until his recent illness or. Last Stop on her commercial stir icy flight Over the Atlantic before1 beginning the return trip to Baltimore by Way of Lisbon Portugal and that a sores. The a Lipper left Baltimore on March 2 k. Sided Over the court during one of Hughes looked much younger than the most turbulent periods in its j ii is actual age. He walked briskly history became ill March 4 after and with erect form and Spok addressing a joint session of con-1 with a firm voice. Although he is Gross on the 150th anniversary of exceeded in age Only by Justice its first meeting. I James c. Mcreynolds. Who is two he expects to return to the months older he continues to set Bench when the court reassembles the working Pace for the court Quot my such a Pui Taai int rut and it i Emp has red that in Der Many no military measures a Beng directed against Yugoslavia the spokesman said. A on tit out i Ary Germany wants Yugoslavia to be Strong anti next monday after a two week recess. He Bas been working on opinions for several Days at Horn this was the first time he had missed a Day from work Hern is if dines. Mar his appointment by president Hoover in la to to but in in hers. During thu october i he leu i % Pill Ifor in a i to Rob i i s term that began last tiie f just ice has w lotions com a red wit ii a Stone it for j us i 2 for j us i e Black a a a j 12 for just Imma key holds italians would consider move a hostile act i i yes Oil Sirali in Irick Island Rome a not threatening Greece a bulletins Minihan Pili Britain was reliably re. Ported tonight to have accepted a Promise by Premier Mussolini to keep peace Iii tile Balkans and Mediterranean Are. Authoritative Persona said Mussolini rebated his pledge to remove Ilia troops from a win and to halt i invading troops Al the albanian greek Frontier. A reliable source declared Italy promised to withdraw he legionnaires from Spain after a Victory Parade by nationalist i Ca fire gone Rall Sunio Franco in Madrid which it was said might lie May 2. Prime minister it Lintl Ierlan was reported to have fold King Fgeorge in an unusual conference dial the British Cabinet after studying the new italian Assurance bad decided thai Mussolini should gel a another Chance Rome april 11.�?npy the Thor Stative fascist spokesman Vir Jemio Omayda declared today that Italy would consider to a hostile act the us of a greek port by the British Navy. Hist vent in la Domain Iris Falia Wam a in a denial Ith to die Dalton army a occupation of Xhania a a threat to the safety of Greece or meant an attempt to Nln territory in the i Balkan. Or came a the fax Cit put is declared that italian Assurance to Greece of her safety from any i italian aggression were implied til an official noun a ment of the Athens gov or in it and followed i Lindon reports dented try the admiralty that Britton a hips were concent re i ing on the greek is not of a Orfu the mystery on acting Britt la Fleet movements in the med i re rant i deepened w ii ii i a Athens sources were unable to confirm report thet British warships a re plying the j water it of die Island of corf ii. Diplomatic circles believed that i a Shew of British naval Power off Corfu would have the psycho i Loc Ca effect of a warning off i Premier Mussolini from any a Templ Oil t to Isla rid Corfu. 40 mile Long and 20 nibs wider the blondes Point i pea of the albanian greek anti a tic bolder Only two Miles from the shores of Xhania which Cato absorbed in tiler Good Friday i division t Orfu is in strategic position continued on Page 2 Lindbergh will meet senators fun Iii Tolome returning Home to it Confer till roup nuni week Washington. April i i. Up i colonel Charles a. Lindbergh Lull id to pcs Lofy before the 11011&Quot i foreign affairs comm ii teen neutrality legislation radioed the commit Tel today lie would cumin t to it at e with it Iii t in ii i of his arrival in Lins country. Acting chairman Bloom t Iise y i Coin men 1 a Quot i guess to can pc t to have tile Honor of having Ion i la Deri git appear before the committee and arrangements will by made the radio Gram a aint from the new York bound steamship Aquitania. It said merely a will communicate directly on the committee starting hearings on numerous proposals for altering the neutrality a t or repeating it heard congressmen explain Bills they have introduced. The first representative Gayer a Khasi urged approval of a Iti Ehi ure Wilt ii would bring to Washington Repie Eutaw ires of the 63 nations which signed the j Kellogg Briand pail renouncing wart diver the nations should i he called to renew their pledge because the world just / eau t i stand another world a there to no Way of enforcing the pact a Bloom remarked. Quot no there Are no penalties a Gayer raid. A it is just a Promise a Bloom added. Quot they should Promise it Guyer replied he agreed that even if another conference of signatory nations were called some countries still would violate the pact. But he said the Parley would t Public opinion Quot the strongest a Iilah in Mullion there i Quot. Stronger than your Constitution stronger than your army and Navy a

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