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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 10, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday. April to 1910 the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point of rth Carolina Page three How nazis entered Denmark and shut door behind them a Gepp Denmark s Royal monarchs tiny Diminni a with a population of Only ii,7 7 7,000, was reported invaded 1 by German troops Muhich cruised the Schleswig Frontier Oft the land Side and landed from three troop ships at Middle fart tit 2xilies West of Copenhagen Kins Christian and Queen Alexandrine of Denmark Are shown above. Their army numbers Only i 10,870, not including reserves the War today German stroke in North mainly defensive gain and now it depends on the outcome of reported naval Battle in North sea by Dewitt Mackenzie just by Way of showing the Orange Light of Cathion one is impelled to say that until the smoke of the naval engagement off the norwegian coast lifts to give us details of what is now a mystery Battie we shall do Well to sit tight and not Rock our n boat w Ith excited speculation att we know of a certainty is that Allied and German naval and in her a resisted seizure of Denmark Germany once More gave the world a demonstration of the Oil Mooth functioning if her Blitzkrieg machine. Under naval Convoy including big pocket battleships like those above Doop transports swept onto Denmark a Vest coast. From the carriers poured. Battalion after battalion of armed and fully Seq tapped Shock troops. They were ferried ashore with Quick efficiency Learned through Oft repeated Landing Maneu vers like that pictured above where soldiers in training Are seen using portable Neu Matin rafts. Once ashore the invader. Quickly occupied strategic Points including the capital Copenhagen the scene above taken during the seizure of Prague was repeated a practice move in a familiar game. Troops were trucked into town while overhead bombers dropped leaflets a a explaining the invasion. Not forgotten a Bias the. A Aback As the transports were brought up from their German bases to Denmark their naval Convoy closed in and Laid Down a barrage of mines behind them providing a dangerous Barrier to any attempt of an enemy to follow and frustrate the Landing of the army of occupation. Nil units Are or have been n conflict on an angry sea. It would appear that for the first time in history warships have been supported by squadrons of bombing a d fighting planes. Of we mild nay that the entire British grand Fleet and the whole Cormel Navy were engaged on one role hat conflict then we should he Able to suggest that disaster might Lurk in the storm Clouds to one Side or the Othet. It Ati of to it hip Quot a it is improbable however that forces of such magnitude have been involved. This naval engagement i no i going to end the War. What we in see in that upon the outcome of thi Bat t he or Herb of Battle depends to Large degree whether the allies Wilt by Able to give Norway immediate assistant c in the w a of Landing expeditionary troop. And it must or added that even of the Allied naval contingents arc a completely successful the Anglo French brotherhood face a formidable task in that the germans i already Are in occupation of nor Way in considerable numbers la would be a heroic Jot for a Landing Forte to fight it Way ashore in the a of such opposition. Germany a coup in occupying Norway and Denmark is Likely to j have a far reaching moral effect. And it might even mean another change in Europe kaleidoscopic map hut from the present in i 11 f tary standpoint there actually Hasni to been much shifting of weight make chg gain of we assume for the Sake of argument that the nails will be Able to maintain their positions for the time being and that in a reasonable Assumption. Then they hate made a Coli to durable gain at the sex pen a a of the English Aud French. There is however certainly nothing catastrophic about the affair or even approaching i or decisive excepting from the standpoints of unhappy Norway end Denmark. Thai is to say the relative status of the belligerents remains about the same. This statement naturally is subject to qualifications if the naval Battles product a tremendous upset. Of course if we want to look i Tho end of the War and create the hypothetical situation of a victorious Germany annexing the do countries which to has just occupied we have an entirely different picture a nazi Dom swollen by the addition of Norway and Denmark and maybe a lot More would represent a tremendous new Force in world affairs. However Herr Hitler Hasni to won the War and moreover he has doctored that in has no Litten j lion of annexing his two neigh bore. There we might better let tin matter rest although not overlooking that even the fuehrer has been known to change his ii my. Gain is Chi Ivy in i it would seem to me that if Diller is successful in maintaining his posit iou in the occupied countries ii in chief military gain will school patrolmen ready for Parade nearly 1,500 expected to go to Washington May la nearly 1,500 school patrolmen from �0 Carolina schools Are expected to participate in the ninth annual safety Parade in Washington May la. It was announced today by mrs. Irene it Reg to a1 manager of Tho Carolina motor club sponsors of the patrol groups in North and South Carolina. Delegations representing tie two states will join i5.000 other school safety patrolmen for a two Day sightseeing tour of the nations Capitol climaxed by die saturday morning Parade up Constitution Avenue. Urging patrols interested in sending represent tat i tact Carolina motor Tiai Tern in Charlotte pointed out Filar be in a score of Caroli already making Phi Tendance. A a this years Para the greatest safety do t ii Woi id has to declared a is Amman Automa and affiliated Mote will attract boys am every Section of the rolled in a common a patrol members is it club m is. Tool i a cities us for de will be a mount ration w11 n eased died by the association clubs it girls from country co cause. Arriving in Washington will have round of is include the tire building Capitol and merest. On Friday May 10, Opportunity for a go seeing that will depart to mount other p ent of Vernon As Tite in v local persons at u. N. C. Conference prof. And mrs. W. H. Ford attending sessions at Chapel Hill professor and mrs. W. Ii Ford of the High Point College were in attendance yesterday at the opening session of the sixth annual conference on marriage and the family now being conducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by or. Ernest Groves. Or. Groves is an eminent authority on Domestic problems an besides carrying on personal study Ami research collaborates Witt authorities in this Field at other universities and colleges throughout i country. Profess or and mrs Ford were present at the discussions on the development of College courses on mar j Ridge Ami pertinent related subjects by or. Binkley of Wake for i est and or Stone of William and Mary. Last year a group of local col \ loge students attended the fifth rest in the fact that to will have annual conference with or. And prevented Norway from joining mrs. Ford while it a in session Tho allies and establishing a at Chapel Hill Northern front against Germany. Hitlers gain is largely defend. Tine ii Aeq to ires new sub London Pili 10. A rite Foh Meu uth ass i Ith no. 11 neti acquires new marines Aud air bases but they present no striking advantage at Lemon juice recipe checks rheumatic pain quickly if you suffer from rheumatic arthritis or neuritis pain try this Nim pm inexpensive Home recipe thai thou Anch Are using. Get a package of re Jex compound today. Mix it with a quart of water add the pile of 4 Lemons. Its toy. No trouble Miall mid pleasant. You need Only 2 tablespoonful two times a Day. Often within 48 hours a sometimes overnight splendid results Are obtained. If the pains do not quickly i ave and if you do not feel better re Kex will Cost you nothing to try a it is sold by your druggist under an absolute Money Back guarantee re Kex conv Pound to it for Sal and recommended by Maima Bek ids Walgreen and Good drug a Torch death of mrs. Patrick Campbell. Not actress of that a and screen of pail France was an noun cd today Aion of fuel die Washington Ayr ii Ion Fri major general David Carey i Shanks retired died in Walter Reed Hospital today after an illness of three weeks. He was tit. Tobacco shipped front Cuba to hic United states last year was valued at More than $8,600,000. This juncture from the standpoint of offence. Economically the germans do very Well for themselves. Continuation of shipment of the vital swedish Iron Ore via til inside route would scent assured and both Denmark Moi Norway eau provide my b needed foodstuffs. Holland takes precautions i Street lights Burn All night to let belligerent know she is Neutral nation the Hague. The Netherlands april a Netherlands de-1 sense measures were stepped up j today and her Street lights kept j blazing night Ami Day to show j warring Powers that Tho Lowland i nation is not h Biti ked out Belloc ent military defense measures inspired by the sudden German i invasion of two other neutrals Norway and Denmark seemed to lie As great As those taken last november when the nether lands prepared to open her dikes if necessary to repel an invasion. Through Large cities were out Ward i y Calm guards were placed at most Public buildings most army Ami Navy leaves were can coiled and a round of govern ment conferences continued until the Early morning hours after two extraordinary Cabinet sea Broughton raps Highway fund diversion in opening Campaign extra trains already were in operation and it was announced thai civilian rail travel he restricted temporarily men returning from leaves hav reached their destination trophy Council to hold social meeting wednesday trophy Council of the Junto order will hold a meeting of members and their wives a the 08l0 added to Oerman collection Tho City on id text a to Herman forces win soon announced front kilo Lim until had been formed. Nazis took Over police Powers in the City executed by the go rift Ana in which they invaded Norway a them a armed a state department dispatch from of it la capital of Norway Surrenda a new norwegian government the grab of it lilt was part Ltd i stroke rid Denmark on a Pica of affording a Abington said it islet had been subjected to an air raid. Norwegian planes were reported to have shot Down two nazi aircraft i Over i is to. Tomorrow night St 7 30 o clock i also been arranged. Xii in tilt will he a a it to i meeting it of the Council have been ii and Htun kick Mew will he scr a to attend and to bring re. An interesting program has wives. On subway construction in used in Eijiu at iou for subway workers in Russia Raleigh gubernatorial candidate voices unqualified opposition Waynesville april Ion a. W. Broughton of Raleigh candidate for governor tuesday night in his first political speech since the announcement of i candidacy in december voiced his unqualified opposition to diver Ion of Highway funds. A not a Dollar of the Highway Money should be diverted for ans other purpose a Broughton told i the audience in the Haywood county courthouse Here. Quot allot j our Highway funds a needed for j Road building and improvement. Indispensable j a it would be Folly for us to permit so magnificent an our Highway system to go into Dis i Tapir or cease to keep abreast of tile rapid Progress we Are making. A your Road program is indispensable to our Progress As a stat1 a we have built roads we a made Progress in All fines. Travel has increased and Industry has grow n. A in t ft21 the consumption of gasoline was Only 50,000,000 Gal Lions. In 1939 the consumption i was Over 400,000,000 Gallons this graphically tells a Story of amazing Progress. Exc of raging a a improvement of the North Carolina h i g h w a \ system a coupled with continued fight for Alme equitable freight rates a a my provide transportation adva in i Ages that will in Mirage a further Industrial expansion in North Carolina Broughton said a great things lie ahead a it a Iii industrially a a he declared a if arg continue to maintain a sound financial condition and a reasonable tax program a governor Grants reprieve to Man who murdered wife r Lakil it pril i 0. I governor Hoe said today he a granted a 60-Day reprieve u Leo Flynn to form inmate o an insane Asylum who we under sentence to die Friday of killing his wife the stay was granted to Al Low time for a study of tin mans mental condition. Neuritis pains til end. Norv rate my pain of Nauru Yim promptly to Ike lint a tilt Quick. A Clint Lumaban ingredient Alto retie pains of rheumatism l Lumbago and sciatica. Sold at ail drug store retest c Rone a Siiss pasta Pedersen. 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